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Dr. Nan Hayworth on The Steve Malzberg Show - 17 November 2022

TNT Radio

GUEST OVERVIEW: Former Congresswoman Dr. Nan Hayworth (R-NY) is the first female MD to serve a full term as Member of Congress. Dr. Nan Hayworth served on the Trump 2020 Advisory Board.


17 Nov 2022

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Nan Hayworth: The Tyrant Joe Biden Wields the Sword of COVID

The Federalist Faction

Joe Biden pushes forth an executive order mandating vaccines for companies having over 100 people, but of course congressional members as well as USPS are exempt from this mandate. Since when did America become a tyrannical country ruled by a puppet who cant even find his way off the stage? Are you sick of it yet? What are you going to do about it, how uncomfortable do you have to be before change is made?Sponsors:⁃ Our Gold Guy - Talk to IRA about whether investing in gold is right for you. Let them know The Federalist Faction sent you at http://ourgoldguy.com ⁃ Freedom First Coffee - Drink the coffee of Patriots. Use code FACTION for 10% off at http://freedomfirstcoffee.com ⁃ Freedom First Apparel - Look as patriotic as you feel. Use code FACTION for 10% off at http://freedomfirstshop.com ⁃ Check out our Freedom First Book Store for some great titles, including Church & State: How the Left Used the Church to Conquer America and Social Injustice: Exposing the False Gospel of the Social Justice Movement. Use code FACTION for 10% off at http://freedomfirstshop.com

1hr 53mins

17 Sep 2021

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Nan Hayworth: Held Hostage by COVID

The Federalist Faction

Nan Hayworth joins us today to discuss the effects of not only COVID but also how the vaccine is being forced down our throats. The government has no boundaries between personal individuality and tyrannical power. The George Floyd case grips the nation, and Trump's very voice gets banned on Facebook.

2hr 3mins

20 Apr 2021

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Nan Hayworth on how Dems and GOPers function in Congress

The Big Weekend Show with Joseph Ford Cotto

Thanks for listening to 'Cotto/Gottfried.'

1hr 58mins

1 Apr 2021

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Dr Nan Hayworth: Big Tech’s Censorship is reminiscent of the Soviet Union

The Jeff Dornik Show

America is the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, yet the Left seems so terrified of opposing views. Instead of promoting bravery and freedom, they push fear and tyranny to protect Americans from thought that they arbitrarily deem as “dangerous.” If we don’t fix this soon, Dr Nan Hayworth explains, we are entering extremely dangerous territory.


27 Feb 2021

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Dr Nan Hayworth: The Left's insane reaction to Donald Trump getting COVID-19

The Jeff Dornik Show

Dr Nan Hayworth confronts the insanity of the Left in response to President Donald Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis, as well as explained the medical issues regarding his treatment and how we are handling the COVID-19 pandemic in general. There's also an extensive conversation about the 2020 election, Joe Biden and the necessity to re-elect President Trump.


13 Oct 2020

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September 25th, 2020: Nan Hayworth (Guest Host: Andrew Langer)

The Yuripzy Morgan Show

The Yuripzy Morgan Show heard weekdays from 10am-2pm ET on WBAL Newsradio 1090 and FM101.5.

1hr 4mins

25 Sep 2020

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The Democrats are Destroying America! | Dr Nan Hayworth

The Jeff Dornik Show

Nan Hayworth is a former U.S. Congresswoman from New York, as well as a Medical Doctor, which gives her a unique perspective on the current coronavirus crisis. Nan is strong supporter of President Donald Trump, seeing that he's been responding to COVID-19 in the best possible way that he could, given the information that we had at the time.


23 Sep 2020

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August 30: Dr. Nan Hayworth, Independent Women's Forum; Dave Bartels, former Federal attorney

All-American Radio with Jennifer Kerns Podcast

There's only one way to deal with the violence erupting around the country: Law and Order.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


31 Aug 2020

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Ep. 24 - Is The Swamp Swallowing Trump? w/ fmr. Congresswoman Nan Hayworth

The Michael Knowles Show

Former Congresswoman Nan Hayworth discusses Steve Bannon's interview, whether the Swamp will swallow Trump, and disloyal Republicans. Then, Jacob Airey and Emily Butler join the Panel of Deplorables to debate the worst mistake in modern political history, the Pope's claim that DACA repeal is not pro-life, and Miss America's opinion on Russia collusion. Plus, a final thought on the 16th anniversary of 9/11. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


11 Sep 2017