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Un-Complicating Your Strength Workout ft. Jordan Syatt

Diet Starts Tomorrow

Aleen is joined by DST fam fave, Jordan Syatt! To kick off the episode, they catch up about what they’ve been up to since Jordan was last on the show in January (go listen asap). Since then, Jordan’s life has changed just a bit...as he became a dad only two and a half weeks ago. Aleen and Jordan talk about how Jordan prepared for this big moment and what he’s learned so far with his daughter, Lil NeeNee. Aleen asks Jordan if his approach to fitness has changed since becoming a dad, and he explains why this experience has only reinforced the importance of strength training, especially for women. They then talk about ways to incorporate strength training more consistently into our routines and how to identify the difference between progress and pain. Jordan gives some tips on how to best schedule your workout routine, tells us about the book he just published and answers your listener questions throughout the episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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18 Sep 2022

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#142 - Breaking down fitness industry myths with Jordan Syatt

Weight Loss For Women: eat more, train less, get results

If you’ve got kids, listen to this one with headphones on. There’s a little swearing😂Jordan is so authentic and real....he educates in a entertaining way. If you don't follow him you should.He actually just wrote a book called Eat It. He’s also really strong - at one point, he could deadlift 4x his body weight! He was also Gary V's trainer for 3 years.I thought it’d be fun to chat with Jordan and break down some of the most popular fitness industry myths! In this episode, Jordan and I chat about:➡️Strength training and getting 'bulky' ➡️How to lose body fat in a sustainable way➡️Why quick fix diets are never sustainable ➡️NEAT and longevity➡️Imperfect progress➡️Carbs and why they're essential if you want to thrive rather than simply surviveAnd more!LINKSTry Saturée Face Cream use discount code KITTY05 for 10% offJoin our 7 Day Eat More, Train Less, Get Results ChallengeLearn more about our 16 week Winatlife Accelerator Program: Book your callFollow:Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfieldJordan Syatt @syattfitnessSHOW NOTES03:07 - Jordans background08:53 - What's his "Eat it!" book is all about11:10 - Why he likes to sumo over conventional deadlift12:58 - Women strength training and getting 'bulky' 16:46 - If lifting weight doesn't make you bulky then why do top level crossfit athletes look  so bulky?20:06 - Is it possible for a woman to be a 100kgs and eat 1200 calories and still not lose weight?21:49 - How to lose body fat in a sustainable way25:18 - How NEAT affects longevity28:22 - Alcohol and how it affects your body36:09 - Slow progress and taking responsibility37:25 - Realistic expectation on how long it takes to build muscle and lose body fat48:10 - Carbs and why they're essential, especially if you want to thrive rather than simply survive50:55 - Is sugar really addictive?55:41 - Carrots and fruits being demonised and why it's ridiculous 56:48 - His experience with Intermittent fasting01:01:19 - Tracking your food01:02:38 - Maintaining habits01:04:35 - The importance of learning the fundamentals

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15 Aug 2022

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Rapid Fat Loss, and Mental Health and Fitness with Jordan Syatt

The Strong and Lean at Any Age Podcast

In this episode, Jordan and I are once again answering your questions and we cover:Rapid Fat Loss - can it be detrimental in the middle of a deficit phase?Mental Health and FitnessTechniques to Stop SnackingCelluliteRest - How much between setsAnd a lot more!If you would like to join us in the Inner Circle, you can do so here:  sfinnercircle.com


10 Aug 2022

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Jordan Syatt - Facebook "Pokes" and Coaching Gary Vee

Mindset with Muscle

Welcome to a brand new episode of the Mindset with Muscle Podcast! In this episode, I'm joined by the legend that is Jordan Syatt. Jordan was Gary Vee's Personal Trainer for many years and has personally amassed millions of followers online with his No BS Approach to Nutrition and Training. We go deep on a number of subjects including how to grow a social media following and what it was like to coach on of the biggest names in the world Gary Vaynerchuk.


29 Jul 2022

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Eat It! and Your Questions with Jordan Syatt

The Strong and Lean at Any Age Podcast

Order Jordan's Book Eat It here:  https://www.eatit-book.com/In this episode, Jordan and I answer your questions:Is food addiction a thing?What types of exercises for menopauseDoes Cortisol and insulin make people stay fat?Is the hype about reverse dieting true and how do you know if you need to do itStarvation ModeWhy upper/lower splits instead of full body workoutsAnd more.......If you want to join us in the Inner Circle, you can join here:  www.sfinnercircle.com And you can get Jordan’s book: https://www.eatit-book.com


8 Jul 2022

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F**k Fad Diets w/ Jordan Syatt

The Sod's Law Podcast with Daniel M. Rosenberg

This week I’m talking with Jordan Syatt… Jordan is a world-renowned strength and nutrition coach, a 5 x World Record holder in powerlifting and personal trainer to entrepreneur/internet mogul Gary Vaynerchuk. For all his success to date, Jordan hasn’t done it the typical way. He flies in the face of health trends and fads, focussing on promoting research-based information. Jordan is on a mission to help people incorporate the best possible training and nutrition into their lifestyle, in order to gain strength and build the body they’ve always wanted. syattfitness.com sfinnercircle.com IG - @syattfitness FB - facebook.com/syattfitness -- All episodes are now being released in 4K video exclusively on the SodsPod YouTube channel - subscribe here - youtube.com/c/TheSodsLawPodcast If you'd like to support Sod's Law you can become a Sod's Law patron at patreon.com/sodspod from as little as £1 /$1 a month - there are different tiers including ad-free episodes, giveaways and more! See podcast.co/privacy for privacy information.

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3 Jul 2022

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Having a Healthy Relationship with Food and Exercise with Jordan Syatt

The Mother Trucking Truth

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9 Jun 2022

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Jordan Syatt on How to Turn Your Passion Into a Sustainable Business

Dan Churchill's The Epic Table

Jordan Syatt shares this piece of gold in today’s episode from working with Gary Vee: “Someone else's B is better than your F” Team! Today’s episode is epic. I had the pleasure of having Jordan Syatt on the show who is a strength and nutrition coach, training people like Gary Vee and an amazing entrepreneur being the owner of his own brand Syatt Fitness. Jordan launched his website, in 2011 while in college and provided value free of charge for two years through weekly articles as he strictly wanted to help legends improve their lives. Naturally, he began building an audience and acquired a couple of epic clients. Through his passion for helping people improve their lives and his determination to make daily content without seeing a profit, he built a business. A huge topic we discuss today is how to build a business through consistency, adding value, and authenticity, and how to do it by using social media. A primary point of discussion today is how important it is to higher people to help you grow your brand and how to choose the right person to hire. We also discuss if affiliate marketing is a good route to take to grow your business and how to use email marketing and social media to maximize growth and sales. Jordan is an expert at SEO marketing for websites and YouTube and has loads of essential takeaways to provide. In today’s episode we specifically discuss:How can social media be used to build brandsHow do you introduce your brand on social mediaHow do you find good people to hire How do I hire the right person for the jobWhat is SEO marketingWhat is SEO is simple termsWhat is email marketing and exampleThese questions are answered by Jordan who has been working with Gary Vee for years and who has built his own social following to well over 1 Million across his platforms. I learned so much in today’s episode and hope you all can walk away from it with a greater breadth of knowledge and practical understanding. Connect with Jordan at the following links:Jordan’s WebsiteJordan’s InstagramJordan’s YouTube


25 May 2022

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Episode 167: Jordan Syatt – 5x World Record Powerlifter, Founder of Syatt Fitness, and Gary Vaynerchuk’s Personal Trainer

Habits and Hustle

Jordan Syatt is a 5x World Record Powerlifter, Founder of Syatt Fitness, and Gary Vaynerchuk’s Personal Trainer. Ever heard a personal trainer say they didn’t want to put the work in to achieve a certain goal? Jordan says it in this episode, and you couldn’t guess why. It’s incredible. He’s so honest and unique with his approach to success. Everyone else just wants to tell you you’re not working hard enough, but never asks “Why?” Jordan breaks down his social media blow up, balancing a family, and why working for Gary Vaynerchuk was the greatest and worst time he’s had as a trainer. He’s charismatic, undeniably knowledgeable, and insightful in ways you might not expect. Give it a listen! Youtube Link to This Episode Jordan’s Website – https://www.syattfitness.com/Jordan’s Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/syattfitness/ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Did you learn something from tuning in today? Please pay it forward and write us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts. 📧If you have feedback for the show, please email habitsandhustle@habitnest.com 📙Get yourself a copy of Jennifer Cohen’s newest book from Habit Nest, Badass Body Goals Journal. ℹ️Habits & Hustle Website 📚Habit Nest Website 📱Follow Jennifer– Instagram– Facebook– Twitter– Jennifer’s Website

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17 May 2022

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Jordan Syatt - Founder of Syatt Fitness - Episode #122

The Athletes Podcast

Episode #122 of The Athletes Podcast features Jordan Syatt. Jordan is a strength training and nutritional consultant, and the founder of SyattFitness. Currently working towards obtaining his Bachelor's Degree in Health and Behavior Science with a minor in Strength and Conditioning. Jordan was also Gary Vaynerchuk's trainer where he trained Gary every single day for 3 years. Enjoy episode #122 of The Athletes PodcastWhat we talk about:Intro:Syatt's social media contentParts of the episode that stood out for usNHL Playoffs9:00: Who is Jordan Syatt11:00: How Jordan went about helping others16:00: Going the NCAA route19:00: Jordan Syatts "Inner Circle"27:00: Jordan's social media strategy32:00: Managing specific clients35:30: Jordan's life as a powerlifter40:00: Syatts current training schedule43:20: Jordan's BJJ and how it impacts his  life51:20: His biggest piece of advice to the next generation of athletes


5 May 2022