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68 - 4 Simple Fixes For Improving Conversions In Your Marketing Copy with Tom Trush

Teach Traffic

Tom Trush and I reveal 4 simple fixes you can apply to improve the conversion rate of your website copy or email marketing. These fixes are super easy to do, and can be applied to all forms of your marketing materials.


13 Aug 2020

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Tom Trush, Direct Response Copywriter & Best-Selling Author, On Writing Campaigns That Generate Millions In Revenue...

Beyond 7 Figures: Build, Scale, Profit

Ep #50 - If you've ever felt that you're not getting the leads you want from your marketing efforts, today's guest, Tom Trush, can help you fix that problem.  Tom is a direct response copywriter, three-time author and a seminar speaker. I've personally worked with Tom over the last decade on various campaigns and collectively, we generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue.  For nearly 20 years, Tom has been writing marketing materials that give entrepreneurs and executives — in 120+ industries — an alternative to the typical corporate nonsense that makes most outreach efforts useless. From website content and direct mail to special reports and email campaigns, he shows business owners how simply changing their messaging can position them as industry authorities, deliver higher returns on their marketing investments and allow them to reach larger audiences with less effort. LEARN MORE ABOUT TOM TRUSH AND WRITEWAY SOLUTIONS: Visit Tom Tursh's company website for 'Writeway Solutions' at: https://writewaysolutions.com/ Follow Tom Trush on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomtrush/ Follow Tom Trush on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/tomtrush Also, please remember to subscribe, rate, and leave a written review for the show if you find value in it. Your reviews help this show to reach a wider audience and I appreciate everyone that has been leaving them. FOLLOW CHARLES GAUDET ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Follow Charles Gaudet on LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/charlesgaudet Follow Charles Gaudet on Facebook: https://facebook.com/charlesgaudet Follow Charles Gaudet on Twitter: https://twitter.com/charlesgaudet VISIT THE PREDICTABLE PROFITS WEBSITE: https://PredictableProfits.com


17 Jul 2020

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Episode 7: Market the Write Way with Copywriting Expert Tom Trush

Experts Speak

Welcome to the Experts Speak Podcast hosted by Brand Strategist, Michael DeLon! On this episode, meet Copywriting expert and author, Tom Trush of Write Way Solutions. He's the author of multiple books including his latest, Escape the Expected. Tom shares easy to follow tips on getting started with professional copywriting for you business. Tune in for all the details on mastering the messaging for your marketing goals.   You can find Tom online at https://writewaysolutions.com/. Don't forget to visit us at www.PositioningExperts.net to learn more.  


16 Jun 2020

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Refining Your Messaging, with Tom Trush

Grow Your Law Firm

Since October 2001, direct-response copywriter, author, and seminar speaker Tom Trush has been writing marketing materials that give entrepreneurs and executives in more than 120 industries an alternative to the typical corporate nonsense that makes most outreach efforts useless. From website content and direct mail to special reports and email campaigns, Tom shows clients how simply changing their perspective on prospects can help position them as an industry authority, deliver higher returns on their marketing investments, and allow them to reach larger audiences with less effort. What you’ll learn about in this episode: How Tom transitioned his interest in sports writing into a career working for a news wire service and then writing for marketing materials How branding and direct-response marketing differ, and why direct-response is a better option for getting your prospect to take action Why differentiating your law firm from your competitors is the key to effective branding and marketing Why it is important to ensure that your website contains words like “you” and “your” to show that you are focused on the prospect and their needs Why trying to force a single message to work for all audiences is ineffective, and why you need to tailor your messaging to the market you’re addressing Why your messaging should be clear and target your prospects’ needs and problems in an individualized way What steps Tom recommends you can take to create an interesting and attention-grabbing headline How to create a call-to-action that explains to your prospect what will happen and provides an incentive Why the language used on your landing page should mirror the language you use in your pay-per-click advertising Why the channel you choose doesn’t determine your marketing success, and why you need to focus on your market and message before you decide what channel to use Resources: Website: www.writewaysolutions.com The “You” Effect by Tom Trush: https://amzn.to/2WyRdKa Escape the Expected by Tom Trush: https://amzn.to/3a4hLH7 The Reluctant Writer’s Guide by Tom Trush: https://amzn.to/393iJCn Facebook: www.facebook.com/tomtrush LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tomtrush/ LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/write-way-solutions/about/ Twitter: @tomtrush Additional Resources: PILMMA Join Page: www.pilmma.org/marketing-lawyers-law-firm-management/


27 Mar 2020

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Escape the Expected by Tom Trush | Episode 199

The Entrepreneurs Library with Wade Danielson

In this episode Tom Trush takes a deep dive into his book, Escape the Expected, where he shares the secret psychology of selling to today’s skeptical consumers.In his book Trush provides a step-by-step guide that teaches you marketing secrets you may have never heard of like what prospects don’t trust you, what pollutes the marketing world, and how to establish yourself as an authority in so much cluttered advertising. The goal of the book is to help you spend less time working, leverage your marketing better, and adapt to the constant changes in marketing.This book is perfect for entrepreneurs who are spending more than half their time marketing a business or have no idea where to start when it comes to marketing.About Tom Trush:“I am a direct-response copywriter and I think sometimes you give that career name out there and people don’t necessarily understand what it is. The way I like to explain it is that I write marketing materials designed to generate response. One of the big things that I love about my job is figuring out why a marketing piece is poor or isn’t generating the response that people want.Usually the way that I write is I stumble on marketing topics that interest me and then I’ll weave them into a theme. I wanted to give people some ideas for establishing trust in the marketing materials that you send out to attract leads and generate sales.” – Tom TrushFor a detailed summary of Escape The Expected according to Tom Trush CLICK HERERelated Books:Do It! Marketing by David NewmanPocket Man by Scott JordanMoving Targets by Gabriel AluisyFor more advice, tips, and stories on entrepreneurship, join our community on Facebook and Twitter.


15 Apr 2015

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Podcast 17: Tom Trush: From The Baseball Team To Finding Motivation To Grab Success As An Entrepreneur

Business Coaching with Join Up Dots

Today's guest entrepreneur joining us on the Join Up Dots podcast interview is a man who could possibly scratch his head a few times if asked "How did you get to where you are today?" He didn't have a fixed path leading to success from an early age that's for sure. In fact he didn't even know that his chosen occupation was a possibility. But now he finds himself producing content on a daily basis, as he is the go to man for "Direct Response Copy writing", and don't worry I don't know what that is either.....but we will soon. He states that it was a game of baseball, but not actually getting on the pitch, and working in a library that started the path that he followed into adulthood. And that is a hard one to join up the dots with in any shape or form. But after working in a library as a teenager, he picked up two books that quite simply changed his life and gave him the freedom to create his life. "The Well-Fed Writer" and "The Millionaire Next Door" pricked his interest to such a degree, that he literally wrote the next chapters of his life there and then. By studying the subject, and developing his skills, it has know taken him all the way back to the library, joining the authors of those two books with three of his own He is the author of The “You” Effect: How to Transform Ego- Based Marketing Into Captivating Messages That Create Customers,  and The Reluctant Writer’s Guide to Creating Powerful Marketing Materials: 61 Easy Ideas to Attract Prospects and Get More Customers. And if that isn't enough he is working on his third book, Escape the Expected: The Secret Psychology of Selling to Today’s Skeptical Consumers, which will will be released in late 2014. So lets bring onto the show the man that really has the "Write Stuff", the one and only super entrepreneur....Mr Tom Trush


15 May 2014

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Tom Trush - Easy Ideas to Attract Prospects and Get More Customers. The Online Marketing Show Episode 087

The Online Marketing Show

Tom Trush is a direct-response copywriter, marketing strategist and founder of Write Way Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona. Tom Trush has helped business owners in 126 industries develop marketing materials that attract attention and create customers.Tom is also the author of “The Reluctant Writer’s Guide to Creating Powerful Marketing Materials: 61 Easy Ideas to Attract Prospects and Get More Customers” and “The ‘You’ Effect: How to Transform Ego-Based Marketing Into Captivating Messages That Create Customers.”In addition to working with clients across the globe, Tom shares his educational approach to marketing at seminars and workshops, as well as in his own information products. He firmly believes you can’t go wrong in your marketing when you show compassion and a desire for helping people.In this interview Tom reveals…* How to avoid “Ego-based Marketing” which will kill any chance you have of making a sale* How to sell without pitching!* The “Genie in a bottle” method to create attention grabbing headlines on demand* The copywriting formula for gathering leads & email addresses on your website* Why it’s easier to make sales without any face to face interaction* How the “Little guy” can compete with the big companies that have huge budgets* Two magic words that will increase your conversions instantly* How write persuasive emails that get opened, clicked & responded to*An easy trick to get your list to spread the word so their friends sign up to your list too* Why you should be using snail mail to build your list too


27 Mar 2014

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Direct Response Marketing & Copywriting With Tom Trush – Ep. 51

The Voices Of Marketing Podcast: Online Marketing | Blogging | Social Media

On the show today I interviewed Tom Trush who is the owner of Write Way Solutions. He is an author and copywriting expert, I met Tom through the Haro platform and he was actually gracious enough to send me a great list of general marketing questions to use for this interview. We discuss a lot of general marketing topics, email, copywriting, and advertising tactics. Tom even helped me out with a sales page I’ve been working on with my fellow online friend Vinny Bock. Check out today’s episode: Resources: Tom’s blog – http://www.writewaysolutions.com The post Direct Response Marketing & Copywriting With Tom Trush – Ep. 51 appeared first on Voices Of Marketing.


6 Jan 2014

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0102 Copywriting to Sell with Tom Trush

Doubt The Doubts | Crazy Cool People Sharing Great Tips, Tactics, & Tools

Tom gives the basics on how to write great copy.


2 Nov 2013