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Ep. 74: Terrestrial Fungi - Cordyceps Genetics, Ganoderma Mysteries & Trusting Synchronicity (feat. Ryan Paul Gates)

The Mushroom Hour Podcast

Today on Mushroom Hour we are blessed by the presence of Ryan Paul Gates, founder of Terrestrial Fungi. Ryan has spent the last ten+ years collecting and breeding fungal cultures from around the world. The strains he is probably most famous for propagating and breeding are cordyceps and ganoderma mushrooms. Ryan was really an early pioneer at popularizing cordyceps cultivation in the US, exposing us to techniques used from all over the globe. His team at Terrestrial Fungi are constantly hunting and breeding new and improved strains to add to their already staggering genetic library. They are constantly refining our selection process to bring Cordyceps farmers reliable and high yielding potent genetics. In the summer of 2019, they collected over 200 wild Cordyceps militaris ascospore isolates from over 30 carefully selected wild specimens: building their work of releasing the first single ascospore progeny strains of Cordyceps militaris in the USA. A master manifester and elevator of vibration, you can tell Ryan puts the highest intention and care into his work.   TOPICS COVERED:   How Ryan Discovered a Passion for Fungi  Falling in Love with Cordyceps  Cordyceps militaris Decentralized Knowledge Share  Developing Cordyceps militaris Cultivation Techniques  Basics of Cordyceps militaris Biology  Balancing Open-Source Mentality, Economic Self-Interest and Concepts of Reciprocity Mechanics of Culturing Cordycep militaris Strains and Selecting Genetics  Birth of Terrestrial Fungi  Rethinking Ganoderma Taxonomy  Elucidating Ganoderma lucidum  Challenges of Breeding Ganoderma  Future Plans for Terrestrial Fungi  Advice for Breeding Fungi Strains  Guidance from Music, Spirit & Other Organisms in Following the Path of Fungi  EPISODE RESOURCES:    Terrestrial Fungi Website: https://www.terrestrialfungi.com/Terrestrial Fungi IG: https://www.instagram.com/terrestrialfungi/Terrestrial Fungi FB: https://www.facebook.com/TerrestrialFungi/RusticRosette Website: https://www.rusticrosette.com/Shroomery.org: https://www.shroomery.org/Appalachian Gold Fungi: https://www.instagram.com/appalachiangold_fungi/Cordyceps militaris "dendrite" strain (Fungi): https://www.terrestrialfungi.com/products/cordyceps-militaris-dendrite-liquid-cultureDr. Robert Blanchette: http://forestpathology.cfans.umn.edu/Blanchette.htmGoogle Scholar Cordyceps militaris Research: https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=cordyceps+militaris&btnG=Grifola frondosa (Fungi): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grifola_frondosa   

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17 Mar 2021

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Ep. 3 New Athlete's Ryan Paul and Woodland Softball coach Tom Christensen

Local Sports Initiative

Bryan and Korey give a shoutout to the athletes who signed their National Letter of Intent (NLI) in Clark County. We talk with Ryan Paul of New Athlete and why his gym has been successful training athletes for the next level. We also talk to the 2x state champion Tom Christensen from Woodland High School discussing his track to success at Woodland in his short time at the helm. We apologize the episode was edited incorrectly by the software on Anchor. It will be fixed by next episode.   We try to keep a friendly podcast but be warned the word jackass and ass are used in this episode. All other words were edited out.  --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

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12 Nov 2020

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A Fractional CMO’s Perspective with Ryan Paul Gibson - Talent Tradeoffs

Funnel Reboot podcast

This is part of a series on how to structure a growth team, in particular the marketing resources that generate sales leads. Every resourcing model along the in-house to outsourced spectrum was covered in the four-part series, with each guest giving their take from their respective position as an internal or external resource. Their views are here in these episodes as well as in a webinar hosted by the agency behind this podcast, Marketing What’s New. To hear the full panel’s answers on which in-house or outsourced model is right for your company, go watch the recording on the Marketing What’s New site - it’s ungated. This episode talks with Ryan Paul Gibson, the head of RPG Marketing in Ottawa, Canada. He’s also a producer of short films and documentaries, and previously worked as a reporter for CBC Ottawa.  Ryan’s key points: How much a fractional marketer can be accountable for meeting objectives and target numbers, as long as they are involved in setting the inputs behind the programs that make those outcomes happen. How technologies like SaaS tools have evolved the marketing function to being more receptive to outsourced marketers. The fact that connecting/disconnecting with a consultant is relatively easy, compared to in-house staff The analogy he uses to capture both parties, likening your company to a large ship and h’s the little tugboat that ensure the large ship stays on the right trajectory. The stages of growth when it makes sense for a company to bring on fractional resources. Also how the CMO-level consultant can draw up the playbook, execute on some of it AND train junior staff to continue executing on it after they’re done. For complete Show Notes, go to: http://leadgeneering.com/episode-35-a-fractional-cmos-perspective-with-ryan-paul-gibson-talent-tradeoffs/


9 Oct 2020

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Ep. 5 - Adaptive Water Sports and Real Estate w/ Ryan Paul Johnson

Abrar Talks to People

This episode's guest is Ryan Paul Johnson. He is a comedian with an incredible story, at the age of 18 he broke his back in a snowboarding accident and got paralyzed from the neck down and has spent the last 2 decades recovering from his injury. But he is a badass so over the years he has been back to wakeboarding and doing other adventurous water sports. With this traumatic incident in his life he has gained a great perspective which he shares with us on this episode. He is also in the business of real estate, so I took this opportunity to go over different aspects of the real estate market, from why the fuck are the real estate prices not going down in a pandemic to the Chinese buying up all the property in the US and the potential impact of the elections. So if anyone has been thinking about buying, investing or thinking about thinking about buying, this would be a very good conversation to listen to. Please follow Ryan and I on the social media linked below and also please subscribe to the podcast and share with your friends and enemies alike. Ryan: https://www.ryanpauljohnson.com/ https://www.rpjrealestate.com/ Instagram: @ryanpauljohnson Abrar: Instagram: @pseudo.chef Twitter: @theindiancomic Facebook: https://bit.ly/abrar-facebook

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9 Aug 2020

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Episode 8 w/ Ryan Paul

Bobby and Corn Don't Know

Bobby and Corn sit down with Ryan Paul, owner of New Athlete in Vancouver, WA. The guys discuss Bobby's small calves, business ownership, and the Law of Vibration.  


1 Nov 2019

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Episode 9- Ryan Paul Hansen

The Unarmed Podcast

Krystal is joined by 1st Phorm Elite Athlete, Founder of Prymal gym, Author of Cash Pad and Air BNB Superhost, Ryan Paul Hansen. Ryan talks about his past steroid use and what made him stop, why he started his own gym and how he wrote a book in 30 days. If you're a dreamer who needs a boost to make those dreams a reality, this is your episode.


16 Jul 2019

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Cordyceps & Reishi Genetics with Ryan Paul Gates

Mushroom Revival Podcast

Today we welcome a mushroom legend, Ryan Paul Gates. Ryan is based in Detroit, where he spends his time working with mushroom genetics for strain development. He an OG for cordyceps militaris cultivation in US, and we owe a lot of that popularity to his work. Ryan is the owner of Terrestrial Fungi, a mycology company selling the best genetics you can get. Ryan's specialities are in cordyceps militaris and ganoderma species. Today we talk about how he self pioneered this work, some of his favorite stories and tips and tricks for growing fungi.

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25 Jun 2019

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#8 Ryan Paul - Superfoods - Smoothies - Going Sober - Yoga - Winning Contests - Cold Showers - Scuba Diving - Prayer

Board Bag Studio

Ryan Paul is an incredibly talented snowboarder and one of the most fun people to watch. He has possibly won more rail jams than anyone alive, and when it comes to filming video parts, he's always thinking outside the box. Listen as he explains his fluctuating diet, his take on exercise and well-being, and all the zany things he has been up to lately. Listeners get 10% off at www.rawrlife.com (checkout code: JESSE). Music by Casey Hjelmberg (http://www.caseyhjelmberg.com/).

1hr 33mins

16 Feb 2019

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Episode 20- Get Twitchy with Ryan Paul

President Unicorn

Our friend Ryan Paul joins us this week to talk about his music project Wax//Wane, Twitch and Twitch Con and why he doesn't like Rogue One.  Ryan is currently raising money to go to Twitch Con with his family, Follow him on Twitch to help donate to his cause and watch him play beautiful music.

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2 Aug 2018

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The Ronin Podcast: Ryan Paul Johnson

The Ronin Podcast

Ryan Came on and We talked about his water adventures and trying to get this going for an organization he really cares about.

1hr 9mins

15 Mar 2018