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Marvel: Card Collector Chaos

The Video Game Robot Show

In this episode of The New Entertainment System Podcast, Kam, Nathan, and special guest Rachel Schenk discuss perfume and F.E.A.R.. Follow us on Twitter! http://twitter.com/thenespodJoin our Discord! https://discord.gg/6gznNR5


27 Jul 2020

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Army of Darkness with Matt Storm and Rachel Schenk

Let's Rewatch

This week we're watching a chilling exposé on Disney lobbyists' stranglehold on congress and their influence on copyright, trade agreements, and international sanctions. That's right, we're watching Army of Darkness! Starring Ash Blodgett, Bret Eagleston, Samantha Willson, and Pat Edwards. Guest starring Matt Storm @DJ_Stormageddon and Rachel Schenk @IAMRachelSchenk of @Screen_Snark!

2hr 7mins

16 Feb 2020

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Much Ado About Nothing (w/ Rachel Schenk)

Can't Get Enough of Keanu

The Bard doth speak in the immoderate winds of galvanic plenitude most loquacious by familiar visages and....it's our episode on Much Ado About Nothing by Billy Shakes. We are joined for this pithy, digression-heavy episode by Rachel Schenk (@IAMRachelSchenk), who once played the role our very dude plays, Don John, the villain! We discuss Kenneth Branagh's career, do a southern-accented Joker character, and attempt to tackle this adaptation of heavy literary material which stretches the abilities of your dummy philistine hosts. So sit back, fold clothes or do some chores or whatever. This is a long one. Don John is a man of few words, we are not.

2hr 52mins

5 Nov 2019

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WORLD WAR Z w/ guest Rachel Schenk (#53)

The Film Rescue Show

In which Rachel from The Infinity Podcast (among many other awesome things) pitches a more documentary style version of World War Z. Michael's Film Whatever recaps documentaries!Follow Rachel and her many projects @IAMRachelSchenk @theinfinitypod1 @screen_snark @afterbirthmonke Submit your own rewrites to filmrescueshow@gmail.com Contribute to the channel by donating at patreon.com/montressormediaWe do this podcast, other videos, and special episodes on the patreon that you can't get anywhere else. For only $1 you can join the gang! Follow us on twitter!@Filmrescueshow@sethxdecker@thegrubbdevon@MikespielmanVA Discord Server https://discord.gg/xRcAyae

1hr 40mins

23 Oct 2019

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Mock-U-Mental Featuring Rachel Schenk and Tahlia Robinson


This bi-monthly LIVE radio show on Radio Free Brooklyn hosted by NYC's Killy "Mock$tar" Dwyer is a tasty treat for your ear holes. Mock-U-Mental is served up with a healthy dose of live jams and interviews, topped with listener questions, comments, requests and prank calls, paired with a feel good, mock bottom drinking game. Come play along with Killy, her enigmatic husband Craig Schober, her dog Monkey, and featuring Juliet Jeske!Listen here to the LIVE show every other Friday 8-10pm http://radiofreebrooklyn.com/show/moc...AND CALL IN AT 718-928-9RFB (9732) any time during the show to ask a question or make a comment!About our guests:Tahlia is a NYC Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) trained improviser, sketch writer, and is a Company Member for Theatre 99 in Charleston, SC. She is an original cast member of the Comedic Play, Hidden Fences. She is also a solo performer with her latest musical comedy project, 'The Real Bubble Lives of Building 104.' She performs improv with Dirty Little Secrets Improv and sketch with All Female Reboot. Comedy Music is something she loves to perform as well. Her most recent songs are about food and life in New York City.RACHEL “QUIRKY” SCHENK is a performance artist, musician, freestyle rapper, wannabe podcaster, storyteller, producer, and is all around generally mediocre at lots of things. She was half of comedy band Afterbirth Monkey. In her spare time, of which there is little, Rachel builds scale replicas of Tokyo and then destroys them Godzilla style.

1hr 59mins

21 Aug 2018

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EPISODE 102 -- AVENGERS INFINTIY WAR PART ONE PART TWO (w / Patrick Willems and Rachel Schenk)

On The Rails

In the second ever (and slightly oversized!) ON THE RAILS, Patrick (H) Willems and Rachel Schenk return to talk Marvel's AVENGERS INFINITY WAR! Which they do! But they also go in on how Andrew W.K. gives gravitas to sincerity, where and when "trigger warnings" are necessary, and do the world's first Screaming Females impression. And if you thought last week got drunk-ish...you ain't heard nothing yet. Featuring beer by New England Brewing Company and Iron Brewing Company!Follow us at @OnTheRailsPod on Instagram and Twitter!Follow Patrick at @PatrickHWillems on Instagram and Twitter!Follow Rachel at @RachelQuirky on Instagram and @IAMRachelSchenk on Twitter!DRINKING RULES:*Any time any white cis male identifying character from INFINITY WAR is mentioned by code name *The Soul Stone rule: anytime one person takes a drink, someone else has to take a drink*Any time a podcast is referenced or any time we think about starting a podcast * Any time an actor appearing in INFINITY WAR is mentioned by their real name* Any time Wakanda is mentioned See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 50mins

9 May 2018

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EPISODE 101 -- INFINITY WAR PART ONE PART ONE (w / Patrick Willems and Rachel Schenk)

On The Rails

On the first official episode of ON THE RAILS, Scott is joined by YouTube superstar Patrick (H) Willlems and Rachel Schrenk to figure out what the hell happened in INFINITY WAR and pour one out for everyone. No hot topic (or Avenger) is safe; sorry, Yeezy. Brought to you by Broad Branch Distillery and their Supercollider whiskey! To be continued next week!DRINKING GAME RULES:*Any time a dusted Avenger is mentioned*Any time an Avenger who died in INFINITY WAR is mentioned*Any time Scott or a guest is sad about an Avenger who died / was dusted*Any time the MCU is compared to the DCEU*Any time anyone thirst traps over a Chris *Any time Patrick mentions his video about Marvel's color-grading*Any time Rachel mentions her partner*Any time Scott says 'incredible' See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 34mins

1 May 2018

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Ep. 186: It's Raining Dicks—and other songs by Rachel Schenk

The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Rachel Schenk was easily the star of the very first Manwhore Podcast: Live! Sadly, the Oct. 8th show is lost to time due to a botched recording. So I called (texted) Rachel to come back for a full episode! The comedian guest remembers nearly nothing of our *über romantic* evenings together years ago. We instead discussed her most difficult break-up…with her gay bandmate. Together they’ve made problematic music videos, sang about dicks, and stripped down naked. Schenk admits she wanted to shout, “Just show it to me!” after years together, but his husband requested him to cover up. PLUS: being an ally, BDSM, lost phone, advice emails, Big Mouth, and comedy! Buy her Afterbirth Monkey album Making a Beeline to Wasted! Follow Rachel (online, not on the street)!: Twitter: @iamrachelschenk Instagram: @rachelquirky Follow me! Twitter: @TheBillyProcida Instagram: @TheBillyProcida Like the Facebook page you coward! Become a member of my fanwhore community on Patreon for as little as $1. Click here to pledge today! Get $20 off your first month of premium wine delivery with Winc using promo code MANWHORE! Drive more sales to your business with podcast advertising. Choose from over 1,100 podcasts at Advertisecast.com! Email your comments, questions, and boobies to manwhorepod@gmail.com. www.ManwhorePod.com

1hr 41mins

1 Nov 2017

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Ep. #67 – Feat. Rachel Schenk

Crash Chords: Autographs

Today, Matt welcomes Rachel Schenk, a musician, comedian, and actress hailing from Astoria, Queens. Rachel is no stranger to the world of Crash Chords; she appeared in ep. #95 (with bandmate Mark Robert Turner) as a member of the comedy music duo Afterbirth Monkey, and also in ep. #166 as herself. With Matt, Rachel chats about her newest day job working for The Ride NYC, her chance discovery that she can freestyle rap, and also about her growth as an artist. They also chat about her newest concept album with Afterbirth Monkey called Making a Beeline to Wasted and also about her solo album in the making. And so, with some reflections on her acting, her role in The Restaurant (a film written by Eric T. Ford) and her experience in improv, here's presenting Matt Storm and Rachel Schenk. Continue reading


7 Mar 2017

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CCP Ep. #166: California Nights by Best Coast | Feat. Rachel Schenk

Crash Chords Podcast

Remember Afterbirth Monkey's visit back in Episode #95? No? Well, luckily your memory only has to be half that good to welcome back our guest, Rachel Schenk: a.k.a. actress extraordinaire, burlesque artist, & 1/2 of Afterbirth Monkey. So, with all of THAT to deal with, we immediately launch into all the inns, the outs, and the split-ends of her exciting career(s), including her current role in The Restaurant, directed by Eric T. Ford. Finally, for the featured discussion, tune in at 21:10 as we dive straight into Rachel's album pick of the week: California Nights by Best Coast. Join us for the long haul! We won't bite. Continue reading

1hr 35mins

30 Oct 2015