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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Laura Connor. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Laura Connor, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Laura Connor. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Laura Connor, often where they are interviewed.

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Ep.52 Laura Connor - Why You NEED To Be Active & Engaged on LinkedIn

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Today we are talking about how to Get More Out of LinkedIn!

Video Timestamps:

Today's Topic: 00:54

About Laura: 1:28

Why aren't we using LI more? : 6:00

What to do if you're new to LI: 8:00

What LinkedIn users do: 13:00

LinkedIn for Business Bootcamp: 15:20

Watch what you write! (the internet is forever): 18:00

Why use video on LI: 22:00

You know that you need a presence on LinkedIn, but are you still wondering WHY you need to be active and engaged?

Joining us today is Laura Connor, DTM from Connor Speaks and she specializes in getting your voice out, and heard, on LinkedIn.

As Laura points out, LinkedIn is a 24/7 networking party and if you want to be seen then you need to show up, talk to people, have conversations and interact!

Many of us are too tempted to simply sit in the corner, lurking and eves-dropping on the conversations around us, but never contributing!

Laura walks us through why you need to get in there, start asking questions and interacting so that you can start Getting More out of LinkedIn!

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Jul 28 2020 · 29mins
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Laura Connor, Marketing Manager for Arnold Palmer Invitational

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Live out at Bayhill, Laura Connor joins In The Zone to discuss her role as marketing manager for the Arnold Palmer Invitational and how quickly after the tournament she starts working towards next year's tournament.
Mar 04 2020 · 6mins
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Laura Connor on Improving Public Speaking and Getting Known | 008

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Laura Connor is a Public Speaking Coach and an authority on LinkedIn. She shares tips on how people can improve their public speaking, how to effectively use LinkedIn, and her whole story of how she got to where she is! 

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Jan 17 2020 · 46mins
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EPS: 54. Laura Connor. How To Use The Power Of Speaking To Build Your Business & Personal Brand

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Our special guest for Episode 54 is the founder of Connor Speaks, a public speaking and communication skills consultancy.
She’s also an engaging presentation skills coach, trainer and keynote speaker.

In other circles, she is also known as “Queen Laura”, the queen of the Karaoke microphone.

Laura is most passionate about helping business owners and success driven professionals increase their visibility, strengthen their influence, gain more clients and increase their profits by harnessing the power of public speaking to build their business or their personal brand.

We Discuss:
1. What drives Laura's passion about helping business owners and success driven professionals use the power of speaking to build their business and their personal brand.

2. Why many people are quite knowledgeable in their field/business/area of expertise but are scared to speak up at business meetings, networking events, client engagement meetings. What message do you have for those introverts?

3. This fear of public speaking keeps people from finding and securing new business opportunities, building relationships, establishing their position as top expert in their field and ultimately, keeps money out of their pockets because of lost sales/clients.
--When you empower yourself with public speaking skills, what are some of the expectations and opportunities our listener’s can expect?

a. Boost your CONFIDENCE in your abilities effectively communicate with your colleagues, clients, team members, vendors and the public.
b. Increase your ability to INFLUENCE and persuade people to adopt your point of view and act on your recommendations.
c. Expand your VISIBILITY so that you can become a thought leader or influencer in your industry.
d. Easily make a good CONNECTION with people who can advance your business goals, open up new opportunities.
e. Become a positive leader, an articulate AUTHORITY figure that people are willing to follow.
f. Attract more clients, close more sales, which will increase your PROFITS and put more money in your pocket.

4. To help people break through their barriers and achieve their business goals with developing more confidence speaking, what are your recommendations?

5 step POWER Up Your Speaking System. Each step builds upon the other.
P - Positive Mindset & Practice Habits
O - Own the Room before You Arrive
W – Winning the Speech Crafting Game
E – Engage Your Audience Like A Pro
R – Rise to The Top with Speaking

5. The benefits of going thru these steps?

6. Why is public speaking critical in today's market... can you talk to a couple examples of how coaching has helped your clients?

7. What does it mean to present or work a room like a pro? What are your key tips...?

Speaking Success Principles in 60 Secs.
8. Social Media and Speaking.
9. Video content and editing
10. Personal branding and Speaking
11. What do you love most?
12. Ultimate outcome

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Apr 17 2019 · 39mins
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Speaking success with Laura Connor

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What are the top three things speakers need to do to provide a great speech? And why is authenticity when creating content important? Find out today on the show. We are also going to chat about video content, becoming comfortable with it, great examples of it and more! Let’s also not forget the karaoke. If you want to learn more about Laura and all her fabulousness, click here.

Apr 03 2019 · 39mins