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"King and Country: the King Inaugurated" by Ken Miller

Strength to Strength

Strength to Strength welcomed Ken Miller to discuss the fifth segment of this “King and Country” series.How does the Resurrection of Jesus Christ “inaugurate” Jesus as King of kings and why is the resurrection central to our faith? Can the resurrection be documented historically, and if so, how? What difference should the resurrection make in our lives at 9:55 on Thursday morning?An interactive question-and-answer period follows.

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17 Jul 2021

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Episode 6 - Expertly Explicating Evolution and Countering Creationist Canards with Dr. Ken Miller

Skeptically Curious

Even though it has been 162 years since Charles Darwin published his ground-breaking treatise, On the Origin of Species, many misconceptions and outright falsehoods about the theory of evolution through natural selection continue to persist. I was therefore incredibly honoured to be joined in this episode by renowned biologist, Dr. Kenneth R. Miller, one of America’s foremost public defenders of evolution, to help clear up some of the confusion. For instance, I asked my guest to dispel the oft-repeated claim that evolution is “only a theory.” In his excellent book, Finding Darwin’s God, Dr. Miller contends that the theory of evolution should be understood as both history and mechanism, so I asked him to elaborate upon what he meant. We further discussed another common creationist misrepresentation, namely that evolution is simply a random process that could not possibly account for the appearance of design we see throughout the natural world. I asked Dr. Miller about the evidence for evolution, which as I claimed now consists of many mountains, and not merely a single Himalaya, as it were, and he homed in on upon three major areas, namely the extensive fossil record, genetics, and the ability to date the age of the earth using radioactivity. We also discussed transitional or intermediate fossils, how evolution is a vast branching process and not a teleological one culminating in humans as the apex of some scale of nature, the difference between micro and macro evolution, often misused by creationists, and why the second law of thermodynamics definitely does not invalidate the theory of evolution. I received a short anatomy lesson about the poorly designed nature of the human eye, which is interestingly still used by creationists, drawing selectively and disingenuously from a single paragraph in On the Origin of Species, as a supposed refutation of Darwinian evolution. The last area of scientific interest we delved into is the call by some for an Extended Evolutionary Synthesis to incorporate epigenetics, which is an exciting new area of evolutionary biology that is expanding upon and enhancing our understanding of the mechanisms of evolution. At a few points in the discussion Dr. Miller references the relevance of evolution to the current global Covid-19 pandemic, reminding listeners that the term variants should be understood as evolution in action, while the remarkably rapid breakthroughs in developing vaccines are thanks in large measure to the flourishing field of modern genomics. Dr. Miller’s Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_R._Miller Kitzmiller V. Dover Area School District Trial Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kitzmiller_v._Dover_Area_School_District ‘Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial’ documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2xyrel-2vI Twitter account for Skeptically Curious: https://twitter.com/SkepticallyCur1 Patreon page for Skeptically Curious: https://www.patreon.com/skepticallycurious


7 Jul 2021

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What It Takes To Be A Global Leader With Ken Miller

Take The Lead

Have you ever been appointed as a leader? Maybe in school or in football practice? Being a leader is hard but imagine being a global leader – leader who has to communicate and interact with other countries around the world. That is twice as difficult. Learn all the intricacies of becoming such a leader with Ken Miller. Ken is the President and CEO of Nasco Healthcare. He has been developing global teams and leaders for almost 30 years. He also helped several world-class organizations grow into profitable businesses. Join your host, Dr. Diane Hamilton as she has a lovely conversation with Ken Miller. Listen in the conversation as Ken talks about the requirements for being a global leader. He talks about diversity, inclusion, building trust, and much more. Learn how to lead the world as a future leader today.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Take The Lead community today:DrDianeHamilton.comDr. Diane Hamilton FacebookDr. Diane Hamilton TwitterDr. Diane Hamilton LinkedInDr. Diane Hamilton YouTubeDr. Diane Hamilton Instagram


25 Jun 2021

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Ken Miller Celebrates 25 Years of Sports Talk Radio in Central Iowa

Miller & Condon on KXnO

Ken Miller Celebrates 25 Years of Sports Talk Radio in Central Iowa with stories, memories and calls from listeners


24 Jun 2021

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Episode 10: mail artist, zine maker, & prankster Ken Miller (Newtown, PA)

Senders Receive: Making Mail / Sending Art

Episode 10: Ken Miller's mail art zine "Shouting at the Postman" (started in 1995) was (and is) a labor of love, focusing on personal stories, mail art anecdotes, and the occasional recipe. Currently, Ken (literally) weaves mail art out of photos and creates collages out of memory. Join Senders Receive host Jennie Hinchcliff as she sits down with Ken and gets the lowdown for episode 10! _________________________________________________________________ SHOW NOTES: Visit Ken's website Shouting at the Postman and follow him on IG: @shoutingatthepostman Ken's Beluga Post artistamp project Mail artists mentioned: Ivan Preissler, Eberhard Janke/Edition Janus, Pedrag Popovic, György Galántai/Art Pool Research Center


3 Jun 2021

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#109: Entech Legends - Ken Miller

Life Of Mine

Welcome to the 2nd episode of the ENTECH LEGENDS series, proudly bought to you by the crew at Entech. If you are looking for an International Mining Consultant specialist, check them out at www.entechmining.com.au for all your Resource Geology, Mining Engineering, Geotechnical and Ventilation needs. Ken Miller is an absolute Aussie mining legend. He had a well decorated 45 year career in the Underground Mining industry, working all over the country and throughout the world. Mt Isa, Kambalda, FIFO WA, Freeport and Bulgaria, Kenny has done it all. We attempted to condense his 45 year career into one episode, hence why this is a 3 hour marathon. It is also a very emotional interview in parts, where Kenny had some near misses and also lost mates due to Mining accidents throughout his career. You will gain plenty of Mining knowledge throughout this yarn and lot about maintaining a high standard of work. As Kenny said, "If it was worth doing something, it was worth doing it right". It was an absolute honour to interview Kenny and thanks very much for coming on mate. Sit back and enjoy everyone.

3hr 5mins

25 May 2021

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Round the Rotary guest Ken Miller (CEO/Founder - Erdos Miller)

Round the Rotary with JP Warren

On this episode we have Ken Miller (CEO/Founder - Erdos Miller) join us where we discuss how he went from a high school internship at Texas Instruments to betting on himself and making the jump to pursue something he was passionate about and hoping into the oilfield. Through the advice of one of his earliest mentors: There is no such thing as job security" he made the leap to start his own company. Ken has a wonderful view on building teams and instilling the corporate culture with the company's core values bleeding into every decision that is made. Really enjoyed hearing Ken's entrepreneurial attitude, outlook, and passion drive him to create an evolving successful culture as well as how he dives into all projects head first. Thank you Ken, truly enjoyed your time and we wish you and your team continued success!

1hr 29mins

12 Apr 2021

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Miller Time with KEN MILLER on E26 of Nah Dood!

Nah Dood Podcast

Ken Miller joins us on episode 26 of Nah Dood to chat about the in's & out's of our everyday common lives. From Comic Book nerd-ness to dealing with this whole mess the world is in at the moment. The guys guys call up Dean and the Eh-Oh's begin!The comedy life and more, find out what lurks in the mind of The Great Ken Miller on episode 26 of Nah Dood! For more visit out Patreon link in the header.Also visit the web site: http://www.KermitGonzalez.com Thanks for watching!

1hr 22mins

25 Mar 2021

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Creating a Sustainable Fundraising Program - Ken Miller CFRE

Fulfilled Fundraising Inspiration for Nonprofits

Interview with Ken Miller CFRE (USA) - President and lead consultant for Denali FSP Fundraising Consultants. Ken Miller’s fundraising journey began in June 2010 after a long career in sales and marketing and was the Director of Development for Bean’s Café, a non-profit feeding facility in Anchorage Alaska. Since leaving Bean’s Cafe, Ken founded Denali FSP Fundraising Consultants, a fundraising consulting firm that emphasises best practices sustainable fundraising and works with nonprofits throughout Alaska. Sections included in this episode: Section 1: Reflecting on Ken's career - successes, failures and key lessons learnt Section 2: Transitioning from a Director of Development role to Fundraising Consultant Section 3: Tips for Improving your Fundraising Programs Section 4: The importance of serving on Boards for your professional development Section 5: Ken's final advice to inspire and fulfil fundraisers and nonprofits--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/fulfilled-fundraisers/message

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1 Feb 2021

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Ken Miller

The Orlando Talk Show with Ross McCoy

This episode is like a phone book delivery person... names are being dropped EVERYWHERE. But, you don't care. You're not going to listen just to see if The Godfather of Orlando Comedy Ken Miller mentioned you. You're not that vain. And yes Reid, he mentioned you.

1hr 3mins

28 Jan 2021