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The Psychic Tarot Oracle Card Deck Review & Rating (John Holland)

Dark Green Tarot

A review & rating of The Psychic Tarot by John Holland. 00:00 – Introduction 00:35 – What’s Interesting About This Particular Deck – Bridges Oracle & Tarot 01:10 – Who I Think This Deck Is and Isn’t For; Disclaimers about the Deck for Tarot Readers 02:06 – Box, Illustrations 03:19 – Card Quality 04:05 – Structure of Deck; Major Arcana 05:54 – Mixing The Psychic Oracle with a Regular Tarot Deck 06:00 – Structure of Deck; Minor Arcana 07:18 – How the Minor Arcana Differs from the Traditional Tarot 09:31 – Why You Can Still Use These “Minor Arcana” Cards 10:02 – Additional Chakra Cards Included 11:30 – How to Use Chakra Cards with Traditional Tarot 12:12 – How I Would Use Chakras with Tarot 13:50 – Overall Rating 14:12 – Closing--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/darkgreentarot/support


8 Nov 2021

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#82: Cameron Butler | Site Engineer @ John Holland

The Young Professionals Podcast

The Young Professionals Podcast (TYPP), proudly brought to you by ADAPT Careers (https://adaptcareers.com.au) and co-hosted by Luke Marriott and Nicholas Sargeant (Sarge).  This week we chat with Cameron Butler, Project Engineer at John Holland (https://www.johnholland.com.au), where he’s currently working on the Level Crossing Removal Project (https://levelcrossings.vic.gov.au). Cam studied at Monash University, completing a Bachelor of Engineering (https://www.monash.edu/study/courses/find-a-course/2022/engineering-e3001) and Bachelor of Commerce (https://www.monash.edu/study/courses/find-a-course/2022/commerce-b2001), after which he decided to continue down the engineering route. Before John Holland, Cam did some vacation work at United Energy (https://www.unitedenergy.com.au) before spending some time at Cardno (https://www.cardno.com) as a Geotechnical Engineer. If you have a career story you would like to share, a role you would like to learn more about or any questions you would like us to ask young professionals, you can reach us through any of our social media that can be found at TYPP.com.au. We would love to hear from you!


20 Oct 2021

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Listen to the Signs and Synchronicities of Spirit with John Holland

Inspire Nation on Unity

Believe it or not, your soul is practically screaming at you on a daily basis. Okay, if not screaming, then it’s at least speaking loud and clear, and it wishes you would stop ignoring it, start listening, and start taking action! Michael is joined by internationally renowned psychic medium John Holland to discuss how to connect with your soul on the other side of the veil.


11 Oct 2021

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Your SOUL Is SPEAKING LOUDLY! Here’s How To LISTEN Through Signs & Synchronicities with John Holland

Inspire Nation Show with Michael Sandler

Believe it or not, YOUR SOUL is practically SCREAMING at you on a daily basis. Ok, if not screaming, then it's at least speaking LOUD and CLEAR and it wishes you would stop ignoring it, start LISTENING and start TAKING ACTION! In this episode, internationally renowned psychic medium, John Holland, and I dive into clearing your mind, so you can begin hearing and heeding your soul--instead of your ego. We talk all things related to the soul, and how to connect with your soul on the other side of the veil. To start, you may not hear "the voice of God" so to speak, but you'll start to see PATTERNS and SYNCHRONICITIES, that have always been there ready to guide you toward your SOUL PURPOSE. We point out the HINTS and CLUES your soul uses to communicate without words! John Holland is an internationally renowned psychic medium, spiritual teacher, author, and radio host. John's public demonstrations of mediumship reveal the delicate process of raising his own vibrational energy to link with Spirit, as he acts as a middleman between this world and the next. To find out more visit: https://www.mysoulcommunity.com/ - My Soul Community a place to feel nurtured, guided and supported. https://johnholland.com/ https://amzn.to/3qULECz - Order Michael Sandler's new book, "AWE, the Automatic Writing Experience" www.automaticwriting.com ……. Follow Michael and Jessica’s exciting journey and get even more great tools, tips, and behind-the-scenes access. Go to https://www.patreon.com/inspirenation For free meditations, weekly tips, stories, and similar shows visit: https://inspirenationshow.com/ We’ve got NEW Merch! - https://teespring.com/stores/inspire-nation-store Follow Inspire Nation, and the lives of Michael and Jessica, on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/InspireNationLive/ Find us on TikTok - https://www.tiktok.com/@inspirenationshow

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29 Sep 2021

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Love Never Dies-Connecting with the Other Side with Psychic Medium John Holland

Beauty, Love & Transformation with Michelle Phillips

Michelle’s guest is Psychic Medium John Holland who is one of the most highly respected Psychic Mediums in the country. John provides audiences with a unique glimpse into the fascinating world of a medium, as he explains how he can blend his own energy with that of Spirit, to create a link to be able to communicate with the Other-Side. John starred in numerous TV shows and documentaries, and is the author of 6 Books, and is often heard to say: "If I can help people connect with someone on the Other Side, and bring peace, comfort, and perhaps some closure, then I feel as though I’ve done my job."  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 2mins

11 Jun 2021

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iTnews CXO Challenge with John Holland Chief Digital and Information Officer Roger Wahl

The iTnews Podcast

Major Australian rail, infrastructure and building company John Holland is embarking on a comprehensive three-year digital transformation journey. For this, the inaugural episode of the iTnews CXO Challenge podcast, we explore the key pillars and systems up for transformation, and how emerging technologies will reshape both the company's operations and the broader industry.


19 Apr 2021

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Get Your “DIY Psychic” On! Tips and Tricks with Psychic Medium John Holland

Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks

John Holland on how to be your own psychic medium in 2021!International psychic medium John Holland has circled the globe talking and teaching about the magic of psychic ability and mediumship.His landmark best-selling Tarot and Oracle Deck: The Psychic Tarot has been and continues to be one of the modern gold standards in divination card decks for thousands around the world.Get the Psychic Tarot on AmazonIn this episode John Holland and Alexis discuss the ins and outs of unlocking your own psychic potential with the help of The Psychic Tarot and other tried and true processes for DIY divination.This talk is PACKED with how-tos for both the novice and the expert alike! You could call this a “mini master class” on the tarot and oracle divination process from one of the most respected psychics on the planet - John Holland.We’ll work directly with John’s Psychic Tarot deck plus decipher a message for the collective based on cards that were drawn just for this episode. John will break it down for us all!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cb7aR5ZZfKcIf you enjoyed this episode, you'll definitely want to get the after show with Alexis and John!Join the Journey on Patreon and get ALL of the membership benefits including all Higher Journeys After Shows!About John HollandJohn is no ordinary man! Even as a child, he didn’t have a conventional childhood. It was as though Spirit had already singled him out and mapped his future. Over the decades, he has devoted himself to both his personal and spiritual development, and as a result, he’s become one of the most respected psychic mediums and spiritual teachers on the world stage today. John takes his work seriously and treats it with the utmost integrity and respect. As he says: “If I can help people connect with someone on the Other-Side – by linking with the Spirit World – to bring peace, comfort, and perhaps some closure, or if I can help you understand and tap into your own inner guidance (psychic intuition) for answers, then I truly feel that I’ve done my job.” Learn more about John Holland This is an affiliate link for Keen. I may receive compensation from Keen when people use this link.


10 Feb 2021

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Joe Barr - CEO John Holland Group

Mentor List

Joe Barr - CEO John Holland Group by The Mentor List


5 Feb 2021

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Ep.06: John Holland - Reach For Your Inner Technology

Small Medium at Large

"If you're going into this work and you can make the commitment, be yourself. Be your own kind of medium." In this episode of Small Medium at Large, Rebecca is joined by internationally renowned psychic medium, spiritual teacher, and author John Holland. Together, they share their respective ways of working with Spirit, the importance of empowering others, and different ways to develop and trust your own intuitive guidance. To learn more about John Holland and all of his offerings, visit https://johnholland.com/


26 Jan 2021

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The Cosmic Current: Weekly Conversations With Experts In Spirituality and Divination

Welcome to the Numerologist podcast! Today’s guest is international psychic medium, author and spiritual teacher, John Holland. As the author of six books, creator of four oracle decks and the founder of mysoulcommunity.com, John embarked on his spiritual journey to help and heal people globally. And through his many channels, he is doing just that. He’s been featured on the History Channel, the Biography Channel, in the Boston Globe and many others. And I’m so delighted he’s agreed to talk to me at Numerologist.com today. Here’s what we discuss: John’s journey to becoming one of the world’s leading psychic mediums. How you can hone your innate psychic abilities. How parents can identify and embrace their child’s skills. Show Links Your Free Numerology Report – https://video.numerologist.com/mesl_v1.5/blog-mb.php John’s website: JOHNHOLLAND.COM/ Koda Funf Event: https://conta.cc/393U5oP  Your Special Podcast Gift: As a thank you for joining us here on the Numerologist Podcast, we’re giving you access to a very special video report which delves into the deepest levels of your numerology chart to help you understand who you are. Get Your FREE Numerology Video Report Here:  https://video.numerologist.com/mesl_v1.5/blog-mb.php Full Transcript Speaker 1: Welcome to the Numerologist Podcast, where we bring you a very special guest every single week to help guide you on your spiritual journey, live with abundance and inspire your soul. Rose: Welcome back to the Numerologist Podcast. Thank you for joining me once again. I’m Rose, I’m your host. Now, we’ve been running this new revamped version of the Cosmic Current for nearly a year now. And I can’t believe how fast it’s gone. I should probably actually stop calling it the new version. But I’ve just been reflecting on how many amazing people I’ve spoken to this year. Rose: And getting a little bit deeper into that, it really makes me realize that it’s so important to be grateful for the incredible things that have happened during not such an incredible year. So, I think that’s a mini homework task for this week’s episode. Rose: I’d love for you to identify the things that have been amazing this year, even if they’re just small things, even if you have to squint to find the good in any given situation. And it’s probably a pretty timely time to do that, especially if you’re in the US since this episode will be live the day after Thanksgiving and on Black Friday of all days. So, if you do that little homework task, I want to share your gratitude with the world. Tell us any Instagram stories, and we’ll share that with our community as well. Rose: So, in the spirit of giving thanks, I just did want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has listened to the Numerologist Podcast over this past year. Whether you’ve listened to one or all of our episodes, I am so glad you’re joining us on this journey. Rose: If you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to the podcast. And just a reminder that in the show notes for each episode, there’s a link to our free numerology video report, which reveals some of the most telling numbers in your numerology charts. And make sure you head over there and grab yours. Rose: But back to this episode. Today’s guest is international psychic medium, author and spiritual teacher, John Holland. As the author of six books, creator of four oracle decks and the founder of mysoulcommunity.com, John embarked on his spiritual journey to help and heal people globally. And through his many channels, he is doing just that. He’s been featured on the History Channel, the Biography Channel, in the Boston Globe and many others. And I’m so delighted he’s agreed to talk to me at Numerologist.com today. Please join me in welcoming John Holland. Hi, John. Thanks for joining me. John Holland: Hi, Rose. How are you? Rose: I’m very well. Thank you. How are you? John Holland: I’m great. Thank you. Rose: Excellent. So, I just want to jump straight into this and get to know John Holland. Let’s look at how John Holland as he is today came to be. So, let’s look at your childhood first. What was your childhood like as a gifted child? John Holland: Well, it’s the same story I tell. I was raised in a Catholic family, one of five kids. Three boys, two girls. And I was always the different one in the family, like many of your listeners probably too. What does that mean, Rose? I was very sensitive as a kid. I was a colicky baby. I was very sensitive. I spent a lot of time by myself. I basically was born drawing too. I never took a class, so I was very creative. John Holland: I knew things that I couldn’t possibly have known either. I was always fascinated by subjects like anything that had to do with spirits, religion, ghost, psychic powers. Or back then in my day, it was called ESP. So, I was excited about those things. I was excited about religious movies. John Holland: I’m not your average thing for a little boy. I wasn’t outdoors playing sports with my brothers. I was either drawing or reading. I was fascinated by chemistry. So, it seemed like science, religion, spirituality. I was always the different one in the family, and I was born with a highly tuned sense of intuition or psychic ability. I knew things I couldn’t even possibly have known. Who was going to come to the house unexpectedly. Who was sick in another state. So, things would come out of me. My dad would say to me, or to my mother, “Something is wrong with him.” John Holland: With society too, if you’re even then … If a kid is different, made to feel different, we hide it, Rose. We hide the ability. I didn’t want to be different. Not only was I different that way, I was skinny, big ears, a patch on my eye. Yeah, I was really different. I hid the ability or I pushed it down. Only my friends knew that I could do this as I grew up. They knew I was fascinated by the subject. They say, “Do that thing that you do.” And I will just tell them about something that just happened in their life, and then an automobile accident years later. John Holland: So, I still kept it a secret or pushed it down, and I didn’t just come out and tell people. An automobile accident made those abilities even stronger. And Rose, I have to change it. The accident didn’t make me psychic. The accident was a wake up call for me, and I got my life together. When I got my life together, I think I became aligned. Like Kundalini awakening, and that’s when all this ability started to just … It was really, really heightened. I felt this energy inside me. John Holland: I could see things, feel things. I didn’t know what was happening. Luckily, I had some education about psychic ability. So, I am a big advocate of … I have no problem being psychic. How do I shut it off? I studied everything I can on the mechanics of how this works. Chakras, auras, meditation, breath. I had to know that. Then I started getting into Reiki, into healing. John Holland: So little by little, I didn’t quit my day job. I kept it for years. I started reading tarot cards at an aromatherapy shop. I started to do pretty well at it. People started to get to know me there and I start to get the name. Still kept my day job. John Holland: What happened was two years into doing psychic work … Now, Rose, most of your audience, I assume, knows there’s a difference between psychic and mediums. There’s a difference. Every medium is psychic, but not every psychic is a medium. People are like, “Well, what do you mean?” John Holland: When you’re linking with people on the other side, they are using the … The transmission or the reception comes through my psychic senses whether you’re clairsentient, clairaudient, or clairvoyant. So, you have to be psychic. We all are, first of all. Some have a high potential. John Holland: Two years into doing reading, something different happen. I am reading cards and this woman I’m reading for, her name is Mari. I still remember. It’s in my first book, Born Knowing. She wanted to know about her career, her art, where was it going. It wasn’t really just a prediction thing. Just a little help on her schoolwork and her art where I saw what was developing. John Holland: And while I was reading for her, in my mind’s eye, Rose, or beside this client … She was a young girl. I saw an elderly woman. And her clothes didn’t match. Now, it’s not like the movies. It’s not like a mist happened. It was like I knew she was there, but she wasn’t there. It’s kind of hard to explain. John Holland: Her clothes didn’t match, and she was just pointing to her diamond. Just this older woman. And I’m looking at the woman, I’m looking at the client. I’m looking at the woman, I said, “Mari, there’s a lady beside you. Her clothes don’t match. I don’t know why I noticed that.” I said, “Her clothes don’t match, and she showed me a diamond ring.” John Holland: Well, she screamed, I screamed. She got up and hugged me. I hugged her and I said, “What was that?” And she said, “My great Aunt Ada who helped raise me was colorblind.” There’s the clothes and she said, “The diamond I’m wearing right here, John, is the ring she gave me that I inherited when she passed away.” So I said, “Okay, wait a minute. So, what is this?” John Holland: And then it started to happen more and more. Every time I went to do a reading for someone and would come their relatives. And I didn’t just take that, Rose. But think about it. If my first book came out in 2000, this happened about 2020, over 20 years ago. There wasn’t a lot of mediums. There wasn’t a lot of books. John Holland: So, I believe in synchronicity, Rose. I believe that when you follow … I’m all about the soul and all the abilities. When you follow what your soul is trying to tell you, doors open. So, I read every book I could on mediumship in Los Angeles. All the books that I could find were old books from England, the spiritualist in England. John Holland: Even though spiritualism started in the States, when I went to England, it stayed there and it went big. And I said, “Gee.” There were these old books of mediums’ lives from days gone by and I said, “Wow.” And I wasn’t really reading how to. I wanted to know why is this happening, how do these people live their lives, how do they deal with this. John Holland: So, two weeks into reading the books, I’m at a party, I step on a person’s foot. Remember, I did say, “If I could only go to England and study with these people.” Two weeks into reading these books, I’m at a party, I step on a person’s foot. Where are they from? From England. I stepped on this guy’s foot and he’s like, “Hello.” And I said, “Oh, are you Australian? Are you Irish?” And he’s like, “Oh, I’m British.” And I said, “Okay.” John Holland: I started talking and I got invited over. He had a space and one thing led to another and that’s when it all started. I went over there and studied for two and a half years with a spiritualist developing in a meditation. I went to the Arthur Findlay School, which is Stansted where they train mediums. I went to all the churches. I didn’t go to England to go look at the castles in London to go see the Queen. I knew I had a mission, and that’s how it started. One thing led to another and there you have it. John Holland: One thing led to another and a book. I mean six books, television, radio show. I never set out to do this work, but usually people who have ability of that strong, you’re going to see it as a kid. There’s some type of sign that something was happening there. But some people are born with a high potential for this work, and some people aren’t. John Holland: And by the way, I did say, let me just help you out. I did say psychic and mediumship. Let me just finish that sentence. So, a psychic, Rose, as I’m looking at you, I’m reading you, your past, your present, your potential future. I don’t think it’s all set in stone. John Holland: So, as I’m looking at you, I start just seeing some colors. So, I’m reading your aura. I’m not getting the information on the other side. When mediumship happens, I’m not with you anymore. People on the other side have to come through. So, psychics perceive, mediums receive. There is a difference. Rose: Absolutely. John Holland: And I had to learn the difference between both and I teach my students the difference, because it can be kind of hard to say, “Is this psychic, or is this mediumship?” But luckily, I got that education. When I went to England, they’re all about evidence. Evidence. You can’t give that foo-foo. “Oh, your mother is here. Your grandmother is here, she brushed …” They are very evidential mediums to prove the continuity of life, and that resonated with me, and that helped me so much. Rose: Absolutely. I think we need to set that. That sort of is testament to the number of … I don’t want to necessarily go down the frauds kind of path, but that is sort of rife in your industry, right? There’s a lot of people claiming that they have these abilities when they don’t. So, how would you … For our listeners, how would you suggest that they go into a reading? You don’t want to go in skeptical, but you also don’t want to go in … John Holland: Yeah. A couple of years ago, Hay House, my publisher called me. Everyone knows them usually. They said, “So, do you think you have another book in you?” I thought I was done. Because how many times can you say the dead or alive? How many times can you say it? So, I said, “Okay.” So, that was Hay House’s way of saying, “You really need to write a book.” John Holland: I said, “Well, what are people asking for right now?” If you notice, a lot of … There’s two words. There’s mediums popping up everywhere. The word empath is huge now, and the word soul. I said, “Okay.” I wrote the first part of Bridging Two Realms: Learn to Communicate with Your Loved Ones on the Other-Side. Four people who have about to lose someone, who have lost someone. John Holland: And from my 20 years of doing this work, I wrote about what happens before somebody passes away, during the process, and after. And then I go into … So, you are looking for a medium, and I always tell people, always word of mouth. And I break it down for the reader, and I also break it down, if you want to be a medium, this is what … With my education, this is what you should be doing. John Holland: I always tell people, Rose, go by word of mouth. The medium shouldn’t be asking you questions.Not like this. Sometimes I’ll ask a question, but it’s really a statement. If I said to you, Rose, “Did you lose a grandmother? Yes, I did. Oh, she’s right here.” John Holland: You just told me she passed away. The medium should be saying, “I feel a grandmother figure. I feel like she’s making me aware that she’s on your mother’s side. She’s talking about she has three daughters and your mother is one of them. A sibling of your mother’s that has passed, that’s with her.” Evidential. It’s okay to work with a medium, but it’s usually, “Yes, no, I don’t understand.” John Holland: And the medium may get something that they don’t understand. It’s okay, because people are afraid to talk sometimes. They’re like, “Can I say something?” I said, “Yes. As long as I gave you the evidence first.” It should be evidential. There’s all kinds of mediums. Some are very heart centered, some are in your face, and it shouldn’t be general. It shouldn’t be something like this. “I’m picking up someone who passed from cancer, who’s that?” I don’t know. You’re the medium. You tell me who it is. Do you see what I mean? John Holland: So, I can be a tough teacher. I can have fun with my students, and I can play with my audience only to keep the energy up, but it should be evidential. All right? Evidential. And not everyone is going to be the same in their work, but they should give who the person they’re linking with, what’s the relationship, how did they pass, and maybe what was the age that they pass, how long ago. And then more information should be coming. John Holland: If you are talking to someone’s mother, if you are really linking with someone’s mother, you should be getting information that, that child would understand. It’s some stuff should come through, Rose, that only the mother and the daughter could possibly have known. Do you understand? Rose: Yeah, absolutely. You mentioned your students then. So, I just want to talk about your teachings and your courses and those kinds of things. Let’s look at being a medium or honing your psychic abilities. So, if you’re not born with the gift, the medium gift, can you get that? John Holland: I mean, you all know who John Edward is obviously down in Australia. You know the man. And he’s a good colleague of mine. He says that, and I like his word. I always give credit where credit is due. These are his words. John Holland: He doesn’t like to call it a gift. I will say it in my soulwork, empower the soul. We all have gifts, talents and abilities. He says that he doesn’t like to call it a gift, because it means that he has something that somebody else doesn’t. We all have the potential for this. I was born with the high potential for it, meaning it was already there. Whether it was in the past life, or I was born this way. John Holland: They feel like this is supposed to be a medium or get into it. They have a lower potential. Meaning, they have to just work hard. I used to say too, Rose, in England. I was trained by the mediums. I heard them say mediums aren’t made, they’re born. And I went, “Wow. Mediums aren’t made, they’re born.” And I started to believe that. John Holland: But then, as time went on, I saw that people who weren’t born with it or have a low potential for it just had to work harder, and they can be just as good. It just takes a little more studying, a little more work. Yeah, but we all have it. We’re all born intuitive, Rose. We all are. How old is your son that you said? How old is he? Rose: He’s one. John Holland: Oh, bless. Okay. All right. So, kids, as they go around four or five, they’re playing, they’re coloring, they’re running, they’re laughing. I think they have one foot still on the other side and one foot here. Everything is joyful for them hopefully. And then they start school. Kids are born with that right side, the creative side, the drawing. And kids see the world as it really is. John Holland: So, if your kid is saying something, listen to your kid, because it’s probably the truth. So, when kids go to school, they’re about five, six, however old, they start … The left side of the brain comes in, because we have to listen to the teacher, understand math, spelling. So, that creative, beautiful right side gets pushed aside. And we forget about that side. It gets so pushed aside, and life has a way of doing it too. Because as you get older, you also have to trust logic. Logic, not that intuitive stuff. John Holland: And it’s funny. Isn’t it funny, Rose? You could say the word psychic. People are like, “Oh, mumbo jumbo.” When you say intuition, they’re like, “Oh, yes, I have that.” See, it’s just the word. Everyone is born with it. And I think it’s a calling, Rose. John Holland: I believe that a lot of people are touching the realms on the other side lately. I think the consciousness of man is changing. Some people said, “John, is it changing? Or is the veil on the other side is getting thinner?” I think our consciousness is … We’re changing as a race. John Holland: Look at the world. I mean, we’re very sensitive creatures now. Some people don’t even know that they’re intuitive. They just think that, “Why am I uncomfortable around people?” Because you’re empathic. Do you understand? So, I think that people are … Sometimes, you can be with a friend, Rose, right? And somebody could say … Say there are two friends, and one friend is gone. I keep hearing the name Jake, Jake, Jake. And their friend goes, “That’s my dad. He passed away.” John Holland: So, the person who says that starts to see. Maybe they’re touching the other side. Does that mean you’re going to be a medium? Does that mean you should go be a medium? If you’re good at plumbing, does that mean you’re going to go be a plumber? Maybe the ability is getting heightened in us. Maybe it’s for your own sake or for those around you. It doesn’t mean always to go be a medium. And if you’re going to be a medium, it’s a life of service. John Holland: People forget that. It’s a life of service. Not to be a star. I never set out just to be like, “Look at me.” You have to feel the calling for. And if you feel like, “No, I really want to help people,” that’s the number one answer when I ask my students. “Why are you taking the class? Why do you want to be a medium?” It should be to serve. To help as many people as I can. Yeah. Rose: Absolutely. So, for those people who do feel that calling, do you have any quick … I know you’ve got a whole course on this, but do you have any quick tips that you can give people just starting out? John Holland: Understand why it’s happening. You are the vessel. You’re one big psychic antenna. Whether you call yourself an intuitive, we can’t help it. Everyone can walk into a room, they know if something happened in the room. You know when you meet somebody for the first time, Rose, you like them or you don’t. John Holland: So, understand how is that happening. Oh, it’s intuition. How is it happening? It’s happening because your aura is expanding. Their aura is blending with yours and it hits that certain psychic reception area. Understand the mechanics of how it works, because doing this work, it makes you very sensitive. The price of sensitivity is sensitivity. Do you like that? John Holland: Some students are like, “I’m so sensitive with this work.” Well, welcome to doing this work. All right. I say learn the mechanics of how it works and try to get ahold of quieting your mind with some type of meditation. It doesn’t mean ringing a bell, or a gong, or lighting incense singing. (singing) It’s just quieting your mind. And if you can’t sit and do one, do a walking meditation. Look at a candle. Do one with the breath. Look at a mandala. There’s many. You got to still your mind. John Holland: How can any intuitive information, nevermind the other side, come into your mental space if there’s so much noise in there? And isn’t there a lot of noise in our heads lately between what’s going on in the world, technology, emails, bells, whistles? So, yeah, understand the mechanics of how this works. Understand your psychic faculties first. John Holland: And then at the mediumship, then you’ll understand how to turn it on and how to turn it off. You should be the master of your abilities. It should not be the master of you. So, if the student say, “I can’t sleep at night. The dead people are here. I see them everywhere.” Then they’re untrained. I do not walk around seeing the dead. It only happens because I trained myself when I’m supposed to do this work. Or a strong spirit is trying to get my attention to do something give a message. Yeah. Rose: I think that’s an interesting point as well, because a lot of people do assume mediums just walk around bumping into dead people wherever they go. So, that’s a really good point. Now, I just want to go back to what we were talking about, about children having one foot in and one foot at the other side. It sort of goes back to what you said about your childhood being psychic or a bit spiritual. It wasn’t really accepted, but I actually think as we move forward in what you’re talking about, our consciousness is opening and our awareness and all those kinds of things. John Holland: Sure. Rose: What would you go about saying to parents who have identified … John Holland: God, I love you. Good interview, girl. Yes, you are. In my book, I think it is the Spirit Whisperer. There’s a whole section for teachers and parents for the kid who’s sensitive, for the kid who’s saying, “Mommy, there’s an old man in my room. Mommy, I’m seeing lights.” Or the kid is waking up because they’re seeing something. John Holland: I’m not talking about night terrors. That’s a whole nother thing. I always tell parents and teachers, “You get an education first on how it works, so you can teach it to your child.” If a parent understands, “Okay, there’s three abilities, clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient. To hear, feel and see or cognitive.” Just to know. John Holland: If they get an education of the mechanics, it’s going to be easier to tell the kid. You know how they have pageant mothers? The pageant mothers. I guess you have that in Australia too. Rose: Yeah, absolutely. John Holland: Yeah. They push their kid and it’s just a little girl. Let your kid be a kid. One time I met a couple of parents. This happened some time ago. The kid was very psychic. The kid had to be about 10, 11. Eight, nine, 10, 11, something like that. And the mother was like saying, “Show them what you do.” It’s like, “Let the kid be a kid. And tell the kid that it’s nothing to be afraid of, that it’s a natural ability like playing music, art.” John Holland: They can’t. They don’t have to tell everybody that they’re sensitive, but it’s a gift actually. That kid can use that ability in school, life, whatever and play some games with them. What I think it is too. Rose, do you have any other kids? Rose: No. John Holland: Okay. Rose: Just one. John Holland: All right. Say you have a five, six, seven, eight, it doesn’t matter. A little kid. All right. Say you have two kids or a friend. A good intuitive game, because you don’t want to tell the kid to shut it off, but you can show them that it’s not scary. You have two kids sit back to back. So, someone is sitting behind the … John Holland: Say I’m a kid and their back is to mine. You have three crystals, or three marbles, or three crayons in front of all the same color. Tell one kid, “Pick one, hold it and see if you can send what you’re holding to the kid whose back is against you, and see if they can start matching up the crystal.” John Holland: You see, that’s telepathy. Yep. And if you have a child, and this is a good tip for you, Rose, when your kid gets around four or five. If your kid is very sensitive, which they all are, you can teach a kid to turn down their lights. What do I mean by that? So, we have energy centers. It’s the spiritual batteries. We’re physical beings and spiritual beings. John Holland: So, you know Rose about the third eye. You know about the throat center, the heart center. So, if you teach a kid that we have these special buttons, and you could … Before the kid goes to bed, if the kid is young enough, because some kids don’t touch. You tell the kid to turn down their lights. Their fore headlight, the throat, the heart. Not shut off or close down. You never want to tell someone to close down their throat. See? Because I’m also a hypnotherapist too. It’s the way you word it. John Holland: Tell them to turn down their light or to close the flowers if it’s a girl. It’s going to make the kid less sensitive. And they might not even understand it, but by them just imagining a color getting smaller in a location, I think it’s actually going to help them be less receptive. You can never shut down an energy center, but you certainly can dim it or heighten it when you need to. Or it happens on its own, actually. Yeah. Rose: Absolutely. I think on the flip side of that, we’re talking about parents who are supportive and maybe too supportive, over supported. But what about the children whose parents are devout Catholic? Obviously, you spoke about your parents being Catholic, so I’m not sure how they embraced it. But what about the parents who are definitely not on the spiritual side, and the kid always feels like they have to come out or hide their abilities and those kinds of things? What would you say to those kids? And these are probably older kids, teenagers and those kinds of things. John Holland: Because I was made fun of, I just kept it a secret. I really believe, Rose, what you put out, you get back. I really believe in what you put out and you get back. And it’s hard if a parent, especially if there’s a religion, or religious faith that goes with that. John Holland: I think that the kid could do his own research, but the parents find it … It’s hard, Rose. It’s a balancing thing. There are other places where kids could look. Now, every kid is on the internet now too, though, but you got to be careful. Because you don’t if what group you’re joining is something. John Holland: I think if that kid puts it out there, I think there’s going to be … I think there’s going to be more kids. Say you have a 16 year old, a 14 year old, I think there are more kids around him or her that is into this more so than you think. All right? John Holland: What you put out, you attract. So, it’s okay to share it with your friends that you can trust. Share with your friends, and they’ll be like, “Oh my god, I felt the same way. I didn’t want to say anything.” Stick to people that you can trust. Yeah, close friends. I only could tell close friends. So, yeah, that’s a good one. I mean, I don’t get often that, Rose. That’s why you are number one on numerology. Rose: There you go. John Holland: Yep. But I would tell the kid or the teenager that if they have no one around them, if they can read something, or as they get older, they’ll be able to find their path to where they’re supposed to go. The soul even knows where that child is supposed to go. It will try to lead it to the people and situations in their life for its highest good. Rose: And that actually links back to what you were talking about before about synchronicity and things happening to lead you on this path. So, let’s talk about you, again, about was there really any other path for you? John Holland: Was there what? Rose: Was there really any other path for you, career wise? John Holland: Do you mean how it came to be or how I followed it? Rose: Yeah. I suppose I mean, could you have ever seen yourself in any other industry or career or anything? John Holland: No. I always was like this in the accident, and I believe that your soul, the real you, your true essence, pure consciousness, not the person you look in the mirror and see that’s just your body. You are a soul. You’re a soul that comes with the body, not a body that comes with a soul. You’re a soul that comes with the body, not a body that comes with a soul. You are a soul long before you came here. You’re going to be a soul long after you leave here. John Holland: I believe that your soul tries to get your attention in this life through dreams, intuition, synchronistic events, but we don’t pay attention to them. I was living in LA. I was a young man. Not doing I was supposed to. I had those signs come to me. John Holland: Living a life in my late ’20s. You know what it’s like, living in LA. And then I had the automobile accident. It was raining that night. That was my wake up call. I didn’t complain. I walked away from a car race that was crushed, the whole front of it, and I walked away without a scratch. John Holland: Now, I could have just said, “Oh, lucky about that.” And then went right back to the kind of life that I had. I knew. I looked up to the sky, God, the universe, he, she, the source, and I just said, “Thank you.” Never complained. Never complained. John Holland: There was a relationship that I was in for six years that should have ended a long time ago. I got my life together and I got my own place, the relationship. That’s when all the abilities started to happen. And I started to follow the signs. The ability happened, and then I was invited to England. How could I go to England if I was still working? Who’s going to pay my rent? John Holland: I worked for a flagship hotel. The flagship closed at the time now. And I said, “How am I going to go to LA? How am I going to afford my apartment?” Even though it was small, a friend of mine from … I lived in LA and she called me from Boston. She said, “Johnny, Debbie said that you want to move to England. I want to be a writer and move to California. If you go to England, can I rent your apartment and pay your rent while you’re gone? And I went, “Oh my god.” John Holland: So, it’s like stepped on the foot, met Simon, got invited over, my work ended. She took over my apartment. I got to go to England. And here’s something now. And someone would be like, “It’s a coincidence.” No, I don’t believe in coincidences. John Holland: Now, you know Rose. You’ve traveled outside Australia. You have to get a visa sometimes, right? So, in the States, we let people stay here for six months. No, if you go to England, they let you stay there for six months, you get to leave the country, stay out for three months, then come back in. John Holland: After doing that a couple of times, I said, “I don’t want to keep doing this.” I wish I could stay. My friend, Simon’s colleague said, “John, apply for a student visa in my company, and you get a year visa.” I applied, and I get a letter in England, and it says, “Dear, John.” It said, “We cannot give you this visa because the US is not one of the countries that we honor for this type of student visa.” And I said, “Oh, okay.” John Holland: So, there it is, the letter, now saying no, I can’t have it. But in the envelope was the visa. A full visa for a year with my name, and it was embossed. So, I had a letter saying no, but in the letter, but in the envelope was the visa. Now, come on. So, do you think that I called immigration and said, “Oh, did you make a mistake?” I got that visa, and I got to stay there. John Holland: And then I was on the show Unsolved Mysteries got a hold of me. I went to Boston. I started to get a name. Then Hay House found me and I was signed with them in a month. I mean, writers hate when I say that. It was all meant to be one thing after another, after another, because I was following the signs, Rose. I followed what I was supposed to. John Holland: Now, your soul tries to show you a lot of things. Lots of times, we turn away from it, don’t listen to it, or don’t even know it’s our soul trying to get your attention. Your soul might be saying, “Here you go.” And you give it a kick in the ass and say, “You know what? No.” John Holland: So, I followed, I trusted and things just not to happen. And if it doesn’t happen for you, it just means that it’s not happening for you right now. Then there’s another door that’s going to open. So, one thing, Rose. It was just I could never see this. John Holland: I started doing readings one on one, and then I said to someone, “I want to start doing readings of 10, small groups. Well, that didn’t happen. I went to a bookstore. I started doing people of 30. Then I was signed for Hay House. I went from doing one on ones, to 30, to 800, to 2,000, to over 3,000 people with the Hay House audiences. John Holland: And I had to learn. And the people on the other side, “You can’t be in front of an audience of 3,000 people and say I have a father here who passed from … You’ve got to be so accurate to think about that one person out of 3,000 people.” So, I feel like those on the other side were training me. So, I can go to an audience on a good day and just go to somebody with some outrageous evidence. John Holland: I was in Arizona, and the audience was 2,100 people and I said, “I’m coming to somebody here. I have a grandfather who’s coming to his grandson, and he’s talking about in his casket, you put the chess piece in his pocket and in his casket.” And in my head, I’m like, “Oh, damn. Oh my god.” John Holland: And sure enough, a kid raised his hand. I always make sure I said, “So, let me get this right. You have a grandfather who passed and you put a chess piece in his pocket in the casket?” He’s like, “Absolutely.” I said, “Can I ask why?” He said, “Because he taught me chess.” Now, I don’t know chess. And I said, “Well, what was the chess piece? And I guess it was the highest one. Is it the queen or the king? I don’t know.” And then it went into the message. John Holland: So, there’s not too many people in an audience of 2,100 that put a chess piece in their grandfather’s pocket. So, that’s how I work with bigger audiences. Yeah. Rose: Yeah. I was going to say that, that’s really interesting. You mentioned on a good day. So, do you have bad days? And what does that feel like? John Holland: I never beat myself up. After doing this work, sometimes they’re stellar, sometimes it’s good. I can walk away and say, “That’s the best that I can do. It’s not just up to me.” I’m always fascinated by this. I never say, I told him I got the chess piece. I know. Was it me? Or was the information given? I give those on the other side the credit. They’re the ones that are giving me the information. I’m just the vessel. John Holland: So, when I hear people say, “Well, I did this. I got that.” And I say to them, “Did you get it? Or was it given?” You see? So, it’s a three way link. It’s me, the people in front of me, or the client, or the recipient, and those on the other side. It’s a three-way link. All right? John Holland: So, I know you can see me here on YouTube, but on the radio, from spirit, the people on the other side, through spirit, me, my own spirit, to spirit. From spirit, through spirit, to spirit. And when everything is in sync, if the audience is in good form, I’m in good form, they’re in good form on the other side. There’s all kinds of audiences, Rose. John Holland: I walked into some audiences, and I might be in a conference hotel where there’s cement cylinders, no energy whatsoever. It’s up to me. I got to get that energy up in the audience, because the way it works is I raise my energy, those on the other side lower theirs. Then there’s a blending process. You see? John Holland: So, I tell people, “If you’re going to be a medium, you have to be the maestro and conductor of every sitting you do, or every demonstration you do.” And of course, I’m nervous. When I was in Australia twice, I love you people. Fine people, and I miss Australia. I did Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne twice. I was down to a Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Robert Holden, Denise Linn, I love it. I was with Hay House, Leon. John Holland: It was my first time going to Australia. I was in the States. Of course, I was nervous. Different country, different people, different history, different ways, different references. So, I just imagined that I was in the audience, I was on stage in Australia, because I believe in affirmations and visualizing as if it was happening now. John Holland: So, I saw myself on stage, I saw the messages flowing, I saw the audience clapping. That’s exactly what happened. I walked out there with a couple thousand people. I said, “Hello, Australia.” And it was just beautiful. John Holland: Yeah, so if the audience is in good form, the medium is in good form, and those on the other side, it’s like a perfect cocktail, and it’s beautiful. But think about it, does the audience influence it? Yes. If you’ve got an audience that all arms folded, or people brought people they didn’t really want to be, that’s kind of hard to work with, bu I just do my best roles. I don’t beat myself up. I have an education. I know what I’m giving, and I know how to work with someone who says, “No, no, no.” Yeah. Rose: Yeah. How do you manage people’s expectations? Because I imagine a lot of people come there with the expectation that this specific loved one is going to come through to them. And it doesn’t always happen, does it? John Holland: No, I have my speech. After years of doing this, I have my speech. I always tell people, if I … Now, you do it on Zoom, or I’ll do it in front of an audience when we go back to that, I’ll say to people. Remember, I use a little humor. I know, Rose, losing someone is not funny, but it raises the energy of the room. John Holland: To see a mother smile for the first time in months since her child passed, and sometimes people feel guilty laughing or smiling. People on the other side, they want us to go on. They want us to be happy until they see us again. We’re the ones that are still here. So, I’ll tell the audiences and I’ll say, “How many are here you’re hoping to hear from that one person? You want that one person to come through.” Of course, all the hands go up. I said, “Okay, let that go.” John Holland: I said, “Because I am not in control of it. It’s not 1-800 dial your daddy. Usually, they get who they want to hear from, but if you’re focused on your mother who’s passed, but you have an uncle that wants to come through or a grandmother, or if you’re married, that mother-in-law may come through. And people are like, “But I paid my money from my people.” John Holland: I am not in control of it. They are. You never know who’s going to come through. So, I say, “Just be open. Know who your people are on the other side as best as you can.” And all I say is expectation is listen to what I’m trying to say. That’s why when someone says, “No, too fast.” I’ll be like, “Let me help you with that.” John Holland: And then on a good day, I’ll say, “You know your husband’s side, he’s lost his mother, correct? And Rita is his mother’s sister.” How could you? So, if the medium just stops and gives in breeze and doesn’t get nervous. If you are talking to in spirit on the other side, you should be able to go back and say, “They don’t understand. Give it to me in another way.” And you got the answer. John Holland: So, I just say be open. I know they have expectations, and I’ll say Just relax. And I always say too, Rose, if it’s a one on one or a small group, if it’s not working 10 minutes in, I end it. Fluff it. No charge, no worries. I’d rather be respected that way, and then try it, and then have them come back and try it again, because it’s not always going to work. It usually does, but every once in a while, it might not be the right time for reading for somebody. Rose: Absolutely. Is there a reason that one person would show up over another person? Say for example, I was coming to you and I will say, “Okay, I want to hear from my grandfather.” And then my uncle showed up. Is there a reason? John Holland: Some come through, and if you listen as opposed to just the evidence, I used to be very evidential based. I still am as best as I can, but there’s more of a message there. Why is this person coming? Why? John Holland: If a grandmother comes through, say your grandmother comes through on your mother’s side and your mother’s brother is here. That grandmother may come through to you to tell the mother to keep an eye on the brother. There’s always usually a reason. I was doing a small group of eight once. Some people get, and I tell the audience this, sometimes you may get someone who you don’t want to hear from. John Holland: If it’s so emotional, I tell the people, “Look, if it’s too hard for you, I can just drop the phone, cut the link.” I was with this group, and I gave the evidence. I forget what the woman’s … I’ll just say Helen. I said, “I have a woman here named Helen. She’s talking about esophageal cancer. So, would anyone … I feel like there’s a mother connection.” I said to this woman I was drawn to, I said, “Would you understand that?” She goes, “Yeah, I know who she is. What does she want?” And I went, “Oh.” I said, “Is this like a mother?” She goes, “It’s my mother-in-law.” John Holland: The mother-in-law was not nice to her the whole time she was here. She was still married to her son, the woman Helen, and she just didn’t get along with the daughter-in-law. That mother-in-law came through to apologize. To apologize how she treated her, and that’s all she wanted. But who opened the door for the rest of the night for her? The mother-in-law. The mother-in-law was the one that stepped forward who started off the reading. John Holland: I always play and say … Maybe the mother-in-law is on the other side saying, “Can I go first? I have to apologize.” Then I’ll open the door and let you all in. The mother is the one who started off the reading, who set the tone for the rest of it. And she started crying because the mother never apologized or the mother-in-law never apologized to her, so that’s special. Rose: That is special. It’s so funny. As we’re talking, John, we spoke at the start about why you got into this and why other people should get into it. It’s to help people. And every story you’ve told, it’s showing that, that is just the theme that runs through everything. John Holland: Yeah. Before I moved to LA, I was on that show. I started getting really known fast. I still kept the day job. I keep saying that, because I don’t want people to quit their job until they’re established. I was tired emotionally, physically. It was a lot spiritually. I was just exhausted. And I said, “Can I keep doing this?” I questioned it. I questioned it. Every time I question it, a parent who would needed help who had lost someone would step in front of me or come to me somehow some way. John Holland: When the reading is over, it’s just a little slap in the head from them to say, with the greatest respect, to say … When that reading happens or a reading like that, I say, “Okay, that’s why I’m doing this.” So, here it is. Let’s see. Okay. 20, 25 years now, over two decades. And somebody said to me the other day in an interview. “So John, how do you feel about being a pioneer in this work?” And I went, “Oh, what? Pioneer in this work? It made me feel old.” Okay, I don’t say old, I say older. I’m like, “Really?” He goes, “John, don’t you consider yourself a pioneer in this industry? You’ve been going since …” John Holland: And I thought about it, I said, “Well, I guess I am. If my first book came out in 2003 17 years later, which is freaking me out.” So, I’m honored to do this work. And there’s a lot of work too that people don’t realize too, Rose, that I do for free. I do a lot of animal charity work where they get the money, and I got one coming up to help raise $145,000 for animals to have surgeries for the local law animal shelter. Yeah. Rose: Oh, wow. That’s wonderful. Do you get people to donate to that? Because we can put some links in the show notes. John Holland: Yep. What they’re doing is … I don’t know when this is going to play, but the event is in December in a couple of weeks. There’s a raffle. I’m going to do a Zoom live. I usually do something every year in front of people for them, but they’re going to do a Zoom where I’ll do an afternoon of clairvoyance. When you come on, I’ll get to see you. And they’re selling raffle tickets for five bucks or 10 bucks for a chance to have a private reading with me. If the timing works before it is, then that’s great. Rose: Absolutely. We’ll be publishing this Friday, so I’ll definitely put those links in for you. John Holland: You have to give back, Rose. You know what I mean? You have to give back. I am so blessed by spirit that I can do this for them, that I can have a life doing, a teaching and writing, and doing this work. You have to give back. I am a big believer in what you put out, you receive. I don’t give to get. The universe will take care of you anyway. When your company, it’s Numerologist.com. Rose: Yes. John Holland: I was flattered because I tapped into numerology years ago and I always say to students too. Once you understand the way numbers work, you will never look at the numbers the same way again. I keep a number eight in my wallet. I do, for funding. Rose: It’s really funny, because before we came on, I was just talking about my nonspiritual husband who this morning woke up feeling very anxious about work. And he asked me to pull a card for him and I actually used your card deck, and I pulled … John Holland: Psychic tarot. Rose: I pulled the number eight for him, which is crazy. I didn’t know that you … So, let’s quickly talk about numbers. We don’t have much time left, but how do you use numbers in your practice? John Holland: I use them personally. I’ll look at numbers and my favorite number is 149. I see that number everywhere. Everywhere. Numerology, you can add them up. You could take the one before the nine, you can reverse them. I thought it meant to play that number in the lottery. John Holland: So, after spending so much and I’m like, “Okay.” I noticed that, that number comes up when I’m about to do something, either psychic or mediumship work. Now, I’m not superstitious where I have to see that number before I do it, but I notice that number. John Holland: And you could add it up to nine and 10, 15, six. I try to focus on what was I’m just thinking before I saw that number. A lot of people say, “John, what does 11-11 mean?” Well, it breaks down to four, which is foundation, or they call it the angel number. And I try to tell people too, “What were you thinking just before you saw that number?” John Holland: I use numerology. I’ll say it like this to somebody, Rose. I’ll tell people it’s a great way to jump into a reading. You could give me a color, or I could give three numbers. Just really quickly, Rose. Give me three numbers at the top of your head. Rose: Three, six, nine. John Holland: Three, six, nine. So, three meaning family, unity, trinity. Six is like schooling to me. Nine. Would you say nine? Rose: Yeah. John Holland: Nine is endings. Okay. For the new beginning. I could look at it as here too. You got the three, the family, you got the middle. Five and six, for me numerology wise, is always a weird number. I can do one, two, three, four, the eight, nines and 10. I always look at five and six as a balancing number. Like it’s right there in the middle. Yep. So, you’re balancing your work, that’s the nine. John Holland: I would take that nine not in a bad way. Some things may go away. I don’t know what other job you work, Rose. Or is this your main job? Or is this something else? I feel two jobs. Luckily guys, she’s staying right where she is, but there’s going to be something else here. John Holland: So, family is important, the learning. So, it’s either a balancing family and work right now because you got that little kid. You said he’s one. So, it’s balancing work. And I think the nine, I think something is going to be ending to make room for something else. So, that’s how I’ll jump into a reading on the radio. John Holland: I just love looking at them when I see addresses. I look at it. I look at certain dates, and I’m not so superstitious sometimes. But if I’m doing a special event or something, I will see what the day, the month and the year comes to. I’m like, “Oh, perfect.” I have a site, My Soul Community that I launched. The membership was closed. It launched on a one. And I said, “Okay, great.” I didn’t even plan it that way. I said, “Oh, I didn’t even do the numbers on it.” John Holland: But Glynis McCants, she’s a numerologist. She used to be a stand up comic. She was on my radio show at Hay House for a number of years. She can do numbers front and back and so fast, where you’re headed, your soul number, where you’re going. So, I love numerology and you will never … And I have never looked at numbers the same way again. They’re not just numbers to me, neither are colors. Rose: You are so right there. I think once you know how to do the numerology and add them and make the sermon and all those kinds of things, you will do it everywhere. So, anybody listening to this who hasn’t sort of looked at their own numbers and those kinds of things, I’m going to put a link in the show notes to find out about that. John Holland: Can I say one more thing? Rose: Absolutely. John Holland: I’m a 22. Okay? A master number. So, 11, 22 and 33. Rose: Yeah. John Holland: Now, think about this. For the people who are listening, you know numbers. So, the master number is 22. I can’t elevate or go there until my four. I have a solid foundation. And I say that. If my life is solid, my work is solid, I’m solid, I can resonate to that master number, that teacher number. Do you understand? John Holland: I don’t think anyone ever told me that. It just makes sense. It makes sense. And my friend, Simon who I stepped on his foot, not only is he a four, he’s a Virgo. So, he’s all about structure, bullet points, Excel spreadsheets, and he’s a Virgo. So, talk about details. Luckily, he’s not … Isn’t it funny, Rose? The gentleman who I stepped on his foot over 20 years ago is my manager. Rose: That’s crazy, isn’t it? John Holland: Yeah, you know it, because you [crosstalk 00:50:06]. Rose: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. John Holland: Yeah. The guy, I stepped on his foot, he’s my manager all these years later. Yeah. Rose: Wow. All right. Well, John, it has been so nice to speak to you. I could literally speak to you all day. John Holland: I could talk to you forever. Thank you so much. I’ll give you the link about The Koda Fund, anything you want. Just go to johnholland.com. And there’s a lot of resource, Rose, there. The site tells you where I’m at. It’s not just about me, though. If you need help, there’s bereavement sites, stuff for children. A lot of organizations, therapists, it’s all there for you. John Holland: So, go to my frequently asked questions, and a lot of people can benefit. But Rose, you’re in love, so thank you so much. And I’m honored to be part of this. So, thank you. Rose: Thank you. Speaker 1: Thank you for listening to the Numerologist Podcast. If you loved it, make sure you subscribe and don’t forget to check the show notes for an extra special, free gift. The post EPISODE #42: A NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE MADE JOHN HOLLAND REALIZE HIS TRUE CALLING appeared first on Numerologist.com.

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27 Nov 2020