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EP 249: Collin Henderson: Mindset coach on what it takes to become the best version of ourselves.

Finding Your Summit

Colin Henderson Podcast In today’s episode of the ‘Finding your Summit’ podcast, host Mark Pattison, former NFL Player, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Mountaineer who has climbed the Seven Summits, and has completed 250+ podcasts on amazing people doing incredible things talks with the guest Colin Henderson, CEO, Master Your Mindset, Mindset Coach, Speaker, 9x Author, and Podcast Host. Colin is going to talk about what it takes to be a champion and to win and do all those things. Also, Mark’s documentary film made by NFL on his journey up and down Everest last year was presented with an incredible ‘2022 - Emmy Best Picture Award’. Winning an ‘Emmy’ and being recognized for that in a very tough competition was big.


10 Jun 2022

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Leadership, Connection, & Culture with Mental Conditioning Expert & Author, Collin Henderson

Return of The Athlete

Collin Henderson is the CEO and Founder of Master Your Mindset, as well as an author, speaker, husband, and father.  In this episode, he shares his techniques and approaches for creating deep connections, developing a high performing culture, and the traits of a high performing leader. You can learn more about Collin, his books, his courses, and other resources at his website www.thecollinhenderson.com Or his instagram: www.instagram.com/collinhenderson -------------- Partner Links: Fuller Nutri-Fuel (Paul15 for 15% off) https://fullernutrifuel.com/ Next Level Daily (PAULCLINGAN for 20% off) https://www.nextleveldaily.co/?ref=0aLn8tbwu5i8C --------------- COACHING:  https://go.oncehub.com/ECP_DiscoveryCall MINDFUL MUSCLE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/mindfulmuscle -------------- Say hi on social: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paul_clingan/?hl=en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Elemental.Coaching.Project E4 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/e4_fit_method/?hl=en YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH0WsyQEIMY_t187pUPdLLw


16 Apr 2022

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Ep. 42 - Collin Henderson

The Reinvention Project with Jim Rome

Collin Henderson on mastering your mindset, how to pre-plan thoughts, exercise your mind & properly process pain, the value of healthy self-talk, why Imposter Syndrome is shockingly common and how to use passion to find your niche. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

1hr 5mins

7 Apr 2022

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Why Parents Are the Biggest Problem In Sports with Performance Coach Collin Henderson

The Elite Competitor - A Podcast for Moms & Coaches

As a parent, how do you measure your child’s worth? Is it through how many wins they get? Through how many points they scored in their games? Or simply by how much you love them?  Young athletes want to make you feel proud of their achievements. They want to work hard and earn your appreciation and approval.  However, there’s a huge downside to this. Making you feel proud as their main source of motivation and drive creates this situation where they’ll look up to you in everything they do. So you have to be very careful on how you respond to their success and their failures. Especially on their failures.  For some, it builds anxiety in them. They’ll be more and more afraid to make mistakes or do anything that warrants your disapproval. It’s a standard they’ve set for themselves.  So together with Collin Henderson, we talk about how parents are the biggest problem in sports and sometimes can be the hindrance to their children’s confidence and growth.  In this podcast, we call out parents who reduce their children to their scores and wins in competition. We also discuss research and statistics that suggests most parents condition their athletes for success and when that doesn’t happen, athletes tend to question their self worth.  How to avoid conditioning your kids this way? We have a ton of coaching on the physical side, and not on the mental side. Additionally, we coach our kids to be the perfect athlete, to be able to do this sport well.  But parents have zero coaching. And yet, they want their children to be coachable and flexible to learning and mastering the sport. There’s a lot that your kids are going through and a lot of that is partially because of you. And if you want your child to be a top performer and get a scholarship, they need intrinsic motivation, not extrinsic. If it's extrinsic coming from you, you can't sustain that. How can you tell your athlete is afraid of disappointing you?  These are some early signs:  They start hiding things from you (i.e. game schedules, practices) They don’t tell you about a certain game or hope that you wouldn’t go to their gamesThey start to become rigid around you and conscious during their games (when you’re present) What can you do?  Tell them, no matter the result, you’ll be proud of them.Avoid encouraging their competitiveness, that’s how it starts.Maintain a positive reaction whenever they slip up or make a mistake. (It’s the little things that can set off their anxiety)  How can you build their confidence? Be there for them. Embrace the failures. Let them know you have their full support regardless of what they want.It’s not about you, it’s about them.  Your athlete shouldn’t be afraid or intimidated by you, instead, they should look up to you as a role model and a healthy motivation that will support them in their journey!  **********Helpful Links: Hang out with Collin on social @collinhenderson and learn more about working with him!Visit our podcast website for more on this episodeDownload the free resources we've created for youJoin us inside our FREE Facebook Group - The Elite Competitor Society - for weekly Q& Join our free training for sports moms! Learn how to strengthen your daughter's mental game (without being pushy or saying the wrong thing). Join here:  www.trainhergame.com


1 Mar 2022

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Montgomery Companies Podcast: Collin Henderson

Montgomery Companies

Collin Henderson returns to the Montgomery Companies Podcast!Collin Henderson is the founder and CEO of Master Your Mindset, LLC, an industry leader in the field of mental conditioning. He is a speaker and author of five books dealing with peak performance. Collin received both his undergraduate and masters degree from Washington State University where he was a starting two-sport athlete, Pac-12 Champion, Captain, and Academic All-American. Collin has over a decade of experience as a sales professional and sales trainer with two Fortune 500 medical sales companies, where he set sales records, won multiple representative of the year hones and number one finishes. We are excited to talk with Collin today about what it takes to master your mindset.


1 Feb 2022

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S4 Ep. 99 // Collin Henderson on the Mindset of a Leader

Leading Second Podcast

We kick things off today with a special segment for Pastor Appreciation month where some of our Leading Second tribe answered a few questions about their own pastors! Then we dive into a rich conversation with a first-time guest to our podcast, Collin Henderson. Collin is from my hometown, Puyallup, WA! He’s a mental performance coach, speaker, and author who just released a new book called ‘Quiet Mind’ (and ‘Quiet Mind for Kids’). During this conversation, we talk about the impact of a leader’s mindset and its effect on their ministry.


28 Oct 2021

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Ep 107 - Master Your Mindset with Collin Henderson

What's Next with Eric Wood

Collin Henderson is the founder and CEO of Master Your Mindset, LLC, an industry leader in the field of mental conditioning. He is a speaker, author of five books and the host of the Master Your Mindset podcast. Since starting his company in 2016, Collin's innovative trainings on mindset, culture and high performance have been utilized by some of the world's best organizations and institutions. Today on the show, Collin gives Eric tips on mental performance and conditioning. Topics include: (3:15-8:10) - Playing football & baseball at Washington State University (8:10-14:40) - How Collin got over his stutter to become a speaker and mental conditioning coach (14:40-18:00) - How would you define mindset? Your brain is built to hold you back... (18:00-23:05) - Shaping yourself, building mental toughness (23:05-27:20) - The superhero characteristics of the mind (27:20-34:30) - Evaluate your values (34:30-41:40) - Collin's morning routine And much more. Rate, review and subscribe to the show today! For more information about our sponsors today: https://punchdenergy.com To get 20% off your order, use the code: EricWood20


25 Oct 2021

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Master Your Mindset w Collin Henderson

BE THAT 1% Podcast

Today, I’m talking with Performance Coach and CEO of Master Your Mindset, Collin Henderson. In this episode, Collin shares with us common tendencies that block leaders from greater success, how to detach our self worth from the outcome, how to reprogram our limiting thoughts and become more confident. This episode is full of one liners, enjoy! The post Master Your Mindset w Collin Henderson appeared first on .


8 Sep 2021

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Collin Henderson on How to Master Your Mindset

Compete Every Day with Jake Thompson | A Show for Driven People

Mental performance coach & author Collin Henderson joins the show to talk about the power of mindset, vulnerability, and getting started on the projects you want to accomplish. As the CEO of Master Your Mindset, he knows from personal experience that if you confront your fears head-on, nothing can hold you back. Connect with Collin Instagram: @CollinHenderson Preorder Collin's Book, The Quiet Mind, here. Text PODCAST to 972-945-9113 to join the morning motivation club! Join Competitor Nation by clicking here. Save 15% OFF any order at CompeteEveryDay.com with code PODCAST. Click here to hire Jake to speak at your next event!


8 Sep 2021

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How To Master You Mindset with Collin Henderson

Leadership Lean In with Chad Veach


14 Jul 2021