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Bleep Bulimia Episode 21 with Emma-Jane Taylor Author & Keynote Speaker About Child Abuse & Bulimia

Bleep Bulimia

 Emma-Jane began with sharing about her childhood, her time with her family, the happy moments, followed by being sexually abused and the ultimate alienationation of her father.  These experiences were devastating for Emma-Jane.  Over time she became rebellious, and "monster", as she says, who hated life, hated people and hated making decision (on a personal level).Those around Emma-Jane eventually felt that she would either be dead or in jail by the age of 20.Emma-Jane had developed bulimia in her teens.  During this time she also had a family friend sexually abuse her on several occasions.  She went into therapy at the age of 23 and states it took almost 30 years to bring her to the point of loving herself.She remembers telling her therapist later in life about her bulimia and she was mortified to do this, however she knew that it was a part of her life, and she wanted to make sure that the triggers that could be overwhelming could be controlled.  The therapist gave Emma-Jane simple tools to settle her mind, and with the support has come through it. We spoke to the biggest challenges - of not being able to sleep at night,  to her finding a way back to loving with a trust, and what forgiveness means to Emma-Jane.Emma-Jane is a Child Abuse activist and her second book is out this year, along with a global project.Emma-Jane published book is called Don't Hold Back, based on her story;  where she was, where she ended up and where she is going, and helps others to help get through difficult times.  You can reach Emma at https://www.emmajanelife.com where all the links to her articles, videos and social media links are posted.  You can ask her any questions, and she will respond. #bulimia #bulimiarecovery #bulimiaover40 #midlifebulimia #bulimiaover50 #eatingdisorder #eatingdisorders #bullimiaddict #iamthatgal #bulimiacoach #bingepurge #bingeingandpurging #throwup #deceit #hide #lie #food #overeating #bleepbulimia #podcast #itunes #apple #buzzsprout #amazonmusic #alexa #emmajanetaylor #dontholdback #keynotespeaker #author #childabuseFor further support you can visit my group on FB at https://www.facebook.com/groups/bullimiaddict Find me on Instagram @bullimiaddict and @bleepbulimia Blog https://www.bullimiaddict.com To sign up as a guest on my podcast visit https://www.bleepbulimia.com You can also visit us on FB at https://www.facebook.com/groups/bleepbulimia Support the show (https://paypal.me/iamthatgal)New Release Kindle or Signed Copy! How To Have Your Cake & Not Eat It All Too - A Guide To Adult Bulimia RecoveryBE A GUEST/FIND A GUEST Start for Free! PODMATCH is innovative, provides easy communication and dashboard scheduling! My pick of the month!Buzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.


19 Apr 2021

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Faith: A Wrap Up with LJ Nieulant and C. Jane Taylor

1,000 Espressos

Today we wrap up our conversations on the topic of Faith. Faith of course means something different to each of us, but it is fair safe to say that faith in the most general sense is a willingness to believe that something might be true, and then acting on that belief. Here’s an interesting concept from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: “By living our faith, we will find evidence that strengthens our belief. Faith is not thinking that what you believe is a fact, quite the opposite. Faith is a choice to believe in something with no concern for proof.”“Faith is about looking forward. It carries with it a certain optimism.” With that optimism, faith also creates new neural pathways in the brain that make way for intentional positive change...  Whether your drink is espresso, Cappuccino, latté, cortado, or even decaf, pour yourself a double shot and join us.


26 Mar 2021

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Interview w/ Emma Jane Taylor

LYF Matters Podcast


26 Mar 2021

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Faith: A conversation with LJ Nieulant and Jane Taylor

1,000 Espressos

This is our first in a series of conversations on faith. Whether your faith is in God, the universe, or flying spaghetti monsters, having faith gives us a boost. A recent article in Inc. Magazine contends that faith in something bigger than yourself can engender success in a business startup. It makes you feel as if you are not alone, it helps you dream big, it inspires creativity and a sense of purpose. It strikes me the faith is the bread and wine of entrepreneurialism – you have to have faith in yourself in order to start a business. In our talk this week, LJ explains that faith for him presents itself as a feeling of connectedness. He also has great faith in the outcomes of his coaching practice. Whether or not the “Ah-ha” moment happens he is confident that his approach will produce positive outcomes. This is based on his natural positivity and his faith in the self-preserving aspect of human nature. Whether your drink is espresso, Cappuccino, latté, cortado, or even decaf, pour yourself a double shot and join us.


11 Mar 2021

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Connection: A Wrap Up Conversation with LJ Nieulant and Jane Taylor

1,000 Espressos

Our wrap up on Connection starts with culinary humor and ends with self-realization. We often define ourselves through our connection with others; some have said that we are our best selves only in connection with others. In this conversation, Jane suggests that connection to self is foundational to the possibility of connection with others. We discuss artists Suleika Jaouad and Frida Kahlo finding their creativity in isolation and the possibility that people in isolation are sometimes better able to find connection to their own creative ability, to their dharma, or their true calling. We also discuss the juxtaposition of our need for connection to one another with our need for self-realization. Whether your drink is espresso, Cappuccino, latté, cortado, or even decaf, pour yourself a double shot and join us.


2 Mar 2021

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27: You Can't Fight Pain With Pain with Emma Jane Taylor

Unbroken: Healing Through Storytelling

Really enjoyed my conversation with Emma Jane Taylor, as so much of what she said resonated with me!We are both passionate about sharing our painful past experiences in order to show people that we can heal and transform our pain into something better.  Using our voices to speak for the voicelessShe published her book, Don’t Hold Back in 2018 which is her personal and traumatic story of struggle and hardship and It has given her the positive tools and focus she needed to fight back; to create a powerhouse of strength; compassion and dedication to livingI’ve read her fantastic book and it’s one of healing and hopeSome key points from our interview: How together we are so much stronger How forgiveness freed herself to move forward How finding her voice is now her power How she had to learn to adjust after being abandoned by her Father at just 11 years old How she believes we need to stop labelling people and look at what’s behind their behaviour How and A – Z of therapy helped her How she believes it’s important to never stop learning "We can get anything we want, if we just learn to step over our fear" - Emma Jane Taylor You can watch her story on YouTube ‘My Story, My Voice’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghxzQ2YO0VwAlso Emma Can be contacted here:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emma.jane.18400700Twitter: https://twitter.com/ejthementorInsta: https://www.instagram.com/theinspirationalmentor*                                     *                                             *                                              *"Unbroken: Healing Through Storytelling" features  individuals who have all triumphed after adversity and have not just bounced back in life, but forward and are now making a difference for others. Hosted by Madeleine Black, the show will share stories of all the amazing people Madeleine has met on her own journey as an author/speaker and these stories will heal, motivate, inspire and bring hope when they share their wisdom and knowledge with her.She really believes in the power that comes when we share our stories, that in fact we are not story tellers but story healers. Tune in to discover what helped them to stay unbroken and together we will discover that none of us are broken beyond repair.She has her own unusual personal story which she uses to inspire and motivate others. She chose to forgive the two men who gang raped her at thirteen years old.  Her memoir, "Unbroken", was published on April 4th, 2017 and she continues to work as a psychotherapist.You can find out more about Madeleine and her book, Unbroken,  from her website: https://madeleineblack.co.uk/


24 Feb 2021

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Connection: A Conversation with LJ Nieulant and Jane Taylor

1,000 Espressos

The subject of 1,000 Espressos this month is Connection. Relationship is powerful, but in our pandemic era we don’t always have the leisure, ability, or space to nurture relationship – be it with a friend, colleague, or a client – to its full power. Instead, we have to start by planting healthy seeds of connection. This is something we can do at a distance. We can share ideas, praise the strengths of our colleagues, and find common ground even when we are not in the same room. But connection can be fragile. Connection needs an instigator, a host, or a mutual understanding. This month in our conversations with colleagues we will explore the power of connection. We start with LJ.  Whether your drink is an espresso, a Cappuccino, a latté, a cortado, or even a decaf, pour yourself a double shot and join us.


9 Feb 2021

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Special Guest: Emma-Jane Taylor (The Girl Going Nowhere?)

Steve Gamlin, the Motivational Firewood™ Guy!

Special Guest: Emma-Jane Taylor (The Girl Going Nowhere?) When she was 15, Emma-Jane Taylor was labeled a delinquent and referred to as 'a girl going nowhere'. Years of abuse piled on, and took her life down some dark pathways...until she rediscovered something which brought her joy.  And she dedicated her life to creating a series of companies which inspire her...and help others! In this conversation, we discuss: * how (and why) she created her companies * the importance of building effective Teams and Systems * reacting and responding in a way that brings you to a better place * how 'The Girl Going Nowhere' got to speak at the House of Commons! * remembering to enjoy the simple things in life How to learn more about Emma-Jane and her story: www.EmmaJaneTaylor.com


19 Nov 2020

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Two Little Kittens ( Jane Taylor)

G. C. Jha

Class III B


3 Nov 2020

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Episode 14 with Alison Jane Taylor, Soprano & Alexander Technique Teacher

Classical Voice Canada

Welcome to our 14th Episode!  This is the first in our Wellness Series and I am delighted to introduce you to Alison Jane Taylor, an Alexander Technique expert and a Supervised Student of Gestalt Therapy, as well as a wonderful singer and artist!    We get into some details about what it means to understand what is happening inside and outside of our bodies when we sing, (or play our instruments) maintaining a healthy posture, and mindset!   Alison is a very gentle soul, her presence is soothing and encouraging.  She is a wonderful example of a singer finding ways to help other singers, with absolute purity of heart. Alison is able to find supportive words and ways to help us ~ "My tools are my own compassion and experience".  We talk about the demands of being a musician, that expectation of perfection and what we can do with it, and ways in which she has helped people move from a place of fear or anxiety to a place of confidence.  After all, if we have such wonderful gifts to share, what are we so afraid of?!   Join us today on this first step into the journey of exploring our inner selves and finding ways to associate our essence with our artistry.

1hr 5mins

31 Oct 2020