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EP 153 Phillip Andrew Barbb: The Dangers of Hidden Pain

Live and Lead for Impact with Kirsten E. Ross

Phillip Andrew Barbb www.PhillipAndrew.co Phillip Andrew is an Emmy-Nominated Los Angeles-based television producer who has been asked to speak around the country educating and encouraging High School and College Students through high energy entertainment and unforgettable storytelling. Learn the Delegation Strategies I’ve shared with THOUSANDS and get your team to do what you need! Grab a copy of my EBook, The Six Simple Steps to Great Delegation DefeatTheDrama.com/DelegationSheet Kirsten Ross Vogel is an author, podcast host and CEO of Focus Forward Coaching where we help leaders  defeat team drama  to 4X productivity,  wow their customers  and improve their bottom line  with simple, actionable strategies, systems, communication hacks and mindset shifts.


11 Feb 2021

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Phillip Andrew Barbb: Earn Your Sleep

Championship Leadership

In this episode of the Championship Leadership podcast Phillip Andrew Barbb talks about learning how to genuinely listen, owning who you are and being the best version of you, balancing contentment and ambition, empathetic leadership, being honest with yourself and so much more.


24 Jul 2020

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#38 Overcoming Adversity and Living an Authentic Life in Alignment with Your True Self with Phillip Andrew Barbb

Podcasting for Influence

SUBSCRIBE Apple: https://apple.co/34765QU Stitcher: http://bit.ly/2kgRfFV Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2mhKcgZ TuneIn: http://bit.ly/2lRzbTh iHeart: https://ihr.fm/2AJI3OV YouTube: http://bit.ly/2mgfCnV TODAY´S EPISODE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY PODCASTERS´ PARADISE Are you ready to start your own podcast and share your message with the world but don´t know where to start? Podcasters´ Paradise got you covered! Go to http://bit.ly/2TccMNB and join the #1 Online Community for Podcasters today! “When I started podcasting, I knew I needed to invest in myself, learn more about how to create, grow, and monetize a podcast and maybe, more importantly, surround myself with the best minds in the podcasting industry. This is how I became part of the #1 Online Community for Podcasters, Podcasters Paradise, created by John Lee Dumas founder and host of Entrepreneurs on Fire, a top-ranked and award-winning podcast.” – Tibor Nagy, host of The Mindset Horizon Podcast This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of them, Mindset Horizon will receive a commission fee - at no additional cost for you. Thank you for your support! BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS FROM THIS EPISODE 1 – Learn more about Phillip´s incredible personal story, how he overcome adversities in his life and how it helped him become who he really is. 2 – Learn more about how to overcome your ego and live an authentic life in alignment with your true self. 3 – Learn more about the importance of silencing the advice monster and become a transformational communicator by asking questions and truly connecting with others.  BOOKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE! All the Reasons I hate My 28-Year-Old Boss - How to Fight Back Against Ageism and Survive a Youth-Focused Workplace by Phillip Andrew Barbb: https://amzn.to/2ITzhlL Hit Makers – How to Succeed in an Age of Distraction by Derek Thompson: https://amzn.to/2IYR9f2 The Power of Words – Teacher Language that Helps Children Learn by Paula Denton: https://amzn.to/2WolxHu TODAY´S GUEST My guest today is Phillip Andrew Barbb, and in today´s episode, we talk about Phillip´s incredible personal story, how he overcame adversities in his life and how it helped him become who he really is and how you can do that too. We talk about the importance of overcoming your ego and how to live an authentic life in alignment with your true self. Phillip also shares a really important message from his new book - All the Reasons I hate My 28-Year-Old Boss – which is the importance of silencing the advice monster and how to become a transformational communicator by asking questions and truly connecting with others in the workplace.  So, Phillip Andrew Barbb is a 2x Daytime Emmy®-nominated TV Producer, Leadership Coach, and Keynote Speaker based in Los Angeles, California. The Michigan State University graduate holds credits with Netflix, FOX, YouTube Red, CBS, E! Entertainment, Facebook Watch, A&E, and is a member of both the Producer’s Guild of America and the TV Academy. In December 2019, Barbb released his first book, "All the Reasons I Hate My 28-Year-Old Boss.” The Business/Self-Help book is entertaining, comedic, and motivational while it tackles some of the common frustrations, annoyances, and mental hang-ups of being a member of today’s Millennial-driven workforce. CONNECT WITH PHILLIP Website: https://www.phillipandrew.co/ Check Out Phillip´s Brand-New Book Here: https://www.hatemybossbook.com/ LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/2UdVFMQ Twitter: https://bit.ly/2QE9xOt Facebook: https://bit.ly/2QEDvlz Instagram: https://bit.ly/2QCrPj0 SHOW NOTES [10:53] Phillip shares his personal story, how he overcame struggles and difficulties in his life and what he learned along the way. [25:09] Phillip talks about the importance of knowing who you really are and how overcoming the ego can help you live an authentic life that is true to yourself. [29:16] Phillip talks about his current business aspirations, how he can be of service to people and he also explains how overcoming adversity can bring you closer to who you really are and live that is true to yourself. [37:48] Phillip shares the mission of his new book - All the Reasons I Hate My 28-Year-Old Boss – How to Fight Back Against Ageism and Survive a Youth-Focused Workplace. [42:02] Phillip shares the biggest takeaways and most important message from his new book. [46:26] Phillip recommends books for the listeners. [50:34] Phillip shares where people can get in touch with him online. [51:48] Phillip reveals his mission and business vision for the future. STAY IN TOUCH! Join Mindset Nation, your like-minded community: http://bit.ly/2kBpB6X Subscribe to our weekly newsletter: http://bit.ly/2kL6nvA LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/2KwHkGd Facebook: http://bit.ly/2kcP6em Instagram: http://bit.ly/2khjg05 YouTube: http://bit.ly/2mgfCnV


25 Mar 2020

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Take Ownership Of Your Character And Learn To Grow with Phillip Andrew Barbb - 024

Exploring Possibility

Phillip Andrew is TV Producer and Youth Motivational Speaker. Phillip is dedicated to inspiring, motivating, encouraging, and empowering students, teachers, and educators to reach for their best selves. Phillip Andrew is also an Emmy-Nominated Los Angeles-based television producer who has been asked to speak around the country educating and encouraging High School and College Students through high energy entertainment and unforgettable storytelling. Noteworthy questions: How do we change our thinking and direct our focus towards solutions? (17:18) Why is it important for us to take ownership of our character? (27:04) What about the people who think they’re too old to work on character? (33:48) Key takeaways You need to face what’s going on. Your challenge might not be something like alcohol but your inability to grieve and cope with life. One of the great educators is exposure. Our own, unique stories are amazing because it helps us relate to other people. Your character is you when you strip opinions and reputations away. Reach out to Phillip: Website: https://www.phillipandrew.co/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/phillipandrewla/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/philbarbb Phillip’s book: https://www.phillipandrew.co/28-year-old-boss HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT THE PODCAST? -> This show grows and impacts people only because of awesome people like you! To impact more people, please subscribe, share & review this podcast on your preferred platform: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, RadioPublic, TuneIn, PocketCast & Castro Subscribe to the show for lots more to come! New episodes every Monday. If you enjoyed this episode, please visit http://exploringpossibility.co.za/ for more episodes, follow us here https://www.instagram.com/exploringpossibility/ or join the community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/exploringpossibility  --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/exploringpossibility/message


3 Feb 2020

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E2: Addiction, Masks and Redemption with Phillip Andrew Barbb


EPISODE 2:Aalia and Alex welcome 2x Emmy-nominated unscripted television producer, speaker, and performance coach, Phillip Andrew Barbb. Today we talk about alcohol addiction, death and mourning, self-destruction, and the steps Phillip took to save his own life. Phillip uses his adventures in entertainment as well as his personal life experience to connect with audiences on a variety of topics including Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Social Media Influence. They also discuss the release of his newly released book, "All the Reasons I Hate My 28-Year-Old Boss" which is definitely trying to bridge the gap between millennials and baby boomer generations in the workplace.


23 Dec 2019

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vol 11. Sobriety Date 1/28/2008 (Phillip Andrew)

Keep Coming Back: AA Speaker Meetings

Phillip shares his Experience, Strength and Hope; losing his mother at 15, alcohol became his solution to hide, constantly feeling alone, and going downhill quickly, at 22 Phil learns to love himself and others in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous.Quote "That's the power of recovery, complete strangers gave me my life back."

1hr 8mins

4 Nov 2019

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Can Someone Please Recognize That I’m Broken? with Phillip Andrew

Men of Abundance

Feeling broken and being broken in what appears to be a perfect being has got to be a prison of sorts. Because you can not be released if no one even knows you're there. This is how you may be feeling. And if not you, certainly someone you know. Listening to this conversation just may set you on your journey to the freedom you seek. Meet our Feature Guest Phillip Andrew is an Emmy-Nominated Los Angeles-based television producer who has been asked to speak around the country educating and encouraging High School and College Students through high energy entertainment and unforgettable storytelling.Connect with our Guest PhillipAndrew.co Business OwnersConnect discover Business and Marketing Strategies you can implement in your business right away. Listen to the Abundance and Prosperity Business Mastery podcast Watch and Subscribe to the Abundance & Prosperity Business Mastery YouTube channelCome hang out with us in our closed Abundance and Prosperity Mastery Facebook GroupHow to Unlock $100,000 in Hidden Revenue No BS, there is literally $10,000 to $100,000 in hidden annual revenue in your business that you can unlock just by knowing the answers to five questions.5 Questions to Unlock Hidden Revenuein Your Business:1.- Do your marketing messages follow the Conversion Equation of Interrupt, Engage, Educate, and Offer? This is the magic formula to generating leads without spending more on marketing.2.- Does your marketing follow the Buyer's Journey of Awareness, Interest, Consideration, Intent, Evaluation, Purchase and move prospects down a sales funnel?3.-Would you like fries with that? Do you have a process in place for increasing the number of transactions per client?4.- Do you charge hourly rates or flat fees or are you making irresistible offers using BundledPricing Strategies?5. - Do you take advantage of systems, technology, and tools to put your marketing on autopilot and increase profitability? Unlock $10,000 to $100,000 in hidden annual revenue in your business. Apply for Your 45 Min Business Breakthrough

1hr 5mins

19 Sep 2019

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Educating and encouraging through high energy entertainment with Phillip Andrew

The Dave Pamah Show

Phillip Andrew is a two-time Emmy-Nominated Los Angeles-based television producer who has been asked to speak around the country educating and encouraging High School and College Students through high energy entertainment and unforgettable storytelling.  Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-dave-pamah-show/donations


23 Apr 2019

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139: Taking Off the Mask and Freeing Yourself to Reach Your True Potential with Phillip Andrew

Dave Lukas, The Misfit Entrepreneur_Breakthrough Entrepreneurship

This week’s Misfit Entrepreneur is Phillip Andrew. Phillip is an Emmy-nominated producer, world traveled DJ, speaker, and coach out of LA whose has been featured everywhere from CBS to Netflix, E, Country Music Television, and tons of other places. But, it is not his successful producing career that made me want to have him on the show. Instead, it was his story of loss, overcoming addiction, and how he lifted himself to new heights that really resonated with me. He now speaks throughout the world about how to develop resilience, stand in life with integrity, and how live life to its fullest. And in this episode, I’ve asked to share his best advice and life lessons with you. www.PhillipAndrew.co phillipandrewla@gmail.com Phillip is originally from Detroit. His dad was a police chief. His mom was very involved with the school board. Everyone knew his family and as a result, Phillip felt entitled and had a big ego. It also developed anxiety in him in needing to be the perfect kid. As he says, this was self-inflicted. His parents never pressured him. He was also the youngest kid on the block and hung out with the older kids and was trying to impress them to fit in. He started developing masks for the person he needed to be with different audiences. When he was 11 years old and hanging with the big boys, he started drinking and partying. It ended up being an escape for him from his masks. One day they were sitting at the dinner table having a normal dinner when he dad grew silent and turned the TV off. He then proceeded to tell Phillip and his sister that their mom had cancer. Phillip was 14. They all cried. Phillip put on a “tough mask,” and endured, but just before his 16th birthday, his mother passed away. This combined with his drinking was the perfect recipe for keeping the alcohol in his life and letting it gain more control – even though he was high functioning and still doing well in sports, school, etc. From 18-20, it really came to a head. He was arrested multiple times, crashed his car. Got a DUI and had to go to AA. AA was a place where he finally found a level of acceptance, he didn’t have to prove himself or try to please people. He’s now been sober for over 10 years. At the 15 min mark, Phillip talks about how freeing it was to finally just be himself and who he really is. “Secrets grow in the dark and will hold you hostage” When you learn to choose how you live and take the power back from others and note cede it to them – you find the ultimate freedom. True freedom lies in taking control and ownership of who you are. At the 18 min mark, Phillip talks about how grateful he is for the problems he had and why – and how even small experiences in our lives can have such a big impact. Define resilience… Resistance is something that comes along and wants to shut everything down. Resilience is knowing your mission and saying “No matter what, I will get through this” But, we are not meant to “just get through life.” We are meant to thrive in it. Resilience helps up to thrive and take ownership and learn from the things that happen in our lives to get better and serve ourselves and our purpose. “If you want to be more resilient, accept that fact that failure, struggle, and hardship is coming. It is a part of life. Accept it now.” Make the decisions of how you will handle situations ahead of time, before they come up – not when you are in them. How can you show up in the most powerful way? How do you teach people to attain or regain self-confidence? Start at gratitude. What are you grateful for? What are the things that you are complaining about in your life that you can be grateful for? We are very good at “finding problems,” but not so good at “finding solutions.” Shift the mindset from “I wish” to accept what is and be grateful for it and the opportunities that come with it. Find areas in your life where you can serve somebody. Build systems such as affirmations lists, mission statements, daily routines, daily gratitude time, etc. We don’t have an information problem, we have an action problem – and application problem. You have to act on things to make a difference for yourself. We cannot get so afraid of making the “wrong move” that we don’t make any move at all. What has being a producer and a world-traveled DJ taught you about business? Both of those roles are in people industries which most things are. Understanding and being able to work, motivate, and interact with people are critical skills to succeed. It teaches you to put who you are becoming ahead of the task at hand. It also teaches you to do the work to get what you want. You cannot avoid it or get around it. It has to be done and it has to be done well. Show up powerfully and be consistent and persistent. Following up is so critical. You may have to do it 10x or more to finally get an answer or get acknowledged. Develop a mindset of always going forward. Always. Accept it. What does it take to put on a great show? What elements do you need? You must have a great message. A great story. Story-telling is key. And different shows serve different purposes. You must know the purpose and align things correctly. You also need to have an idea of what the end-game is. If you are going to write a book, write the reviews you want first. Write the call to action ahead of time. Then write the book to lead to it. With TV, starting at the end and what you want the audience to feel and know, is the most important step. You also have to understand the things you can control and make sure they are done to the best of your ability and empower others to do the things they need to do at the best of their ability. Best Quote: “If you want to be more resilient, accept that fact that failure, struggle, and hardship is coming. It is a part of life. Accept it now.” Phillip's Misfit 3: Ask yourself if you are being people pleasing or service oriented in each situation. Serve people. What would your family, business, team, group, etc. look like if everyone were giving the same amount of care and effort that you were giving? Hold yourself accountable to be the example for them. There is freedom in vulnerability. Get rid of the secrets, be open, and honest with yourself.

1hr 1min

3 Apr 2019

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068: Phillip Andrew: Why This Emmy-Nominated TV Producer Says, “Vulnerability Saved My Life”

The Inspire Cafe

Phillip Andrew is an Emmy-nominated TV Producer, Writer, Media and Life Coach.  He’s also a Speaker, who talks at rehabs, jails, colleges and high schools. In this interview, Phillip shares his story of how he began abusing alcohol at an early age. Actually, he started drinking when he was 11. Things got worse when his mother died just before he turned 16. Although he was really great at keeping up appearances, he felt broken inside. It wasn’t until he got arrested for a DUI that he had an epiphany and began to see his true self.  He’s now on a mission to be of service and help others. By sharing his story of overcoming addiction and the power of being vulnerable and authentic, he hopes it will help encourage and empower others to know they are not alone and that they, too, can use hardships as a catalyst for positive change. Mentioned in this episode: PhillipAndrew.co And if you'd like to hear more inspirational stories, feel share with your friends and subscribe wherever you find your podcasts.  We appreciate your support! Listen for Free:    ApplePodcasts GooglePodcasts If you'd like to see a list of previously mentioned books or products from former episodes, go to our Resources Page! And if you're looking for inspirational books that I've personally read and recommend, go to our Motivational Tools page! Like us on Facebook here! Follow us on Instagram here! Thanks for listening!


14 Feb 2019