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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tim Bishop. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tim Bishop, often where they are interviewed.

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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tim Bishop. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tim Bishop, often where they are interviewed.

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178. What “Growth” Actually Means and How To Reach Peak Performance With Tim Bishop (Erin and Jordan’s Mentor)

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A lot of questions you are asking yourself right now... the answers can be found in this episode. We sit down with our vision and culture mentor Tim Bishop, Founder of NXTLVL Group, to discuss all things high performance and actually getting shit done. Tim shares with us his philosophy around humor, his military service, and most importantly the power of frameworks. 

Time Stamps:

(0:39) Tim’s Bio 

(1:30) Humor and Fun

(6:00) Military Service

(12:00) Money and Vision

(19:28) Importance of Frameworks

(26:41) Growing and Letting Go

(33:38) Asking Questions

(40:30) Care vs Trust

(55:00) Common Client Issues

(1:05:55) Rapid Fire Questions

(1:13:00) Where to Find Tim


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Nov 16 2020 · 1hr 15mins
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EP 56 The Big 5 & Your Deep North w/ Tim Bishop

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Here in this podcast Tim is interviewed by fellow colleague-turned-interlocutor Sam Asser on how one can develop and maintain their vision. The scope and depth covered far exceeds that which both initially set out upon, descending into topics such as the need for individuals to contemplate death, how to bridge the generational gap with knowledge and insight, the traps of the modern world, as well as giving us key learnings on how young people can navigate and manoeuvre around the noise generated today to broadcast the signal they want to gift to the world.

The learnings given by both will allow you to understand the basic processes needed to develop vision and how best to maintain that through triumph and adversity, while also allowing you to deploy it to all aspects of your life. You will become what you practise as is so often said, so live your vision.

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Oct 15 2020 · 1hr 49mins

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Tim Bishop on Your Power Team, Lease Extension Hacks, The Trust Equation & Much More

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Tim Bishop is the senior partner and owner of the medium sized law firm Bonallack & Bishop Solicitors. They specialise in property among other areas and are one of the fastest growing law firms in the south of England. 

Furthermore, Tim himself is a property investor, landlord and entrepreneur, which gives him a very unique perspective on property investing from a legal stand point. 

In today's episode Tim shares his challenges and lessons learnt from his most recent commercial conversion project. We discuss some of the ways to find property deals and the legal challenges to be aware of. Furthermore, we talk about the importance of having the right "Power Team" in place and why "The Trust Equation" can help, when picking joint venture partners. 

For more information and to get in contact with Tim-bishopslaw.co.uk

Oct 02 2020 · 52mins
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EP 51 Your More Important Than You Know with Tim Bishop

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Tim has a bending obsession with getting people clear on their life's purpose and playing their biggest game. Even with the somewhat stomach turning history we have as a species, he still believes we’re more important than we know – and the good we can do. The real challenge of becoming more isn’t a shortage of ‘what’ or ‘why’ but rather ‘how’. Many have never been shown how.

In this episode we discuss;

  • How ideas can transform the world. They are small to begin with, but look around the world today. Everything that ‘is’ once was just a small idea in someones mind. You matter.

  • The world is full of noise. There is no shortage of information. Good people are grasping for wisdom, something they can sink their lives into. Get clear with who you want to become, and what you need to know will follow.

  • It doesn’t how much you read or learn. Even if someone shows you every step you must take, it will always come down to you. You can only uncover who you truly are by doing the work. The deep work, only you can do.

Main Man // tim.bishop_

Host // @samasser

Podcast // @nxtlvl.community

Episode Notes // Get it.

Jun 08 2020 · 1hr 20mins

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EP 47 - This Is FUCD with Tim Bishop

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This is a Solo Cast Episode with Podcast Host Tim Bishop. 

In this episode, Tim he shares what it means to feel FUCD (fear, uncertainty, chaos and doubt) and how to leverage it in times of crisis.

In achieving high-performance and our best, there are only three(3) areas you can train; 

1. Mind - Intense insight and self-awareness through writing, reading and powerful conversation.

2. Body - You are a complex bio-economy. It's the only place you have to live, and the very machine that connects you with the world.

3. Mission - Your craft. We all have a Purpose and Vision. But the Mission is what achieves them both and puts it all together.

IG: @nxtlvl.group

IG: @tim.bishop_

FUCD webinar registration: https://nxtlvl.com.au/fucd/

Apr 12 2020 · 17mins
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Tim Bishop — a road trip back to country

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"I could grow old with you, you know, I could really grow old with you," Tim Bishop's partner said to him. This was in the early days of their relationship, and Tim knew he was in for something. His man was from Cabbage Tree Island and knew his land as the land of his people since time immemorial. But one day it came time for Tim to take a road trip back to his man's family alone.

Warning: there is some swearing in this episode.

This story was first told at Queerstories, a national LGBTQI+ storytelling project and podcast. The Producer for the ABC was Emma Gibbs.
Jul 22 2019 · 11mins
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073: Leveling Up & Becoming the Person You Want to Be with Tim Bishop and Nathanial Hodges

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Today's episode of Bucci Radio was so good that I scheduled a second podcast with Tim Bishop and Nathanial Hodges from NXT LVL. They call themselves the "special forces of personal development" and emphasize emotional strategy and psychology to break people past their biggest barriers.

So chances are you haven't heard of this crew, until now. Get ready to unpack your abilities and take them (along with yourself) to the next level.


Tim and Nathaniel's background
Dec 26 2017 · 59mins
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125 Tim Bishop How to Play a Bigger Game

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Welcome to episode 125!

For over a decade, Tim and the businesses he has built, have been showing people and organisations how to breakthrough and achieve their next level - no matter how successful they already are - he has ‘directly’ impacted and enabled leaders and 10’s of thousands of people to play a bigger game. Actually achieving what they want in the areas that matter most, be it their business, financial, relationships, family, career and health.

We have a very special offering for our listeners Tim and I are teaming up to offer entrepreneurs a FREE 30 min coaching session to help you get to the next level.  This is a limited time offer. Submit your interest ASAP deadline for s submission is December 15th.  You can submit your entry by completing our contact us form on our website. http://maxumcorp.com.au/#contact-section  Just provide your contact details and in the section  “how can we help?” type in “free coaching promo 125”.

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Nov 20 2017 · 50mins
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How the Man With a Van built a unique brand - Tim Bishop

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Get all links mentioned in the episode:  https://www.neuralle.com/blog/posts/011-how-the-man-with-a-van-built-a-unique-brand-tim-bishop

Skip through the episode:

Bio and background {04:10}

Lessons learnt from his parents/growing up {05:20}

How the Man With A Van came about {14:07}

Would he do things differently, knowing what he knows now? {24:45}

If he had to teach a class of entrepreneurs, how would he do it? {30:05}

Does he have a ‘toolkit’ he relies on? {31:20}

‘Ubering’ the delivery model {37:45}

Behind the name - the power of branding {40:55}

Tech startups vs quality businesses {48:37}

Dealing with dark periods in the business {01:02:53}

How he deals with stress {01:06:23}

Why he won’t ever be bored of his business {01:09:33}

Thinking of success: third person who comes to mind {01:11:09}

Morning routine {01:12:40}

Best purchase under $200 in the last year {01:13:40}

Most influential book he’s read {01:15:13}

If he had a billboard anywhere, where would it be and what would it say? {01:16:10}

If he did a TED talk, what would it be on (if not on his business)? {01:17:23}

An insight that seems obvious to him, but not to others {01:18:43}

Something he’s most proud of {01:21:35}

Favourite podcasts {01:24:00}

Current playlist {01:25:40}

Apr 25 2017 · 1hr 28mins
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TCL Podcast Ep. 42- Tim Bishop – Take Your Business To The NXT LVL

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Tim Bishop is the Co-owner of NXT LVL. NXT LVL help people achieve performance. Through self-mastery, creativity, and narrative Tim and his team at NXT LVL help you, your business, or your team to the next level.

Tim is from a military background and takes a no bullshit approach. He started NXT LVL out of frustration as too many people say they know what to do, they just don’t do it. This laziness comes from a lack of clarity and accountability.

Tim takes us through multiple systems that they have created at NXT LVL that you can literally take and start implementing straight away. He applies this to the CrossFit gym model and even gives 2 things that gym owners should start on NOW.

Grab a pen and paper and get writing, as there is so much gold in this show.

“The definition of hell is meeting the man or woman you could have become at the end of your time.”

Books mentioned:

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Think And Grow Rich

The Power Of Now

You can find Tim and NXT LVL


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Nov 02 2016 · 1hr 19mins