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Sara Weinshenk

The Chelsea Skidmore Show

Being hacked, bad massages, social media breaks, and an IG Q&A during Chelsea's intro. 

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2 Jun 2021

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Sara Weinshenk, Jamar Neighbors, Jon Keyz, Lorenzo Dwayne Jackson, Michael Lehrer, Zac Bogus, Matthew Muehling, David Lucas, Michael A. Gonzales, Tony Hinchcliffe, Brian Redban – 03/01/2021THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY:LIQUID-IV.COM – GET 25% OFF ANY ORDER WITH PROMO CODE: “TONY” AT: LIQUID-IV.COM—HARRYS.COM – New customers can get a Harry’s Starter Set and a FREE Body Wash for just $3 at HARRYS.COM/KILLTONY. That’s over a $16 value for just $3! You’ll get a 5-blade razor, weighted handle, foaming shave gel, a travel cover, and a travel size body wash. It’s an incredibly great deal, but act fast while supplies last! Go to HARRYS.COM/KILLTONY._ROMAN ED – Anyone who’s dealt with erectile dysfunction knows how awkward it can be to talk about inperson. Luckily, there’s a simple, convenient solution to get the treatment you need, withoutleaving the couch.—Visit GETROMAN.COM/TONY and if approved, you’ll get fifteen dollars off your first order of ED treatment.

22 Mar 2021

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#131 Sara Weinshenk

The Chelsea Skidmore Show

Sara and Chelsea are back and podcasting from a yurt in the Canyon! We talk dating crises, evil tarot cards, hauntings, and Chelsea's overnight TikTok Fame which lasted 48 hours.  This episode is sponsored by Anderson's Bats. Check out andersonbat.com to buy direct and to check out their latest reviews, find a dealer or swing station in your area. 

1hr 2mins

17 Mar 2021

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24 - Fully Rogue w/ Sara Weinshenk - The Josh Potter Show

The Josh Potter Show

SPONSORS: - Go to https://hellofresh.com/joshpotter12 and use code joshpotter12 for 12 free meals, including free shipping! Sara Weinshenk is the writer and host of Comedy Central's "Shenks For Smoking"and of her own podcast "The Shenk Podcast". Potter starts off this week's episode of The Josh Potter Show by honoring Sara for women's history month (more on this at the end of the episode). They discuss how Carny life will probably never come back, Sara's intimate connection with a mountain, sports stars' fashion sense, and more! Josh also shows Sara the latest gossip on Johnny Damon, JuJu Smith-Schuster, even Doris Burke? They finish the episode off by celebrating some of Josh's favorite famous women. Happy Women's History Month, ladies.

1hr 5mins

16 Mar 2021

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198: Sara Weinshenk(pt.2) on The Steebee Weebee Show(ZOOM EDITIONS)

The Steebee Weebee Show

Sara Weinshenk(pt.2) joins The Steebee Weebee Show for the 2nd time!!(ZOOM EDITIONS) We talk about: how the pandemic has affected the comedy scene in Los Angeles, ZOOM comedy sets, her podcast-Shenk, her moving away to the mountains, writing new material during the Coronavirus, possible outside "campfire" shows, the HBO miniseries-The Undoing, different ways of doing content during these times, her upcoming shows at The Vulcan Gas Company-in Austin,Texas, and much more!!!Go to: https://www.youtube.com/steebeeweebee to watch. More: Sara https://www.instagram.com/princessshenk** Now on iTunes:  https://goo.gl/CdSwyV ** Subscribe: https://goo.gl/d239POLittle Ray promises a Karma Boost if you join our Patreon: https://goo.gl/aiOi7J Or, click here for a one time Karma Boost.  https://www.paypal.me/steebeeweebeeshow/2More Steven: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quangou Bandcamp: https://steebeeweebee.bandcamp.com/ Itunes: https://goo.gl/PSooa0 WEBSITE: https://www.steebeeweebeeshow.comAnimation Thanks to 2 Bunniez: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/2bunniez Send stuff to: 1425 N. Cherokee Ave P.O. Box 1391 Los Angeles, CA 90093Big thanks to our Patrons: Michael Keski-Pukkila, Dan Catacutan, David Jang, Joseph Lee, Keaton Smith, R Kwak, Nathaniel9one6, Jkyc, Bananasteve.cosplay, nathan costa, Toni Gallardo, Johnny De La Cruz, Dan Irwin, Casey Spindler, Frank, Chodezilla, Sean moreland, Jenny McGhee, Cole, William Robideau, dimtr0, Cameron Smith, Darren Newton, Paul An, Matthias Scholl Rodriguez, Owen Allan, Kyle Webb, Chikako Kanazawa, Tyrone WIlliams, Hana Villar, PIKACHU408, Marion Sassy, Tania Esquer,Timothy Dueno,Mandy,Mike Garcia,Zahedi Guerra,Keanu Maui Gevero,Noels Benzie,Noah Farris,Mona McCune,Deandre Calif,Peta Kirkikiri,Clark McKenzie,Ted Padullo,Troy Garnett,Joe Corall,Tachikoma Rage,Joe Kim,Lenny Guanco,Marco Cid,Richard Meyer,Jake Outrage,Lennert Den Besten,Carisa,Casey Long Bine,Luis Labriola,Marvick Garcia-Ortiz,Ethan Tso,Stefan Bullzing,Paul 88 Pawn,Mary Ann Krail,Lucas Sallee,Shane A,Jordan,Sung Campbell,Michael Collins,Alexander Batsvik,Randall Corcio Jr.,Easy,Kasey Lopez,M. Wildhack,Jess R.,Aaron Koback,Dominic Arcand,Daniel,Xavier Silva,Nicole S.,Gillian Cortes,Kayla Pam,Alyssa,Kevin Chu,Worst Fireteam Ever,Austin Ward,Thomas,T. Gommans,Luis Espinoza,Stephan,Humen,Uncle Tim,Carlos Vasquez,Liam,Bryan Abe,Dominic Becketti,Peter Chavez,Sharon,therealafricangold,Alan Do,Alyssa Stamper,Andy Barr,Ryan Wentz,Stephen Cee,David Lee,James Buff,Hikori Tonosama,Brian Murray,Seamus Conroy,Jose Maldonado Jr.,Brenden,Vegar,Michael Jose,Amber Allen,Damion,Jn-Marie,Gil Flores,Long Xiong,Red X,Joel,Hailey Maxwell,Conor Goggin,Paul G,Oscar Silva,Mathew Pedersen,James Buff,Connor Goggin,Hailey Maxwell,Nicholas Braun,Andrew Hubbard,Damian Scarf,George B.,David Stevens,Dennis K. 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22 Jan 2021

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JW Ep 148 - Sara Weinshenk & Kim Congdon

Jeremiah wonders...

Jeremiah wonders... with Sara Weinshenk & Kim Congdon!Support the show at jeremiahwonders.com | PaypalEmail the show at jeremiahwonders@gmail.comFollow the show!Jeremiah Watkins insta/twitter: @jeremiahstandupwww.jeremiahwatkins.tvSara Weinshenk:Twitter/Instagram: @princessshenkKim Congdon:Twitter: @KimberlyCongdonInstagram: @KimCongdonEdited by Gage Tijerina | Twitter @gagetijerinaAnimation by:Jeremy Sanchez@ghosttoast_toonsMichael Carrington@mikethemicycle (insta)Neka Schultz@nekaschultz (insta)With Music by:@findmeasubmarinefindmeasubmarine.bandcamp.comSponsored byExpressVPNExpressVPN.com/SAXGet an extra 3 months FREE on a 1 year packageTalkSpaceUse Promo Code: SAX for $100 off your first month!Menchey Music in Pennsylvania @deekeighmatic & sethm710Bronx Born Pizza in Bend, Oregon Instagram.com/bronxbornpizzaLA Speed Weed twitter.com/speedweedCaveman Coffee Instagram.com/cavemancoffeecoThank you Rich Young @_rich_young_ for the new curved soprano sax, and David Knowles for your help over at Menchey Music!Poster art: @theartofgettingupAUDIO & VIDEO RELEASED MONDAYS AT: youtube.com/jeremiahwatkins www.jeremiahwonders.com

1hr 14mins

26 Oct 2020

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Buddies! Podcast! - Sara Weinshenk & Rachel Wolfson #28


This week JP and Frank sit down with two very funny friends and comedians, Sara Weinshenk and Rachel Wolfson! Frank has know these two for a very long time, Frank and Sara came up together at the Store when they first moved to LA. Frank met Wolfie a few years ago when she started stand up, she has quickly made a name for herself in comedy and the weed industry.  JP has smoked in the back with both of them countless times and followed their journeys through podcasts. But today we get super baked and talk about, being fat kids growing up, worst bombs, being drunk at the comedy store, and stalking childhood crushes!   LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! ITUNES SPOTIFY ANCHORFM JOIN THE PATREON!   https://www.patreon.com/BuddiesPodcast?fan_landing=true THANK YOU  @highrisetv @basecamp.beverylhills   subscribe to get episodes early! and also get a big joint with your name on it!   Social Media! IG:@buddies.podcast   Frank Castillo Twitter: @frankccomedy IG: @frankcastillo   JP IG: @JP_Noda   Sara Weinshenk Twitter: @princessshenk IG:@princessshenk Podcasts: Shenk, StonedScience   Rachel Wolfson Twitter: @wolfiecomedy IG: @wolfiecomedy   Smoke for the episode!  Wedding Pie by Ember Valley - Wedding Cake x Grape Pie.   Tasting notes: sweet grape and gasoline    Space Cake by pffn - snow lotus x platinum cookies   Tasting notes: og kush gas with a light cookies funk    Space Cake x Wedding Pie x MAC1 Hash by Calihash--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

1hr 16mins

18 Oct 2020

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#114 Sara Weinshenk

The Chelsea Skidmore Show

Chelsea and Sara are back and having a ball. Chelsea tells the story of getting her appendix taken out. They talk hallucinogenics, encouragement as a child and singing lessons. 


23 Sep 2020

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#111 Sara Weinshenk

The Chelsea Skidmore Show

Chelsea and Sara talk Forever 21, bras, #Freebritney, beauty treatments in quarantine, and more! And Chelsea's bulldog, Jagger, crashes the podcast in every way possible.


9 Sep 2020

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Dougs Like Us with Justin Douglas Martindale and Sara Weinshenk

Wide World of Dougs

Doug and Doug welcome Justin Douglas Martindale to the show, joined by comic Sara Weinshenk.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


21 Aug 2020