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52 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Joshua Becker. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Joshua Becker, often where they are interviewed.

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52 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Joshua Becker. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Joshua Becker, often where they are interviewed.

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An Introduction to Minimalism with Joshua Becker – #118

Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast
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If you’ve ever gotten curious about minimalism, the name Joshua Becker might sound familiar. Becker’s Becoming Minimalist blog started as a way of sharing his own journey to minimalism and has grown to over 1000 articles, books, courses, and more. As always, Joshua is a humble evangelist for the benefit and beauty found in a life of minimalism.

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Jul 10 2020



An Interview with Joshua Becker of

Bridgetown Audio Podcast
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John Mark sits down with Joshua Becker, one of the founders of the minimalist movement of the last decade. Josh’s blog was one of the first to hit the internet, and attracts over a million views a month. As a follower of Jesus and former pastor, Joshua is full of insight into the intersection between the way of Jesus and minimalism. You can’t not be inspired by his life story. 

Jun 01 2020



Minimalist Mindset | Kim + Joshua Becker

Love or Work
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With the world stuck at home, so many of us are realizing just how much stuff we have. For Joshua and Kim Becker, this realization hit 12 years ago.

In the midst of spring cleaning a while back, Joshua Becker learned the term “minimalism”.  Him and his family then entered a 9-month journey of working through all the growing pains that go along with becoming a minimalist. One of which hit a little too close to home for his wife Kim when she walked in on Joshua throwing away their honeymoon photos!  

After the initial sting, this new way of life led Joshua to leave his job as a Pastor and to launch their new company “Becoming Minimalist” which brought on a whole new set of growing pains for the family. Join us as we listen to how Joshua and Kim are now active voices in leading other people in the process of decluttering and reprioritizing the things in their lives.

To learn more:

Welcome to the Love or Work Podcast, hosted by Andre Shinabarger (Physician Assistant, Grady Hospital) and Jeff Shinabarger (Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Plywood People). They are asking the question: Is it possible to change the world, stay in love and raise a healthy family? 100 interviews where Jeff and Andre learn from other working families in the journey of marriage, purpose and parenting.


Love or Work is a project of Plywood People.
Plywood is a non-profit in Atlanta leading a community of start-ups doing good.

May 19 2020

1hr 2mins


#12 - Minimalism & Doing More With Less with Joshua Becker from

Medical Money
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Show Notes 

Today’s  Guest

Joshua Becker


over a million subscribers


Clutterfree App available on Apple and Google



The Minimalist Home 2018

The More of Less 2016

Clutterfreee with Kids 2014

Simplify 2014


The Hope Effect

Where you help give orphans a home


Simplify Magazine

$6 per edition or $20 for life

Simplify Money

$6 per edition or $35 for life



12-week course that helps people own less, live more, and discover the life you want

runs 3 times a year and registration for the May course opens on April 24

Apr 17 2020



Going Minimalist To Save More with Joshua Becker #187

How to Money
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We’ve all heard about the minimalist lifestyle- maybe you’re picturing a bearded hipster drinking coffee in his perfectly white dining room or an Instagram worthy, perfectly styled modern kitchen. It turns out that’s not what minimalism is all about- it’s about priorities. Also, we’ve all been spending more time in our homes than we’d probably like to be, and all that clutter might be getting to you. Here to talk with us today about minimalist living is Joshua Becker. While beginning the process of removing possessions from his life, Joshua started the site Becoming Minimalist and has written several fantastic books over the years including The More of Less and The Minimalist Home. Not only can a minimalist approach to life allow us to spend less & save/invest more, but it can have a positive impact in lots of areas of our life.

During this episode we enjoyed an I Feel It All by Monday Night Brewing! And as we ramp up the podcast with an additional Friday episode every week, we could really use your help to spread the word- let friends and family know about How to Money! Hit the share button, subscribe if you’re not already a regular, and give us a quick review in Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Help us to spread the word to get more people doing smart things with their money in these difficult times!

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Apr 13 2020



40: A Tip for Decluttering and Refocusing Every Room in Your House With Joshua Becker

The Do Gooders Podcast
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Did you know we have some 50,000 storage facilities in the U.S.? That’s more than the number of Starbucks and McDonald’s locations combined.

One estimate cites the number of items inside the average American home at 300,000. But what purpose does all of this “stuff” serve? 

Joshua Becker believes that a large amount of our stuff serves absolutely no purpose—and in fact, detracts from our well being instead of adding to it.

A former pastor and the founder and editor of Becoming Minimalist—with two books on the subject and an online course that 35,000 people have taken to date—he empowers readers to adopt a form of minimalism that works for them—in effect, optimizing our values. 

Because minimalism, he says, isn’t about living in a white room with zero belongings, but about intentionally promoting what we most value by removing anything that distracts from it. And in return, we can find more time, more money and less stress. 

Joshua is on the Do Gooders Podcast to talk about this purposed-focused journey, which he says comes down to a simple question: What do I want my life to be about?

It’s not: What do I need to get rid of? But what can I add to my life? And he shares plenty of practical advice along the way.

Find show notes for this episode and more at

Feb 17 2020



255: Joshua Becker, Becoming Minimalist

Leadership and the Environment
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I've recorded a few posts about how what many people call minimalism is really more maximal. From the outside it looks like minimizing stuff.d People who practice it, as I see it, don't focus on stuff. Getting rid of it is a means to an end. The end is more emotion, relationships, and connection---family, community, faith, and other things that bring meaning, which people prefer more of. They maximize those things.

Joshua Becker stands out as one of the main figures in that world. Millions of people have read his blog and books and taken his courses to do just those things.

In this episode we talk about how he started and perspectives that help. We talk about family, god, the bible, my first love, seminal moments in his life, and more.

Why not get personal?

Since this conversation, I read his book. People had already called me minimalist, but his book led me to find more material impediments to living by my values. I've gotten rid of more things, including the letters I talked to him about, which I wrote about here in Thoughts on reading my love letters to my high school girlfriend after 30 years and Update on the love letters with my high school girlfriend.

No matter how much you learn and practice in maximalizing your life, you can always learn more, in my experience at least.

Here's my review of his book The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own:

Makes simplifying and minimizing simple, accessible, and meaningful

I've you've thought about reducing your stuff and wondered about the freedom you know it will bring, this book will help you start.

Getting rid of stuff doesn't have to be hard, but it often seems that way. People love Joshua Becker's book because it makes the process simple, accessible, and meaningful.

People already describe me as minimalist, though I've thought I have too much. By the second chapter, this book helped me find another level of stuff. Getting rid of it is like a breath of fresh air. On finishing the book, I'm planning to start a non-profit I've meant to. I'm not sure I'll get to it, but just thinking about it is a better life than worrying about stuff I don't need.

Joshua's personal stories, especially the opening one realizing his garage junk kept him from his son, make it personal.

See for privacy and opt-out information.

Dec 02 2019



Legacy - Joshua Becker (Joshua 3)

Sundays @ Journey Church
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Oct 22 2019



#9 Joshua Becker, How to Train Your Dragon, and How to Be a Minimalist

Joe Bunting's Character Test
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Joshua Becker is the bestselling author and leader of the minimalist movement. In this interview, we talk about how to find the purpose of your home, of each room in your house, and even the purpose of our lives, and how we can use our purpose to enhance our purpose not distract from it.

To learn more about Joshua and follow along with his writing, you can find him here:

I immediately went and decluttered my house after this interview and it felt amazing. I think you might experience the same thing.

We also examine Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon and talk about how to become a purpose driven minimalist.

And, as always, there's a free prize, which you can get by clicking here.

Character Test is brought to you by The Write Practice Pro, a premium critiquing community for creative writers. You can learn more about The Write Practice Pro and join the community here.

Sep 03 2019

1hr 7mins


75 | Living with Less & Experiencing God's PEACE (Joshua Becker)

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Joshua Becker joins us for part 3 of our summer 9-part series on the Fruit of the Spirit. Joshua is the founder and editor of Becoming Minimalist, a website dedicated to inspiring others to find more life by owning less. Joshua lives in Peoria, Arizona with his wife, son, and daughter.

Conversation Notes:
  • 3:51 - How cleaning out a garage led to exploring minimalism
  • 6:00 - "Not only was everything I owned not making me happy, even worse, everything I owned was taking me away from things that did bring me happiness and purpose and meaning and significance and joy."
  • 6:54 - Possessions have become a big distraction in a lot of people's lives
  • 8:00 - Ideas on how owning less can help us be more effective in our parenting.
  • 9:28 - When we focus less than the things we do not have we have opportunity to appreciate the things that we do have.
  • 10:31 - "It is about aligning our lives around our values as opposed to being distracted by things that do not matter in the long run"
  • 12:05 - More stuff never resolves our discontentment
  • 13:18 - Jesus  said, "Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions." Luke 12:15
  • 13:40 - Examining our motivations behind work and collecting more stuff
  • 17:12 - How minimalism opened Joshua's eyes to a new passion and approach to orphans and adoption.
  • 18:30 - The Hope Effect
  • 20:30 - Multi-generational influence of Joshua's family
  • 22:50 - “I want to be as engaged and live each day as meaningfully as I possibly can”
  • 23:50 - The big mistake of how much time and energy was invested into chasing the wrong things
  • 24:30 - The mistake of wanting his kids to have the same qualities and attributes as their dad
  • 25:10 - “So much of parenting is being intentional. So much is just studying our children and learning who they are.”
  • 27:20 - Joshua describes two types of peace - peace in our circumstances and peace with the life that we’re living
  • 28:25 - “We can find peace in how we know that we’re doing our best even though our best isn’t perfect. I can still find peace in the life that I’m living.”
  • 29:33 - “When the world is turning upside-down, when we’re in these moments of trial and turmoil, we can know that there is a God who loves me, who is watching out for me, and a God who knows best.”
  • 29:56 - “The things that are taking place around me may not bring me happiness; they may not bring me joy; they may be very difficult. But I always have that rock that I fall back upon. I can know that no matter how hard the wind is blowing… I have an anchor, and there is a God who loves me and is taking care of me and is watching over me.”
  • 31:41 - Joshua talks about the benefits of fewer toys (both for kids and adults)
  • 32:30 - Research about fewer toys leading to creativity and imagination and problem solving and contentment
  • 35:00 - “Kids who don’t learn boundaries become adults who don’t define them for themselves.”
  • 36:00 - “We overcome envy by focusing on the blessings we have, focusing on our uniqueness and what makes us special, and knowing we’re directing our resources on what matters the most. This is where we overcome envy and start to find peace in our lives.”
  • 37:06 - “We we find our greatest peace when... we know we're being intentional with our time and our money and our schedule and our space... when we can say I'm doing in this moment what I think God would have me to do... that this is where we find peace in our lives."

Jun 23 2019