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Becoming a Math Badass with Kristen Moore


We are proudly into a second season. Un-Faqs is a one-of-a-kind platform about brand storytelling with entrepreneurs in many industries and sectors from start ups to mature organizations, solo-preneurs to leaders of small, medium and large teams.  In this first episode I meet up with a fellow podcast pitch course mate, Kristen Moore. Kristen is more than just a math teacher. She's a modern day badass teacher that is shaking up the classroom and busting the conventional model of learning numeracy. She launched her brand, Moore Than Just X with the aim to help educators take their math class to the next level whether virtually or in a school setting.  Her experience and education has shown her how to teach others to break free from the boxed curriculum and design kick ass projects that ignite a passion for learning and excite students by using real world problem solving skills and relevant project-based techniques. Her personal brand journey, like so many entrepreneurs you met in Season 1, involved a pivotal point and a traumatic life experience that helped shape who Kristen is today. Experiences that also help her endure through the pandemic by having a resilient mindset and the tenacity to thrive in a pandemic environment to reach her goals and excel in her purpose. In this episode we talk about some great books, as always. Kristen shares two of her favourites: You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler Here are two key take-aways from this episode: Math is a metaphor for life. There is too much emphasis on the end result, rather than the process at arriving at solutions. No matter what the problem or the subject, or the learning environment - synchronous or asynchronous - it is necessary to alter our perspective. "Alter Your Perspective," a key to Mastery, as explained in Robert Greene's book by the same name. When we operate in the Conventional Mind to solve problems we become enslaved to a mental shorthand relying on patterns or past experience. Creative people resist this mental shorthand and look deeply at the situation with a kind of wonderment. Katherine Johnson and her fellow mathematicians are examples of this mindset at work. Mindset matters - Greene defines mastery as having a child-like spirit only at a higher level of intelligence. The pandemic forced many of us on a steep learning journey to discover new processes thus enabling the mind to be more fluid and adaptable. Neuroscientists call it brain plasticity. It allows us to retain a level of creativity and become more intuitive. Greene states that Intuitive powers at the mastery level are a mix of instinct and rational thought - the conscious and the unconscious mind. As children we have it, evident in our imagination and spontaneity. Over time it is lost. Masters are able to return to this state.  More about mindset can be found on Kristen's blog at moorethanjustx.com. You can find her on IG & Twitter @moorethanjustx Un-Faqs is a podcast original. If your are enjoying the show, be sure to like, share, subscribe on your favourite listening app. I am your host Mary Lee of MGG Communications Inc. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/mgg-communications/message


25 May 2021

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Introduction to Robotics as a Service with Kristen Moore of InVia

Tech Qualified

During this episode of Tech Qualified, Tristan Pelligrino and Justin Brown chat with Kristen Moore, Chief Marketing Officer at InVia Robotics. The interview focuses on  past work experience and how she’s applied a lot of lessons learned to her current role with a “robotics-as-a-service” startup. She also takes a deeper dive into her marketing strategy and how she’s focused on collaborating with the sales team. Highlights Kristen started her professional career in telecom, working for companies like Lucent Technologies and AT&T, before transitioning to other tech companies. Later on, she moved to digital media and other internet-related companies and software as service e-commerce companies. She mentions that throughout her career, she has always been interested in new technology and figuring out how to bring that to market. She discusses her roles as a contributor, in areas such as advertising, business development and even PR, which helped her figure out the right combination of marketing and how to make marketing more powerful overall. Searching for creativity in her role and new technologies brought her to InVia Robotics. InVia Robotics provides a mobile automation solution to e-commerce companies and helps them become more efficient. InVia also helps e-commerce companies to fulfill their orders. Kristen discusses the antiquated processes (at the warehouse) that are often in place for many e-commerce companies. Figuring out how to implement a technical and complicated solution and determining how to select the right solution is the main challenge InVia has dealt with along the way. Kristen mentioned that e-commerce has become very popular and the whole shopping process is frictionless, but a buyer doesn’t have knowledge that it creates a lot of pressure on the vendors.  The ideal customer for InVia is any customer that’s selling products online, but not on Amazon, and needs help to be more efficient so that buyers get the right product to the right people quickly. She talks about how a common theme in her career is tackling technologies that are new and that often don’t have a precedent in place within the market. The customer’s journey of an organization is quite different from other technologies - a lot of the journey involves helping people understand automation and the importance of the new world. InVia Robotics has established a mobile and agile solution that is different from traditional automation which was very fixed and rigid. InVia has been in the Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, and CNBC. Instead of going out and selling equipment, InVia sells robotics as a service, which is quite different from how other solutions are sold to the same types of customers.  She states that trusting your team is helpful in understanding goals and will help you find a solution. She mentions that she has a virtual team and tools like Slack and Zoom are used for seamless team communication. Key Points Kristen talked about her role in the organization and how she gathered research early on, “We asked customers questions about how they felt about their current system. What were the things that they thought were challenges for them?” While talking about sales and new initiatives, she mentioned that “this year is really focusing on the sales support materials, effectively communicating what we do and the value that we add.” With regards to working in a startup, Kristen states “I mean, you have to just sort of loosen the reins and let those failures happen and learn from them and let everybody else learn from them too.” Resources Kristen Moore: LinkedIn Kristen Moore: Email InVia Robotics: Website InVia Robotics: Twitter InVia Robotics: LinkedIn Motion: Ultimate Thought Leadership Course for B2B Tech Companies


19 Jun 2020

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Kristen Moore


“I’m very much of the mindset that all truth is God’s truth. He’s given us resources and helpers and that’s his truth too. He desperately wants healing and restoration for this world and that comes in a lot of different ways.” Kristen Moore is a co-planter of City Collective, wife to Matt and mom to Ezra and Maddox. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a certified spiritual director. Hear about Kristen’s journey to become a therapist and some practical ways to stay emotionally healthy in this season (15:30).Kristen also touches on her love for the Enneagram (35:00), truths each type need to hear (40:35), and what she is learning growth looks like as a type nine (43:11).Join us as we stay connected!


14 Apr 2020

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27. Finding Contentment & Having a Family Financial Plan - Kristen Moore

Faith in Finance

Finding contentment and having a financial family plan! Chatting with my friend Kristen Moore. Follow Dustin & Kristen on Instagram!FaithinFinance.orgFollow me on Instagram!adrian@faithinfinance.org


21 Nov 2019

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Peter Reinhart and Kristen Moore at the International Symposium on Bread 2018

Heritage Radio Network On Tour

HRN on Tour returned to Charlotte, North Carolina for the second annual International Symposium on Bread, held at Johnson & Wales University. Listen here for an interview with the Executive Director of the symposium Peter Reinhart and the Communications Manager of the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority Kristen Moore. They discuss what’s new in the Charlotte food scene and why it’s a city on the rise.


16 May 2018