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E22: How every company can and should be a force for good with Steve Pipe

The Startiv Show With Keith Griggs

Steve Pipe tells us how any business can and should be a force for good About Steve Pipe Steve is a former UK Entrepreneur of The Year. And his fast-moving presentations are based on his unswerving belief that every single business in the world can (and should) be a force for good. He grew his boutique consulting business from a spare bedroom to a team of 40 people. And after 20 years of researching and discovering what works, he sold that business on reaching his 50th birthday. Now, in “retirement”, he is giving away all of his time and intellectual property to help make he world a better place. His personal Impact Scorecard shows he has already made over 5 million Impacts toward achieving the UN Global Goals. And he has inspired others to make a further 12 million impacts. While his speeches, consulting work, 8 business books and 7-part BBC TV series “Easy Money” have earned him over 500 testimonials on LinkedIn. In turn those resulted in him being named as “The world’s most highly rated accountant”, and have won him many other awards and accolades. Web:  https://www.stevepipe.com Email: steve@stevepipe.com LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevepipe/ Book:  https://www.ourtimetorise.global Charity website he mentions: https://b1g1.com More from me at https://keithgriggs.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/keith-griggs/message

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5 Aug 2020

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Creating a world giving with Steve Pipe

SEVENTEENx - SDG Convos with Mick Hase

Interesting facts about our guest on this episode.. Steve Pipe  Steve grew his business from a spare bedroom at home to 40 people  Sold it when he reached 50th birthday  He has personally made 5.7 million B1G1 impacts  And has inspired others to make a further 12.1 million B1G1 impacts  His goal is to make 100 million impacts – to create 100 smiles by giving 100 million days of help to those in need around the world  He has 500+ testimonials on LinkedIn - more than any other accountant in the world  He wrote the 7-part BBC TV series “Easy Money” and 7 business books  And after 20 years of researching and discovering what works, he is now literally giving away all his intellectual property in order to help create a world full of giving Connect with Steve at www.stevepipe.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevepipe/ Grab a FREE copy of Steve's book he discussed in the episode here ----> www.ourtimetorise.global


14 Jun 2020

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Steve Pipe's A.B.C.D for living in lockdown

Connect With Confidence - with Kerrie Phipps

Steve Pipe is an extraordinary business leader and Difference-Maker and I’m sure you’ll appreciate his A.B.C.D for living in lockdown, recorded on a recent Zoom call with guests from across the globe.  Steve Pipe - https://www.stevepipe.com/ Kerrie Phipps - https://kerriephipps.com/ B1G1 - https://b1g1.com/--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/kerriephipps/message


27 Apr 2020

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E081 - Steve Pipe from B1G1, Business For Good

The Green Element Podcast

Steve Pipe is a retired accountant, business author, speaker and strategist who is giving everything away to help create a better world. Steve is using B1G1 to create 100 million giving impact by 2026 and he is now personally made 5.7 million impacts. B1G1 or Buy1Give1 is a set of tools to allow anyone to make a giving impact. If you would like to be a guest on The Green Element podcast or have any questions please drop us an email at info@greenelement.co.uk For more information go to Green Element Podcast This episode is hosted by Will Richardson - connect with Will on Linkedin or Twitter This episode is produced by Woon Tan of Podcast Publishing


23 Mar 2020

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Steve Pipe - Pt.2 - Creating a positive impact on the world

Curiosity Key - listen to innovators, change-makers and curious thinkers making the world a better place

Steve Pipe joins the Curiosity Key Podcast for a special bonus episode. Steve talks about how all businesses can make a positive impact on the world by giving back and becoming a business that is a force for good.  Learn how giving can be built in at any stage of your business, how it can improve the lives of others, and the positive impact it can have on your business. Plus how to demonstrate it with an impact card. 


6 Mar 2020

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Steve Pipe - Building a business with values and giving it all away for free

Curiosity Key - listen to innovators, change-makers and curious thinkers making the world a better place

Officially the world’s most highly-rated Accountant and advisor to Accountants, Steve is a best-selling author, dynamic speaker and founder of Accountants Changing the World and the AVN association of proactive UK Accountants. He is also a former UK Entrepreneur of The Year As he now approaches retirement, Steve Pipe is giving away for free all of his time and intellectual property to help accountants and their clients run successful businesses. 


26 Feb 2020

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071 How to Help Your Clients Build A Better World, with Steve Pipe, founder of Accountants Changing the World

Smart Strategy for CPA's

Today’s guest is officially the world’s most highly rated advisor to accountants. Steve Pipe is a best-selling author, dynamic speaker and founder of Accountants Changing the World and the AVN Association of Proactive UK Accountants. I wanted to interview Steve to talk with him about where he sees CPAs and accountants getting stuck in growing their own businesses, as well as to talk about his current path being a force for good in the world, and inspiring and showing business owners and accountants how to do the same in their own businesses. Two things stood out to me in this conversation: The role of CPAs as Steve views it Restore rationality to decision making in business  Distill data: make it simple, clear, and manageable Properly understand profitability models based on clear and simple data  Differentiate yourself in the marketplace and make your business a Force for Good.  Remember the value you provide to clients. Go through your own top clients and quantify it for each client, in order to remind you of just how valuable you are.  Book mentioned: The World’s Most Inspiring Accountants https://stevepipe.kartra.com/page/HighImpactFreeStuff Connect with Steve: Website: http://www.stevepipe.com B1G1 Business for Good: https://www.b1g1.com/businessforgood/how-it-works/ Free Giving Plan report tailored to your business from B1G1:  https://www.b1g1.com/businessforgood/givingplan/ Download ebook “6 Easy Steps to Double Your Revenue” https://shethinksbigcoaching.com/download-double-your-revenue Work with Geraldine: Strategy Session https://shethinksbigcoaching.com/strategy-session/ 1:1 Coaching https://shethinksbigcoaching.com/business-coaching/ VIP Day https://shethinksbigcoaching.com/vip-day/

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5 Feb 2020

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Interview with Steve Pipe - Businesses That 'Do Good' Do Better

BOSS IT with Carl Reader

"Businesses that 'do good' do better!" Today I'm joined by my friend and fellow accountant, Steve Pipe. Steve built a 40-strong consulting business, then sold that business to management aged 50. Now 57, the family man and author encourages businesses to focus on making a change in the world. He explains why businesses (no matter how big or small) should be doing good in every transaction of the business, to ensure their businesses thrive. Find out more in this short/meaty episode. This podcast is brought to you by d&t advisory, helping you unlock the magic of your business, and sponsored by QuickBooks – helping UK small businesses stay on top of their finances. For more The Carl Reader Show, follow me on social media @CarlReader.


19 Jun 2019

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EP.73 Steve Pipe: Doing Good for the World, Your Clients and Your Business with Micro Giving

The Dent Podcast

The concept of micro giving makes it easy for businesses of any size to make giving a core element of their business model. Steve Pipe shows us how it’s done and the impact it has in practice. Each week on The Dent Podcast, we interview key people of influence in all walks of life. We delve deep to unearth how these successful people got to where they are, their trials and tribulations, as well as their successes, and what their experiences can teach us all. Accountant, entrepreneur and author, Steve Pipe is one of the world’s most sought-after advisors to the accounting profession. But more than this, Steve is a creator of movements, just one of which is the Get And Give A Million campaign. Steve is passionate about showing businesses how they can make the world a better place and be more successful in the process, through simple, day-to-day actions. I’m sure you’ll find his passion, and compassion, contagious. Here’s just some of the good Steve shares with us: The real, measurable, tangible and quantifiable impacts of giving The phenomenal power of being nice in business How businesses can be a force for change (even accountants) The B1G1 micro-giving movement explained The power of micro-impacts Using the UN’s Global Goals framework in practice The overwhelming business case for doing good The feel-good factor and getting your team involved Shifting the paradigm from charity model to conscious consumption The simplicity of the Pledge 1% concept The philosophy behind Get And Give A Million Let your heart act as the compass that guides you in life LINKS: Steve’s website Steve Pipe & Paul Dunn’s resource page Steve’s book – The World’s Most Inspiring Accountants Accountants Changing The World Get And Give A Million The Global Goals ‘We The People’ for The Global Goals video B1G1 Pledge 1% Paul Dunn on the Dent Podcast Inspire.business The post EP.73 Steve Pipe: Doing Good for the World, Your Clients and Your Business with Micro Giving appeared first on Key Person of Influence.

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30 May 2019

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Piano teacher Madge Woollard and B1G1 with Steve Pipe

Business Live: Jamie Veitch's Sheffield Live radio show

Two super guests joined me in the Sheffield Live radio studio this morning: Madge Woollard and Steve Pipe. The podcast is below. It covers:why using business as a force for good, for positive changes NOW and without guilt-tripping (but with smiles) is great for the world and great for your business,learning to play piano with a person-centred approach; finding a piano teacher; and building a piano teaching studio (while competing with lessons on YouTube).Piano teacher Madge Woollard has been teaching for over twenty years. She works in schools in Sheffield and operates a practice from a studio at Hagglers Corner.Madge gives lessons which focus on her individual pupils' needs. Whether that's entering an examination or learning to play pieces they love, she ensures her students – adults and children – get the most from their lessons.In the interview Madge described her approach to teaching, discussed what she loves most about music, why she became a music teacher, and gave some advice for people learning music. She also flagged where she draws advice and inspiration from and give some tips to music teachers. And Madge highlighted the forthcoming Diversity Fest in Sheffield at which she will perform.You can use your business as a force for good. And good business makes business sense, according to multiple data sources, and according to Steve Pipe.Accountant (and father, guitarist, tennis player) Steve is well known in business having written seven books. He told me about B1G1, enabling businesses of all sorts to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.Steve covered rational decision making (not the normal behaviour for most people and business owners!) and how business leaders can (and right now) create life-changing positive impacts in the world.This could be about access to clean water or education, alleviating poverty, positive action for the environment, reducing inequality or one or more of the other UN Goals which B1G1 enables businesses to transparently support. B1G1 has already enabled over 150 million life-changing giving impacts.He also makes the point: we should be doing this anyway. But even if business leaders don't think it's their – our – responsibility, it makes absolute sense to use your business as a force for good because it makes the world better and pays commercially, increasing loyalty, word-of-mouth referrals, productivity and increasing businesses' sustainability.Steve shared how you can access a free and tailored-to-you "Giving plan," a written report to show how you can build impact into your business.


7 Sep 2018