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#22 | Calum Neff

Runners of HOU

Welcome Calum Neff to the Runners of HOU show! Cal began running at the age of 4 and has been enjoying everything running has to offer ever since. In this episode, we chat about his debut marathon - the 2014 Houston Marathon that he entered and placed 29th in! - how he keeps running interesting by doing things like running the Paris and NYC Marathons for fun or running 211 laps at the Armory chasing the indoor marathon world record, what it was like to pace Sara Hall at the Marathon Project and how he felt a few weeks later when he broke the 50K Canadian record. And so. much. more.  Instagram - @calneff, @hardlooprun Twitter - @calneff Strava - Cal Neff Neff Running Hardloop Endurance Good Read - Houston’s Renaissance Man of Running by Becky Wade SHOW SOCIAL Instagram - @runnersofhou Instagram - @vickyoddi Facebook - Runners of HOU Facebook Group - Runners of HOU Friends Twitter - @runnersofhou Sign up for the newsletter!


3 Jun 2021

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Ep. #34 - New Canadian 50K record holder Calum Neff

Chasing Tomorrow Podcast

Dave and Joe interview Calum Neff.  On January 17th Calum broke the Canadian 50k record with a time of 2:51:27 (5:32 per mile).  Just four weeks prior Calum paced Sara Hall to her attempt at the U.S. American marathon record and he got a personal best of 2:20 in support of Sara.  Calum is putting out amazing performances on the road while he works full time, is a running coach, and makes a lot of time for his family.

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12 Feb 2021

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TT009 | Calum Neff, the new Canadian 50k Record Holder

Tempo Talks Podcast

Recently, we sat down with Cal Neff to talk life, running, and the 50k Canadian record that now bears his name. We know you're gonna enjoy this one, and if we're right please consider sharing it with someone that you think will enjoy it too.  ~Aaron & Ryan Connect with Cal LinkTree (all his links!) Connect with us Linktree (all of our links!)

1hr 4mins

22 Jan 2021

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151. Calum Neff - Record Breaking Runner & Dedicated Father

Any Given Runway

Calum Neff is a 3X Guinness Record Holder runner in several running events. Calum has combined his love of running with his love of being a girldad, and competes in races while pushing a stroller with one of his three daughters. www.neff.run, www.anygivenrunway.com


5 Aug 2020

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World Record Dad Calum Neff

Run to the Top Podcast | The Ultimate Guide to Running

Calum Neff- World Record Holder in Stroller Marathon and 10k This week we talk with Calum Neff, who holds the Guinness world record in the marathon and the 10k while pushing a stroller, or as they say in the UK, while pushing a "pram." Calum’s accomplishments are amazing and he has a unique perspective on getting fit as a family.   Currently residing in Houston, TX, he started running at four years old. His wife, Julie, and his three young daughters have helped define Calum’s running career after earning a series of Guinness World Records racing while pushing his daughters in the stroller. But he also is a diverse runner competing in all distances on all terrains in a single year, from speed on the track to grueling ultras in the mountains and everything in-between.  He also runs his own coaching business called Hardloop Endurance in Houston. So just how fast do you have to run while pushing a young human in a stroller to earn a Guinness World Record?  Pretty darn fast! Calum ran 2:31 in the marathon, 1:11 in the half, and 31:43 in the 10k. That is lightning fast even without a stroller! Not only is Calum fast, but he involves his family in his accomplishments, which is not easy to do.  You can tell that he takes his job as a parent and a husband very seriously, but also manages to have a great time in the process. Take a listen as we learn about his training and racing endeavors. Perhaps you will be inspired to gear up the kid(s) and push yourself to new achievements. Questions Calum is asked: 3:18 How did you get into racing with a stroller and how did you decide to go after stroller records? 4:30 Was it your idea or your daughter’s? 5:22 Can you recap your recent 10K WR you just got in February? 7:30 What tips do you have for stroller running? 8:43 What do you look for in a jogging stroller? 9:27 Do you switch hands and how often would you switch in a 5k? 9:47 What is your daughter doing during the race? 10:57 How would you describe your race footage? 11:38 What are the reactions of other racers to you? 12:28 Do you have stroller-specific training? 13:36 What tips do you have to stay fit as a family? 15:51 What strength training do you do with your kids? 19:15 Do you ever run without your kids? 20:02 What advice do you have for those looking at online running coaches? 21:34 Will you coach your daughters at some point? 22:24 What advice would you give parents who are looking for a coach for their kids? 24:28 How do you walk the line of nurturing and pushing? 26:45 Any more WR attempts on the horizon? 27:45 What are the differences between single and double strollers? 29:08 Any plans to reclaim the Half Marathon Stroller Record? 29:40 What advice would you give yourself back when you started running and weight training? 30:53 What is the best gift running has given you? 31:49 How can people connect with you? Quotes by Calum: “Running takes so long to develop. Stay consistent; stay at it through not only the good times, but the bad runs, as well.” “Imagine you’re watching a movie and your kids are in that movie, but YOU’RE NOT. And you’re at the theater. You would never stand up in the theater and scream at the screen; you would never try to change the plot. Showing up to sports with that attitude is going to improve not only your kid’s enjoyment of the game, whatever that game is, but it will improve your relationship.” “A lot of my work in the gym is just very light weight, but very focused on single-leg stability, because you’re either on your left or on your right when you’re running. It’s great to be in a single plane and strong that way, but as soon as you’re off kilter or getting fatigued late in the marathon, you really need to have those extra stability muscles and core strength to kick in.” “Allie, when I did the marathon record, she was four. This is something that she’ll remember for the rest of her life and just to be running alongside Olympians was the coolest thing to share with her.” “Stay fluid on the (stroler) bar. I always see parents with the double-handed death-grip on their stroller like it’s just going to fly away from them. It makes you whole body very rigid and your form goes out the window.” Take a Listen on Your Next Run Leave a space for libsyn link Want more awesome interviews and advice? Subscribe to our iTunes channel   Mentioned in this podcast:  Run To The Top Winners Circle Facebook Community RunnersConnect Facebook page Save 20% on your first order of Generation UCAN Calum Neff World Record Half Marathon with Stroller Periscope Footage Calum Neff World Record 10K with Stroller Footage Thule Glide Stroller Thule Double Glide Thule Cross Trailer Follow Calum on: Instagram Strava Twitter Facebook Calum's coaching program We really hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Run to the Top. The best way you can show your support of the show is to share this podcast with your family and friends and share it on your Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media channel you use. The more people who know about the podcast and download the episodes, the more I can reach out to and get top running influencers, to bring them on and share their advice, which hopefully makes the show even more enjoyable for you!


18 Mar 2020

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Episode 1 - Calum Neff


Our first episode ever of TROTCAST is here! Our first guest is the Canadian Carnivore Calum Neff. Cal is a 3 time world Guinness book world record holder, a member of the Canadian National Mountain Running Team, Pro Runner and Coach of Hardloop Endurance. In this episode we dive deep with Cal to talk about how we grew up in multiple countries, how he became successful in running and what are his goals for the upcoming future. Cal also shares some amazing stories of hand gliding with his father growing up, why he left that sport behind and when he might return. This episode is brought to you by No Fine Print Clothing Company. The best shirts you can find, made and printed in the USA. www.nofineprint.ccLinks Mentioned:• Hardloop Endurance- https://www.hardloop.run/• Cal Neffs Instagram Page- https://www.instagram.com/calneff/• Cals Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/NeffRunning/• Article on Cal Flying Hang Gliders in 2009 https://www.hpac.ca/Air/Air_2009-09.pdf• Jim Neff (Cals Father) on his 1998 World Record https://www.fai.org/records/hang-gliding-paragliding-records/426-cia/cia-gbennett-history/35518-event2597-gordon-bennett-1921?f%5B0%5D=field_country%3ACA&f%5B1%5D=field_type_of_record%3A625Follow Us:• TROT Website www.trailracingovertexas.com • TROT Instagram www.instagram.com/trailracingovertexas• TROT Facebook www.facebook.com/trailracingovertexas• TROT Twitter www.twitter.com/trlracingovertx

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1 Aug 2019

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Strolling through Guinness world records with Calum Neff

Everyday Running Legends

Calum Neff is an extremely talented runner and coach who holds the Guinness world record for the fastest half marathon (1:11) and fastest marathon (2:31) pushing his children in a stroller! We dive into the story behind his world record, his successes with wing for life races and his lows after an unfortunate car incident. Follow Calum Neff on: Twitter, Insta, Facebook, Website: https://www.neff.run/ To find our website go to www.everydayrunninglegends.com Click here to find our twitter


21 May 2018

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Ep.075: Calum Neff - The Stroller Guy

Runified Podcast

Calum Neff is an operations manager for an oil field company, husband, father to three young daughters, coach, and a volunteer. Even with these countless responsibilities, Calum has achieved something most runners never even dream of achieving, holding two Guinness World Records. Calum tells us about his half marathon and marathon records while pushing a stroller, and also talks about how running with his children is a benefit to everyone in his family. We also talk with Calum about helping with Hurricane Harvey rescue and relief efforts, as well as his love for coaching and giving back to the running community. This episode is hosted by Matt Sorenson and is sponsored by goodr. Use code “runified2017” at playgoodr.com for a special Runified discount and to help support Runified and our running podcast! Runified’s Website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Calum Neff’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website


22 Nov 2017

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Episode 20: Calum Neff

Final Surge Podcast

Welcome to episode 20 of the final surge podcast with world record holder Cal Neff. Cal is a Dad, a runner and a coach who this year set the world record for the half-marathon and marathon while pushing a stroller. We talk about what happens on those runs and how he adjusts his training. As we reach episode 20 the Final Surge team would like to thank you. We are over 10,000 downloads and growing. Please take a moment to rate us on iTunes, and send us a message on Twitter or Facebook and let us know what you like most about the show and what you would like to see changed. Now on to our interview with Cal. So how did you get started running when you were young? In early February of 2016 you won the Katy Half Marathon in 1:11:27, while pushing a stroller and setting the new Guinness Book of world records for a half marathon. How dod you get started pushing a stroller while running? How old are your daughters that you push? So when you set the record in the Katy half marathon what made you think about going for the record? I was watching some of the  video you did from the Katy half, it looked like you were streaming over periscope? Do you often run with the cameras/phone? Everyone listening to this with kids has been in that situation where you are stuck in traffic and the baby is in back in the car seat screaming. I know it can wear on you after a while. I noticed at one point with about 5k to go Holly started getting a little fussy… so how do you balance going for a record and hearing your baby cry? How is running with stroller different, do you need to adjust form or anything? How about training, do you train any different and how often do you run with a stroller during the week? Any advice on stroller shopping what to look for? You just set the world record for marathon pushing a stroller too, can you tell us about that race? So your daughter is 4-years old now, the age you start running. Is she doing some running now too? So you have a professional career, you are a husband, a dad, a coach, how do you find the time to do the training needed to run? So you are coaching now too correct? What type of athletes are you coaching? How are you using Final Surge in your coaching? A couple of questions from Twitter: With all the miles you log, what supplements do you use for quick recovery? I would think there is probably some extra strain on the body, What are some of the strength exercises you do for you hips and core to keep them lose to prevent injury How many miles does he run every month in your training? Every runner has their self-talk? What about kid talk, what good kid talk stories do you have? Rapid Fire... 5 questions in under 1 minute Favorite running book? - Lore of Running Current trainers you are wearing? - Altra Torin 2.5 Favorite race? - Toronto Marathon Favorite recovery meal or recovery drink? - Chocolate Milk Your favorite piece of running equipment that is not your shoes? - Stroller Thule Glide. @calneff Neff.run website


9 Nov 2016