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Anthony Flaccavento + bell hooks: Learn + Love

Making Connections News

On this episode Whitney Kimball Coe from the Rural Assembly shares a conversation with Anthony Flaccavento, a farmer in southwestern VA, as well as an author, political candidate, and most recently co-founder of the Rural Urban Bridge Initiative. This interview comes from the Everywhere Radio podcast produced by the Rural Assembly. Following that are remembrances from three folks who spoke at a memorial for bell hooks held at Berea College on April 14th. bell, who was born Gloria Jean Watkins in Hopkinsville KY, died dec 15, 2021. She came back to Kentucky to serve as Distinguished Professor in Residence in Appalachian Studies at Berea College in 2004 and from that point on made her home there. The international outpouring of grief and love for bell hooks that came with her passing may have surprised many in this region and state who were unaware that such a renowned figure lived amongst us. Linda Strong Leek who was Berea College Provost before becoming provost at Haverford College in Philadelphia, introduces Paige Melman, and Beverly Guy Sheftall, and then concludes the program.


26 Apr 2022

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Bridging the rural-urban divide with Anthony Flaccavento

Everywhere Radio with Whitney Kimball Coe

We talk with Anthony Flaccavento about his work in bridging the rural-urban divide, coming from Baltimore to Appalachia, and why farming keeps him humble. Listen to Everywhere Radio wherever you stream podcasts. Flaccavento is the co-founder of RUBI, the Rural-Urban Bridge Initiative.  Flaccavento is also farmer and rural development consultant from Abingdon, Virginia in the heart of the Appalachian Coalfields.  The Founder of Appalachian Sustainable Development, Flaccavento has focused most of his work over the past four decades on building healthier food systems and more diverse, locally rooted economies in Appalchia and around the world.  His consulting firm, SCALE, Inc, works with communities across the nation to evaluate, plan and build healthier farm and food systems and local economies. Flaccavento is the author of Building a Healthy Economy from the Bottom Up:  Harnessing Real World Experience for Transformative Change (University Press of Kentucky, 2016), along with “Healthy Food Systems:  A Toolkit for Building Value Chains” (self-published) and scores of articles and op-eds.  He writes and speaks regularly on rural development, bottom up economics, overcoming the rural-urban divide and and a range of political and cultural issues.  He has taught course on these topics at Future Generations University, Emory & Henry College and community colleges. Flaccavento was the Democratic Candidate for the U.S. House in 2018, and remains involved in trying to impact politics and the public debate.  He is the co-founder of RUBI, the Rural-Urban Bridge Initiative, through which he works with colleagues to lead public forums and trainings designed to help people understand and begin to overcome the rural-urban divide.  He has also compiled The Rural-Urban Divide:  A Guidebook to Understanding the Problem and Forging Solutions.  He is married to Laurel, a retired public school teacher, and has three terrific grown children.


14 Apr 2022

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Jacobin Show: How Democrats Lost Rural America w/ Anthony Flaccavento

Jacobin Radio

Anthony Flaccavento, Virginia-based farmer, author, and co-founder of the Rural Urban Bridge Initiative, joins the Jacobin Show to discuss rural America—and why the Democrats lose so consistently in rural elections. Plus: Jacobin editor Seth Ackerman on inflation, the fed raising interest rates, and what this all means for the economy.Subscribe to Jacobin for just $10: https://jacobinmag.com/subscribe/?code=JACOBINYTMusic provided by Zonkey: https://linktr.ee/zonkeyThe Jacobin Show, hosted by Jen Pan, offers socialist perspectives on class and capitalism in the twenty-first century, the failures of liberalism, and the prospects of rebuilding a left labor movement in the US. This is the podcast version of the show from March 23, 2022. Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.

1hr 6mins

24 Mar 2022

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Season 2 Episode 13 - Progressives Taking Flacc In Red States, ft. Anthony Flaccavento

The Patriot Report

Greetings, Patriots!In this track, we talk to organic farmer, agricultural consultant, and former congressional candidate Anthony Flaccavento about a wide range of issues, spanning from the state of his two congressional campaigns, the role of Trump in polarizing rural America, how Democrats can compete outside of urban and suburban areas, as well as radical bottom-up economic solutions to power development. Having successfully transformed his hometown of Abingdon with the creation of a farmers' market, Flaccavento brings lots of policy and real-world experience to the table. We hope you like it!Onward,The co-hosts


11 May 2019

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Can a Progressive Candidate Win in Rural America?: Anthony Flaccavento

The Laura Flanders Show

Anthony Flaccavento is running for the US House seat in Virginia's 9th district, a large, sparsely populated region in the southwestern corner of the state. We'll meet the people working on his grassroots campaign, a coalition of farmers, miners, students, seniors and activists that may serve as a practical blueprint for many Democrats competing in so-called "Red States". Music featured, Appalachian artist Nora Jane Struthers singing “Champion” to the tree sitters in the woods of Elliston, Virginia. Support theLFShow


31 Oct 2018

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Revolutions in Leadership and Economics: Conversations with Linda Kohanov and Anthony Flaccavento

Freedom Loves Company

Anthony Flaccavento was my first guest ever on this program when it was called Religion For Life. I had him on again last year when we discussed his book, Building a Healthy Economy from the Bottom Up: Harnessing Real-World Experience for Transformative Change. He has been a farmer, entrepreneur and consultant for over 30 years. He is on the leading edge of building sustainable economies and communities and he hopes to bring this vision of Rural Progressive Politics to Washington. He is running for congress in Virginia’s Ninth District which encompasses Southwest Virginia.Linda Kohanov is the author of the bestseller, The Tao of Equus. She teaches and speaks internationally. She established Eponaquest Worldwide to explore the healing potential of working with horses and offer programs on everything from emotional and social intelligence, leadership, stress reduction, and parenting to consensus building and mindfulness. We talk about her latest book, The Five Roles of a Master Herder: A Revolutionary Model for Socially Intelligent Leadership.Anthony Flaccavento begins at 2:57.Linda Kohanov begins at 29:16.


4 Jun 2018

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Bottom Up, Local Economics with Anthony Flaccavento

The Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show

Anthony Flaccavento is the author of a brilliant book. I just love this book ' -Building a Healthy Economy from the Bottom Up' -. He' s been an organic farmer for twenty-some years. He' s ran for congress as the Democratic candidate in Virginia.


4 Aug 2017

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Transitions and Transformations: Conversations with Anthony Flaccavento and Deshna Ubeda

Freedom Loves Company

The theme of this episode is transitions and transformations. Here are two people who see changes on the ground and are helping direct them toward a more flourishing outcome.My first guest ever on this program, when it was called Religion For Life, is Anthony Flaccavento. He returns to discuss his book, "Building A Healthy Economy From the Bottom Up: Harnessing Real-World Experience for Transformative Change." In 1995 he founded Appalachian Sustainable Development and is now the president of SCALE Inc., a private consulting business that supports ecologically healthy economics.In this book he provides examples of locally-based economies that are thriving all over the country. At the same time, he says that we are losing the battle at the policy levels both locally and nationally. His book is a call to action for entrepreneurs, scholars, policymakers, community activists and all citizens to re-think economy and act for a way of justice and commonsense from the bottom-up.Deshna Ubeda is the director of Progressive Christianity Dot Org. She is directing The Embrace Festival, May, 4, 5, and 6 in Portland. Similar to Burning Man, Beloved, and Wild Goose, the Embrace Festival will feature presentations, art, music, dance, community and food for the purpose of building sacred community and inspiring social transformation. Here is its vision:"In May 2017, people from all over the world will gather in Portland, Oregon to share knowledge and wisdom, learn from each other, celebrate, be inspired, and find the tools needed to create and enliven local movements within our communities. Together we will explore sacred oneness, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Nature, eco-spirituality, social justice and the way of universal and personal transformation that honors the Divine in all."


26 Mar 2017

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Not Trickle Down, But Bottom Up: Anthony Flaccavento

The Laura Flanders Show

At the Laura Flanders Show, we want to find the common ground that unites Americans, stories of progress, equity, and resilience -- to discover that there is more evidence of congress, than of division. Our guest this weeks speaks to some ways he has built a career on these very philosophies of equity and unity.  Joining us for last new show of the 2016 year, is Anthony Flaccavento, founder of SCALE (Sequestering Carbon, Accelerating Local Economies) and author of "Building A Healthy Economy from the Bottom Up." Much of the Trump campaign and its cohorts campaigned for "trickle-down" economics -- the idea that, when those at the top (the 1%), do well, that prosperity "trickles down" to the bottom 10%. This concept has been disproven repeatedly. Flaccavento's experience and success in reinvigorating rural communities, which are often left out of macro policies, suggests one major way we can bridge the divides between these disparate parts of America. A resotorative, perhaps, for the shared economic struggles that led to Trump's ascent.  Flaccavento hails from rural Virginia in Appalachian country, and has spent the last 25 years in community development advocating for directing government policy and resources towards building sustainable, thriving, rural communities. By building an economy from the bottom up -- that is, from the farm -- we make its foundations sturdy, says Flaccavento.


16 Dec 2016

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Anthony Flaccavento and Bottom Up Economy

Mountain Talk

WMMT brings you Anthony Flaccavento’s recent book talk held at the University of Virginia at Wise. His book Building a Healthy Economy from the Bottom Up: Harnessing Real-World Experience for Transformative Change was published this year by the University of Kentucky Press and features six components to building a sustainable economy in regions going through the worst economic hardship. Flaccavento highlights those six components in his talk and gives real world examples of their effectiveness in communities across the country.


12 Dec 2016