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Eater LA senior editor Farley Elliott, how do you write about the L.A. food scene?

How Do You Do? Podcast

Farley Elliott is the Senior Editor at Eater LA, and author of Los Angeles Street Food: A History From Tamaleros to Taco Trucks. His work appears nationally in the online, print, and digital video space, and you can follow him around the internet at his handle, @overoverunder. He's also the guy from that Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos video. In this episode of How Do You Do? Podcast, Ben asks Farley about how he identifies as a "food writer, not food critic" and what that distinction means (1:30), how he decides what to cover in L.A.'s bustling food scene and been able to keep Eater LA as a must-read source in an increasingly competitive food media landscape (13:25), what excites him about L.A.'s food scene right now (21:10), and more.Follow us!Farley Elliott: @overoverunderHow Do You Do? Podcast: @hdydpodBen Hannani: @benhannaniWebsite: www.hdydpod.comOur guests' jams can be found on the "HDYD Jams" playlist on Spotify!


28 Mar 2021

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Patios, Dining Rooms, and LA Food with Farley Elliott


Mr. Eater LA joins to talk vaccines, outdoor & indoor dining realities, Filipino food, MAYHEM at Il Pastaio, the greatness of Goldburger, Salt Bae Beverly Hills, Simi Valley BBQ, and it all starts with Jordan reviewing a glorious night at Found Oyster, where he discovers scallops may very well be necessary.


5 Mar 2021

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October 30, 2020 - Farley Elliott

The Late Night Happy Hour with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky

It's an episode that'll make you hungry. Farley Elliott (@overoverunder), senior editor at Eater LA and author of "Los Angeles Street Food: A history from Tamaleros to Taco Trucks" joins talking (spoiler alert) street food and the LA food scene, broadly.It's a fascinating conversation that gets into the city's history, what makes it unique from a food standpoint, where it is now during the pandemic, and where it might go after. In a dark time for restaurants, Farley has some encouraging thoughts on the future of family owned, small scale restaurants that are so critical to our neighborhoods. We get deep into the city's burger culture, and what people want when they want a burger. And where would you eat if the authorities granted you a final meal before demanding you leave town? Great stuff in this show, particularly for those interested in LA's food culture and history.

1hr 15mins

31 Oct 2020

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Lilah's (Delilah 2nd chance) w/ Farley Elliott

Tender Friends

Time for one more spot to get a second, in this case their third, chance. Lilah's is the new ghost kitchen run by h.wood Group, using the tenders and branding of their restaurant and former spot on the show, Delilah. Joining us off his previous h.wood group spot, 40 Love, is food writer and expert, Farley Elliott. It's a real fun time beginning to end. You're gonna wanna hear about this adventure. WEAR A MASK!BE A TENDER FRIEND!SUBSCRIBE. SHARE. TAP 5 STARS.INSTAGRAM: @tenderfriendspodTWITTER: @tenderfriendsfacebook.com/tenderfriendsEmail: friends.tender@gmail.com@ihateericwilson@michaelwalkerrrFind Farley at: la.eater.com Tell us where we should go next and don't forget to leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify!

1hr 2mins

7 Sep 2020

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EP 12 - What the F@*k is an Air Fryer? with Farley Elliott

This Might Help with Matt Braunger

Farley Elliott is a famous food writer, but not a critic! I’d never known the difference, but it’s true. He doesn’t review restaurants, he writes about them if they’re important to their region. In his case, and mine, this is Los Angeles. I first met Farley at at In-N-Out Burger, of course, back when he was covering comedy. Since then, he’s found his groove, and now he’s here to help the callers find theirs! THE CALLS: 1) Nikki moved out after 16 years with someone, has never been happier, but doesn’t know how to actually “break up.” Help? 2) Brendan in Savanah, Georgia asks, “What the fuck is an air fryer?” 3) Dan wants his annoying friend who bothers him to hang out all the time to wise up and realize he’s being annoying. What to do? Listen in for the answers (and some laughs)!Call Matt at: 323-763-0228New episodes arrive every ThursdayFollow @BraungerInterested in advertising? Email advertise@thelaughbutton.com Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


20 Aug 2020

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Farley Elliott of Eater COVID-19 UPDATE

Tacocity | Food Stories, Mexican Food & Cooking

We sat down again (via phone) with EaterLA's editor Farley Elliott, to talk about the restaurant industry right now, the impact of the virus, and where he sees things going in the new normal we're about to enter.If you missed my original interview with Farley, you can find it here https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/tacocity-food-stories-mexican-food-cooking/id1277314149?i=1000408576565You can find Eater's website here https://la.eater.com and if you're looking for articles specifically by Farley, you can find them all here https://la.eater.com/authors/Farley%2520ElliottTwitter www.twitter.com/eaterla & www.twitter.com/overoverunderInstagram www.instagram.com/eaterla & www.instagram.com/overoverunderFollow Tacocity on Twitter at www.twitter.com/tacocitypod and Instagram www.instagram.com/tacocitypod


15 May 2020

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The French Fry Rebuttal with Farley Elliott

I Burn Everything: Food & Relationships

Stevie Nelson and Dave Horwitz chat with Farley Elliott (Senior Editor at Eater LA, Author of Los Angeles Street Food) about his favorite spots for french fries, the story behind Nashville style hot chicken, the history of street food in Los Angeles, he solves the dips vs. sauces confusion and where Thousand Island Dressing came from.

1hr 23mins

22 Jan 2020

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Lunch at Margaritaville w/ Farley Elliott

The Parrothead Podcast: All Things Jimmy Buffett

This week, Ryan and Patrick treat Farley Elliott (Eater LA) to a meal at Margaritaville. That's right, two Parrotheads take a real life food professional to Margaritaville...enjoy! -- SHOW INFORMATION Twitter: @ParrotheadPod Email: ParrotheadPodcast@gmail.com Subscribe: Apple Podcasts Subscribe: Spotify

1hr 9mins

3 Dec 2019

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Ep #5: Interview w/ Eater LA's Farley Elliott

The Menu on UCLA Radio

Feb 4. Farley Elliott is the Senior Editor at Eater LA, and author of Los Angeles Street Food: A History From Tamaleros to Taco Trucks. His work appears nationally in the online, print, and digital video space, and you can follow him around the internet at @overoverunder. He's also the guy from that Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos video. In this episode we talk to him about his job, his origins and his favorite restaurants.


25 Sep 2019

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Live at BugCon with Farley Elliott and Evan Susser

The Bread Cast

The Bread Cast rises again with this special episode recorded at BugCon 2019 at the Burbank Airport Marriott in Burbank, California. Host Joe Saunders is joined by guests Farley Elliott (Eater LA) and Evan Susser (Deli Boys podcast), and they try one of Joe’s go-to home recipes: chocolate chip pumpkin bread. Plus, a previously cancelled segment returns. You can rate, review, and subscribe to the Bread Cast on Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/2YRtu66For photos and links to the recipes, follow the Bread Cast on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheBreadCastAnd also why not follow the Bread Cast on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thebreadcast


27 Jun 2019