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Interview #4 Jayne O'Toole

Health Connect Hub

In this week's interview, Kate and Rab speak with nutritionist, Jayne O'Toole.  •We chat with Jayne about her ‘story’ •What she feels is inherently part of her purpose •On vulnerability but not just vulnerability for the sake of it •Worth and values •A ‘spectacular’ failure •And a whole lot more… If you like hearing about Tolkien-esque adventures, then this conversation is for you About Jayne: Following the transformative impact fitness & nutrition had on her own physical & mental health, Jayne embarked on a journey of education & self-development and in doing so discovered a passion for helping others to do the same. Her holistic approach & devotion to her clients means she gives her all to educate, support & empower with knowledge & self-belief. Connect with Jayne: https://www.instagram.com/jayne_realnutrition/ Connect with Rab:https://www.instagram.com/dasnutrition/ Connect with Kate: https://www.instagram.com/nutrikate_com/ Keep up to date with Health Connect Hub: 


21 Jul 2021

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#44 - Jayne O'Toole: Fat Loss, Why it's So Hard & 5 Nutrition Myths.

The Collective Audio Show

Why fat loss is so hard, nutrition myths you should ignore and the 5 things you should do now if you want to lose weight. This one is a goody. Like this episode? Feel free to hit share and post on your socials, every little helps! You can join our Facebook Community here.


10 Jul 2021

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#24 Jayne O'Toole on common struggles people deal with when it comes to nutrition, mindset blocks and female nutrition and training for performance and fat loss

The Female Health Podcast

Jayne is a nutritionist like a lot of likeminded views to myself with regards nutrition, health, the scales, fat loss and more.  I loved this chat and felt like a conversation with a good friend even though we've never met before.  Jayne has a no nonsense approach to nutrition and I can tell she has a lot of empathy for her clients and that she loves what she does.  This is for anyone who wants to support themselves right now with no nonsense nutrition advice, understand the cycle and how to get in tune with it for training and performance, whether the contraceptive pill impacts performance and training and wants to hear some great mindset advice.  @jayne_realnutrition Follow me on instagram @mj.nutrition_


26 Apr 2021

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Idiots WhoWatch Stuff Halloween Special with Guest Jayne O'Toole

The iwwspodcast's Podcast

Idiots Who Watch Stuff Halloween Special Fangs for the memories featuring special guest from Real Nutrition Jayne O'Toole Listen to us discuss all things Vampirey & bloodsuckery It's Fangtastic!!!

1hr 9mins

30 Oct 2020

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Episode #19 with Jayne O'Toole - Harnessing Your Menstrual Cycle And Period Power!

Better Body Radio

We are joined today by Jayne O’Toole, A Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, and MNU Certified Nutritionist. Jayne runs her Online Nutrition Consulting business Real Nutrition, with her work driven by a Passion to Educate, Support & Empower her clients to achieve significant and lasting changes. Jayne offers a wide range of services, from online coaching to delivering seminars and speaking at live events. In this episode, we discuss how to harness the menstrual cycle to maximize training adaptations and body composition changes. Don't miss this one! Jayne's Instagram: @jayne_realnutrition

1hr 14mins

5 Jul 2020

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#33 Jayne O'Toole - The Menstrual Cycle #PeriodPower

The Abi Khan Show

On today’s episode I have the pleasure of speaking with Jayne O’Toole. Jayne has nutrition certifications from Precision Nutrition and from MNU. Our conversation today delves into the female menstrual cycle (no idea why I had to specify that it was the female one) We delve deep into: - What happens to the body during your menstrual cycle - Optimising nutrition and training during your cycle - PMS (Strategies to help) - Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (Loss of Period) - How to make the most of your cycle and so much more Reach out to Jayne here: https://www.instagram.com/jayne_realnutrition https://www.jayne-realnutrition.com/ If you enjoyed this podcast I would love you to share it with someone who might get some value out of it. It's my mission to inspire as many people to follow their dreams and achieve what they believe to be impossible. With your help I can achieve that life mission. Connect with me here: https://www.instagram.com/iamabikhan https://www.facebook.com/abi.khan.754570 https://twitter.com/iamabikhan https://www.linkedin.com/in/abi-khan-a68747116/ https://vm.tiktok.com/uMwsjf/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpVWn95QCRsPjZUdfndRkpQ Email: iamabikhan@gmail.com

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2 Jul 2020

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Ep 20 - Jayne O'Toole on training & nutrition for the menstrual cycle plus lock down mindset

The Take Control Nutrition Podcast

In this episode, I chat to Jayne O'Toole, a fellow MNU nutritionist and Precision nutrition coach, around training and nutrition for the menstrual cycle. What things to look out for and why understanding your own situation can be a real game-changer. We also get into mindset, behaviour change and motivation around lockdown as well as some other really interesting areas! A really valuable episode here!  Jaynes goal is to educate, support, and empower people through her coaching business Real Nutrition. Her message - keep it realistic, relatable, simple & accessible. "I aim to make what may seem complicated as uncomplicated as possible. We drown out the noise, simplify the science and focus on what really matters for your goals. Real nutrition is an evidence-based practice. This means no fads or gimmicks; no cookie-cutter plans or unsustainable programs. I create tailored programmes for individuals shaped with evidence, experience & understanding. I am here to provide clients with the right education & support to empower every step of the way. We are all unique physically & psychologically so are our goals, lifestyles and circumstances. I take this into account with all of my programs. We build, adapt and create to suit your needs. Your program progresses with you." Check out Jaynes Instagram here  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Take Control Nutrition podcast is sponsored by Eat Naked NI. Eat NAKED NI was founded in 2017 by Caoimhe O’Kane; who spent 2 years previously testing the concept of a meal prep service, launched www.eatnakedni.com to target the whole of Northern Ireland. Their ethos is to eat real food, food that offers us the most nutritional benefit to support our overall health and performance goals. Their products are for everyone to enjoy and take support from in their busy lives and they have people from all backgrounds eating their food. Their mission is to educate people of all ages and leave an impact on future generations by bringing awareness to the importance of good nutrition and movement. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RNG Nutrition Services - https://linktr.ee/rngnutrition RNG Online Programmes - https://risengrindnutrition.com/memberships/ RNG 1-1 Services - https://risengrindnutrition.com/1-1-services/ RNG Social Media - @RNGNUTRITION RNG Nutrition Emails https://mailchi.mp/risengrindnutrition/nutrition-tips #TEAM_RNG #RNG_TAKECONTROL

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11 Jun 2020

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#70 Jayne O'Toole @jayne_realnutrition chats about boredom eating, immune boosting supplements,does stress cause fat gain? and cognitive dissonance

Shane Walsh Fitness Podcast

In this episode of the Shane Walsh Fitness Podcast I spoke MNU Nutritionist, Coach and great friend Jayne O'Toole. @jayne_realnutrition Apply for coaching with Jayne - www.jayne-realnutrition.com Some of the topics we speak about include: Boredom eating Do immune boosting supplements work? Does stress cause fat gain? Not being afraid to ask for help Cognitive dissonance Admit it you don't want to Online Coaching  https://www.shanewalshfitness.com/onlinecoaching/ Don't forget to subscribe to the show Now available on iTunes and Spotify

1hr 15mins

13 Apr 2020

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Everything You Need To Know About Sustainable Fat Loss w/ Jayne O'Toole

Lean Life Radio

Jayne O'Toole of Real Nutrition is back on the podcast to discuss the tools, tips, and strategies you need to be successful at achieving sustainable fat loss. IG: @jayne_realnutrition To donate to the podcast: paypal.me/IronParadiseFitness FREE Online Calorie & Macro Calculator: ironparadisefitness.com/calorie-calculator The Lean life Method 1:1 coaching programme: ironparadisefitness.com/online-coaching IG: @iron_paradise_fitness

1hr 10mins

17 Mar 2020

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#37 Jayne O'Toole discusses Celebrating the small wins, Banking calories, Fit Bits, Fat Burners and dispelling Common Nutrition Myths

Shane Walsh Fitness Podcast

In this episode of the Shane Walsh Fitness Podcast I chat with MNU Certified Nutritionist Jayne O'Toole. @jayne_realnutrition Jayne is presenting at a a Women in Wellness event in association with @fitguru on 20th October 2019.   Some of the topics we speak about include: Cross fit & MNU Celebrating the small wins Good v Bad food stigma Getting rid of the Good v Bad food stigma Fit Bits and fat Burners  Dispels common nutrition myths Online Coaching   www.shanewalshfitness.com Don't forget to subscribe to the show Now available on iTunes and Spotify

1hr 11mins

12 Aug 2019