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Best Deal Ever With Jack Bosch

Deal Farm - A Real Estate Investing Community

On this episode of the Deal Farm, We talk with Jack Bosch about his best real estate deal ever as well as his worst deal ever! Tune in to hear his story!


12 Aug 2021

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Eggs 218: Finding and flipping lucrative land deals with Jack Bosch - The Land Guy

EGGS - The podcast

Hey everyone and welcome back to Eggs Classics where we feature some of our favorite podcasts from our last four years of making Eggs, The Podcast.In the heat of summer, schedules grow tighter, and on the occasional week where Mike and I cannot get together, like this week, we want to share content that newer listeners may have missed from our amazing back catalog and revisit guests and conversations that we think are worth hearing again.We really value the support of the Eggs community and each week strive to reward the newbies and OGs with content sure to enrich your lives with relevant information and topics chosen to help you achieve whatever it is you hope to. So, without any further adieu please join me in this special re-presentation of episode number 144,  from February 20, 2020, featuring real estate investor and educator Jack Bosch. ----This week on Eggs, we have special guest Jack Bosch, AKA The Land Guy. Jack is a real estate investor, educator, husband, and father. Originally an immigrant from Germany who came over with just two suitcases and a boatload of student debt, Jack (along with his wife Michelle) has found his niche in real estate buying and selling more than 4,000 lots and unimproved properties since 2002. Since then, Jack has made it his mission to educate people on this lucrative aspect of real estate investing and leave more than 1,000 millionaires in his wake. We had an excellent conversation about his rags to riches rise to success, and Jack shared many actionable insights that you can put into practice today! Take a listen, then rate, like, share and subscribe!Our Guest:Jack Boschhttp://www.jackbosch.comCredits:Hosted by Michael Smith and Ryan RoghaarProduced by Michael SmithTheme music: "Perfect Day" by OPMThe Carton:https://medium.com/the-carton-by-eggsFeature with Zack Chmeis of Straight Method up now! https://medium.com/the-carton-by-eggs/zack-chmeis-35dae817ac28The Eggs Podcast Spotify playlist:bit.ly/eggstunesThe Plugs:The Showeggscast.com@eggshow on twitter and instagramOn iTunes: itun.es/i6dX3pCOn Stitcher: bit.ly/eggs_on_stitcherAlso available on Google Play Music!Mike "DJ Ontic" shows and infodjontic.com@djontic on twitterRyan Roghaarhttp://ryanroghaar.com


29 Jul 2021

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Patterns of Success in Real Estate with Jack Bosch EP #134

Real Estate Experiment

Jack Bosch is an experienced business owner, entrepreneur, real estate investor, respected industry leader, speaker, educator, and perhaps most importantly, a parent and husband. He's the author of the bestselling financial literacy book “Forever Cash” and the creator of the Land Profit Generator: Real Estate Without Hassles system. Jack immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1997 with just 2-suitcases and a bunch of student debt. Since 2002, Jack and co-founder Michelle Bosch have purchased and sold over 4,000+ properties. With his Land for Pennies investment method, Jack and Michelle went from zero to a million in just 18 months! As a result, this simple little-known Land for Pennies real estate niche has provided thousands of people with the opportunity to get into the real estate game without the hassles of traditional real estate investing and Jack and Michelle continue to spread the message with the mission to create 1,000 millionaires and impact the lives of many more. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE EPISODE 02:00 - Changing people’s lives and doing deals 04:45 - Three Lifestyle Plans 10:00 - Definition of American Dream 14:53 - Understanding the world of Real Estate 22:55 - Strategy for solving of properties KEEPING IT REAL 28:25 – Meeting the demands 30:55 – Making the land or lot interesting more than the others 37:40 – Knowing who’s in control of the land 41:00 – Mistakes that people typically do when purchasing or selling 45:35 – Process of attaining a goal 52:10 – Choosing an asset class in Real Estate NOTABLE QUOTES (KEY LESSONS): “What we’re doing is living a legacy and changing the trajectory of the lives of so many people.” 2:27- 2:31 “If they do it, I can do it. I’m not less smarter than they are and they’re not smarter than me, I can figure this out if they figured it out.” 16:30 – 16:35 “In the best sense of the world, it is boring and boring is actually a wonderful thing. “As Warren Buffet said “In business you don’t want excitement because excitement usually means trouble.” 49:28 – 49:37 - This episode is brought to you by Boostly, a direct booking website provider for short term rental hosts like me and you looking to dominate the marketplace with direct bookings! To get onboard, schedule a call with Mark and his team at Boostly here: https://boostly.co.uk/epic CONNECTING WITH THE GUEST Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jack.bosch LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/jack-bosch-a923b59/ Website: https://www.landprofitgenerator.com/

1hr 3mins

31 May 2021

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070: From Immigrant to Land Flipping Empire Builder! (w/ JACK BOSCH)

7 Figures Club: A Business Growth Podcast

In this episode, Jack opens up about his childhood in Germany where he learned to not be afraid of hard work, although he didn't have many entrepreneurial tendencies there.   Upon coming to America as an exchange student, he obtained his MBA and met his wife - who is also an immigrant from Honduras.  Over time, and after working demanding and draining 80+ hour work weeks, they began investing in real estate.   They made many mistakes.  They also were able to use a piece of commercial real estate to fund his mother-in-law's retirement.  They got into big land deals, tax liens and continued learning as they built an empire.   Now, they teach others the trade and travel at least three months per year!


14 May 2021

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What is a Deferred Sales Trust with Brett Swarts

Capital Gains Tax Solutions Podcast

Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Capital Gains Tax Solutions Community today:capitalgainstaxsolutions.comCapital Gains Tax Solutions FacebookCapital Gains Tax Solutions Twitter


1 May 2021

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#102 Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast - Jack Bosch, The Land Profit Master and Land Flipper.

Alchemist Nation Podcast With Gualter Amarelo The Real Estate Mentor

In this episode of the Alchemist Nation Real Estate Podcast, I talk to Jack Bosch one of the experts when it comes to selling, purchasing and flipping land itself. Jack says that they bring people to being masters of landing flipping, so they're the land masters. They brand themselves as the land profit generator fund and they happened to be in the business for 18 years. They flip land as house flippers flip houses without the number one complicating factor of house flipping which is the house. He is not saying that house flipping is bad, he has flipped a few dozen of houses but you're dealing with so much complexity when flipping houses because you have to get in first of all or you if you're to do it virtually, still you must have somebody go into the house, you have to have someone estimate repairs, you dealing with a lot of competition and time frames because that person needs to sell it like in seven days. You're dealing with hard money and all that kind of stuff. With landing flipping, they're not dealing with any of them but they can do the same thing where he is actually helping one of their students through a deal that the following week, he will make 30,000 on the deal without having ever seen the property. He actually lives outside of the country, hasn't been in the country in 2020 yet he has multiple deals on the contract, one is closing the coming week, one is putting on the contract like today for sale and together, these deals would make roughly like $50,000 from overseas. Jack offers 3 pieces of advice to 20-year-old Jack that are most powerful to him. 1) - Never think that you're too young. 2) - Just Go for it. 3) - Surround yourself with people that are going somewhere. To learn more check out the blog and podcasts at http://www.GualterAmarelo.com To register for our Saturday live webinar to start your wealth journey, visit http://www.gualteramarelo.com/Live To get in touch with Jack, visit https://www.landprofitgenerator.com/ --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/alchemist-nation/support


2 Feb 2021

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Flipping Land Remotely for HUGE Profits with Jack Bosch

The REI Diamonds Show-Real Estate Investment Podcast

Jack & I Discuss: The Current Gold Rush in the U.S. Land Market How to Quickly Flip Land Deals 3 Types of Land Deals-and the Buyers Buying Deals at 20 Cents/Dollar Relevant Episodes: (There are 168 Content Packed Interviews in Total) PLEASE LINK EACH TO THE CORRECT EPISODE ON YOUTUBE Investing in Your LIFE, Not Just Your Portfolio with David Blain https://youtu.be/le-hfNrWByg How to Take HUGE Depreciation using Cost Segregation with Yonah Weiss https://youtu.be/JkOsXTAZR2A Negotiating No Money Down Commercial Real Estate Deals with Peter Conti https://youtu.be/wnLlM0Si92w Resources Mentioned in this Episode:www.ReiLandProfit.com

1hr 4mins

24 Oct 2020

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Ep 97: Making Huge, Hassle-Free Returns Flipping Land with Jack Bosch

The Real Estate Investing Experience

With the right strategy, you can make a fortune flipping land — all without the hassle of dealing with tenants, toilets, or termites. Today, we speak with land-flipping legend Jack Bosch about his top strategies and how you can start making money selling land. Early in our conversation, we explore why buying and selling land can lead to such high returns, especially as you can buy land significantly below market value. As Jack explains, people don’t have the same emotional attachment to land as they do to houses. After discussing what type of deals Jack looks for, we chat about how confidence can influence your business decision-making. 


22 Oct 2020

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Flipping Land For Cashflow With Jack Bosch

Real Estate Investor Summit Podcast

Who says flipping land for cash is not possible? Not Jack Bosch, for certain. Teaming up as a power duo with his wife, Michelle, Jack has flipped over 4,000 parcels of land and is now coaching other people who wish to do the same. Jack Bosch is an experienced business owner, entrepreneur, real estate investor, respected industry leader, speaker, educator and author of the bestselling financial literacy book, Forever Cash. In this conversation with Mitch Stephen, he explains why investing in land is such a cashflow machine and shares an amazing case study that demonstrates its wealth-generating power. He also talks about their newly-found interest in buying apartment complexes for true generational wealth building.Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Real Estate Investor Summit Community:reinvestorsummit.comReal Estate Investor Summit FacebookReal Estate Investor Summit TwitterReal Estate Investor Summit YouTubeMitch Stephen LinkedIn


8 Oct 2020

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#079: How to Achieve Wealth By Flipping Land with Jack Bosch

Get Real Podcast

EPISODE SUMMARY Jack Bosch is famously known as the "Land Guy"  in the real estate industry. Born and raised in Germany, he got an opportunity for an exchange program where he studied for a Masters Degree in the United States. Before becoming a successful businessman, he worked for a software company as a Business Analyst working 70-80 hours per week. He and his wife realized that this is not the trajectory for their life and can't get financially dependent on it. So they decided to take action! They started doing a side hustle, real estate investing, until it became their main source of steady income and built massive wealth. Land Flipping is one of the proven ways to make money in Real Estate! Tune in to discover how to flip land for less time, money and effort and make some serious profit! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE How to do deals without any mortgage, appraisers or estimate repairs Can you make the same money with a land flip without all the process that you do with a house flip? How to do seller financing in Land Investing? What is "forever cash" or “lifetime cashflow”? How to create a model and automate your business What's the biggest stumbling block when starting your business? What is the 5 Step System? How to find the best mentor or coach for you? Is Land flipping good for you? RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE Website: Land Profit Fun Facebook Group: Land Profit Generator Real Estate Investor Group For Syndications: orbitinvestments.com GUEST'S BIO Jack Bosch, “The Land Guy” - real estate guru and co-founder of Orbit Investments. Starting with nothing but two suitcases and a mountain of student debt, Jack immigrated to the US from Germany in 1997. Seeking out his own version of the American Dream, Jack bought and sold over 4000 pieces of property and was able to help build his company Orbit Investments into the 3rd largest land investment and auction company in the US! Jack co-owns his company with his wife Michelle and together they believe that everything you do in life is a matter of the heart, even money. In 2008 after seeing the devastation in the housing market, Jack and Michelle set out on a mission to share the wealth of knowledge and transform the lives of others by sharing the land investment techniques and strategies that have made them a success. Their “land flipping” strategy has given thousands of people the opportunity to get into the real estate game without the challenges and roadblocks of traditional real estate investing. CONNECT WITH US Reach Ron: RP Capital Leave podcast reviews and topic suggestions: iTunes Subscribe and get additional info: Get Real Estate Success


13 Jul 2020