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GETTING HONEST ABOUT ALCOHOL: In-depth with Quit Like a Woman Author Holly Whitaker

It Sure Is A Beautiful Day

If you’ve been listening to recent episodes of It Sure is a Beautiful Day you know that both Catt and Cait have been discussing their relationships with alcohol. After reading the much talked about New York Times bestseller, “Quit Like a Woman,”  Cait went from being Alcohol’s number one fan to “non-drinker” and hasn’t had a drink in more than two-hundred days. Catt also read the book and has now completely curbed her consumption. What is the power of this book? Are we being honest about alcohol in current day society? Is there even such a thing as an Alcoholic? Why are labels so dangerous? How do we give people the agency to choose to not-drink without shaming them for their choices or considering said individuals as broken, or weak, or less than?  And why is drinking keeping us from our power as women? In this powerful conversation the women discuss the answers to these questions and more. Holly Whitaker joins the girls from Rome and also shares about the business she spent years to create -  the online recovery destination: Tempest. They also discuss the parallels between people who struggle with alcohol and people struggling with their mental health; how both are often made to feel powerless in their choices. Yes, they discuss Britney Spears, too. Make sure to read Quit Like A Woman and learn more about the female focused recovery program Tempest. Let us know your thoughts on all of it! Please, rate and review us as well. AND, if you love the episode make sure to share it. Thank you as always! Produced by Dear Media.


6 Jul 2021

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How Do I Know If I Should Drink Less Alcohol Ft. Holly Whitaker

Diet Starts Tomorrow

On this Thursday’s episode, Sami and Aleen are joined by author of the book “Quit Like A Woman” and founder of Tempest, an organization that helps individuals live an alcohol free life, Holly Whitaker. They begin by discussing what it’s like to start drinking at a young age and then decide to quit alcohol in your 30s. Next, they explore what it’s like to use alcohol to fit in, find romantic connections, and what it means to have a comfortable relationship with alcohol. Holly shares her path to understanding that alcohol isn’t for her and explains how she used to work under the impression that you needed to make alcohol work for you. Then, they discuss being informed about what alcohol does to us and what it means to quit like a woman. Lastly, they read a Dear DST about starting to drink more during quarantine and how to proceed into post-quarantine life with or without alcohol.


10 Jun 2021

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Quitting What You Thought You Wanted, with Holly Whitaker

Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette

Holly Whitaker (she/her) is the founder and CCO of Tempest, a modern digital recovery program, as well as The Temper Magazine. She is also the author of the New York Times Bestselling book, Quit Like a Woman. In this conversation Holly opens up about a few areas of her professional and personal life where, in Continue Reading…

1hr 20mins

26 May 2021

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Holly Whitaker's Comeback Story - Learning to Love Yourself

Comeback Stories

Holly Whitaker shares her struggle with substance abuse and addiction, and how her experience led her to creating the digital recovery program Tempest. Holly is on a mission to change the conversation about alcohol in society after realizing that her seemingly successful life was just a show, and that there is a different path to recovery available to everyone. Growing up, Holly’s life was fairly idyllic. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom and her father ran his own business. They lived a nice middle-class life but Holly has memories that something that wasn’t right. A big part of Holly’s recovery was identifying the incidents that put her on the path to struggling with substances. The biggest impact on Holly’s life happened when her parents got divorced after her father came out of the closet. This forced Holly to confront her own sexuality at a very young age and resulted in her and her mother struggling financially. Up to that point, Holly had always been industrious but that all changed after the divorce. It often doesn’t matter what your childhood was like. We can all end up in the same place. Holly’s first memory of pain was her early story of feeling like the “other” in her family. At a very young age, Holly experienced a significant feeling of not belonging anywhere. Holly’s experience with teachers was frustrating. As a high-energy child, Holly didn’t have a teacher who was invested in her development until high school. Her first teacher put Holly onto a trajectory of being disliked for many years. When we get close to the bottom, we can either stop and tell ourselves the truth of what’s happening or we can claw ourselves out and keep it going. Holly had many moments of being near rock bottom where she knew that she needed help to escape, but it took six months after her worst moment before she finally got sober. Trying to live up to the image of who she was told to be held Holly back from accepting that she wasn’t happy. It wasn’t until she realized that she had a choice. She could either keep the toxic relationships in her life and die, or sever those relationships that weren’t serving her. You don’t have to live up to other people’s standards. Be okay with being a mess. You have to work every single day on your own life, you will improve and you will encounter the same sorts of problems each day, just in a different form. Our values are the bedrock of who we are, and if we make decisions that are not in alignment with our core values, things get messy. If you know what you are and what you stand for, the criticism you receive won’t cut as deep. Knowing who you are creates a solid ground for you to stand on. Holly didn’t go to Alcoholics Anonymous until she was already six months sober. She started her recovery by researching alcohol and addiction and those books led her to other sources. Eventually she realized that there was something wrong with our society and alcohol’s place in it. The evidence pointed Holly to a choice to either keep drinking or invest in her recovery and learn how to stop. She went to AA because she was tired of being afraid of failing and it gave her a sense of community with people who were struggling with the same experiences as her. Holly created her company to put people instead of institutions at the center of the recovery process. She gathered all the different elements of recovery into one program. Historically, we used to believe that people suffering from addiction had lost the right to make decisions for themselves. The existing system often coerces people and takes away their choice instead of reminding people what they have forgotten. We help people by reminding them of things that they have forgotten, showing them the possibilities, and reminding them of the power that they have. Your hardest challenges are the ones that make you. They are the most fertile ground for growth that you can have. For Holly, being in recovery is part of her everyday life. She has to uphold the tenets of her recovery each day by doing the work and living as authentically as possible. Holly wrote her book not just for women, it’s meant for everyone because she wanted to change the conversation around alcohol. If we are talking about true liberation, we have to look at everything we are doing that is keeping us from our power. Everyone has something to be grateful for. Holly tries to practice gratitude for everything that comes her way because she knows it’s so easy to think we don’t need it. Learn to suffer. Suffering is not a mistake, the mistake is trying to cover it over with whatever you can. Holly’s friend Colleen gets her comeback story shoutout. Comeback stories are not just the before and after comparisons, they are also the stories of people who continue to stay with it and show up everyday. Holly’s life has been filled with ups and downs over the past 6 months and the one thing that has kept her centered has been meditation. She still resists meditation even a decade later but she still puts in the work because it’s worth the effort. You’re not trying to escape the cycle of substance abuse, you’re trying to have compassion for yourself. If you can love yourself, you change the way you treat yourself and won’t have to drink to escape your self-criticism. Mentioned in this Episode: jointempest.com


29 Apr 2021

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Author Holly Whitaker on forging her own path and why women struggle with alcohol use

Heart of the Matter

For the first episode of 2021, Elizabeth is joined by Holly Whitaker, author of Quit Like a Woman: The Radical Choice Not to Drink in a Culture Obsessed with Alcohol and founder and CEO of the online recovery program, The Tempest. In this interview, Holly and Elizabeth discuss their experiences as women coming to terms with the impact alcohol was having on their lives, how addiction is portrayed in the media, and their perspectives on the roads they took to finding recovery.To learn more about addiction treatment, visit drugfree.org/treatmentoptions. If you are seeking treatment for your child or a loved one, know that numerous options exist. Addiction treatment is not “one-size-fits-all” and may take place in a variety of settings, at different degrees of intensity and for different lengths of time. Partnership to End Addiction services and resources are here to help you navigate this system and identify the best options for your family. Information about providers and services on our website or podcast does not constitute an endorsement.Editor’s Note: The views and opinions expressed on Heart of the Matter are those of the podcast participants and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Partnership to End Addiction. We are also mindful that some of the personal stories feature the word “addict” and other terms from this list. We respect and understand those who choose to use certain terms to express themselves. However, we strive to use language that’s health-oriented, accurately reflects science, promotes evidence-based treatment and demonstrates respect and compassion. 


12 Jan 2021

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Ep 371: 'Quit Like A Woman' with Holly Whitaker, and Ireland makes the internet safer for women

Harriet Minter Presents: Badass Women’s Hour

With Dry January on the horizon, Holly Whitaker shares with Harriet her journey of ditching the booze from her new book "Quit Like A Woman". Plus find out how Irish law now protects women on the internet.Just before Christmas, Ireland passed a law that makes the internet safer for women. Hear from 3 women on how sexual harassment online can have a severe impact on women, and how Irish laws now make it illegal to film and distributing a sex tape without consent. Dr Cliona Saidlear (Exec Director of the Rape Crisis Network Ireland) explains the law and how it is protecting women now. Journalist Alexandra Ryan shares her experience when a personal moment was filmed and distributed unbeknownst to her. And Mandu Reid from The Women's Equality Party looks at how online sexual harassment can still be an issue.If you want to get in touch you can find us on all the socials under this name: @badasswomenshr and for more about the podcast head here: https://www.badasswomenshour.comFind out more about Holly Whitaker at: @holly on instagram, and quitlikeawoman.comEdited by Jamaal Babb for http://www.thepresentercoach.co.uk/See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


4 Jan 2021

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Holly Whitaker: Quit Like A Woman

Redesigning Life with Sabrina Soto

If you're sober curious or wondering how alcohol is affecting your life, this episode of Redesigning Life covers it all. Holly Whitaker is the author of QUIT LIKE A WOMAN and in this super honest conversation, we discuss her journey to sobriety and our society's perception on drinking.Holly's Blog:  HIP SOBRIETYHolly's book: QUIT LIKE A WOMANHolly's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hollyHow to: JOIN TEMPEST


18 Nov 2020

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225. Intention with Michelle Buteau and special guest Holly Whitaker

The Guilty Feminist

The Guilty FeministPresented by Deborah Frances-White and Michelle Buteau Episode 225: Intentionwith special guest Holly Whitaker Recorded 5 January 2020 at The Gramercy Theatre in New York. Released 26 October 2020. The Guilty Feminist theme by Mark Hodge and produced by Nick Sheldon. Watch Shirley from 30 October, in cinemas and on Curzon Home Cinema. Book tickets: https://bit.ly/31HrjWz Be Well Workshops. https://guiltyfeminist.com/be-well/ Deborah Frances-White Skills Booster. https://guiltyfeminist.com/skills-booster/ More about Deborah Frances-White http://deborahfrances-white.com https://twitter.com/DeborahFW https://www.virago.co.uk/the-guilty-feminist-book More about Michelle Buteau https://twitter.com/MichelleButeau http://michellebuteau.com More about Holly Whitaker https://twitter.com/HollyWhitaker https://twitter.com/jointempest https://www.jointempest.com https://www.penguinrandomhouse.ca/books/605025/quit-like-a-woman-by-holly-whitaker/9781984825056 For more information about this and other episodes… visit guiltyfeminist.com tweet us twitter.com/guiltfempod like our Facebook page facebook.com/guiltyfeminist check out our Instagram instagram.com/theguiltyfeminist or join our mailing list eepurl.com/bRfSPT Come to a live recording! 5 November at Kings Place in London, or watch the live stream. Tickets on sale now. 7 December Fifth Anniversary Special at Kings Place. Tickets on sale now. 24 March 2021 at The Eventim Apollo in London. Tickets on sale now. Thank you to our amazing Patreon supporters. To support the podcast yourself, go to https://www.patreon.com/guiltyfeminist


26 Oct 2020

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#45 – Holly Whitaker author of "Quit Like a Woman" & founder of Tempest

BRN Podcast: Buddhist Recovery Network

Holly Whitaker speaks on Tempest and what it means to create an inclusive online recovery program. Interview by Vimalasara Mason-John. https://www.jointempest.com/ https://www.buddhistrecovery.org/

1hr 8mins

3 Aug 2020

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230: Holly Whitaker: Quit Like a Woman & Sobriety

The Same 24 Hours

Holly Whitaker is the Founder + Editor-in-Chief of The Temper and Founder + CEO of the digital recovery platform, Tempest (formerly Hip Sobriety). She lives in Brooklyn with her cat Mary Katherine and she likes things.  ========================================  Get InnerU online coaching program from the Handel Group for 50% with code "SAME24HOURS75" by going to: bit.ly/0331-inneru ======================================== Follow Meredith & the Podcast on Social: Web: http://www.swimbikemom.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/swimbikemom Twitter: http://twitter.com/swimbikemom / https://twitter.com/thesame24hours Instagram: http://instagram.com/swimbikemom / https://instagram.com/same24hourspodcast.com ======================================== Request to Join the FREE Year Of No Nonsense Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/YearOfNoNonsense/ ======================================== Want to be a guest on the Show? Have a connection you'd like to make? Email us! same24hourspodcast@gmail.com ======================================== Credits: Host, Production & Hair Pulling: Meredith Atwood Audio Production: George Antonios Podcast Branding and Web: Moon40 Marketing Copyright 2020, All Rights Reserved, Meredith Atwood, LLC


1 Jul 2020