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Myths About Relationships and Breakups - From A Mindful Perspective with Amy Brown - Episode 17

Single On Purpose

Our culture perpetuates myths or misconceptions about relationships and breakups, such as relationships are good and breakups are bad. In this episode, Mindfulness and Meditation Coach, Amy Brown, addresses some of these myths from a mindful perspective. The episode ends with a brief mindful meditation.Amy Brown is a Meditation Teacher and Certified Mindfulness and Life Coach specializing in relationships. She works globally with individuals who are going through (or have been through) a break-up or divorce and want to navigate the process in a respectful, mindful and conscious way, so they can heal, move forward to new healthy relationships, and ultimately thrive.Her background is in psychology, communications, meditation, mindfulness and Pilates.She has taught and coached in physical and mental wellness for over 20 years. Connect with AmyWebsiteInstagramSingle on Purpose is created by The Angry Therapist, John Kim, who will also be in the rotation of experts. We are starting the podcast with 20 experts across the wellness space.Check out John's website and sign up for his daily life insights in text. It's daily mental health programming in your pocket. For more content, you can follow John on Instagram YouTube, and TikTok, for more self-help-related content. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


17 Nov 2022

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International Polymer Clay Association - Amy Brown President

The Handmade Mentor Podcast

Host Vanessa S. chats with Amy Brown, President of the International Polymer Clay Association.  In this episode, Amy introduces us to Polymer clay as an artisan and crafting medium.  We also discuss the organization, membership, and upcoming events.  The International Polymer Clay Association (IPCA) is a non-profit organization. The IPCA's objectives are to educate the public about polymer clay and to study and promote an interest in the use of polymer clay as an artistic medium.Resources mentioned by Amy: Polymer Week SocietyThe Blue Bottle TreeThank you so much for listening. I hope you have enjoyed this episode. A new episode is released weekly on Sundays. Also, make sure to stay in the KNOW by subscribing to our email and newsletter blasts, you will receive a FREE Download copy of The Branding Assessment Template for Non-Profits. Until next time....Vanessa S. Host


3 Oct 2022

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Lessons in Leadership & Entrepreneurship From A Woman's Perspective - Amy Brown

Straight Outta Health IT

Women Leaders & Influencers in Healthcare. Amy Brown has over 20 years of experience in the public and private sectors, working in healthcare, public relations, startup management, policy development, quality improvement, and insurance operations. She came by Straight Outta Health IT to share her knowledge not only as a health tech leader but as a businesswoman at the forefront of advancements in our industry. She recalls her work in the government and how she took a leap of faith in her entrepreneurial endeavors. She also reflects on being a woman working in Corporate America and how she climbed that ladder to finally get to the C-Suite positions. Amy shares a story in which, in a meeting, a comment was made implying that women were extremely emotional and they all had to take a break. Having emotions during a conversation is not about being male or female; it’s part of being a human being. Amy then explains her goals with Authenticx, not only internal but external as well. From creating a place where her employees can be their truest selves to helping their clients understand the needs of customers out there. The US healthcare system is broken comparing it to other wealthy countries that have a similar system, and Amy shares the results of a study made by the Commonwealth fund. To really drive improved health outcomes, you have to understand not just the clinical data. We also must understand the social and environmental aspects of human lives because those impact behaviors associated with healthcare. Amy shares that once the industry leaders acknowledge these factors, the industry will start to be better at delivering care. She also encourages people that have had the entrepreneurial call within themselves to trust that voice and take the leap of faith. Tune in to this wonderful episode with a powerful woman that is driving the industry forward!--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/christopher-kunney/support


6 Sep 2022

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S1 Ep5 Prof Amy Brown: Lockdown parenting, mental health and weighing babies in pet shops

Mother Bodies

Professor Amy Brown, child public health expert and author of Covid Babies, talks to journalist Rosie Taylor about the lasting impact of lockdown on parents, the unexpected joy of strangers cooing over your baby and why pet shops are not adequate substitutes for health visitor clinics...On the Mother Bodies podcast, Rosie is on a mission to find out why postnatal health is still so overlooked and to uncover the biases and inequalities which mean women so often don’t get the care, support or treatment they need after having a baby. She speaks to fascinating guests about their personal stories of recovery after birth, how the politics of postnatal health affects us all - and the big ideas which could change mothers' lives for the better.You can order Covid Babies or any of Amy's other books - and sign up to her newsletter - here. Follow her on Instagram @prof_amybrown, on Twitter @Prof_AmyBrown or join her Facebook community @breastfeedinguncovered.These organisations are good places to start if you're looking for mental health advice or support::: The Maternal Mental Health Alliance has a list of available services, including a link so you can search for local services by postcode.:: PaNDAS offers support for parents and families affected by postnatal depression.:: The Birth Trauma Association offers support and advice to people affect by birth trauma.www.motherbodies.comInsta: @motherbodiesTwitter: @motherbodies Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


29 Aug 2022

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Kicking Your ED Butt ft. Amy Brown

The Truthiest Life

Amy’s Eating Disorder, The struggles of aging therapy, “acting as if” as an exercise, and why Amy was *brilliant* (not crazy!) for going into the pool with all her clothes on.  You Need Therapy Podcast Episode about addiction: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/you-need-therapy/id1488275879?i=1000490316479 OUTWEIGH episode on “Acting As If”: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/outweigh/id1536469021?i=1000520774379 Follow Amy on Instagram: @radioamy The Truthiest Life on instagram @thetruthiestlife Host @Lisahayim To support TTL, subscribe, follow, or share episodes with family and friends who could benefit If you’re loving TTL, Please leave a review on Apple Podcasts https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-truthiest-life/id1535516122?uo=2 Edited by Houston Tilley Intro Jingle by Alyssa Chase aka @findyoursails See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


12 Aug 2022

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The Sam Skelly Show

Amy Brown is co-host of The Bobby Bones Show, iHeartMedia’s award-winning Country radio show. Broadcasting live from Nashville, the program reaches millions of listeners on nearly 140 stations in the U.S. and Canada… But she’s no stranger to pain. She’s faced some very difficult times in her life, but she emerged happier and more connected than ever before.  In this episode, Amy shares her secrets for living a joyful life in the face of adversity. She discusses the importance of intentional connection with friends and family and how to use difficult times as fuel for growth. She also offers tips on how to have a "YES Day" and live with more connection and joy – without resorting to toxic positivity. In this episode, Amy dives deeper on: The fear of intimacy and abandonment Eating disorder recovery, adoption, and parenthood Contemplating death to live life to the fullest Don't miss this inspiring episode! For full show notes, resources, and links: https://www.hungryforhappiness.com/episode-249 Now accepting applications for the next Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training! Go to https://www.pausebreathwork.com/ to apply today.  Get the Pause Breathwork App: https://pausebreathwork.com/app The Sam Skelly Show combines personal development, deep conversations, and comedy to shake up the way you connect with yourself and the world. Be sure to subscribe on Apple Podcasts, so you don't miss an episode!


10 Aug 2022

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Have the Episode You Need to Have with Amy Brown

You Need Therapy

Did you ever write a 10 page paper in college just to have your computer crash as you were clicking save? Well, we had the equivalent happen while recording this week's episode... 59 minutes of content (QUALITY CONTENT) gone in a fLaSh!! So, we are pivoting and using this space to practice asking the question, "What does this make possible." Listen to Kat and Amy Brown talk about how they are learning to make the best out of shitty situations! Follow Kat on Instagram: @Kat.Defatta Follow the podcast Instagram: @YouNeedTherapyPodcast Have a question, concern, guest idea, something else? Reach Kat at: Kathryn@youneedtherapyodcast.com Heard about Three Cords Therapy but don’t know what it is? Click here! Produced by: @HoustonTilleySee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


27 Jun 2022

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Voice Tech: How Well Are You Listening To Your Customers? (Amy Brown, Authenticx)

Faces of Digital Health

Voice could be called one of the exciting new avenues for medicine and healthcare: first, it is seen as a potential optimization tool, if we used voice tech instead of typing data into software. A few months ago, Julia Hoxha, the CEO of Zana explained how her European startup that provides healthcare organizations with the technology to design and to deploy their own chatbot and voice assistants. In the future, we might discover biomarkers in voice. After all, all the characteristics of voice - how loud or how quiet we speak, what tone do we use, how fast or slow we talk - all these characteristics probably have a correlation with something. But what about starting with something much simpler? Analysing voice recordings that already exist? US company Authenticx listens, analyzes, and activates customer voices. The AI-based software analyzes millions of conversations patients have with customer support agents through phone calls or emails. By analysing these conversations, it unveils recurring trends that healthcare organizations use to make informed, proactive decisions for improved workflows and care. In this discussion you will hear from Amy Brown, executive with 20 years of public and private sector experience in health care public relations, startup management, policy development, quality improvement and insurance operations. Enjoy the show and browse through other episodes on: facesofdigitalhealth.com 


28 Apr 2022

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Your Working Life with Jeff Ton and Amy Brown

Your Working Life with Caroline Dowd-Higgins

Jeff Ton and Amy Brown released an audio book first written by Jeff’s mom, Mary Ellen Ton about life lessons after a tragic fire.


28 Mar 2022

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Getting started in research, parental mental health & infant nutrition - with Prof Amy Brown

The Aspiring Psychologist Podcast

Show Notes for The Aspiring Psychologist Podcast Episode 16:  with Professor Amy BrownThank you for listening to the Aspiring Psychologist Podcast. Professor Amy Brown is a psychologist, author and researcher specialising in parenting mental health and infant nutrition. She has published 10 books and numerous research papers and is an all-round superstar. I will admit to fangirling all over her in this episode of the podcast! She gives tangible steps for getting started in research and lots of great insight to help you shape your understanding about parenting and the importance of understanding the relationships in early years. The Highlights: 00:29: Intro & Welcome: Marianne:2:00: Amy’s Background 03:46: Why Amy does what she does04:36: Marianne’s favourite book!05:39: Why Amy creates the books06:20: Marianne: Real world parenting!06:53: How Amy got started in research09:01: Amy: breastfeeding trauma11:53:Fitting research in round a young family13:03: Marianne: Life happens whilst you're waiting for your psychology career to start!13:53: Amy: Living the life shows the gaps in research15:30: Marianne: Feeding trauma and adult mental health16:23: Amy: Listening to women17:23: Feeding grief18:00: Marianne: The well-meaning invalidation by others18:44: Amy: Taking steps to get research done & persevering20:24: Marianne: Can anyone do research?20:43: Amy: Reaching out to academics to do research. 23:54: Amy’s parenting and feeding books28:46: New book alert! 30:00: How to connect with Amy. 31:11: Thank you and summary. 32:10: Connecting with Marianne33:09: Compassionate interview support sessions. Links: Amy’s website: https://professoramybrown.co.uk/Let’s Talk about the first year of parenting: https://amzn.to/3IDk7xrBreastfeeding Uncovered: https://amzn.to/3JK3t0d To check out The Clinical Psychologist Collective Book: https://amzn.to/3jOplx0To check out The Grief collective Book: https://amzn.to/3pmbz5tTo check out The Our Tricky Brain Kit: https://www.goodthinkingpsychology.co.uk/tricky-brainTo register for the upcoming free 5-day challenge: www.goodthinkingpsychology.co.uk/aspireConnect on Socials:LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/dr-marianne-trent-psychology Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GoodThinkingPsychologicalServices Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drmariannetrent/Twitter: https://twitter.com/GoodThinkingPs1 TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@drmariannetrent?lang=enYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/GoodThinkingPsychologicalServicesLike, Comment, Subscribe & get involved:If you enjoy the podcast, please do subscribe and rate and review episodes. If you'd like to learn how to record and submit your own audio testimonial to be included in future shows head to: https://www.goodthinkingpsychology.co.uk/podcast and click the blue request info button at the top of the page.


28 Mar 2022