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Episode 50: Megan Michelson & Mary Flo Ridley – Sex. How and when do we talk to our kids about it

Why is Everyone Yelling?

Megan Michelson & Mary Flo Ridley are on the podcast today! They teach us through a simple online course that give parents the tools and confidence to talk to their young kids about sex. Mary Flo has been doing this for over 30 years and Megan joined her team just a few years ago. They teach us to educate and empower our kids through building a foundation for future conversations to protect them from dangers on and offline and to have the power of the first impression. If you enjoyed this conversation, check out their online course for parents of kids ages 1-10. You can use the code “Lindsey20” for 20% off their online course here.  What we talked about: 4:25- How they each got involved in educating parents about talking with your children about sex 13:05- When to introduce the topic of sex with your kids 18:00- Bringing up the conversation with your children 25:30- Getting on the same page with your partner about how you will have these conversations 28:45- Becoming comfortable with having these conversations about sex with your kids 33:05- What to do if your child sees pornography 37:50- Appropriate ages to stop taking showers with your children and when your kids should stop bathing together 41:30- Conversations to have with your kids about body exploration 55:05- End of podcast questions Show notes: Good Pictures, Bad Pictures Jr. What God Has to Say About Our Bodies Birds & Bees Website Use the code “Lindsey20” for 20% off their course Connect with Us: Why is Everyone Yelling? on Instagram Join our Facebook Group Lindsey on Instagram Sponsors: Beam Use code “Lindsey15” for 15% off your order

14 Sep 2021

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Let’s Talk about Sex :: Mary Flo Ridley and Megan Michelson [Ep 328]

Don't Mom Alone Podcast

You asked and I’m so happy to have Mary Flo Ridley and Megan Michelson back to coach us on how to talk with our kids about the topic of sex. I love their approach which is explained in their online course called Birds and Bees. It’s all about having multiple conversations over the years with your kids instead of having one big TALK when they are older.  “What we want parents to do with the topic of sex is to not be afraid and be silenced, but to be equipped and have tools and phrases to say an age appropriate ways … They're drip by drip, by drip conversations, because it takes a lot for them to absorb this information.” Mary Flo and Megan take us through reasons why we should have conversations with our youngest kids about reproduction, birth and specific scientific terms for private areas. We chat about how to bring these topics up and answer questions that might make you nervous at first. It’s all about giving your kids accurate and honest information on this important topic. “I know when parents first hear about this they think, ‘I didn't want to talk to my kids about sex one time, why in the world, but I want to do this multiple times?’ But it's just so much easier to do it in bite size, age-appropriate phrases and conversations and soundbites because that's how things are digested and absorbed.” Connect with Birds & Bees:  Website:  https://birds-bees.com Facebook: facebook.com/birdsbeeshelpplease Instagram: @birds__bees Links Mentioned:   Birds & Bees Course New Birds & Bees Podcast Previous Podcasts with Birds & Bees: Ep 25: Birds and Bees? Oh, help me please :: Mary Flo Ridley  BONUS: When to Have “The Talk” :: Mary Flo Ridley Ep. 153 Birds and Bees (Continuing the Conversation) :: Mary Flo Ridley and Megan Michelson Ep 243: Preparing Now for Future Puberty and Masturbation Questions :: Megan Michelson and Mary Flo Ridley Featured Sponsors:  StoryWorth —Give your dad the most meaningful gift this Father’s Day with StoryWorth. Get started right away with no shipping required by going to StoryWorth.com/DMA to get $10 off your first purchase.  HelloFresh —Go to HelloFresh.com/dma12 and use the code: dma12 to get 12 free meals, including free shipping. 


24 May 2021

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Brave conversations with our kids Part 2: The birds and the bees with Mary Flo Ridley and Megan Michelson

Pardon the Mess with Cynthia Yanof

We’re kicking off week two of brave conversations we need to have with our kids, and it’s a doozie (or at least for me it is). I, for one, am particularly proud of myself for being brave enough to have a conversation around the birds and the bees in the confines of my home, much less on a podcast with all of you! Thankfully, Mary Flo Ridley and Megan Michelson speak into this topic biblically and quite practically—and I couldn’t be more grateful.  We cover everything from the hang-ups we have as parents when it comes to talking about sex with our kids, the importance of using correct anatomical technology (my bad), and shaping our family’s narrative in this important area before culture does it for us.  If you struggle to have conversations around this topic and need a little encouragement and practical wherewithal... I promise that today’s podcast is for you!  Check out there online course, Birds & Bees.


18 Mar 2021

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Talking to Your Kids about Sex with Megan Michelson

The Redemptive Parenting Podcast

Host Kristen Hatton visits with Megan Michelson, one of the Birds and Bees duo, on talking to our kids about sex and pornography. Megan recommends that the earlier we start the conversations the better. Key word- conversations,plural. No longer should we think about it as THE talk, but an ongoing and open dialogue that we have early and often. The idea is to establish ourselves as our children's primary and trustworthy source, as well as to demystify their curiousity that will own grow if left unspoken about. Furthermore, research shows first exposure to pornography happening at earlier and In the conversation Megan also addresses the fear many parents have surrounding the topic of sex because of their own sexual past. She also speaks to the parent who didn't start the conversation early, offering great tips on how to get started and hope to see it's not too late. For more about this conversation and the promo code to use on Birds & Bees online curriculum see the show notes at www.redemptiveparenting.org


11 May 2020

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Preparing Now for Future Puberty and Masturbation Questions Megan Michelson and Mary Flo Ridley Ep 243

Don't Mom Alone Podcast

Depending on your personal background with puberty, sex and the often avoided topic of masturbation, having open conversations with your kids on these topics may feel daunting. You may want to avoid it or get “the talk” over and done with as quickly as possible. Or maybe your kids are really young and you don’t want to think about it right now. My guests Mary Flo Ridley and Megan Michelson walk us through why starting early talking with our kids about body awareness and establishing our family story about sex is so important. “What we're trying to get rid of is this idea that this is a one-time conversation in parenting. The world that we are raising our kids in has changed so drastically that the way we as parents talk about sex has to change drastically as well. We can have multiple age appropriate conversations and a little-by-little approach where we establish a conversation pattern where we are the loving authority in our child's life on this topic.” They have great book recommendations and advice on talking with your pediatrician so you know when puberty is imminent for each child. We cover ways to pursue conversations with your kids and how to talk to them calmly without overreacting. Finally, we dive into the deeper waters of talking to your older children about masturbation, dealing with our emotional baggage when it comes to sex and how to strike the difficult balance of teaching what is normal and beneficial. “We're hearing from a lot of youth ministers and pastors that work with college kids that this is an epidemic of a great addiction. So there needs to be more of a warning of how this is normal, but not beneficial. That why it's such a difficult topic. You can say, yes, honey, this is absolutely normal. You're learning about your body and how it works, but it can become a habit of comfort. And if this is where you go when you're upset or when you're angry, if this is how you comfort yourself, then this is not beneficial to you in your future.”


14 Apr 2019

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057: Megan Michelson

Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

I am so thrilled to have Megan Michelson with me on Thriving Beyond Belief today! Megan is involved in a ministry with Mary Flow Ridley called The Birds and the Bees. It began as a message geared towards parents having intentional conversations with their children about sexuality. It turned into a ministry that helps parents strategically talk with their children several times throughout childhood and adolescence about sex without a fearful approach. I love that Megan discusses that having these conversations as loving authorities in our children's lives is so important. The world is constantly shouting about these topics at children from a younger age, and rather than cowering away from it, parents should be the Godly truth resonating back. We discuss finding the balance between seeing sex as something that is dirty and not discussed until marriage to the way the world works, which is that sexual intimacy is a consumerist activity. Mary goes into biblical truth that intimacy is a beautiful thing that God intentionally made, but is set with boundaries. We can find freedom in the boundaries, seeing that God is wanting the best for each of us, and that is why there are rules set in place for us. Mary gives some practical tips to finding your voice about these conversations you want to have with your children, including some guidelines for ages for these talks. She also goes over how to handle hurdles that may come from being intentional about these discussions and some boundaries you can set with them. Why Megan loves being a part of this ministry is because she feels passionately about equipping and empowering parents to help their children have a healthy understanding of sex. This is a continual part of our lives, and thus it needs to be an important topic in our homes. The Birds and the Bees ministry is set up to be something that helps these conversations not be so uncomfortable. These talks can no longer be taboo because the world is feeding children so many lies about sex. She also talks about the fact that these discussions will also help spouses communicate. Megan finally talks about that if sex is a hard topic because of your past or because your marriage is at a particular hard place, seek help. Reach out and see if there is someone who can professionally talk with you in a biblical way that will help mend this area of your life. I absolutely loved having Megan on today, and hope you take away valuable insight from this episode. You won't want to miss it!


17 Oct 2018

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Interview: Megan Michelson, freelance writer and outdoorswoman

Women Who Dare

Megan Michelson is a freelance writer, with bylines in such notable publications as Outside Magazine, ESPN, and Men's Journal. Kerry interviewed Megan at her home in Tahoe City, just before leaving on the Women Who Dare ride. They spoke about Megan's path into journalism and how to honor a subject while still telling a compelling story. For more about Megan and a link to her work, head to http://kerrygross.com/interview-megan-michelson/. Interview recorded April 17, 2017.


5 Mar 2018

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Birds and Bees: how to have the sex talk with young kids Part 1: Megan Michelson: 72

Mom Inspired Show with Amber Sandberg

Hey you guys, so I wanted to re-run this episode from last year for two reasons. First, I keep hearing moms ask about "when do we talk to our kids about sex?" So, if you missed last year's episode with Megan, then you can tune in right here to find out what she has to say about sharing information with our kiddos regarding sex and when is it too early? If you did hear this episode last year, then this is a great refresher. Secondly, next week I will have Mary Flo on from Birds and Bees, she works together with Megan. We will be discussing the transition from talking to a young child to talking to older kids about complicated things. Also, how to bring our conversation up to speed if we haven't talked to our elementary aged kids yet about sex. Mary Flo will also be discussing pornography and how easy it is for our kids to access it. So you won't want to miss next week's episode if you have school aged kids.I really hope that the show leaves you inspired and encouraged to be able to talk to your kids about the birds and the bees.Let's go to the show!Please join me over at:http://mominspiredshow.com/Mom Inspired Show FB private group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1914057102156252/Guest Contact Info:www.birds-bees.comFacebook  www.facebook.com/birdsbeeshelpplease/Instagram www.instagram.com/birds__bees


27 Feb 2018

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30: How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex with Megan Michelson from Birds and Bees

Mom Inspired Show with Amber Sandberg

This week's topic is going to make you really excited or really nervous. We have Megan from the Birds & the Bees on today. We talk about when is the best time to talk to your kids about sex, and what kind of message do you want to have around sex.Megan hopes to leave parents more confident and less overwhelmed to talk about sex with their kids. Also how to ease into this subject and not just dropping the bomb on them at age 12 or 13 when they have already heard about sex through their friends, online or TV.  She emphasizes that they need to hear our voice, and that we  speak into our kids lives.I really hope that the show leaves you inspired and encouraged to be able to talk to your kids about the birds and the bees.Let's go to the show!www.birds-bees.comFacebook  www.facebook.com/birdsbeeshelpplease/Instagram www.instagram.com/birds__bees


9 May 2017