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97. Moving through pain with Dr. Grove Higgins

Real Value Exchange Podcast with Joe Lemon

Today's episode is sponsored by Sales Culture with special guest with Dr. Grove Higgins!He's the Chiropractor, Biomechanics Expert, and Medical Director at NEUROATHLETE Clinic based out of Monument, Colorado. EnjoyLet's ConnectConnect Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joealexlemon/Connect LinkedIn Sales Culture Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sales-cultureDo you struggle to come up with original topics for content?  Building a Demand Gen Machine with PODCASTING for Free, in just 30 minutes per week! Email us to learn more at info@salesculture.work or visit us at www.SalesCulture.work


30 May 2020

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Episode 2: Dr. Grove Higgins - Neuroathlete

Recovery Lab

Today's episode is sponsored by Elvation Medical with special guest with Dr. Grove Higgins! He's the Chiropractor, Biomechanics Expert, and Medical Director at NEUROATHLETE Clinic based out of Monument, Colorado.  Enjoy ELvation Medical Sponsor: www.ELvationUSA.com Contact ELvation Medical Instagram: http://bit.ly/2jkYr0B Facebook: https://bit.ly/3coZpBP Youtube: http://bit.ly/2WcD1Ud


26 May 2020

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Dr. Grove Higgins, Chiropractor, Rehabilitationist, Soft Tissue Injury Expert

Your Best Lifestyles

Great interview with Dr. Higgins on joint health, the importance of stretching, arthritis, joint pain, PTSD, COVID-19 and it's effects on our military professionals, clinical professionals on the front lines, his non-profit organization called Lifequest Transitions, neurological and physical skills to increase performance, his MedFit webinars in the MedFit Classroom . Five Joints. Exploration Of Joints and their Holistic Relationship With The Body and more!Listen In!www.yourbestlifestyles.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/yourbestlifestyles/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/yourbestlifestyles/support

1hr 17mins

25 Apr 2020

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The Pain And Brain Connection: How Your Body Can Heal Itself With Dr. Grove Higgins And Pat Marques

Adventures in Health

Pain and the brain are directly connected to each other. In this episode, two experts share insights on how our discomfort caused by pain all resides in our brain. Dr. Grove Higgins and Pat Marques from NeuroAthlete talk how our body knowingly and unknowingly develops and experiences pain, and how we can chase these problems away through a holistic healing approach. Listen to this informative discussion about your nervous system’s threat bucket, stress and tension, chronic pain, and their incredible approach to accelerate healing and giving the body the resources it craves to do what it’s naturally built to do. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join the Adventures in Health Community today: adventuresinhealth.tv Adventure in Health Facebook Adventures in Health YouTube Adventures in Health Instagram


4 Nov 2019

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How to Improve Performance and What Performance Is With Dr. Grove Higgins.

Under Ten Fitness Talk Show

Performance is the word of the day. Performance can mean different things to different people and today we discuss what performance means to you and your body. It all comes back to efficiency, when you are performing well you’re highly efficient. There are five elements of efficiency – No Pain. Breathing. Posture. Precision. Relax. Now let’s break each one down a little more. No Pain – This means that you’re able to move without any pain. A body that is performing well doesn’t hurt or struggle and when you feel pain that means something has failed. Joints are hugely important and when they move well the muscles associated with those joints move well. Pain will cause you to limit your range of motion and develop poor movement patterns. To help eliminate pain practice “quality of movement” and “body weight work.” Learn to move without any pain and then think about adding weight. Start slow with a shorter range of motion and add it in slowly.    Breathing – Breathing drives movement and it should lead movement. Your breath should be the first thing you consider. Holding your breath can build tension and limit your movement. Learning to breath will greatly improve your performance. Also breathing can help your stress levels and blood pressure go down.   Precision – This means you hit the target. Are you moving the muscles that need to move in order to complete the task at hand? If you’re doing a bench press you want to make sure the chest muscles and arm muscles are the ones that are doing most of the work. If you feel it in your face and neck when you bench press, then you might not be moving with precision.   Posture – The spine is an energy transfer area so having it inline is paramount for connecting every movement. Good posture is as upright and dynamic as possible, meaning your head is above your shoulders and you’re mobile. Good posture leads to flexibility and good effective motion.      Relax – Only exert as much effort/force as you need and nothing more. When you put it all together you shouldn’t be working harder than you need to. Don’t waste energy tightening every muscle in your body and screaming to do a bicep curl. Relax, breath, move which muscles need to perform the movement and only tighten the muscles involved.   To Learn more visit Dr. Grove at CSHPR.com Email: drew@undertenfitness.com Twitter: @undertenfitness Facebook: undertenfitness Instagram: undertenfitness And as always remember – Stay Motivated! Drew Smith


26 Jul 2016