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Fiona Joy Hawkins

Living Music

Australian composer, pianist and singer Fiona Joy Hawkins says that music is a universal language that connects us without prejudice, it speaks to us all equally, yet is received with great variation. In this podcast, you can hear Fiona talk with Rob about her 2013 album 600 Years in a Moment. Fiona Joy Hawkins


5 Oct 2021

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Dissecting the GMB Panel (Joy Hawkins and Jason Barnard)

With Jason Barnard...

Joy Hawkins talks with Jason Barnard about dissecting the GMB panel.Joy Hawkins is the owner of the Local Search Forum, LocalU, and Sterling Sky, a Local SEO agency in Canada & the USA. She writes for Search Engine Land and is a widely known Local Search speaker and has spoken at dozens of Local SEO conferences over the years.Google My Business panels are ever-increasingly important to the success of local businesses since Google local search is the dominant trusted source customers look at before visiting bricks-and-mortar businesses. Keeping it up-to-date is the minimum investment for local SEO, and managing the ever-expanding range of information it shows is the next step up if you want to increase foot traffic to your store :)But how much control and influence do we have on our own GMB panels? Jason Barnard quizzes the delightful Joy Hawkins as she walks us through the local knowledge panels of several different business types to know which information and features we can control, which we can influence and which are off-limits!They cover dozens of GMB items, from the most common (reviews, primary category, opening hours…) to the less obvious (descriptions, popular times, events, new features added recently because of health restrictions, Q&A…) and even delve into GMB as part of Google’s role as an assistive engine.Joy also gives Jason a free consultation on the images he’d like to rectify on his GMB panel ;) This is a super groovy chat. And if you’re a local SEO or a local business owner, you'll be glad you listened.What you'll learn from Joy Hawkins00:00 Joy Hawkins and Jason Barnard01:01 International Brand SERP for Joy Hawkins03:33 Dissecting Oxford Cheese Co’s GMB Panel04:40 Selecting a specific primary category and generic categories in GMB08:09 Evolving GMB attributes caused by Covid restrictions13:41 Popular times - where does the data come from?14:44 3 visible reviews in GMB rarely change17:13 How much GMB control does Google give restaurants?23:33 Why are doctors' GMB panels so sparse?24:42 Can a local business owner post a question and answer it themselves?25:28 Google as an assistive engine26:08 Setting the reservation button and business hours29:05 Adventure Land have a hybrid GMB / Knowledge panel 31:21 Why Google shows Jason’s photo instead of Kalicube’s logo on its GMB?35:07 GMB posts and events: Does it show up anywhere?This episode was recorded live on video September 7th 2021Recorded live at Kalicube Tuesdays (Digital Marketing Livestream Event Series). Watch the video now>>


9 Sep 2021

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Joy Hawkins On Google Local Trends

HighLevel Spotlight Sessions

In this episode, we speak with local SEO legend Joy Hawkins about:  💥 Mastering organic and GMB    💥Lead ads for Google Ads   💥 Reviews on Google   💥 Impact of images on your ranking   💥 User generator images   


3 Jun 2021

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Ultimate Google My Business Q&A Session with Joy Hawkins

Local Marketing Institute Podcast

It's not often you get THREE platinum level Google My Business product experts in a single session, but today you're in luck. Joy Hawkins, President of Sterling Sky, joins Jason Brown and Ben Fisher to answer any questions you have about Google My Business.This Week's Updates and QuestionsResults of test on whether GMB identity attributes impact rankings.Increase in GMB listings disappearing from dashboards.Is it possible to reach 100% business profile completion and what’s the secret?Where are the changes in GMB listings coming from?How do you merge two GMB listings?Does sharing a GMB post to other social media help Google rankings?Should you create a GMB website?Does geo stacking help or hurt your Google ranking?How do you handle a string of one star reviews?How should I best respond to a negative review?Can you update the “Located In” section of a GMB listing?Using home address or PO Box on website for service area business.Are there certain events on non-owned property that can be verified as a GMB listing?Can franchises create their own GMB listing?Do local links have an impact on rankings?Best practice for GMB shortnames.Are citation building services worth it?Why do extra categories in GMB disappear?What factors go into Google marking a review as most relevant?Can negative reviews due to Covid or other current events be appealed?Why are there so many bugs in GMB?Are CTR and other gray tactics worth it?How to get access to reports if previous GMB administrator left?Are emojis against GMB listing guidelines?How would someone know if they have a hard or soft suspension?Links mentioned in this session are available on our website at https://localmarketinginstitute.com


28 Apr 2021

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🍺🔍 Suds and Search 53 | Joy Hawkins, Owner of Sterling Sky, LocalU, and the Local Search Forum

Suds & Search | Interviews With Today's Search Marketing Experts

My guest on this episode of Suds & Search is Joy Hawkins. Joy is the Owner and Founder of Sterling Sky. She is one of, if not the, most recognizable Local SEO personalities in the world. It’s hard for me to think of anything in Local SEO that Joy isn’t at least somewhat involved in.She has spoken at every major Local SEO conference… most of them multiple times. A shortlist of places you might’ve heard Joy present includes Mozcon Local, SMX, Pubcon, and Whitespark’s Local Search Summit.She is the owner of LocalU, the most important conference series for Local SEOs in the world. LocalU is more than just a conference series though. The Local U website a go-to destination for Local SEOs looking to level up their Local SEO knowledge by reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and following their newsletter.Joy is also one of the most important bloggers in Local SEO. You can read her column at Search Engine Land. She frequently publishes content over at Local U and on the Sterling Sky company blog. I’m going to ask her a few questions about a Whiteboard Friday she did for Moz back in October about what Local SEO tactics improve rankings and which do not.In addition to her responsibilities at Sterling Sky, Joy is involved with two important forums. She is a Platinum Google Product Expert at the Google My Business forum and she is the owner of the Local Search Forum. I’ll start our conversation by asking her about her involvement in both of those important forums.Joy has assembled an all-star team of digital marketers over at Sterling Sky. In 2020, BrightLocal nicknamed her staff the “Sterling Sky dream team.” Carrie Hill, Mary Bowling, Colan Nielsen, and Brian Barwig are just a few of Joy’s impressive teammates. I’m going to ask her what it’s like leading this talented team of professionals.Grab something cold to drink and join me for a conversation with Joy Hawkins. We’ll talk about why it’s harder than you might think for Google to clean up GMB spam, what factors on GMB actually improve rankings, and we’ll spend a little time talking about the board game Dominion.Listen to Suds & Search Podcasts:Google Podcast:https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9teXNvdW5kd2lzZS5jb20vcnNzLzE1OTUzNTQ3MjgwNTZzApple Podcast:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/suds-search-interviews-todays-search-marketing-experts/id1526688363Spotify Podcast:https://open.spotify.com/show/5ALxRpeDgIvg63bK6eoUTeSearchLab1801 W Belle PlaineSuite 107Chicago, IL 60613(312) 256-1574Catch SearchLab on these platforms:https://www.linkedin.com/company/searchlabdigital/ https://www.facebook.com/SearchLabDigital https://twitter.com/SearchLabAgency https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3kf-yP3bwhI6YvFFeKfegASuds and Search Video Serieshttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqSrUsIw8Jit8A6IwPpFw7IPKuuyGF0IiLocal Search Tuesdays Video Serieshttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqSrUsIw8JiuxY0eDWZr7Us_WgNNP-GDnSubscribe to Suds & Search | Interviews With Today's Search Marketing Experts on Soundwise


11 Mar 2021

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Episode 531: Fiona Joy Hawkins

The Best Ever You Show

Fiona Joy Hawkins is a mainstream Composer/Pianist/Vocalist with an international following, whom she greets weekly with pandemic-inspired, live-streamed concerts. The event’s growing success might be attributable to a combination of her musical talent, a love for her fans, and her disarming Aussie humour. Her latest album is Moving Through Worlds, produced by Will Ackerman (founder, Windham Hill Records) and Tom Eaton, for her own label, Little Hartley Music. A prolific composer, she has always been The world has rewarded the music with over 100 awards and nominations. Her song ‘Grace’ was on a GRAMMY® winning album in 2014. In 2016, she won two categories of the Independent Music Awards at Lincoln Centre in New York; since 2008’s Blue Dream, several albums have won Best Piano Album by global radio chart, The ZMR Awards in creating music that evokes images, emotions and tells stories. When she is not touring around the world at venues like NYC’s Carnegie Hall/Weill Hall, the New Orleans Jazz Museum, Sydney Opera House (MusicOz Awards), and China’s most stunning concert halls, she escapes to her home in a small village of 1027 people in NSW Australia. Her most memorable events include playing live on Echoes/PRI Radio, accompanying Deepak Chopra in NYC, giving a concert for the Mason and Hamlin Piano Festival in LA, Sydney Women’s International Jazz Festival, and playing with FLOW at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles.Websites: fionajoy.com and flowthegroup.com

1hr 4mins

9 Nov 2020

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Local SEO with Joy Hawkins

Lawyer Mastermind Podcast

Joy Hawkins is the founder and owner of  Sterling Sky. She has been working in the Local SEO industry since 2006 and loves being a Google Top Contributor. She also loves spending time managing Google Ads accounts and has been certified in both Google Search & Display. She is also a speaker at various search engine marketing conferences such as SMX & LocalU, Pubcon & Mozcon.In this episode, Hawkins talks to Casey Meraz about how law firms can use Local SEO to gain more visibility and clients for their business.Make sure to listen to the episode and follow us on social media.Read the full transcript on our website here.This Podcast is sponsored by Juris Digital


29 Sep 2020

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Fiona Joy Hawkins - Healing Through Music In Isolation

Voice Rising

Fiona Joy Hawkins – Healing Through Music In IsolationAired Monday, September 28, 2020 at 11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM GMT / 8:00 PM CETMusic is a universal language. It connects us without prejudice. Music gives us hope and lifts our spirits. Join Voice Visionary Kara Johnstad and Fiona Joy Hawkins, a contemporary classical pianist/composer in a heartfelt conversation on music and healing. Learn how music supports us during this global pandemic. How we can stay in balance and at ease through listening. And discover what role music plays in connecting us to other worlds, including that of our ancestors.To connect with Fiona Joy Hawkins go to – https://fionajoy.com/To get in touch with Kara go to http://www.karajohnstad.com/Visit the Voice Rising show page https://omtimes.com/iom/shows/voice-rising/#FionaJoyHawkins #Healing #Music #VoiceRising #KaraJohnstad


29 Sep 2020

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Fiona Joy Hawkins

Stories of Inspiring Joy

Fiona Joy Hawkins is a mainstream Composer/Pianist/Vocalist with an international following, whom she greets weekly with pandemic-inspired, live-streamed concerts. In today’s episode, Fiona shares her journey finding music, and the role of the piano in shaping her life. When Fiona was diagnosed with Tourette’s, she realized that it’s often our weaknesses that give us strength. Having Tourette’s taught her about life, and it made her stronger. The piano, and music, became her best friend and comfort. Fiona believes that music is a gift from another world, from ancestors of the past communicating to inspire and give us hope. As Fiona shares, music is a universal language that connects us, speaks to us equally, and yet it’s received by all differently. Fiona’s wish is to open more hearts to the power of music. To learn more about Fiona and her work visit her website fionajoy.com and flowthegroup.com and on Facebook @fionajoyhawkinsmusic Instagram @fionajoymusic & Twitter @fionajoymusic and her videos on YouTube here Stories of Inspiring Joy is a production of Seek The Joy Media and created by Sydney Weiss. To learn more and submit your story, visit www.storiesofinspiringjoy.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/sydney-weiss/message


7 Sep 2020

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The Current State of Local SEO with Joy Hawkins

Agency Ahead by Traject

If you're in the Local SEO sphere at all, then Joy Hawkins probably needs no introduction. She's the "Queen of Local" and the CEO and Founder of Sterling Sky, one of the most renowned local SEO agencies in the industry. She's also a Google Product Expert, owns Local U, and owns the Local Search Forum.She's even hired quite a few other experts such as Colan Nielsen, Carrie Hill, and Mary Bowling, who now work with her to deliver the best possible local SEO experience to their clients. In short, if you've ever had any question about local SEO she's the one to ask. Garrett, of course, had plenty of questions to ask on today's podcast.The highlights: [1:37] The state of local search. [2:49] Selling local SEO to businesses. [4:58] Choosing which services to offer. [5:54] Link building. [8:13] The state of reputation management. [9:56] Getting reviews removed. [13:16] Getting reviewers to add more text. [14:40] Experimentation in the local SEO sphere. [17:00] Joy's causes. The insights:The State of Local SearchJoy says that local SEO is still a neglected part of the SEO community as a whole. "One example of that would be at MozCon this year, which I feel like is one of the well-known industry conferences that encompasses all of SEO. I was the only speaker that talked about local search."You can view Joy's MozCon presentation slideshow here.She says she felt a lot of pressure thanks to being the only one, but, "that's pretty much what we normally experience in local SEO. We're a small part of the big community."Garrett was surprised to hear it because if you're a local business with a physical presence, local SEO is pretty much the most important part of an SMB's marketing strategy.Selling Local SEO to businessesMost of Sterling Sky's leads are inbound these days, but Joy certainly remembers the cold call days.  "The biggest thing I used to do is take people to Google. If I could get them on the phone and say, pull up Google on your phone, computer, whatever, and search blah blah blah like 'restaurant Chicago,' whatever your term is, often that alone was kind of enough to get them on the idea of: why am I not here? I should be here. And they'd see their competitors. It's like getting the visual there."She notes one advantage that modern local SEO agencies have that early local SEO agencies didn't necessarily have. "These days you don't have to tell people why Google is important. Hopefully." She also wanted to dispel the myth that you don't need a website to use local SEO, and that GMB is enough. "You definitely need a website. There are some industries you can survive without one because none of your competitors have one, and some websites are awful. But if you're spending money on SEO you need a website. Those two go hand-in-hand." How Local SEO agencies can choose which services to offerThere are of course myriad tactical services that can be implemented as part of a solid local SEO strategy. Yet Joy pinpointed a single service that seems to "move the needle" more than any other."The thing I see that's in the highest demand, that you can charge the most for, is link building. I want to clarify I'm not talking about citations. Getting a listing on Yelp is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the links your competitors don't have."Then Joy talked a little about some of the link building strategies, campaigns, and methods she's seen working. "When COVID first started a lot of radio stations were listing businesses on their websites. One of my link builders picked up on that. We were like, holy crap, this is amazing. So we went and basically scanned through some advanced search operations in Google, all these different radio stations in various cities our clients were in. We got so many links for clients by doing that. That obviously doesn't work anymore. It got kind of exhausted. I'm sure these radio stations might not have realized there was such a thing as an SEO community. They're probably aware now."It's a good point, that often link building strategies come and go quickly because they get exhausted and overrun by members of the SEO community.Of course, some don't, because they're harder. Like getting linked in local publications.  "It's a matter of reach. You've gotta develop relationships and not be spammy when you do the outreach and stuff. There's definitely a skill to it."She says you should look for certain qualities when you hire someone to do the job. "You definitely need somebody that's good at sales, that likes talking to people, and who is motivated by link building. Because honestly if it bores the person, they're not going to do very well with it."The State of Reputation ManagementJoy says COVID is making reputation management even tougher. She pointed to a recent GatherUp article about major brands experiencing ratings drops over mask policies.You can read the full article here. "Whenever you have a high-stress world you're going to get more of those negative people upset about whatever it is you're trying to do," says Joy. She also notes Google is in a tough spot right now. "Because they've ultimately got to decide whether these reviews are actually okay. For example, where's the line with racial [reviews]? Some of the stuff with the Black Lives Matter movement. Is that okay to be referenced in reviews? Is that racial? Are you going to remove those? I don't want to be them."Getting Google reviews removed Sterling Sky constantly flags and reports negative reviews for their clients that violate the review guidelines. So Garrett asked about Sterling Sky's process, and what they recommend for businesses when they have a review they don't like, and how Joy responds to business owners when Google says, "No, this doesn't break the terms and conditions."Joy says the only way to get a really good grasp on what Google will act on is "to just do it a ton."Want to try to get a review removed? "If you think there's even a shot, flag the review. You never know, right?"  She relays a story of telling a client that she didn't think she could get a certain review removed, only for Google to do it. She notes they've had tons of cases like that. "After you flag it, if it's not gone in three days, you can contact support. Right now the only way to contact GMB support is via email. There's a link to a forum you can submit. And if that doesn't work, you can post on the Google My Business forum if you're convinced."She says sometimes, though, there's not much that can be done. "There was one guy I was helping this week who had an onslaught of like 20 negative reviews, all within the last couple of weeks, one after the other, but none of the reviews had text in them. They're one-star ratings, no text. But it's blatantly obvious they're fake. This is not natural, he wasn't getting these before, and the fact that they're spread out so perfectly and none of them have any text, but Google refused to remove them."She says she feels this is a flaw in Google's guidelines, failing to act on ratings without text. "There's nothing they can use to say it's against the guidelines, but that's one case where I escalated it and pushed back."Getting Reviewers to Add More TextJoy says prompting people in an email, asking for reviewers to give feedback on specific things directly, doesn't work for the team at Sterling Sky. They've tested it, and it didn't appear to work when they did. "I think at the end of the day people are just really rushed," she says. "I saw a comedian actually talk about how much people are asked for feedback on a constant basis. It's kind of like overload these days. It's another struggle.  People are literally getting bombarded by every company to leave feedback. There's only so much time in the day."She says the method you use and the personalization behind it are going to help your success rate more than just adding in some text.Joy says she spends several hours a month testing different theories like this. "We wanna find new tactics. Some of them we share and some we don't. Sometimes we discover something and we're like, ooh, this is good. And nobody knows. So I really encourage agencies to do that themselves. Know that the people who are writing and publishing aren't publishing everything. Nobody publishes everything. And there's a lot of bad information out there, too. It's always important to do your own experimentation." What’s your right now cause?Sterling Sky is connected with an organization called I Live Again Uganda. It's an African-run organization that helps people who have PTSD from the Ugandan Civil War. You don't even have to donate to it directly to support it, at least, not if you're going to Local U. "The proceeds from our upcoming Local U event, which is happening online in November, will be donated to that organization." Yet she also does encourage listeners to look into the organization to see if it's something they want to get more involved with themselves as well.Connect with Joy HawkinsWant to connect with Joy? Find her on Twitter or the Local Search Forums. Website: SterlingSky.ca Local Search Forums Twitter LinkedIn


24 Aug 2020