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523 - The Magic of Consistency with Dean Dwyer

Get-Fit Guy's Quick and Dirty Tips to Get Moving and Shape Up

Consistency is undoubtedly the most important component in achieving and maintaining your health and fitness goals. Get-Fit Guy invited author and educator Dean Dwyer on the podcast to teach us his magic formula to achieve what he calls a "successful body." Read the transcript. Check out all the Quick and Dirty Tips shows. Subscribe to the newsletter for regular updates. Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. Links: https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/health-fitness/exercise/magic-of-consistency-dean-dwyer https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/podcasts https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/subscribe https://www.facebook.com/GetFitGuy https://twitter.com/GetFitGuy


23 Feb 2021

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Exploring Awesome - Building Your Successful Body w/ Author, Dean Dwyer

Exploring Awesome w/ Hypnotist Jim Kellner

Dean's Bio: At 53 I weighed 195lbs. At 54 I had lost 40lbs and achieved 10% body fat. At 55 I have sustained my success doing only 10 minutes of training a day. Now I teach others how to build their version of a highly successful body and life by focusing on the two key components that transformed my body and life: adopting new empowering mindsets and investing in a handful of vital behaviours that create an avalanche of change. https://www.DeanDwyer.comYour host, Jim Kellner - Speaker | Author | Hypnotist | Coach, has helped thousands of people experience the power of their mind through Comedy Hypnosis Shows, Hypnotherapy, and transformational speaking. - Facebook.com - JimKellnerHypnotist.com/free-hypnosis


13 Nov 2020

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208: The Mindset Miracle with Dean Dwyer

The Dance Of Life Podcast with Tudor Alexander

Join me on today's interview with fitness and mindset expert Dean Dwyer! Dean shares his story of transformation and we hit on many awesome golden nuggets about aging and maintaining vibrant health, how to create new habits and stick to them, why people fail in maintaining new habits and some of the biggest lessons he's learned in his work in the health and fitness space. Dean also shares his Successsful Body Protocol and Scorecard for success - the 10 vital habits that are non-negotiable for him every day. It's an exciting and super valuable conversation for anyone looking to uplevel their habits and discipline, and I can't wait to hear what you think about it.

1hr 11mins

18 Sep 2020

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1651: Dean Dwyer On Mindset Training For Creating The Successful Body (Even The Second Time!)

The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

Mindset specialist Dean Dwyer is our special interview guest on Episode 1651 of The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show. “There’s a tendency to just do ‘stuff’. Ultimately I stopped doing things that gave me success.” - Dean Dwyer Dean Dwyer teaches people how to be build successful bodies by learning how to manage their mindsets, emotions, and behaviors so they can lose the weight, meds, and shame forever. Listen in today as Jimmy talks with Dean about Dean’s history with the Paleo community, his book Shift Happens, Dean’s journey to health, the stumbling blocks he’s come across on his journey, getting away from the things that actually worked for him, the value of logging, treating himself and the dangers of letting that get out of control, and so MUCH MORE! Connect with Dean online at: Website → www.deandwyer.com. Instagram → https://www.instagram.com/iamdeandwyer/ Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/pg/thesuccessfulbody

1hr 8mins

17 Jun 2020

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014 – 10 Questions To Ask Yourself When Starting An Online Course With Dean Dwyer

The Online Course Show

Jacques and Dean go over the 10 questions you should ask yourself when starting and online course.

1hr 37mins

11 Aug 2017

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Dean Dwyer on Habits, Consistency and the Power of Walking - Ep. 4

Redefining Reality with Bryan Hardy

Dean Dwyer on Habits, Consistency and the Power of Walking - Ep. 4This is a conversation I had with new friend and fellow Torontonian Dean Dwyer.Dean broke out from the traditional job world where he was a teacher for many years and became quite successful with through his health and lifestyle blog (BeingPrimal) back when paleo and primal / low carb was really kicking off (2012 ish).He then wrote a couple books, hosted a bunch of podcasts, then recently took a year off from online before gearing up to launch his new show which you can find at www.deandwyer.comwe talk habits, walking, journaling and a bunch of other interesting and related stuff.Show notes and blog post can be found here:http://bryanhardy.ca/deandwyer/ Opening / Closing Song: Dinner Party by Nahko and Medicine for the PeopleI hope you enjoy it and keep #RedefiningReality

1hr 16mins

2 Oct 2016

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NSTAGU 73: We Make Shift Happen with our Special Guest Dean Dwyer

No Such Thing As Grown Ups

We have a very special guest with us this week, you've heard Tara talk about him before and now she's stalked him into tell us all his secrets it's author, podcaster and lifestyle guru DEAN DWYER! He is the author of Make SHI(f)T Happen and we spend the hour being reinspired and motivated to make shift happen in our lives and we hope you will too! We offer more proof-Dean himself-as a living breathing NGU that maybe we can follow or at least steal from on our own journeys through life sans grown ups. we talk about overcoming employee mind set and the art of being yourself! Join us for all this and more! Tell your friends & tell your hot Mom!-There's no such thing as grown ups.com! Become our Patron on PATREON for exclusive BONUS Aftershows, Skits, Videos & Comics!  Music by Brad Sucks 

1hr 27mins

23 Mar 2015

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SNR #14: Dean Dwyer - Why you're not making progress & how to set yourself up for success

Sigma Nutrition Radio

on the show by Canada's resident "shift disturber", Dean Dwyer. On the show Dean talks about why people don't achieve their goals, how to become more consistent and why failure is inevitable.

1hr 11mins

1 Jul 2014

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3: Jumping ship at 45, with Dean Dwyer

The Freedom Show by Radical Tribe | How to Start a Business, Escape 9-to-5 and Create Your Own Freedom.

Dean Dwyer shares his story of how he went from being an overweight math teacher to a fitness entrepreneur at age 45. 

1hr 3mins

26 Oct 2013

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How To “Make Shift Happen” In Your Life – A Special Podcast Episode With Dean Dwyer

Ben Greenfield Fitness

For full shownotes, Ben's free newsletter and helpful episode links & resources, push the little "e" button on the lower right side. On my way back from Vietnam and a recent finish in the Laguna Lang Co Triathlon (a must-visit race for any triathlon travelers out there), I'm bringing you this special podcast episode with Dean Dwyer. Who is Dean Dwyer? Dean is the author of the book, blog and the podcast all of the same name: [...] The post How To "Make Shift Happen" In Your Life - A Special Podcast Episode With Dean Dwyer appeared first on Ben Greenfield Fitness.


17 Apr 2013