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Julia Hasche, Single Mum Thriving: From shame and isolation to community and thriving

What the BEEP am I doing here?

Becoming a single mother is possibly one of the hardest things a woman can experience in todays society. Not only from a physical and financial point of view, but emotionally it is an experience like no other. Julia is an example of taking one of the most confronting and painful situations of her life and turning it into not just good, but inspiring. Jules is an ex corporate, turned successful online entrepreneur who inspires thousands of women across the country with her story, strength and dedication to women and the community of single mothers around the world. Through the darkest of days, she found her Ruby Slippers and lives in them daily. Tune in now for some serious inspiration and motivation to find the rainbow, not matter what the storm. Want more tools to help you like your purpose daily, don’t leave your Ruby Slippers on the shelf, click your your heels here  now and enrol for an online course xo R Contact Rosie here. We keep this podcast ADD FREE so we don't annoy you with Adds SUPPORT THE PODCAST by becoming a Ruby Slipper Patreon here.  This podcast is proudly produced by Newcastle Podcast Station Support the show: https://www.patreon.com/rubyslipperpodcast?fan_landing=trueSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


14 Apr 2020

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05 Meet Julia Hasche Single Mum Guru

Money Madams

In this week's episode we chat with Julia Hasche the Host of The Single Mothers Survival Guide.  Julia talks to us about the things to consider if your relationship may be ending from both a financial and personal perspective.  Julia's Podcast (and the website www.singlemothersurvivalguide.com) was created to assist newly single mothers in all things they may need to know about.


12 Oct 2019

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22 - Surviving and thriving with Julia Hasche

Beneath the Surface

One of the friendliest people on the planet joins me on episode 22 of Beneath the Surface.  Julia Hasche is an author, blogger, podcaster, mentor and all round awesome human.  On top of all that, she’s a mining engineer and founder of Single Mother Survival Guide - in which she proactively helps single mums live their best life. When her daughter was just 2 months old, Julia walked away from her relationship, moved across the country and ventured down the path of solo-parenting.  She set out to be the best mother and role-model she could be, and along the way discovered an evolving community of amazing women who are treading a similar path. In this episode, we discuss her journey through the mining industry, the challenges of single parenting and even tackle societal biases - highlighted in a crazy story of when she tried to buy a fridge.  On top of this, she's a huge advocate for the mining industry and is proactively spreading the message of the vast opportunities that the resources sector has to offer. I’m sure you’ll agree that Julia absolutely radiates positivity, and it was so good to connect with her to share this episode with you, enjoy…


29 Jul 2019

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Health Evolution Podcast

Julia is a single parent mentor, supporter & motivator. Her goal is to help single mothers see that life doesn't have to be crap as a single parent. She has an online program, podcast, and has so many resources for single parents - whether it's new for you, or you've been doing this for a while and are still struggling. As I was a single mum with 3 young children for a couple of years, this podcast is very open, honest and raw. If you're in this situation yourself, I hope the sharing of our stories will help you to see that there is hope for you, and things will get better. We had a very personal chat around The Serenity Prayer.. which has helped Julia so much - she calls it The Acceptance Mantra "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference." To connect with Julia: http://www.singlemothersurvivalguide.com Instagram & Facebook: @singlemothersurvivalguide Email: julia@singlemothersurvivalguide.com To connect with me - Women's Health Coach http://www.traceymcbeath.com.au I offer individual & group coaching and online programs. Contact: tracey@traceymcbeath.com.au Mobile: 0425 847 286 Love Tracey xx


22 May 2019

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Single mamas, listen up! Julia Hasche has some life-changing advice

The Juggling Act

The poddy crew is back​ for another year of parenting hails and fails​!  ​This week​ they're joined by the inspirational Julia Hasche​ from Single Mother Survival Guide​, who shares her tips for tackling life as a single mum.In news this week, researchers have concluded that baby brain is REAL.​ Thanks science, but we didn't need a study to prove that one. Just ask Mel Wilson who nearly burnt down her house at ​8 months pregnant! Ever been stuck next to a newborn on a flight? One ​woman explains why bubs are the best travel companions ever.Plus, the team chat vasectomies, fur babies and​ Mel reveals her son's all time favourite book     See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


17 Jan 2018

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EP#092 Tips For The Single Parent with Julia Hasche from Single Mother Survival Guide

Breakup Recovery Podcast

Julia’s number one tip for women who have broken up with their partners is to join a single parent or a single mum’s group. These groups will give you insights and help and support you through and beyond your breakup. Julia’s podcast is another great resource for single parents and was created to assist newly single mothers in all things they need to know about been single. Subjects range from sex, dating and relationships, helping your children through the separation, interviews with other inspirational single mums and why been a single mum is amazing. Find out more about Julia, her blog and her podcast @ http://www.singlemothersurvivalguide.com


2 Aug 2017

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EP#075 How Julia Left A Controlling Partner When She Was Pregnant with Julia Hasche

Breakup Recovery Podcast

It wasn’t until Julia saw herself in the eyes of other people after an ugly interruption at her work place by her partner that the reality set in that his behavior was both inappropriate and not normal. Even though Julia found her self-pregnant she gained the strength to leave the emotionally abusive and controlling relationship


5 Apr 2017

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107 Julia Hasche - Single Mother Survival Guide blog & podcast (founder)

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet

"Becoming a single parent is one of the most daunting and overwhelming life changes someone will ever go through. Whether you are pregnant or have teenagers, you will most likely be confused and struggling with what to do next."    Julia Hasche, founder of Single Mother Survival Guide blog & podcast, became a single mum in 2013 when her daughter was just a few months old and this episode of the Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet! podcast is the story of Julia Hasche's journey from mining industry engineer to the creation of a business and community now called Single Mother Survival Guide, that in just a short space of time since its launch, is already helping hundreds of single parents, both female AND male, in Australia and around the world.   Julia shares her experiences & relates to us the challenges of relocating across the country, juggling a full-time job, a small child under 5 and starting her own small business, the techniques that she uses to motivate herself on the tough days, what prompted her to take the plunge to follow her dreams, the top tips for any newly single parent and so much more. Wonderful chats!   It excites me to be able to share the stories of self-motivated, inspiring individuals and this podcast is an absolute cracker! Let’s get into it!    Connect with Julia Hasche - Single Mother Survival Guide founder online: https://twitter.com/Singlemother_SG https://www.instagram.com/singlemothersurvivalguide/?hl=en https://www.facebook.com/singlemothersurvivalguide/ http://www.singlemothersurvivalguide.com/ Download the podcast: On iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/single-mother-survival-guide/id1147075160?mt=2&ls=1 For Android: http://subscribeonandroid.com/www.singlemothersurvivalguide.com/feed/podcast/   Hit Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet up on social media here: Twitter https://twitter.com/hotndelicious Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hotndelicious/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HotnDelicious Hot & Delicious YouTube - Ballistyx Snowboard Show, interviews & more. https://www.youtube.com/user/HotnDeliciousRecords 'Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet’ entertainment, travel, photography & lifestyle blog: http://hotndelicious.com/   For social media, photography & influencer business enquiries contact: info@hotndelicious.com


10 Dec 2016