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Chatting with Karen White about "The Shop on Royal Street"

Wine, Women and Words

Karen White joins us to discuss "The Shop on Royal Street," the first book in her Royal Street series -- a spinoff frrom her Tradd Street series. We discuss some of the origin stories of Nola, the main character, unexpected secondary characters who insert themselves in the writing process and much much more.  Be sure to check out our shop on Bookshop.org to be able to help support independent bookstores and this podcast. You can find  "The Shop on Royal Street" under 'Featured Books' and our February title, "Candid Life of Meena Dave" in our 'Book of the Month' shop.


8 Jun 2022

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Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, and Karen White discuss The Lost Summers of Newport

Poisoned Pen Podcast

Barbara Peters in conversation with Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig and Karen White


24 May 2022

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Karen White - The Shop on Royal Street

Who Wrote That Book

With a childhood from all over the world, Karen White dives into her journey on how she became an author and the techniques that she uses to help her write. We also had the chance to hear an exclusive about her most recent book, The Shop on Royal Street, and the other books that she's written as well! Follow us: Instagram: @whowrotethatbook Instagram: @oegpresents Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oegpresents Website: https://www.oegpresents.com/ Follow Karen White: Instagram:@karenwhitewrite Twitter: @KarenWhiteWrite Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karenwhiteauthor Her website: https://www.karen-white.com/ For all sponsorship inquiries, please email us at contact@oegpresents.com.


14 May 2022

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Crushing on your Best Friend’s Brother: Author Karen White

Lovestruck Daily

It’s a trope as old as romance itself - you fall head over heels with the most inconvenient of all people - your best friend’s brother. Tune in to hear the real life version of this tale from author Karen White, who joins Sarah and Alisha to tell her sweet love story, and spread the word about her new book, the Shop on Royal Street. Why should you pay close attention to your chemistry lab partner? And why exactly did Karen’s future mother in law not want to wash her son’s sheets? It’s all here on today’s LoveStruck Daily.  Get your daily happily ever after on LoveStruck Daily, with new love stories every Monday-Friday. In the meantime, follow @LoveStruckDaily on Instagram and Twitter for extra content. If you have a love story to share, or any questions for the team, email lovestruckdaily@frolic.media.  View episode transcript here ----> https://tinyurl.com/karenwhiteromance Visit Karen’s website: https://www.karen-white.com And for goodness sakes...just kiss already!!! See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


14 Apr 2022

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”But She Also Sees Dead People” with Karen White and Susan Meissner

Always Authors

Karen White is one of the foremost creators of southern women’s fiction. She is the NY Times best-selling author or the Tradd St. series set in Charleston, SC and her latest novel, The Shop on Royal Street, is set in New Orleans.  Susan Meissner is a USA best-selling author of beloved historical fiction such as The Nature of Fragile Things and The Last Year of the War.   In addition to discussing the inspirations for their popular books, these two friends compare notes on inspirational cemeteries, the power of a good ghost story, and how they got their creative mojo back after the pandemic.

1hr 5mins

12 Apr 2022

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Just Do It, with Karen White

Uncorking a Story

The stories my father has told me about his childhood are ones that have stayed with me. There are stories about the ice cream shop he worked in, the pranks he played on his bus driver, and the trouble he used to get into with his partner-in-crime Bobby MacGyver, but the one that always stuck with me was one he’d tell about his mother. My grandfather was a police officer in New Rochelle and my dad would tell me my grandmother would ask him to bring home a pint of ice cream and she’d eat it while waiting for him to walk through the door after his shift had ended. I can vividly picture her waiting in a chair by the door eating coffee ice cream while anxiously waiting for my grandpa to come home. I share this because today’s guest, Karen White, was also impacted by some of the stories her father would tell her as well and elements of those stories are featured in her bestselling novels. MEET KAREN WHITE Karen White is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of 31 books, including the Tradd Street series, The Last Night in London, Dreams of Falling, The Night the Lights Went Out, Flight Patterns, The Sound of Glass, and A Long Time Gone. She is the coauthor of All the Ways We Said Goodbye, The Glass Ocean and The Forgotten Room with New York Times bestselling authors Beatriz Williams and Lauren Willig. Her latest novel, The Shop on Royal Street, came out on March 29th. KEY TOPICS IN THIS EPISODE How reading was a form of escape for Karen How her dad’s real ghost stories impacted her imagination and writing The role of encouragement played in Karen’s writing journey Why she went from being a reader to a writer after becoming a mother The idea behind her new series first book Why validation is important for authors KEY TAKEAWAYS FROM MY TALK WITH KAREN Writing as an escape. Karen enjoys escaping into a good book. For her, it's more than just entertainment; reading actually provides an opportunity for self-reflection and world excavation that she can't get any other way! When she was young, Karen’s dad used to tell stories about growing up poor in the South during the Great Depression. These stories stayed with her and elements of them wind up in her own writing. The importance of encouragement. Karen's 6th grade teacher saw potential in her and encouraged to explore her talent, which put her on the path of becoming an author. Just do it. Karen takes a page out of the Nike playbook while dishing out advice to aspiring authors—to just do it! WHERE TO BUY THE SHOP ON ROYAL STREET Amazon  | Bookshop.org MEMORABLE QUOTES FROM KAREN  “Just do it. My sixth-grade teacher used to say where there's a will there's a way. I know a mother of four who just who started writing she's now a New York Times bestselling author. She would get up at four o'clock in the morning to write before she had to get up with the kids and then go do her full-time job. So, where there's a will there's a way. Don’t’ picture anybody looking behind you; write the story that you want to write, and then the rest will fall into place. HOW TO GET IN TOUCH WITH KAREN Website:  https://www.karen-white.com/ Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/karenwhitewrite/ Twitter:  https://twitter.com/KarenWhiteWrite If you liked this conversation, please tell a friend about it as well as like, rate, and review Uncorking a Story wherever you get your podcasts.


5 Apr 2022

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Ep. 162 Giving Away Barbie Doll Heads With Karen White

The Inside Flap

We chat with the always fun Karen White about her new novel The Shop on Royal Street, staying in haunted hotels, her love for old houses, how nothing she writes is planned, and why she’s planning on chucking Barbie doll heads at the audience at her next book signing. Plus – Dave sucks at slots, … Continue reading Ep. 162 Giving Away Barbie Doll Heads With Karen White

1hr 33mins

31 Mar 2022

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Fully Booked EP2: Getting Started with Audiobooks with Karen White and Sarah Beth Goer

Fully Booked: The Hidden Gems Author Podcast

Authors seeking to capture the attention of readers more interested in listening to a book than turning pages may be surprised at all that goes into audiobooks. There’s plenty more to it than simply reading your book into a microphone and selling it. There are plenty of things to consider, which is why we turned to two seasoned audiobook narrators and producers to help us navigate the sea of questions and decisions that an author needs to make. Sarah Goer and Karen White walk us through all the factors that authors need to consider when beginning their audiobook journey, such as: When is the right time in your career to start creating audiobooks? Deciding whether to do it yourself or simply sell the rights to a company to do for you? If doing it yourself, what goes into that? Do you need to hire narrators and producers? What benefit do you get from them? And plenty more! Sarah Goer https://www.sarahbethgoer.com/ Karen White https://karenwhiteaudiobooks.com/ Looking for some help publishing or marketing your book? Check out all the ways Hidden Gems can assist you here: https://www.hiddengemsbooks.com/author-services/


3 Feb 2022

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Karen White, Best Selling author

Deborah Kobylt LIVE

Ever had an idea for a novel but didn’t know where to start? Then please join us in welcoming best-selling author #KarenWhite, who never took a writing course, and didn’t start writing until 10-years post college. Thirty-one books later, with two-million copies sold in 15 languages, she’s glad she took a chance, ditching the world of business for the adventure of writing historical fiction. Karen grew up in London, in a house full of brothers, and she would fine her peace by reading. She talks about getting lost in books, often fantasizing she was one of the characters in the books. Karen’s latest novel, “The Shop On Royal Street,” is due out in March. She’ll be joining us, with a special guest who is a frequent recurring character in her novels. But I’ll keep that as a secret. She also wants to encourage other writers to pick up a pen and write if they have a story in them. No need for formal training, just write. And read. A lot. Join us on #DeborahKobyltLIVE on all video and audio platforms. And please invite your friends, too. #DeborahZaraKobylt #author #writer


2 Feb 2022

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Karen White and the Attic on Queen Street

Tell Me Your Secrets: Off the Page with People Who Make Books

Karen White is the bestselling author of 30 books, most of which are Southern Women's Fiction. We talk about what inspired her to depart from her 'usual' books to write the wildly popular Tradd Street series, featuring a southern realtor specializing in old houses, who is pestered by ghosts and has some challenges with her own personal relationships. The Attic on Queen Street is book 7 --and sadly the last in a series that features slightly creepy mysteries while still being warm and funny with a bit of romance.--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tellmeyoursecrets/message


7 Dec 2021