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217: Steps to Build Your Thought Leadership Platform with LuAnn Nigara, Tammy Lally, and Dr. Karen Wilson

Speaking Your Brand: A Public Speaking Podcast

What steps can you take to start building your thought leadership platform? What are strategies you can use to build an audience and grow your business, speaking, and visibility? This episode is a panel discussion from our Brave. Bold. Beyond. Live Virtual Summit that we held last October 2020. (Our next event is coming up very soon on April 1, 2021! Register for free at https://www.speakingyourbrand.com/summit.)  Our panelists (LuAnn Nigara, Tammy Lally, and Dr. Karen Wilson) are all accomplished speakers, from having a podcast with over 3 million downloads to having a TEDx talk go viral with over 2 million views to being a sought-after presenter at top industry conferences. You’ll hear us talk about: What does being a thought leader mean to you? If you had to pick one thing that was key to getting you from where you were 4 or 5 years ago to where you are today (in terms of your platform/success), what would it be? What’s something you wished you had done early on when building your thought leadership platform? What role has speaking played in developing your platform? Do you ever get vulnerability hangovers? If so, what strategies do you use to work through them? About Our Guests/Panelists:  LuAnn Nigara is the host of the top-rated interior design podcast, A Well-Designed Business®, which recently surpassed 600 episodes and 3 million downloads. Her podcast was named in Architectural Digest as one of the top ten podcasts listened to by interior designers. LuAnn also hosts an annual event called LuAnn Live and has published several books. LuAnn began her career more than thirty years ago as a co-owner of Window Works, an award-winning window treatment and awning retailer in Livingston, NJ.  Tammy Lally is a published author, TEDx speaker, and Certified Money Coach. Her TEDx talk on money shame has been viewed over 2 million times. She helps others master their finances by first conquering their emotions around money, then by creating a comprehensive financial plan. Dr. Karen Wilson is the founder of ChildNEXUS.com, which aims to dispel myths about issues related to pediatric mental health, disseminate information, and help parents make informed decisions when choosing providers for their children. She’s also a clinical neuropsychologist, with a private practice in Los Angeles, California, where she specializes in the neuropsychological assessment of children and adolescents. Karen is the host of the ChildNEXUS podcast. About Us: The Speaking Your Brand podcast is hosted by Carol Cox. At Speaking Your Brand, we help women entrepreneurs and professionals clarify their brand message and story, create their signature talks, and develop their thought leadership platforms. Our mission is to get more women in positions of influence and power because it's through women's stories and visibility that we challenge the status quo and change existing systems. Check out our coaching programs at https://www.speakingyourbrand.com.  Links: Show notes at https://www.speakingyourbrand.com/217 Register for free for our Brave. Bold. Beyond. Live Virtual Summit at https://www.speakingyourbrand.com/summit/.  Join our Thought Leader Academy at https://www.speakingyourbrand.com/academy/.  Websites: LuAnn Nigara = https://luannnigara.com/ Tammy Lally =  https://tammylally.com/ Dr. Karen Wilson = https://www.childnexus.com/ Connect on LinkedIn: Carol Cox = https://www.linkedin.com/in/carolcox LuAnn Nigara = https://www.linkedin.com/in/luannnigara/ Tammy Lally = https://www.linkedin.com/in/tammylally/ Dr. Karen Wilson = https://www.linkedin.com/in/drkareniwilson/ Related Podcast Episodes: Episode 11: Creating and Preparing for a Keynote Presentation with LuAnn Nigara [Coaching] Episode 24: What It Takes to Do a TEDx Talk with Tammy Lally Episode 91: Visibility Works: From Local Speaking to TED.com to a Book with Tammy Lally Episode 213: The V.O.I.C.E. of Thought Leaders with Carol Cox [Big Ideas Series]


23 Mar 2021

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Can Writing a Book Catapult Your Career? LuAnn Nigara Shares Her Thoughts - Episode 191

Wingnut Social: The Interior Design Marketing and Business Podcast

Have you always wanted to write a book? Have you also wondered if it’s worth the investment? LuAnn Nigara has written two amazing books and is about to launch her third book, A Well-Designed Business - The Power Talk Friday Experts Volume 2 (which Darla wrote a chapter in). In this episode of the Wingnut Social podcast, LuAnn talks about the process of writing and self-publishing a book—and whether or not it’s worth the ROI.  LuAnn is the co-owner of Window Works in New Jersey and created an award-winning podcast for interior designers, A Well-Designed Business. She is a sought-after keynote speaker with over 30+ years of experience in the industry. LuAnn gave Darla the education, strength, and courage to start her design business. If you’ve had dreams of becoming an author, this is a can’t-miss episode. What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social[2:48] The GOAT: LuAnn Nigara [5:55] LuAnn’s book coming out Nov. 12th [7:51] Why LuAnn decided to write her first book [11:10] The impact of the 1st book on LuAnn’s business [13:49] The process of writing a book [19:39] How to self-publish your own books [22:06] The Power Talk Friday Book  [24:20] What to budget for writing a book [26:30] How LuAnn is marketing her book [28:10] Don’t set unreasonable expectations [31:47] What up Wingnut! Round [32:27] How to connect with LuAnn Nigara [33:51] Know what your end-game is [37:35] Blooper Reel!Connect with LuAnn NigaraLuAnn’s Website A Well-Designed Business podcast Get on the email list for LuAnn Live! The Power Talk Friday Experts (Book #1) The Making of A Well-Designed BusinessResources & People MentionedBook LaunchersHow writing a book impacted LuAnn’s businessAccording to LuAnn, “Writing your own book definitely is a game-changer. There’s no question.” LuAnn believes—4.5 years in—that the book has opened doors for her. Every single speaking engagement she’s had (50+) she has never had to pitch herself. LuAnn’s niche and credibility is business and she comes into the world as a business expert. The book solidified that credibility. It opened a door that she didn’t have to knock on. LuAnn is a story-teller at heart. No matter the medium she is using, she emphasizes that she is going to tell a story. That’s the core of how she communicates information. She tells you what she wants you to know and drives the point home with a story. She’s a big-picture thinker. She wants the reader to know how marketing mattered for her business, what she did, and what her results were.  Her book is the journey of an entrepreneur. When she wrote the book, she worked backward. She didn’t want to sit there and break down statistics and numbers associated with building a business. She made a list of two pages worth of funny and poignant stories and the hard lessons she’s learned. Then she said, “Can I put a business lesson around that story?” Listen to learn about her whole writing process—including self-publishing a book. Why you NEED to set realistic expectationsWriting a book is becoming a way to establish yourself as a thought leader in whatever space you’re in. But you can’t expect the book itself to be a money-maker. LuAnn wrote a book for the interior design industry. She has no illusion that this book will have a far and wide reach. She’s gone into it with open-eyes.  You have to be open to the ROI being speaking engagements and other opportunities. If you’re thinking the ROI is the book, it’s an unrealistic expectation. Everything together creates the opportunity. But LuAnn points out that you want to know how you’ll convert the book into making money.  How does she market her books? How do you build out a comprehensive plan for what your book will do for you? Listen to the whole episode to learn more!Connect With Darla & Wingnut Socialwww.WingnutSocial.com On Facebook On Twitter: @WingnutSocial On Instagram: @WingnutSocial Darla’s Interior Design Website Check out the Wingnut Social Media Lab Facebook Group! 1-877-WINGNUT (connect with us for your social media marketing needs) Subscribe to The Wingnut Social Podcast on iTunes, Google Podcasts, or TuneIn Audio Production and Show notes byPODCAST FAST TRACKhttps://www.podcastfasttrack.com


21 Oct 2020

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166 | Adopting An And Mindset To Transform Your Business: A Raw Look Behind The Scenes With LuAnn Nigara

Productivity Straight Talk - Time Management, Productivity and Business Growth Tips

I sit down with the Co-Owner of Window Works, LuAnn Nigara, for a very special episode in which I am the one being interviewed. We discuss what it is really like to be coached on productivity but not in the way you might think… We don’t talk about the features of coaching but instead, the raw process of confronting different challenges, navigating the breaking of long-held, self-limiting beliefs, and taking strategic action. What You’ll Discover In This Episode: ✔ The Self-Limiting Belief That Was Holding LuAnn Back In A Big Way ✔ How She Reclaimed Balance While Showing Up In Her Business ✔ The Fruitful Ways Adopting An And Mindset Changed Her Life ✔ Her #1 Lesson Learned Through Productivity Coaching ✔ So Much More! To access resources and links from this episode, click on Show Notes. Oh and whenever you’re ready, here are four great ways to improve your time management and elevate your productivity: #1 Grab my FREE mini training Take Back Your Time! #2  Get instant on demand access to my Conquer Your Email Masterclass #3  Get my 4-module, on demand training program Time Management Made Simple #4  Book a Discovery Call to see if 1:1 coaching is a right fit for you and your business.

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24 Aug 2020

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Business Advice From Luann Nigara

Interior Design with Kandrac and Kole

Today we are thrilled to bring a new guest to you. She is not only our friend and industry colleague but a woman we have learned a lot from over the years. LuAnn Nigara began her career more than 30 years ago as a co-owner of Window Works, an award-winning window treatment and awning retailer in NJ. Now she’s also the host of the top-rated interior design podcast called A Well Designed Business, is a highly sought after speaker and an author of two top-rated books on well-designed businesses. With so many of us reinventing ourselves and our businesses during the Covid crisis, we thought that now was the perfect time for us to have a lively chat with Luann. 2. SPONSOR Before we get started and say hello to Luann, we want to tell you that Episode 85 is sponsored by Currey & Company, our go to lighting, furniture and accessory manufacturer. Currey & Company has not skipped a beat during the pandemic – their inventory is plentiful and they are shipping without delays. When you visit their website curreyandcompany.com, we want to draw your attention to the Designer Gallery. It is a wonderful way to see their products in situ and in particular a great way to check out the scale of each piece. Currey and Company is very active on all social media platforms so check them out. 3. ON WITH THE SHOW – WHAT’S YOUR WHY?  So let’s jump into this episode and welcome LuAnn Nigara!  The last we saw each other, we were sitting at a beautiful dinner in Napa, CA put on by Signature Kitchen Suites and Design Hounds. It was a blast! I remember you turning to us and asking us “What is your WHY?” As we are all navigating unchartered territories with our businesses during Covid 19, this seemed like a great place to start to allow our listeners to hear what you’re all about when you coach others.   So what do you mean by What is your WHY?  4. CHARGING YOUR WORTH We were doing a photo shoot yesterday of one of our multi-family projects and our photographer was telling us how she’s branching out with new kinds of photography as helping designers with installations to keep  income coming in. She was explaining to us how she was recently asked to shoot an Airbnb for the ridiculous sum of $200 and obviously had to turn it down.  You talk a lot about this subject so we would be interested in your business advice during these crazy times when everybody is desperate to keep their pipeline busy on how to maintain your value and continue to charge what you are worth.  5. FLEXIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICES Luann, your wealth of knowledge and gregarious, meaningful advice to our industry is so amazing. Your website is a treasure trove of insightful tools for a well-designed business.  As we mentioned, you are a sought-after speaker and the queen of live events. With many of these events on hold right now, what solutions have you come up with for YOUR business?  To Keep up with Luann and tap in to all she can offer you and your business, go to her website luannigara.com, tune into her podcast “A Well Designed Business” and be sure to purchase both of her books on Amazon – The Making of a Well-Designed Business and A Well-Designed Business, The Power Talk Friday Experts.  Thank you Luann! Show notes & more: https://www.kandrac-kole.com/podcasts/business-advice-from-luann-nigara


29 Jul 2020

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18: How to Design in Excellence with LuAnn Nigara

In Your Mind

LuAnn Nigara sits down with Paul today in true east coast vs west coast fashion. LuAnn is a home industry expert, podcast host, entrepreneur and speaker. She brings east coast no non sense to the table, and proves that we can be excellent, when we decide to be and put that decision into action. And with Action, success can finally be seen.  


1 Jul 2020

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The Well-Designed Business with Luann Nigara

Coaching Through Chaos Podcast

LuAnn Nigara is the co-owner of Window Works in New Jersey for over 30 years now, but she is probably most known now on a larger scale for her expertise on building, growing and sustaining a business. She hosts The Well-Designed Business Podcast, is a well-known speaker at trade shows and leads workshops.  Her expertise lies in helping others, including established business owners, develop the fine skils necessary to have their business prepped to withstand the ebbs and flows over decades!  Her expertise is also now captured in the book, A Well-Designed Business. In this episode, LuAnn shares a decision made at 18 that put her on the trajectory to business success; why systems are so key to a successful business,  how she grew and shifted over the years, and why some businesses just can't succeed.  PLEASE CHECK OUT LuAnnNigara.com to discover all the ways you can benefit from  LuAnn's expertise.  If you are enjoying The Coaching Through Chaos Podcast, and you want to stay connected and want to chat about the episode, just follow us at Coaching Through Chaos on Facebook.If you want to interact with Colleen more personally or stay up-to-date on her other podcasts and happenings, you can follow or friend her on:FacebookInstagramTwitterListen to Shrink@Shrink to learn about love and life through the movies every month.If you are a woman, interested in building your personal leadership qualities, check out Dr. Colleen's book: Stop Bitching, Just Lead! The 60-Day Plan for Embracing Your Inner LeaderIf you want to work with Colleen for personal 1:1 coaching to help you conquer the chaos in your life, just reach out through CoachingThroughChaos.com click on the Contact page.Thanks for listening! 


23 Jun 2020

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532: LuAnn Nigara: Thoughts on Leading Your Business Through the Covid-19 Crisis

A Well-Designed Business®

Welcome to A Well-Designed Business! Did you miss the amazing “19 Hours” free virtual business summit that ran the week of April 6th through April 9th, 2020? If so, LuAnn will be filling you in on the industry’s answer to the COVID-19 crisis that contains all of the incredible presentations and panel discussions that was originally planned for High Point Market Spring 2020. Today’s show is a replay of the solo presentation that LuAnn did on Thursday, April 9th, on “How to Lead Your Business Through the COVID-19 Crisis”. She has some perspective here that is sure to interest you, whether you run a virtual team or a brick-and-mortar one because LuAnn has weathered several significant economic downturns during her career and came out stronger on the other side of it. 19 Hours was hosted by Mydoma Studio and sponsored by Kravet, Article, Jaipur Living, Monogram, Summer Classics,Gabby Home, Interior Design Society, and Revel Woods. There were an average of 800 designers and business owners watching each and every live session! If you missed it, you can still get the video recordings. For the next couple of weeks, Mydoma Studio will graciously email you the entire video conference if you contact them here: My Doma Studio: 19Hours. Just wait until you hear the presentations by some of the industry’s top business leaders. There were 14 presentations and each one was stellar! Show Highlights: In LuAnn’s first book, The Making of a Well-Designed Business: Turn Inspiration into Action, she emphasizes the importance of knowing your mission and your core values, and it’s never been more important than now so you can be laser-focused in crisis. LuAnn details the three areas that you should focus on: Mitigate the losses. Focus on sales and marketing. Gratitude There’s wisdom in the saying, “The time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining.” Don’t overreact but don’t not act. LuAnn describes the #1 mistake she made in the early ‘90s. Think very carefully about the problems you are experiencing with the way you are living through the COVID-19 crisis, and how might you solve this for people in your circle who are experiencing the same things? Be creative, be empathetic. This is a good time to look inward. It is also a good opportunity to make sure you have your systems locked down. If you could wave a magic wand, what would your business look like? Look inward and be listening for what your lesson is in this. It could be personal or business, big or small. Everyday there is something to be grateful for. Share and show grace with each other. If you need to unplug, then unplug and own that. It will take some ingenuity and intention to get through this, but you can do if! Resources: LuAnn’s Website LuAnn’s Podcast - Please SUBSCRIBE, Rate & Review! Purchase LuAnn’s Book! LuAnn’sBlog Power Talk Friday To Receive the Entire 19Hours Video Conference, Please Visit: My Doma Studio: 19Hours Book Mentioned: The Making of a Well-Designed Business: Turn Inspiration into Action by LuAnn Nigara Mentioned Episodes: LuAnn’s Solo #519 Kim Merlitti #442


23 Apr 2020

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Featuring LuAnn Nigara W: Window Works - A Finer Touch Construction Podcast

AFT Construction Podcast

In this episode we discuss the importance of installing systems and protocol in your company. Every small business should have detailed and outlined tasks for each employee.

1hr 1min

2 Mar 2020

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Is your business making money? LuAnn Nigara: 171

Mom Inspired Show with Amber Sandberg

Have you started a business and struggling to make it successful?Today we have LuAnn Nigara on the show and she is talking about her experience as a business owner as a mom.  LuAnn shares with us her thoughts on why our business might not be making money and the 5 things we might have missed. She also talks about how we might be missing the mark when it comes to serving our clients and are we really providing a good client experience?  She also shares with us how it's important to have core values in our business and how do we go about figuring that out.  One topic that stood out to me is that we need to be leaders in our business even if we are a team of one. Hear what we have to say on this topic and more on the podcast.Did you hear my recent series on how I lost 50lbs in 10 months? Even if you don't have to lose weight but want to get healthy, this is a perfect series to listen too. I go over what I did, how I had to change my mindset, my journey of "just showing up" and doing it even when it wasn't fun and products that I used to get healthier.  Check out the links below to listen:how I lost 50lbs in 10 monthsmy go to products for health and weight losswhat program kicked off my weight loss journey3 steps that got me started on my weight loss journeyIf you are just looking for a great program to start in January and you don't have a lot of emotional or mental work to process, then I highly recommend LEAN. You can check out the program below, and make sure to click the "GET STARTED" button to get your $10 off!Resources mentioned in the show:Get $10 off for Lean 7 week online weight loss program:I had the pleasure of doing a four-part series with Registered Dietitian Amanda Nighbert. On this first episode of the series you’ll  find out:What intermittent fasting is and how it worksHow intermittent fasting can help you lose weight and keep it offNutritional myths that could be keeping you from losing weightHow bulletproof coffee helps you burn fat (see recipe below)…And more!Click on the link below to get Amanda’s program and get ready to kick that slow metabolism into HIGH gear!Get StartedClick here to find out more information on Amber's Favorite Things, Planning Your Next Vacation, Podcast episodes and more:  https://mominspiredshow.com/


21 Jan 2020

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How to Make Your Customers Happy to Be With You with LuAnn Nigara

The Hardy Haberland Show

LuAnn Nigara is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. She also hosts a podcast called "A Well-Designed Business." Brought to you by Haberland Group (HaberlandGroup.com) and Hardy Haberland's Programs (HardyHaberland.com). This podcast is brought to you by Haberland Group. Haberland Group is a global provider of marketing solutions. With multidisciplinary teams in major world markets, our holding companies specialize in advertising, branding, communications planning, digital marketing, media, podcasting, public relations, as well as specialty marketing. If you are looking for a world-class partner to work on marketing programs, go to HaberlandGroup.com and contact us. This podcast is also brought to you by Hardy Haberland's Programs. Hardy provides educational programs for high performers who want world-class achievement, true fulfillment, and lasting transformation in their lives. He also provides consulting for established brands and businesses that have generated a minimum of $3 million in annual sales. If you need a catalyst for transformation and a strategist for success at the highest level, go to HardyHaberland.com and apply. If you enjoyed this episode, please consider to rate, review, and subscribe on Apple Podcasts/iTunes. It takes less than 60 seconds and it really makes a difference. Rate, review, and subscribe at HardyHaberland.com/iTunes.

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23 Sep 2019