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31. Nadia De Ala, Negotiation Coach on Charging Your Worth

Color Forward

Have you ever felt that being a woman of color has prevented you from getting paid what you're worth? That feeling is exactly why leadership and negotiation coach, Nadia De Ala, has made it her life's mission to get women of color hella rich. Listen as she shares her story and three things she's learned about how to charge your worth."You're somebody else's glass ceiling. Break yours accordingly so that someone else can enter and reach another level after you." – Nadia De Ala, Negotiation CoachTopics discussed in this episode:Getting your mindset rightAlways be negotiatingHow to do market researchCoaching vs therapyCharge your worth and add taxNegotiation as activismMore from Nadia: Instagram | LinkedIn | FacebookMore from Rosa: LinkedInMore from Merary: MerarySimeon.comMore from Alisa: The Happy Cactus


25 Nov 2020

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004: Rewriting The Script through Community & Chilling w/ Nadia De Ala

Revolutionary Rising

Representation matters honey! And finding a community where you can serve and be served as a woman of color - it can change the game! On today’s show, I invite my business and real life bestie Nadia De Ala to speak about her two businesses that support WOC and how she was able to claim women of color in tech as her niche and help bring the magic of coaching to her community.  We dive into: How Nadia’s identity as a straight cis woman and daughter of Filipino immigrants shapes her and the way she serves her clients. How she found permission to claim WOC in tech as her niche and the lack of WOC coaches in the business space.  The power of representation and how it can help you thrive in your business! Why Nadia built her business from a place of service and community (and how you can too!) The role equal energy exchange plays in negotiations and why this is so important. Losing her way in the tech world and how she reconnected with activism and her community to build her business.  How to avoid veiled sales pitches and offer genuine value in your business.  What a NO really means and why it doesn’t have to mean anything.  How to ask for the rate you deserve and why being a woman of color does NOT hold you back from earning that money, my dear! The ONE MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to be able to grow and give yourself permission to thrive as a woman of color. Why she chose to create a new business in partnership and how she launched her membership in less than 2 months! Nadia’s 3 best decisions she has made in her business. The limiting belief of perfectionism and how Nadia integrates rest and joy in her biz. And more! Connect with Nadia: Follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nadiadeala/ Connect with her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nadiadeala/ Her websites: http://nadiadeala.com/ and http://letsgethellarich.com/ Connect with Gieselle:  Join me in my free private Facebook group, The Woman of Color Entrepreneur Revolution, and continue the conversation! https://www.facebook.com/groups/679342759273155/ Apply for 1:1 coaching with me: https://www.gieselleallen.com/book-now Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gieselleallen


15 Sep 2020

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Negotiating Salaries: A Conversation with Nadia De Ala

Getting to 50/50: Conversations to Bridge the Gender Gap

Discover the keys to negotiating your pay while avoiding conversations that could deter you from earning a higher potential salary. Join me, Pratima Gluckman, in this conversation with Nadia De Ala, Leadership & Negotiation Coaching for Women of Color in Tech, on this episode of Getting to 50/50: Conversations to Bridge the Gender Gap. ____________________________________________________________Leadership and negotiation coach who specializes in helping women of color in technology thrive and elevate pay, positions, and purpose. Her mission is to close the leadership and wage gap for women of color, one bad-ass leader at a time. Nadia earned a Co-Active Coach Certification from the Coaches Training Institute through one-on-one, group coaching and workshops. She empowers her clients to activate their voices, fully negotiate their value, and get excited about their careers again. Previously, she was an audio engineer and in senior tech sales for thriving enterprise corporations and rapid growth startups like Booking.com and HelloSign which were acquired by Dropbox. Through her practice today, she has helped women of color leaders navigate, grow, and thrive at companies like Expedia, Google, and Lift. 


25 Aug 2020

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08 How to Negotiate Your Worth with Nadia De Ala

Dream Plan Action

In this episode, Nadia and I discuss what can hold us back from asking for what we want in salary negotiations, and how often these blocks stem from feelings that need to be addressed in order to move forward.  Nadia De Ala is a leadership and negotiation coach who helps women of color understand their worth and translate that into being able to confidently negotiate their salary. She works with women in tech through one on one and group coaching. She launched her latest cohort “Badass Women of Color Negotiators” in June, a 10 week live coaching program.  Make sure to check out my website, www.nicoleralston.com to read my show notes! Interested in starting your own business or blog? Check out my Mission Statement Guide to define your purpose and kickstart your project with the right energy! Follow me on Instagram @nicoleralston_


19 Aug 2020

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11 | Navigating negotiation (ft. Nadia De Ala)

Relevant Experience

Negotiation is hard and there’s so much that most of us were never taught as we headed into our careers. When is the right (or wrong!) time to negotiate your salary? How do you come back from underestimating your financial worth? And why is it so damn hard to talk about money in the first place?! Gillian and Jasmine are joined by Nadia De Ala to talk through all of this and more. Nadia is a leadership and negotiation coach for women of color in tech, and has supported diverse leaders at companies like Google, Expedia and Uber. Through 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching, and workshops, she helps her clients level up their relationships, influence, and money. Her mission is to help close the leadership and wage gap in tech, one badass WOC leader at a time. Nadia can be found on Instagram, @nadiadeala, or on her website, nadiadeala.com. --- Send us your Mailbag questions to be featured on a future episode. relevantexperiencepod@gmail.com Share your #relevantexperience @relexpod on Twitter and Instagram Learn more about us. www.relevantexperiencepod.com


4 Dec 2019