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600 - Mat Sherman (SeedScout) On Reimagining Venture Capital

Forward Thinking Founders

Mat Sherman is the founder of SeedScout. SeedScout is building a global scout force to build relationships with every pre-seed founder in the world to connect them with the resources they need to succeed as a founder. Thank you to Hamid from AZ Tech Podcat for letting me use this audio. Check out that podcast here. ★ Support this podcast ★

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2 Apr 2021

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#5: Mat Sherman, Entrepreneur, Podcaster

AZ Tech Podcast

Mat Sherman knows how to hustle. He calls himself a "startup guy," because he's so passionate about startups, entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley. He's willing to do what it takes to make things happen, and his latest venture is a podcast all about founders across the country and how they do what they do. Hamid and Mat discuss things like Mat's passion, the challenges he's overcome and the barriers to building a company.

1hr 27mins

4 Mar 2021

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Mat Sherman (Founder of Growthmeter)

Not Boring Business

Mat Sherman is the Founder of Growthmeter. Growthmeter is the evolution of Mat’s podcast, Forward-Thinking Founders. He is bringing the startup magic of the bay area online so that anyone can experience the power of serendipity with other like-minded founders and investors.You can find and learn more about Mat Sherman on the following links below.Twitter - https://twitter.com/Mat_ShermanNewsletter - https://www.matsherman.com/LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/matsherman/You can also listen and subscribe to his podcast called Growthmeter.


2 Feb 2021

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#1 with Mat Sherman - Building the Future with No Code

Crashing Up

Randy Ginsburg (@GinsburgRandy) is joined by Mat Sherman (@Mat_Sherman)*, the founder of FWD Thinking City (now Growthmeter). He’s also the host of Forward Thinking Founders podcast, where he’s interviewed hundreds of founders of pre-seed and seed stage companies from all over the world. They discuss the future of building venture backed startups using no code apps such as Webflow, Adalo, Typeform, and Zapier, along with the lessons Mat has learned from interviewing over 500 founders.  If you liked this episode and want more content from me, subscribe to my newsletter Crashing Up where I share weekly thoughts and finds for curious, entrepreneurial minds. You can also check out my website randymginsburg.com *Handles are for Twitter


27 Jan 2021

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500 - Mat Sherman (Growthmeter) On Building A Meritocracy In Startups

Forward Thinking Founders

Mat Sherman is the founder of Growthmeter. Growthmeter helps Silicon Valley grade, global startups, get funded by tier-one VCs.★ Support this podcast ★


24 Jan 2021

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400 - Mat Sherman (Forward Thinking City / Seedscout) On Creating A Meritocracy

Forward Thinking Founders

Mat Sherman is the founder of Forward Thinking City and Seedscout. These companies are aiming to build a meritocracy in startups; The best founders should get funded, not the most networked.★ Support this podcast ★


22 Oct 2020

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Mat Sherman: Inside the Minds of Forward Thinking Founders (#52)

Smart Nonsense

Episode 52 with Henry and Dylan—Today they're talking to Mat Sherman, host of the Forward Thinking Founders podcast.Dishin' out Smart Nonsense about:Mat Sherman: A journey to startup successThe great lie of Silicon ValleyLessons from interviewing 300+ startup foundersLinksSmart NonsenseConnect with Mat Sherman:Forward Thinking City | Email | TwitterForward Thinking Founders | SpotifyIsaac Morehouse (CEO & Cofounder of Crash) on the Future of Job Hunting (and everything related to work/education) | Forward Thinking FoundersMat Sherman (Forward Thinking Founders) Reflecting on 2019 | Forward Thinking FoundersCEO of Crash - Launching Careers Without Credentials | Isaac MorehouseHow to Start a Startup | Sam AltmanHow I Built This with Guy RazTED TalksThe Lean Startup | Eric RiesLamda School | Austen AllredMonthly | Valentin PerezFoundry Group | Brad FeldY Combinator | Paul GrahamLAUNCH | Jason CalacanisBasecamp | Jason FriedDerek SiversElizabeth Holmes#yesphxProduct HuntLaunchpadPubloftGigLoftGatherPrendaStravaZoomZombies, Run!Pokemon GOMario Party[Heads up: Sometimes we get a $ kickback from these recs, so if you buy, thanks for supporting the pod.]Watch on YouTube & SubscribeHere's the full Show Notes.Watch Henry's last YouTube video.Read Dylan's last blog post.


19 Sep 2020

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#28 - Mat Sherman

Benders Podcast

Make sure you connect with Mat: Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mat_Sherman Learn more about the Forward Thinking City: https://www.forwardthinking.city/ Check out Mats substack: https://forwardthinking.substack.com/ Check out the Forward Thinking Founders Podcast: Spotify, Apple Podcasts Plus so many others, search for "Forward Thinking Founders" on your fav podcast platform


20 Aug 2020

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Three Good Things Vol. 47 - Guest: Mat Sherman

Three Good Things

Welcome to the Three Good Things podcast where I talk about Three Good Things daily. Today we have the wonderful @Mat_Sherman on the podcast. Mat founded PubLoft which was a content marketing marketplace and GigLoft, which is a learning community for creatives. Right now, Mat is on the growth team at Prenda which is bringing microschools to the masses. He’s written 200+ business articles online and has a podcast with over 240 episodes where he talks to early stage founders about their startup. We talked about journalists leaving publication houses to write on substack, VC needing new filters and clubhouse as well as briefly talking about our Arizona roots. If you want to reach out to Mat, you can reach him on Twitter at @Mat_Sherman and me on Twitter or Instagram, @shardulgo, that's s-h-a-r-d-u-l-g-o across all platforms. Thank you so much for tuning into Three Good Things and I'll see you tomorrow. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


24 Jul 2020

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SR - Sunday Roundup with Michael Marra and Mat Sherman

Forward Thinking Founders

This is a new segment of the show called Sunday Roundup. Every Sunday, we will publish an episode with different cohosts where Mat and whoever is joining him that day discuss current happenings in tech and startups. This is meant to be a more casual segment, as opposed to The founder interviews (FI's). Today's guest is Michael Marra, founder of Entre. ------Sunday roundups are a paid part of Forward Thinking Media, a media brand for early-stage startup and business content. You will get a sample of today's Sunday Roundup, but if you want the whole episode, plus every segment on the network, like Partner Mondays, Early Bets, and others, then become a paid subscriber today. By the way, if you want to be featured as a guest on the Sunday Roundup, you can come on! Subscribe, then email me and we can make it happen.★ Support this podcast ★


31 May 2020