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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Deborah Owens. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Deborah Owens, often where they are interviewed.

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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Deborah Owens. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Deborah Owens, often where they are interviewed.

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Black Lives Matter thru the Principles of Tantra w/ Deborah Owens

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In this episode, Deborah Owens joins us to discuss the Black Lives Matter and anti-racism movement through a tantric lens. We delve into how power, dominance, and fear show up in our bodies. And we discuss this through the lens of the principles of tantra from Kali Rising by Swami Ravi.

This is a powerful, powerful episode and Deborah brings her full self to the table - as always.

Deborah is a student of Tantra and has studied with Swami Ravi Rudra Bharati for many years. Her practice and study have an emphasis on the masculine principle and feminine energy. She is especially interested in how the understanding of He and She relates to our expression of violence and power.

I hope you’ll take a listen. It is worthwhile.

You can listen to our previous conversation on the Inner Marriage here.

Jul 03 2020 · 48mins
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You Can't Save Your Way To Wealth with Deborah Owens

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In this week’s episode of Secure The Seat, I interview Deborah Owens, America's Wealth Coach. We discuss how to build your wealth as a woman of color. Deborah Owens is America's Wealth Coach™ and is on a mission to help women overcome their fear of investing through coaching, accountability, and support.

She is the founder of WealthyU: A Financial Wellness company that has a proven track record of helping thousands of women transform from cautious savers into confident investors.

After spending two decades in the investment industry Deborah has authored three critically acclaimed books; A Purse of Your Own: An Easy Guide to Financial Security, published by Simon and Schuster, Nickel, and Dime Your Way to Wealth and Confident Investing. Deborah created WealthyU to give women access to the information that could only be obtained through private wealth managers. She is a 20-year financial services industry veteran and former vice president with Fidelity Investments.

Ms. Owens founded WealthyU to create customized training and coaching for companies and individuals. She holds a Masters of Business Administration from the Loyola University of Maryland. Connect with Deborah at https://deborahowens.com/ and on Twitter https://twitter.com/deborahowens

May 20 2020 · 30mins

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Tantra Principle 5: Inner Marriage w/ Deborah Owens

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The Inner Marriage is the union of the divine masculine and feminine in our bodies. It is a union that is often barred from happening depending on where we live, how we were raised, and how we are in relationship with these two energies.

In this episode, Deborah Owens walks us through the principle of inner marriage.

Mar 30 2020 · 31mins
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Transforming Poverty to Wealth with America's Wealth Coach, Deborah Owens

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On this week’s episode of the Raising Black Millionaires Show, we immensely enjoyed talking with the former Vice President of Fidelity Investments, author, and media personality, Deborah Owens. Mrs. Owens came on to the show shared with us boundless insight about how she came to love the world of investing, even after having not been taught anything at all about it as a child; and how she and her husband armed their children with all that they needed to be savvy investors as children. Mrs. Owens is presently the CEO of WealthyU, a financial wellness company that coaches companies and individuals; and she shares with us some of the nuggets she uses to groom her students into financially secure investors. You’ll love love love this episode.

After listening to the show, be sure to check out her site and programs at Deborah Owens and WealthyU.

Visit Ms. Owens' media page at Deborah Owens media

Follow Deborah Owens:

@DeborahOwens on Twitter

@DeborahOwens on Facebook

@DeborahOwens on Amazon

@DeborahOwens on TVOne

Be sure to catch our After the Show Live where we’ll dive deeper into conversations with our guests and learn more about how to have great success in #RaisingBlackMillionaires.  To join us, just click this link and request to join our Raising Black Millionaires Parent Group on Facebook!  https://www.facebook.com/groups/671290283207429/

Don't forget to get your FREE ebook The 5 Can't-Miss Steps Parents Must Follow in Raising Black Millionaires: Easy-to-Use Strategies for the Everyday Working Parent.  Just click the link and get it NOW http://raisingblackmillionaires.com/5-steps

Oct 08 2018 · 50mins

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070: Deborah Owens | The Corporate Alley Cat

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Deborah Owens is a seasoned executive and change agent with 20+ years of Fortune 100 business experience. As a director of training and a sales leader, she developed and implemented strategies to close performance gaps, maximize performance and exceed business objectives. She has led the conception, design and implementation of franchise and enterprise-wide initiatives including leadership development, talent management, sales and marketing training, and employee development with international brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Merck and Honeywell.

Throughout her career, Deborah has had a front-row seat to the unique experiences faced by people of color in the workplace. She founded her company The Corporate Alley Cat to ensure that every person of color is fully supported and equipped for both the opportunities and challenges they will encounter throughout their corporate journeys.

Based upon a foundation of sharing experiences (good and bad), strategies, and lessons learned to accelerate career growth and success, Corporate Alley Cat's mission is to:

  • Provide a safe place to share, learn and navigate those “sticky/taboo” corporate situations that leave people of color feeling isolated, frustrated, and powerless;
  • Provide tools, strategies and experts to help professionals of color manage workplace challenges that, left unmanaged, can derail their careers; and
  • Accelerate the success, shorten the learning curve and provide critical insider knowledge to professionals of color to help change the culture of corporations.

Deborah's public speaking topics include:

  • Get Scrappy, Be Ready: 5 Sticky Situations Every Person of Color Needs to Know How to Handle at Work
  • Corporate Politics in Color: Hidden Lessons and Nuances You Won't Find in the Employee Handbook
  • The Best of Both Worlds: How to "Rock the Boat" Without Ruining Your Career

Herself a long time alley cat and adventurer, Deborah has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, trekked to Macchu Pichu, and completed a triathlon. She is a proud Bison who holds a B.A. in Economics from Howard University. Deborah resides in Washington, DC with her husband.

Jan 17 2018 · 35mins
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036: Deborah Owens, Corporate Alley Cat

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Deborah Owens founded Corporate Alley Cat to provide a safe space where people of color can discuss and address challenging situations. It's a destination and a community that offers tools, strategies, and access to experts who offer individual coaching. 

While working as a corporate manager, Deb found herself challenged by a boss who seemed to be discriminating against her. She wasn’t comfortable sharing the situation with her peers and wasn’t exactly sure what to do. She attempted to directly address it with her supervisor but got no response. After several months, she reported her dilemma to the president of the company and was able to finally get resolution. 

Racism silences many. People fear the repercussions of speaking out in the work place.  Deb chose not to be silent, she chose not to give into fear.  Her motto, “Sometimes you got to get scrappy!” did not let her down. She used encounters with a boss who marginalized her as an opportunity to speak out, to change the culture in that company, and then go on to found an organization that invites others to do the same. 

In our discussion, Deb explains the steps she took to make a difference in her life and the lives of others. She says, “I think the world will be a better place when people are fulfilled, are able to give back, and able to be fully who they are.”

Listen to the podcast to hear Deb discuss:

  • Why she founded Corporate Alley Cat and the steps she took to get there
  • Challenges facing a person of color in the corporate world
  • The importance of sharing our stories
  • Playing the race card - it's not common...
  • Dealing with passive aggressive behavior and perceived racism
  • Documenting her experiences and why this is important when faced with a challenge
  • Refusing to speak out can mean that your career is "over in place"

  • Becoming a diversity inclusion advocate and working to change the attitudes in her company allowed her to be a productive and high performing
  • Knowing you don’t have to quit, you don’t have to be miserable, and you don’t have to compromise who you are
  • The steep learning curve involved in starting your own business
  • The thrill of waking up each day excited about her work and contributions
  • Working with Insight 180 to refine the Corporate Alley Cat brand and develop the website
  • Investing in the early stages of your business to work with the best people you can
  • Having a huge number of supporters - enough to fill the Verizon Center! 
  • Sharing the wisdom you gain with others
  • Why sometimes it is not about fighting, it’s about honoring who you are, and holding yourself and others accountable
  • Why interviewees should ask how companies are achieving diversity and inclusion
  • How everyone can benefit from Corporate Alley Cat - you don't have to be a person of color! 
  • Video workshops offering career advice. See video below! 
  • Managing your career before, during, and after performance reviews
  • Bias, and how it can show up in the performance review process and how to address it
  • Deb's inspiring parents!  The pride of watching her parents continue to learn new things, be engaged with people and issues, travel, talk to people, and being committed to doing their very best work Being taught at a very young age by her parents that one person can make a difference 

Quotes from Deb:

“My vision is to change the corporate experiences for people of color, one person at a time.”

“I would not be one of those people who just quit and quietly go away.  I just didn’t feel that it was right, for anybody.”

“When you use your voice and ask for what you want, and what you need, and what is right, oftentimes, you’ll get it.”

“I could fill the Verizon Center with the people who I rely on for support.  I mean, I don’t do this alone.”

“Sometimes you got to get scrappy!”

“It might be a little uncomfortable but we’re all big kids here.  We can handle it.  But it’s got to change!”

“The reason that we are focusing on being proactive is because if you’re proactive then these situations don’t have to escalate.”

“I don’t want to be retired, because my role models aren’t retired.  I want to be able to live my life in a way that allows me to make a positive change in this world.”

“There are going to be some rough patches but you’ll get through it.  I think we will see that this world will be a better place when people are fulfilled, and are able to give back, and they’re able to be fully who they are.”

Learn More: CorporateAlleyCat.com

Contact Lisa: Lisa@EverBetterU.com

More information abot working with Lisa: www.EverBetterU.com

Sep 23 2016 · 47mins
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004 Healthy Relationships with Your Teens - Deborah Owens

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Teacher, author, and mother of three Deborah Owen shares her tips and strategies to connect or reconnect with your kids.

How to Connect With Your KidsHelping Your Teen Help ThemselvesStrategies for Building RespectTips on Discipline and ConsistencyThe A to E Technique to Keeping Your Cool


Nov 17 2015 · 32mins
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Wealth Coach Deborah Owens

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Deborah Owens is on a mission to engage, enlighten and equip one million women to be financially empowered. She is author of Confident Investing and Nickel and Dime Your Way to Wealth. Her latest book, A Purse Of Your Own: The Easy Guide to Financial Security, was published by Simon and Schuster. Ms. Owens is the wealth coach on My Generation TV, a lifestyle program which airs on PBS, where she shows everyday people how to behave their way to wealth. Thousands of listeners tune in to her radio show Wealthy Lifestyles on the NPR affiliate in Baltimore, Maryland, which celebrated its’ tenth year on the air in 2009. You can also read her advice in Financial Fitness, a column in Cents Magazine, a publication of American Airlines. Financial literacy is a personal mission advocated by Ms. Owens for over a decade.

Deborah Owens is a sought after speaker on the topics of financial empowerment and Entrepreneurship, and has shared her enthusiasm, wit and humor with more than 100,000 people in live forums across the nation. She has been a featured keynote speaker for five national tours with Working Mother Media, T.D. Jakes Enterprise’s, Count Me In For Women’s Economic Independence, The Financial Readiness Challenge for the Department of Defense, and the Everywomen’s Money Conference. She is currently touring on the A Purse of Your Own Road Trip.

Deborah Owens is President of Owens Media Group LLC, which develops financial literacy content on the web, television, radio and print for companies and organizations. She has over twenty years experience in the financial services industry and is a former financial advisor and vice president at Fidelity Investments. She is member on the board of the Maryland Council on Economic Education. She holds a Masters of Business Administration from Loyola University.
Mar 07 2011 · 1hr 1min
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The Power of the Purse, Financial Empowerment with Deborah Owens

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Are you controlling your money, or is it controlling you?
Hear best-selling author/speaker/television personality, Deborah Owens reveal the secrets & systems to generating wealth.

It's never too late to take control of your finances and create wealth!

Join Deborah's community at http://apurseofyourown.ning.com and stay connected!
Sep 24 2010 · 30mins
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Wealthy Sistas® Deborah Owens Author/Radio Host/Money Expert

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Deborah Owens passion is helping people of all incomes build wealth. She is a sought after speaker and expert on the topic of entrepreneurship and financial empowerment.

Deborah is the Wealth Coach on My Generation TV which airs nationally in 30 million homes. She is author of “Confident Investing: A Wealth Building Guide For Women” and “Nickel and Dime Your Way to Wealth”. Her new book “A Purse Of Your Own” is scheduled for publication by Simon and Schuster in 2009.

Deborah is host and executive producer of “Wealthy Lifestyle Radio” a personal finance talk show that airs on the NPR affiliate WEAA 88.9 FM in Baltimore, Md.

She is sought after speaker and has toured nationally with B.E.S.T. featuring Bishop T.D. Jakes and Magic Johnson, God’s Leading Ladies, Working Women Events and The NASD Office of Individual Investors. Deborah is President of Owens Media Group LLC, which creates financial empowerment programs for companies and organizations.
Jan 11 2010 · 1hr