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Promo: Launching our Autumn Series with Paul Ronalds and Rachel Mason Nunn

Good Will Hunters

Welcome to Good Will Hunters' Autumn Series. The time has come for NGOs to radically transform. Major global shifts are underway. Civic space is shrinking and the fundamental tenets of democracy – open, transparent and accountable governance – are under threat. There is growing political antagonism towards advocacy and activism, and increasing restraints face NGOs that seek to hold governments to account. For NGOs, traditional sources of funding are drying up while demand for their services and stakeholder expectations are growing, driving up costs. Covid-19 has given renewed urgency to the localisation agenda – its no longer a choice, but an operational necessity. New technologies are creating incredible opportunities to increase impact and improve efficiency but also throwing up a raft of new challenges. Our people remain the single most important element of our success but the war for the best talent is heating up. And the workplace of the 21st century is going to look completely different to that of the 20th century. More people are displaced than ever before. Gender, racial and income inequalities are not just a “developing country” problem but are global challenges facing even the wealthiest countries. Poverty is more urban, and concentrated in some of the fastest growing economies on Earth. And the climate crisis requires us to think radically differently about development. So what does all this mean? It means NGOs need to transform - and fast - in order to be relevant, sustainable and impactful. And its never been more important to have a thriving civil society. Covid-19 has taken health systems to the brink, disrupted education, destroyed livelihoods and increased instability. We need robust, creative NGOs ready and able to face these challenges. I’m your host, Paul Ronalds, Group CEO of Save the Children Australia. Along with my co-host Rachel Mason Nunn, we’ll be talking to leading global thinkers on the challenges facing NGOs and what it will take to create the NGO of the future. Join us this Autumn, along with our series partner Alinea-Whitelum, as we confront the existential challenges facing NGOs, and get inspired by the opportunities to transform our organisations to have greater impact than ever before.Stay tuned to Good Will Media social media pages for launch dates.


17 Mar 2021

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Paul Ronalds: Impact Investing, a path to sustainable funding for Save the Children

Good Future

Amid the corona virus crisis, charities saw a dramatic decrease in donations at a time their services were needed the most. My guest today is Paul Ronalds, he’s the CEO of Save the Children Australia, and he knows this challenge well. He’s long been an advocate for charities to evolve, and adapt to a new funding environment. It’s one reason his organisation has launched a pioneering Impact investment fund, which supports social enterprises through equity and debt funding. In this conversation Paul explained the intricacies of the Impact Fund they’ve launched, and we explored the lessons that the finance sector can learn from not-for-profits, and vice versa.As the finance sector discovers its power to make positive change, so too are charities recognising that financial stability requires a diversity of funding sources. But I want to led Paul do the talking, so please enjoy. All the show notes are on my web site at www.johntreadgold.comEnjoy!


16 Mar 2021

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Paul Ronalds - How can NGOs innovate and transform?

Good Will Hunters

Welcome to Episode 103 of Good Will Hunters, brought to you by Good Will Media. Today I speak to Paul Ronalds, Group CEO of Save the Children Australia, about how NGOs can transform and innovate to meet the growing challenges they face.Enjoy,The GWH Team


3 Nov 2020

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Paul Ronalds - Disruption, Generosity and Stopping the War on Children

Good Will Hunters

Welcome to Episode 33 of Good Will Hunters, with Paul Ronalds, CEO of Save the Children. As I say at the outset of this episode, Paul is by far our most requested guest. As a highly respected CEO and thought-leader, Paul has led Save the Children Australia into one of its most innovative and successful periods yet.THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY THE INTREPID GROUP, THE TOUR COMPANY PROVIDING SUSTAINABLE, EXPERIENCE RICH TRAVEL. In this episode we discuss why the not for profit sector is not sustainable, whether we have a generosity-shortage in Australia, the need for charities to innovative both financially and strategically, how Save the Children is doing something no other Australian charity has done before, maintaining our integrity in the Pacific, and why we need to stop the war on children. This is a powerful and honest conversation with a man who has been, and continues to be, a major catalyst for change in the sector.If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a review on iTunes, Soundcloud or Facebook! Enjoy,Rachel[Royalty free music by Ben Sound]


2 Jun 2019

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Paul Ronalds - CEO, Save the Children Australia. 100 years of legacy, changing lives & making a difference!

Talk with Trace

Trace talks with the engaging & articulate CEO Mr Paul Ronalds from Save the Children Australia. They talk 100 years of legacy, the daily & extraordinary work they do both here & overseas. Save the children are making a massive difference, we shine the light on all the behind the scenes projects, involvement, where the money goes, the productivity, transparency & most importantly the integrity of one of the worlds largest NGO's. Enjoy


7 Apr 2019