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20 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lauren Smith Brody. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lauren Smith Brody, often where they are interviewed.

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20 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Lauren Smith Brody. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Lauren Smith Brody, often where they are interviewed.

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Ep 19 - The Fifth Trimester: Working parenthood with Lauren Smith Brody!

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After a successful 16-year career in magazine publishing, Lauren Smith Brody had a new calling, that of supporting working moms and generally working parents as they reconcile their professional and personal selves. Through her incredibly insightful best-selling book, The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom’s Guide to Style, Sanity, and Big Success After Baby, she has launched The Fifth Trimester movement which emphasizes the support and understanding so necessary to ensure all working parents can succeed, both inside and outside the home. Lauren is a compassionate, articulate, funny and engaging champion of calling out the pitfalls of working parenthood, both in how we present ourselves in the workforce (or virtual workforce for some, these days) and how we support ourselves across the demands outside of the office. She brings tons of research, historical insights and pragmatic self-forgiving gems to help us all feel a bit better about our capabilities and a bit more honest about our shortcomings. We discuss “networking” in the age of remote work, the history of FMLA, the importance of involving your partner in the early days of childcare, as well as how to continue to succeed in your career by setting boundaries, managing expectations of yourself and striving for advancement, yes even if working remotely! I loved this conversation so much and hope you do too! You can learn more about her work at www.thefifthtrimester.com, or follow her on Instagram @thefifthtrimester.

Sep 16 2020 · 57mins
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Author Lauren Smith Brody | ‘The Fifth Trimester’ and the reality of returning to work after you have a baby

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If you thought there were only three trimesters, well, prepare to think again. While the newborn phase is often referred to as the fourth trimester, former New York-based Glamour editor Lauren Smith Brody took it one step further when she trademarked the term ‘the fifth trimester’. She was referring to the birth of the working mother – the time when new mothers return to work and undergo a radical transformation in so many ways. She’s written the book (literally) on this phase and it’s full of insights and advice.

The Fifth Trimester is based on interviews with over 700 candidly speaking mothers in carried fields and expert advice, and answers to many of our burning questions. When will I go back? How should I manage that initial "I want to quit" attack? Flex-time or full-time? What's the best option for childcare? Is it possible to look like I slept for eight hours instead of three? And why is there never a convenient space to pump?

In today’s conversation, host Georgie Abay talks to Lauren about all of the above and more.

  • The enormous identity shift we experience when we become mothers
  • The motherhood penalty
  • Making peace with your child-care choices
  • Returning to work and pumping
  • Practical time management tips for working mothers

To find out more about The Fifth Trimester, visit www.thefifthtrimester.com

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Jul 10 2020 · 39mins

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Making Work Life Balance Easier with Lauren Smith Brody

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Adjusting back to work has always been a concern for new parents. Today, in a time of a pandemic where childcare may have adjusted, finding flexible, creative ways to meet the demands of your job may require some creativity and negotiations. 

In this episode of Yoga|Birth|Babies, I speak with author and founder of The Fifth Trimester movement, Lauren Smith Brody. Lauren offers practical tips for negotiating flexibility with your employer with no stigma or pay cut. She also discusses how this conversation can help those who can use whatever privilege they’ve got for others who may not be able to speak up as freely. This episode will help you make work-life integration easier for everyone around you.

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Jul 01 2020 · 44mins
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How to Be a Working Mom with Lauren Smith Brody

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Going back to work after having a baby is no small feat, and neither is making it as a working mom long term. We have author Lauren Smith Brody on the show today to talk about how to do it. She's the author of The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom's Guide to Style, Sanity, and Big Success After Baby and founder of The Fifth Trimester movement.

Follow Lauren:




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Jan 27 2020 · 38mins

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The Fifth Trimester with Lauren Smith Brody

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What if moms were granted the kind of parental leave they really needed to heal from childbirth, care for baby, and return to work? Lauren Smith Brody thinks it would completely change the lives of new parents—and everyone around them.

Most parents have to go back to work months before they’re emotionally and physically ready, missing out on an important developmental phase. When Lauren had her first child, she realized that phase needed a name, and a movement—so she launched The Fifth Trimester to help parents and businesses transform workplace culture together.

It shouldn’t be on women necessarily, and it shouldn’t be on moms necessarily, to have to make these big cultural corrections just because they’re the ones who need it in this moment. It's really on all of us.
—Lauren Smith Brody, author and founder of The Fifth Trimester

We talk about:

  • Why openly talking about being a parent at work is so critical. “Coming back to work as a new mother was my first day on the job all over again in many, many ways...I didn't know how to do my job and be a mom at the same time. I felt like a newbie and I just decided to expose that all over the place as much as I could and make it ok.”
  • How asking for what you need as a new parent can actually help everyone in your workplace. “Try to remember that this is not something that you are asking for for you, your family, in this moment. This is a plan for how you will get your job done. But also, any flexibility that you're able to win is really a win for everybody around you.”
  • Why reckoning with our racist and capitalist past is the only way we can fundamentally change the system. “Racism so clearly impacts the access to support and even just obviously simple good health and the right to good health that American workers have. ...So very often you'll see that a company has gotten headlines for providing, you know, so-and-so is going to now have, you know, 12 paid weeks of family leave. Great. Who actually has access to that?”

Plus: committing to becoming better advocates for people who have kids and digging a little deeper into the very real impact slavery’s history still has on our country today.


Dec 05 2019 · 56mins
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The Fifth Trimester: A Working Mom's Guide | Lauren Smith Brody & Kate Bolduan

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#235 - CNN host Kate Bolduan and former Glamour executive editor Lauren Smith Brody give tips for heading back to work after having kids.

Just back from maternity leave, Kate Bolduan gives us three momhacks for transitioning back to work. And Fifth Trimester founder Lauren Smith Brody shares lessons from her fun, comforting, and informative book: The Fifth Trimester: The Working Mom’s Guide to Style, Sanity, and Success After Baby. We talk about changing workplace culture, the gender pay gap as it relates to mamas, how to ask for flex time, signs of postpartum mood disorder, and what to do if you have the sudden itch to quit. You may have first heard this episode in April 2018. It's worth a revisit! And it perfectly pairs with our recent podcast: Fair Play | NYT Bestselling Author Eve Rodsky on Rebalancing Family Responsibilities and Reclaiming Your Time with Eve Rodsky.

xx Ellie Knaus

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Nov 07 2019 · 52mins
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Ep 33: What It's Really Like to be a Working Mom, with Lauren Smith Brody of The Fifth Trimester

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There are no two ways about it--being a working mother is HARD.

The most difficult part, though, can be those first few weeks back after having a baby. From changes in your hormones to your body to your schedule, everything is different... yet everyone expects women to go back to work and do the exact same things they did before they left.

And while that's certainly possible, it's far from easy... at least without the right help and advice.

That's where best-selling author Lauren Smith Brody comes in. Her book The Fifth Trimester is here to walk you through it step by practical step.

I LOVED this conversation with Lauren because I've been there before--standing in the closet full of clothing that no longer fits wondering, "What the hell am I going to wear?" Or asking my boss, "Where can I pump at work?" Or even simple things like, How do you navigate your relationship after having a baby?

This conversation was a true delight and I'm SO SO excited to share it with YOU!

I can't overstate the insane amount of value and practical advice Lauren offers in this interview, and in her book. Here are some of the topics we cover:

+ Finding childcare: Should you use in-home care, or day care?
+ Getting your relationship back on track after baby--the sweet spot of time spent together that research shows improves your relationship
+ Beauty tips--her favorite products to look "done" in five minutes or less
+ How to stock your closet if your regular clothes still don't fit when you head back after leave (Hint: They probably won't.)
+ Managing yourself, and others, at work
+ And so much more!

I promise you'll walk away from this with not only practical advice, but also knowing that you are NOT alone in this crazy new part of life.

Buy Lauren's book HERE: https://amzn.to/2ZnB3RE
Read my blog post on Lauren HERE: http://bit.ly/2ZbXbmP

Follow Lauren on IG @thefifthtrimester
Follow me on IG @SonniAbatta
Aug 23 2019 · 45mins
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Ending Maternity Leave? Talking 5th Trimester with Lauren Smith Brody

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Returning from a maternity leave can be one of the most difficult transitions any new mother endures. Who will care for my baby? How can I do my job with my brain still so focused…

Continue ReadingEnding Maternity Leave? Talking 5th Trimester with Lauren Smith Brody

The post Ending Maternity Leave? Talking 5th Trimester with Lauren Smith Brody appeared first on .

Aug 20 2019 · 52mins
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The Fifth Trimester with Lauren Smith Brody

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Lauren Smith Brody went back to work after her first baby, and thought she could "organize herself" through her maternity leave and her return back to work after baby. While working in the magazine industry in NYC, Lauren was thankful for a healthy delivery and baby but felt like her emotions about work were "off." 

In this episode, we talk about the issues around a working mom's return to work, including:

  • privilege and access to FMLA (only 56% of American workers have access to taking 12 unpaid weeks)
  • 25% of American moms take two weeks or less of maternity leave
  • how partners can help moms who are on maternity leave
  • helping your kids understand your job and why it's good to bring your work home
  • where we're making the most progress for working moms
  • where we have the most work to do for working moms
  • and a lot more!

Prior to launching T5T, Lauren had a 16-year career in magazine publishing, most recently as the longtime executive editor of Glamour magazine at Condé Nast, where she produced the Women of the Year awards, honoring luminaries like Dr. Maya Angelou and Hillary Clinton. As both an executive-level manager and a content expert, she led colleagues and 12 million monthly readers through career and life transitions with empathy and vital information. Raised in Ohio, Texas, and Georgia, she now lives in New York City with her husband and two young sons. (from www.thefifthtrimester.com)

For more episodes and inspiring stories of moms making a difference, visit www.influentialmotherhood.com

Aug 13 2019 · 47mins
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Returning to Work after Baby with Fifth Trimester Author/Founder Lauren Smith Brody

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Nyssa's Mia Clarke speaks to author and founder of the Fifth Trimester movement, Lauren Smith Brody, about preparing to return to work after giving birth, the 'Motherhood Penalty' (the measurable impact of motherhood on earnings and professional status), how to advocate for yourself in the workplace and much more.

Do you have questions you'd like Nyssa to explore with our network of experts? Fourth Trimester stories that you'd like to share? Leave us a message at (336) HI-NYSSA or email us at hello@nyssacare.com. And please do review us on Apple podcasts, it really helps!

You can read more about Lauren's work here and follow her on Instagram here.

And please visit Nyssa's website and Instagram for more information about our company and community. 

Jul 11 2019 · 48mins