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Leveraging Thought Leadership | Justin Foster | 309

Leveraging Thought Leadership

Today’s guest is Justin Foster, the author of Oatmeal vs Bacon and co-author of Rooting Up.  He is a speaker consultant and co-founder of Root + River a practice that specializes in branding for defiant leaders. Justin shares his path to thought leadership and the tricks he learned along the way, including a brilliant method for how to get in front of potential clients when they won’t answer the phone for a sales call. Breaking through the noise to have your voice heard amongst an abundance of other consultants is tough enough, but how do you get heard without coming across annoying or worse like a jerk? Justin tells us how conviction and originality can be the key! Last we discuss methods of generating content, the pros and cons of going with the method you are comfortable with and have energy for versus the method that you audience might expect from you. This episode is filled with a ton of TLPM (Thought Leadership per Minute) so grab a pen and take notes! Three Key Takeaways: Being an expert in your clients business is just as important as being an expert in the thought leadership you look to delivery to the client. Your thought leadership cannot afford to be bland. You have to have an original take on an idea and the conviction to stand by it. It’s okay if your thought leadership is heretical or counter-intuitive, so long as you can prove and defend your content.


29 Apr 2021

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Intrinsic Branding to Develop a brand with Soul With Emily Soccorsy & Justin Foster of Root + River

The Unified Brand - Branding Podcast

Are you feeling disillusioned with your brand or disconnected from the reason you started it in the first place?Do you want to make a positive impact and connect meaningfully with your audience? Well in today's episode of The Unified Brand Podcast I'm joined by Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster of Root + River a branding practice that helps leaders uncover the truth of their brand, articulate it and share it with the world.If you are interested in finding out more about Emily, Justin and Root + River check out the links below.Root + River WebsiteRoot + River FacebookRoot + River TwitterRoot + River LinkedinRoot + River InstagramRoot + River YouTubeEmily FacebookEmily LinkedinEmily TwitterJustin FacebookJustin TwitterJustin Linkedin------------------------Brand Building CourseIf you are looking to build an existing brand in 2021, start a side hustle or launch a completely new brand, we have put together a course that can help you to:- Lay a foundation for your business to grow from- Define your unique brand and what makes you different- Define your target audience and audience segments- How to use your positioning and differentiation strategy to your advantage- Help you to stand out from the competition- Unlock your brand's full potential- Helping you to name your brand/products or productized services- Define a compelling brand personality using archetypes- Create a memorable, Iconic and Impactful brand- And moreSign up now and get your brand off to a great start - http://bit.ly/2Zw5dos---------------------------Do Feel like your brand could use improving but not sure where to start?Or are you looking to build upon and grow your existing brand to create more impact? Or are you seeking an impactful, iconic and memorable logo and brand identity system?Schedule a brand discovery consultation call here - https://www.elementsbrandmanagement.o.uk/schedule-a-call------------------------SUBSCRIBE to our brand tip video series delivered straight to your inbox - https://bit.ly/2A8kpif------------------------Other Social ChannelsYouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB1DttwtvyIL5wOAewMSeRwInstagram - https://www.instagram.com/elementsbrandmanagement/Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ElementsBrandManagement/Twitter - https://twitter.com/ElementsBrand Website - https://bit.ly/36BQX00


14 Apr 2021

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Product Branding Straight from the Heart, with Emily Soccorsy & Justin Foster

Product: Knowledge — the Product Marketing Podcast

Consumers have had enough of phony product brands. Fabricated figureheads like Betty Crocker and the Marlboro Man ruled the twentieth century, but social media and customer reviews have permanently altered the landscape. Not only can we handle the truth—we demand it.While everyone talks ad nauseam about “authenticity,” it’s still much easier to fall back into the old-world playbook. Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster created Root + River to help product makers succeed at branding from the heart and build an enduring culture of truth. Doing it right creates new levels of joy, satisfaction and loyalty, but requires a new and very deliberate way of thinking. When businesses brand from the heart, amazing things happen, particularly three invaluable breakthroughs that always do.Emily and Justin join Graphos Product Principal Laurier Mandin to talk about their proven approach to intrinsic branding, and share insights that will help you find and articulate what’s at the heart of your own product brand. Here are some key-takeaways from this informative and inspiring episode: Why today’s consumers refuse to buy falseness (1:45) How repelling the wrong buyers is as important as attracting the right ones (3:30) The “big gap” that causes branding failure, and how to close it (7:12) Why it’s smart to pause marketing to think about the brand (8:00) Why branding is a practice, not a department (10:19) The 3 amazing things that always happen when you brand from the heart (10:30) Why marketing is not the numbers game many CMOs think it is (14:35) How love is the reason products and teams succeed (17:00) Why you’re not looking for customers—you’re looking for believers (18:48) The real secret to creating emotion in your audience (20:00) How to build anticipation and demand before you even get to market (23:36) Why storytelling can make even “boring” brands thrill consumers (26:19) Finding and sharing YOUR belief system, whether your product is old or new (28:35) Root + River: RootandRiver.comThe Product Launch & Marketing Agency: GraphosProduct.com


13 Apr 2021

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Start With What You Believe: A Conversation With Justin Foster

Freeality: What It’s Actually Like to Be a Freelancer & How to Succeed as One

"If you don't know who you are and you don't know what you believe in—and you don't know what your standards are and you don't know what your message is to the world—that's all being manifested consciously or unconsciously in the brand experience that people are having with you in your personal brand and with your company."


15 Mar 2021

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Justin Foster

The Clemson Dubcast

Former Clemson defensive end Justin Foster goes in-depth on his decision to give up football, and what it was like trying to battle back amid the effects of COVID-19. Foster had dealt with asthma and allergies his whole life, and COVID exacerbated those conditions while leaving him with a long list of complications including shortness of breath, vocal-cord disfunction, and difficulty swallowing. Foster, who graduated in December with a degree in Construction Science and Management, is looking forward to starting a career in small business and using his mechanical mind. From an early age, Foster loved learning how things worked by taking apart lawnmowers and car engines and putting them back together. He tells stories of fixing the cars of assorted Clemson teammates, including Jackson Carman when Carman was stranded near Atlanta after his engine seized up.

1hr 25mins

8 Mar 2021

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Branding is a Spiritual Experience | Justin Foster of Root + River

Honey & Hustle

Justin Foster is the co-founder of Root + River based in Austin, Texas. You can find Root + River online here: https://rootandriver.com/​ Find Foster Thinking and all his incredible musings online here: https://fosterthinking.com/ ►AFFILIATE LINKS Get 10% OFF your Blackology Coffee Company order using my link: https://www.blackologycoffeecompany.com/angela Create your own Linq + Get 15% OFF your smart product order: https://bit.ly/3p3UwVa ►Sign Up for the email newsletter: http://anghstudio.hubspotpagebuilder.com/newsletter ►Let's Connect WEBSITE: www.anghstudio.com FB/TW/LinkedIn: @honeyandhustle As a Blackology Coffee Co. & Linq Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting the podcast! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/honeyandhustle/support


9 Feb 2021

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Justin Foster: Mystic & Non-Dual Consciousness


In this episode Justin Foster joins Luke Bricker explore mystic and non-dual consciousness. Connect with Justin: https://fosterthinking.com https://instagram.com/fosterthinking Connect with Luke: https://thespiritualnomad.org https://instagram.com/the_spiritual_nomad Make a tax-deductible donation: https://thespiritualnomad.org/give #mystic #nondual #consciousness

1hr 3mins

9 Feb 2021

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Branding in 2021: Intrinsic Marketing, Ethics and Emotion with Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster

Ponderings from the Perch

On today's episode Host and Momma Bird at Little Bird Marketing Priscilla McKinney has a lively and engaging conversation with the co-founders of Root and River, Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster as they explain the concepts of intrinsic branding, ethical marketing and what great brands look like in 2021. They also discuss their book, 'Rooting Up Essays on Modern Branding' which brings a compelling blend of leadership doctrine, spiritual intelligence and practical marketing advice intended to inspire and inform in new but timeless ways.About Root and RiverWorking in concert with the marketing leaders or CEOs, and incorporating the leadership team in a brand discovery Root Sessions, Root and River acts alongside the marketer-in-chief and their teams. Through the phases of Language, Infrastructure and Amplification, these three components make up a brand strategy that becomes a bedrock of confidence and clarity while remaining flexible to new realities and opportunities.


15 Jan 2021

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Episode 6 - Nic Cage Loves Yellowbird? (special guest Justin Foster)

Yellowbird Hotline

It's the Yellowbird Hotline Podcast! Back at it again, answering the realest of questions: Which Nic Cage character would carry Yellowbird hot sauce with him? No we didn't pay someone to ask that. Does Nic Cage make a guest appearance? I can't tell you that but...no.Who DOES make a guest appearance is our good friend Justin Foster! Justin is a stand-up comic, writer, and all-around wonderful and funny human. You can find him on the socials @justincomic:https://twitter.com/justincomichttps://www.instagram.com/justincomic/On his website: http://www.justincomic.com/And stream his comedy album Dangerless on Spotify:https://open.spotify.com/album/0eEY1tWUB3dj9wb8EJSuZ7Be kind to each other out there! And call or text 855-700-BIRD to get your question on the air!


5 Jan 2021

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Episode 43: Justin Foster

Behind The Bits with Scott Curtis

Justin Foster is a native Texas comedian now living in Los Angeles. Justin quickly charms the audience with his weird, slightly off, yet likable personality that allows him to delve into personal stories of sobriety, his fear of flying, and drug dealer...

1hr 3mins

27 Oct 2020