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How to Use Video Content to Reach and Engage HCPs While Driving Product Adoption - Learnings From Other Industries with Tyler Lessard, VP of Marketing and Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard

Pharma Launch Secrets

4 Es of video: Why is video the future business driver?Why do customers today prefer to see a video than talk to someone in-person?How can regulated industries get away from the “but we are regulated” excuse and use more video in their marketing?Why is YouTube NOT the right place for life-science companies to host and stream video content?Is there more value in recording videos in fancy studios versus recording remotely? To answer these questions, Bozidar is joined by Tyler Lessard, VP of Marketing and Chief Video Strategist at VidyardThey cover:[ 01:48 ] - Video is the most efficient way for businesses to explain complex ideas and establish trust with audiences. In a business context, there are several ways in which video stands out from other forms of content. In his book, Tyler describes the 4Es of video that encapsulate the inherent benefits of video. These are education, engagement, emotion, and empathy[ 05:43 ] - Trust is everything in business, and if you think about how you can be the most trustworthy to your audience as a brand, your video content plays a big part in that. Trust over time also comes back to consistency and frequency. Being consistent allows you to engage with your customers in a more trustworthy and authentic manner[ 09:52 ] - Scalability is vital in the world of content, whether writing it, creating images, doing podcasts, or making videos. Inherently, your content will scale better than relying on one-to-one conversations. And video allows you to scale not just the message but also the personality. It gets even more essential in today's world, where buyers increasingly do not want to have live one-to-one conversations with salespeople. They want to consume more information on their own time asynchronously[ 17:10 ] - Get somebody on the team who has experience with a video and multimedia background, and you can hire them as a video production lead or editor. That person should be somebody who can capture, edit, and publish content effectively and understands the nuances of video editing and storytelling. People in these roles should also be responsible for helping, enabling, and empowering others in the business to start making videos[ 20:17 ] - The problem with using video in pharma is the complexity of managing that content and ensuring that if you identify a problem, that content can be recalled and rectified quickly and in a way that can be documented and archived. When most companies start producing video content, they do it for YouTube, which doesn't allow you to update the content. So it is better to use a video hosting platform built for businessIf you want to learn more about leading a successful pharma marketing campaign in the US, tune in to this episode of Pharma Launch Secrets, a Podcast by Evermed.Subscribe here:Google Podcasts: https://bit.ly/3PUds6TApple: https://apple.co/3micGmFSpotify: https://spoti.fi/3M78XCCRSS: https://bit.ly/3wTksImInstructions on how to rate and review Pharma Launch Secrets can be found hereAnd connect with Tyler here:LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tylerlessard Website: http://www.vidyard.com About The Show:“Pharma Launch Secrets” is a podcast by Evermed and hosted by Bozidar Jovicevic, where we host direct, actionable conversations with world-leading pharma launch experts and help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies to help you launch your product successfully.Previous guests include: Trevor Landry of Syneos Health, Indraneel Mukherjee of ZS Associates, Meg Heim of Heim Global Consulting, Scott Snyder of EVERSANA, Andrew Willmer of Symbiotix, Bharti Rai of CVS, Brendan Gallagher of Publicis Health and Matthew Goodman of LUCENT Biopharma.Check out our three most downloaded episodes:US Launches: Right Size, Right Time, Right Place, and the Importance of Execution in Ensuring an Effective Launch with Trevor Landry, Senior Vice President - Commercial Lead at Syneos HealthThe Death of “Blockbuster” Products: Micro Launches and a Data-driven Approach to Marketing with Indraneel Mukherjee, Associate Partner at ZS AssociatesMedical Affairs and Pharma Launches: Strategies, Budgeting and Planning with Meg Heim of Heim Global ConsultingPharma Launch Secrets is handcrafted by our friends over at: fame.so


9 Nov 2022

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115 - Why You Need To Hire A TikTok Creator Instead Of Another Writer (Tyler Lessard, VP of Marketing at Vidyard)

Modern Startup Marketing

*listeners: please fill out this short 3-min. survey to help me level up the show: https://forms.gle/iporNXSgtfuoHSPJA When I asked Tyler to join me on the show, I thought I was bringing on a marketing leader from a video company (true) but I was also bringing on an amateur comedian, plus video expert, plus all around great personality and person to talk with! Tyler Lessard is VP of Marketing and Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard (8+ years). Prior, Tyler was CMO at Fixmo (a mobile security startup) and held leadership roles at Blackberry (10+ years). Vidyard was founded in 2011 and has 300+ people. They've raised $75.7M total funding. Vidyard is virtual sales made human. The easiest way to create, host, and share videos so you can keep connecting with customers and colleagues. Here's what we hit on: How has being an amateur comedian helped shape your career as a marketer (HINT: only use comedy if you're selling to humans); What are your top customers doing with video (HINT: LinkedIn is where ADULTS watch TikToks); Where do people go wrong with creating video content as part of their marketing strategy; Your marketing strategy during this downturn - where are you putting your dollars, where are you spending time and energy (HINT: we're investing more in PLG programs and growing our base of users); What marketing channels and content are you leaning into; Top marketing challenges; What are the last 1-2 really good, creative marketing ideas you/your team has come up with; What are some goals you want to accomplish (personal, professional) in 2022. You can reach Tyler on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tylerlessard/ Find out more about Vidyard: www.vidyard.com/ This episode is sponsored by UMSO, the website builder for startups. Visit umso.com/MSM to learn more and use the code MSM20 for a 20% discount on your first three months. For more content, subscribe to Modern Startup Marketing on Apple or Spotify or wherever you like to listen, and don't forget to leave a review! And whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:   1. Startup marketing strategy, execution and advising (25+ happy clients and mentees) >> www.furmanovmarketing.com 2. (NEW) GTM bootcamp for EdTech Founders (sign up for the next cohort) >> https://gofuelsales.com/edtech-bootcamp/ 3. (NEW) Sponsor my Top 10% podcast and get startup founders, marketers and VCs hearing about your brand You can also find me hanging out on LinkedIn every single week: www.linkedin.com/in/annafurmanov--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/anna-furmanov/message


3 Oct 2022

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B2B Video Marketing and Sales Hacks for Business Growth with Tyler Lessard

Video Marketing Secrets | Simple Strategies for Outrageous ROI

To find out more about The Draw Shop, visit our:WebsiteFacebook pageTwitterLinkedInYouTubeLearn more about Tyler:Tyler’s LinkedInTyler’s TwitterTyler’s BookEpisode resources:Vidyard's WebsiteSales Feed's WebsiteIf you enjoyed this episode then please either:Subscribe, rate, and review on Apple Podcasts (this page shows you how!)Follow on SpotifyDon't forget to follow us so you never miss an episode!Video Marketing Secrets is handcrafted by our friends over at: fame.so


25 Aug 2022

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113: Vidyard & Visual Selling: Creating a Culture of Video in Business with Tyler Lessard

Video Made Simple

If you want to give your business a chance to profit and grow, video selling is the way to go. And if you have preconceived ideas about producing videos for business, you might clam up the instant you hear about the cost of actually producing just one. But these days, there's no need to worry much as most video platforms are available online. And one of the leading video-hosting platform made especially for business is Vidyard. Vidyard is a video production platform that provides professionals with tools to record, edit, manage, host, share, optimise sales videos, and even analyse campaign results – all in one platform. This has given rise to Do-It-Yourself video creators, who use videos to communicate directly to clients or prospect online. So how do you use Vidyard for video communication? And how do DIY videos stand in the grand scheme of things?   In this episode, Chris Schwager and Brendan Southall (Co-founders and Video Marketers of Ridge Films) are joined by Tyler Lessard (Marketing Vice President and Chief Video Strategist of Vidyard, Author of the book The Visual Sale) to discuss how to use Vidyard for business and why there's a need to create culture of videos in companies. Learn how professionals in the finance industry shifted to DIY videos as means to communicate with their prospects and how they thrived, especially during pandemic. Tyler also makes a case why there is a need for companies to have an in-house capability to create DIY videos, and why marketers and business leaders need to discard preconceived ideas about videos for business to understand that some messages are best delivered visually and with personality. Tyler also provides insight for content versus production quality, future of video communication, the best ways to write subject lines and the importance of thumbnails. FOLLOW TYLER LESSARD or check out Vidyard and get your copy of The Visual Sale. DIY VIDEO PROGRAM Create your own videos with a push of a button. ASK YOUR QUESTION What has you feeling overwhelmed? Let us help you solve the mystery of video marketing. CONVINCE YOUR BOSS Download our guide to help decision makers understand the importance of video marketing their business.  THE POWER OF VIDEO MARKETING View on demand in 60-minutes. 7 lessons to kickstart your video marketing journey. RIDGE FILMS YOUTUBE Catch new episodes of the Video Made Simple podcast on our Youtube channel. Let us know what you think and feel free to like, comment, and subscribe. 


1 Jul 2022

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What B2B Marketers Can Learn from Vidyard’s Thought Leadership Strategy with Tyler Lessard

B2B Content Strategist

B2B marketers: how much are you leveraging video content in your current marketing strategy?According to this episode’s special guest, video content – specifically short-form video – is highly underutilized by B2B marketers. In this engaging conversation, Tyler Lessard explains why video is the key to creating thought leadership content that really connects with an audience and how to tap into short-form video’s power. Tyler is the VP of Marketing and Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard, the pioneering and leading global provider of video technology for marketers, sales teams, communications and corporate learning. He is incomparably passionate about video content’s potential for B2B businesses and shares his 8+ years of experience in the industry with helpful words of advice (and warning).Amy Woods is the CEO and founder of Content 10x, the first and longest-running specialist content repurposing agency that partners exclusively with B2B tech and professional services businesses worldwide.Find out:How to create more effective thought leadership contentWhy Vidyard launched a separate media networkThe hard lesson Tyler learned about promotion strategies Important Links & Mentions:Tyler’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tylerlessard Vidyard: https://www.vidyard.com/Sales Feed Media: https://www.salesfeedmedia.com/Sales Feed Media’s TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@salesfeedContent 10x: https://www.content10x.com/


3 May 2022

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Sales Differentiation Through Video With Tyler Lessard

The Exceptional Sales Leader Podcast

Sales Leaders and their teams the world over are constantly searching for the secret elixir that will differentiate themselves, their products and services, from the competition. Many of them look at the product and service space and try to create tangible differentiation in terms of features and benefits. Others perhaps focus on post sales implementation and relationships to separate themselves. However there appears to be an untapped resource readily available right now that has the potential to be a game changer, and yet many are not embracing it. It is the power of video. Recording short, specific and directed videos for your key business prospects and customers is delivering incredible results for those embracing the technology, and in today's episode, I had the privilege of speaking with Tyler Lessard about the power of video in sales and marketing. Tyler is the VP Marketing and Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard and is leading the way in providing a platform that makes it easier for sales people and sales leaders to reach their targeted customers through video. If you do not have video as part of your sales & marketing strategy, I guarantee that it will become a key part of your strategy after listening to this conversation.To connect with Tyler on LinkedIn, please click here.


18 Apr 2022

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Why Video Plays A Key Part In Activating Leaders And Employees On LinkedIn With Tyler Lessard From Vidyard

B2B Social Growth: Your Weekly B2B Social Media Podcast

Video is quickly becoming the preferred format of building trust for businesses and individuals. It’s not a surprise as you can see a company’s or individual’s personality over video than on text. In fact, video is the most shared type of content on LinkedIn, over 20 times more than other forms of content. In this episode, Tribal Impact CEO Sarah Goodall and Tyler Lessard from Vidyard discuss:  ✔   Why video is important for executives to use on LinkedIn  ✔   Why video helps executives become more accessible  ✔   Why using video helps reduce sales-cycles and increase ROI in your marketing  ✔   Why video helps your technical experts become influencers 


29 Mar 2022

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Tyler Lessard

Music Manifested Podcast

Tyler Lessard is a sound engineer from Alabama. Tyler and I discuss his journey from worship, to blue grass competitions and how his experience at Trevecca Nazarene University lead him from Worship leader to sound engineer. We also discuss my favorite topic… FOOD! And how he got his current gig with up and coming country group “Muscadine Bloodline” and the importance of “showing up” and being available.  


16 Feb 2022

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How Do I Get Enterprise Buyers to Watch My Videos? | Tyler Lessard - 1531

The Sales Evangelist

Video is one of the most successful and valuable tactics salespeople can implement to land more meetings and reach higher sales goals. But it can be challenging to start without understanding the basics. On today’s episode of The Sales Evangelist, Donald is joined by Vidyard’s VP of Marketing and Chief Video Strategist Tyler Lessard to discuss how you can start integrating video content into your outreach campaigns. Common Video Mistakes: The largest mistake is the perception of video in today’s business world. Video is no longer a one-to-many, high-quality product like movies and advertisements. Now it’s about connection, not perfection. Video is just a new mode to communicate with prospects like phone calls, social media, and traditional email. However, short videos are a visual medium that drastically help create a connection. You don’t need a scripted, rehearsed monologue. The goal is authenticity. A viewer can see the passion and excitement for the product or service that email just can’t quite convey, making it a more emotionally effective strategy than traditional messaging. Subject LIne Best Practices: People typically send video messages as an email. Therefore, getting people to open the email is your greatest challenge. Teasing a video in the subject line piques curiosity and stands out from what’s happening out there, resulting in higher open rates. When people end video the same way they send emails, it doesn't feel right. These videos are an opportunity to convey authenticity and show passion, likely with a more interest-based CTA.  If you can incorporate something immediately relatable to your audience, it can stimulate higher engagement.  How creative do you need to be to send video content? You don’t need to be a creative video-maker. However, be creative in your messaging. For example, visiting a prospect’s LinkedIn profile with a screen-share to show something you notice. Consider filming pre-meeting and post-meeting videos. Even if it’s a short, 20-second reminder, it creates a rhythm of communication and increases the meeting show rate. Post-meeting, send a video recap to attendees and people who missed the meeting, which increases your exposure and familiarity with the team. Tyler’s final takeaway? Whatever industry you’re in, video is here to stay and now is the time to figure out how you can use it to communicate your ideas. Vidyard has a tremendous amount of free resources for salespeople on their website, vidyard.com. Get in touch with Tyler on LinkedIn for more resources and content. His book, The Visual Sale, is available on Amazon. Check out co-author Marcus Sheridan’s appearance on The Sales Evangelist.  This episode is brought to you in part by Skipio. Are you sick of crickets? As a salesperson, the pain of reaching out with phone calls or emails and not receiving a response is real. But all text messaging is not created equal. 85% of people prefer text over email and phone calls because they want to engage in a conversation, not listen to bots. Be more like people and start having conversations that end in the conversions you want. Try Skipio at www.Skipio.com. This episode is brought to you in part by mParticle. Are you tired of wading through thousands of open sales positions to find the one perfect for you? Well, look no further. mParticle is one of the leading independent customer data platforms out there, and they’re looking for motivated remote sellers (just like yourself.)  With top-name clients from Spotify and Burger King to Airbnb, we don’t want you to let this opportunity go to waste! For more information and to view open positions, go to https://www.mparticle.com/careers/. This course is brought to you in part by the TSE Sales Certified Training Program, designed to help new and struggling sellers master sales fundamentals and close more deals. Help elevate your sales game and sign up now to get the first two modules free! You can visit www.thesalesevangelist.com/closemoredeals or call (561) 570-5077 for more information. We value your opinion and always want to improve the quality of our show. Complete our two-minute survey here: thesalesevangelist.com/survey. We’d love for you to join us for our next episodes by tuning in on Apple Podcast, Stitcher, or Spotify. You can also leave comments, suggestions, and ratings for each episode you listen to!  Read more about sales or listen to audiobooks on Audible and explore their huge online library. Register now to get a free book and a 30-day trial. Audio provided by Free SFX and Bensound. Other songs used in the episodes are as follows: The Organ Grinder written by Bradley Jay Hill, performed by Bright Seed, and Produced by Brightseed and Hill.


11 Feb 2022

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The Power of Video to Generate Demand with Tyler Lessard, VP of Marketing & Chief Video Strategist of Vidyard

Demand Gen Visionaries

This episode features an interview with Tyler Lessard, VP of Marketing & Chief Video Strategist of Vidyard, a video platform for marketing and sales video hosting. Tyler has over 15 years of experience in B2B marketing, sales enablement, content marketing, brand and video. He’s also the distinguished author of The Visual Sale.On this episode, Tyler breaks down how to effectively use video to generate demand, why video chops need to be in every marketer's toolkit, and how to be cost-effective and make videos at greater scale. --------------------“...up until the last few years it was costly and complex to do a lot of video. That’s where it was really a barrier and people will go, ‘oh, we just do it over there because if we do it everywhere else, I don’t even know how I would afford that or manage it.’ But the reality is today, there are very approachable ways, very cost-effective ways to do video at a greater scale. And so that’s what we’re starting to see is this scaling the use of video across these different programs, having more teams, demand teams, social teams, content teams, thinking about where does video content fit into what we’re delivering. How can it help us better tell this story or answer this question?” — Tyler Lessard --------------------Episode Timestamps:*(1:57) - Tyler’s first job in demand*(2:55) - Tyler’s role at Vidyard*(3:51) - Segment: Trust Tree*(7:17) - How Tyler’s marketing team is structured*(9:03) - Tyler demand gen strategy*(16:56) - The future of video in every marketers toolkit*(33:08) - Where should listeners put their videos?*(36:10) - Segment: The Playbook*(40:35) - Segment: Quick Hits*(42:49) - Advice for a first time VP of marketing--------------------SponsorDemand Gen Visionaries is brought to you by Qualified.com, the #1 Conversational Marketing platform for companies that use Salesforce and the secret weapon for Demand Gen pros. The world's leading enterprise brands trust Qualified to instantly meet with buyers, right on their website, and maximize sales pipeline. Visit Qualified.com to learn more.--------------------LinksConnect with Tyler Lessard on LinkedInFollow Tyler on TwitterCheck out Tyler’s book: “The Visual Sale” Follow Ian on TwitterConnect with Ian on LinkedInwww.caspianstudios.com


18 Jan 2022