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EP 194 - Eric Bryan Moore on Audiobook Narration & Pocket Pulp Podcast

Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing

In this episode, Mark interviews audiobook narrator Eric Bryan Moore about his work as a voice actor and his new podcast Pocket Pulp. Prior to the interview, Mark shares a word from this episode's sponsor... This episode is sponsored by Findaway Voices. You can learn more about how you can get your work distributed to retailers and library systems around the world at starkreflections.ca/Findaway. In their conversation, Eric and Mark talk about: The interesting nature of getting to talk to one another after having previously worked together as author and narrator How listening to audiobooks while he was living in Brazil and wondering what he would do led back to his background in acting and a career in audiobooks The original studio Eric used to have to use before having a home setup to record audiobooks How a unique moment in reading aloud in an English class inspired the teacher to introduce Eric to the theater group Studying writing as a way to help him better understand the work he was doing as a narrator Auditioning a lot and getting 12 rejections before landing his first narrating gig The ratio of about 1 in every 10 books that a narrator works on under the ACX royalty share program that actually earns money for the narrator Eric's romance narrator pseudonym of D.C. Cole The idea of how audiobook listeners might cross-over to discover new writers because of a narrator they enjoy listening to How most of Eric's work has been working with small publishers and indie authors The problem with being a narrator is that you don't get to read for fun anymore (ie, no downtime for pleasure reading) How Eric's work is a combination of repeat clients and doing the occasional audition Eric's going rate of $250 / finished hour which is the minimum rate for SAG-AFTRA The way that a program like Voices Share at Findaway Voices works The additional costs that Eric has to pay someone else to outsource as a narrator (which eats into his existing per/hour fees The new podcast that Eric launched called POCKET PULP How writers can submit stories to Eric's podcast, and the fact they get the audio file in return which they can use however they want The potential things that this weekly podcast can lead to And more... After the interview, Mark reflects on the opportunity that exists for writers as well as the unique way Eric is leveraging this new podcast to build up his brand within the specific community where he's hoping to reach more people. Links of Interest: Eric Bryan Moore's Website Pocket Pulp Podcast Pocket Pulp Podcast on YouTube Episode 7 - "Spirits" by Mark Leslie YouTube link for "Spirits" Mark's Books Narrated by Eric Active Reader: And Other Cautionary Tales from the Book World A Murder of Scarecrows Patreon for Stark Reflections Wide for the Win Mark's Canadian Werewolf Books This Time Around (Short Story) A Canadian Werewolf in New York Stowe Away (Novella) Fear and Longing in Los Angeles Fright Nights, Big City Originally a stage actor and Shakespeare fanatic from California, Eric Bryan Moore bounced around the globe for a number of years, including having lived in Japan for six of them, before finally settling down in São Paulo, Brazil. After starting a family, he decided to put his acting degree back to use and kicked off a career in audiobook narration in 2016. He narrates from his home studio and enjoys reading Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thrillers, Mysteries, and Horror. When he's not recording, Eric is busy playing with his daughter, trying to win his fantasy football league, playing chess online, reading for fun, and learning how to make the perfect caipirinha! The introductory, end, and bumper music for this podcast (“Laser Groove”) was composed and produced by Kevin MacLeod of www.incompetech.com and is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


27 May 2021

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Piper's Tears | Eric Bryan Moore

Pocket Pulp

"On April 25, 2015, I killed Piper McKinley. And, maybe, nine thousand other people." This begins the story Piper's Tears, by Eric Bryan Moore. Pocket Pulp is a fiction podcast that present new, exciting, compelling short stories every week. From fantastical to out-of-this-world to downright weird, Pocket Pulp is a celebration of amazing short stories and their writers. If you’re a writer and would like to have your story featured on Pocket Pulp, shoot us an email at PocketPulpSubmission@gmail.com. Subscribe to Pocket Pulp to get the latest episodes: Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Follow on Spotify Subscribe on Google Podcasts Subscribe on Stitcher Subscribe on Podcast Addict Subscribe on YouTube Subscribe to Podbean Website Follow on Facebook Twitter: @EricBryanMoore Instagram: @PocketPulp And everywhere podcasts are available! Music by Bluemount Score and ETRNLproducer from Pixabay.  Please Subscribe, Like, Follow, Share, and all that good stuff!


24 May 2021

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#6 College Tips - The Future of US Sport Scholarships with Harvard Graduate, Bryan Moore

Top of the Class

COVID-19 severely disrupted all aspects of college life but none more so than college sports.In this episode of College Tips, Crimson Education Strategist and former Harvard lacrosse player, Bryan Moore, discusses the future of college sports as COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift and how students can build their candidacy away from the training track.Are you aiming for a US sport scholarship and would love the guidance of experts like Bryan? Request a free consultation with an Academic Advisor to learn more!Try out Crimson's US College Admissions Calculator or the UK University Admissions Calculator to predict your best fit future.Do you have a story you'd like to share with the world? We invite students to fill in this form to be considered for the show. You can also contact the hosts on Twitter!


9 Mar 2021

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Tales Around the World 5 by: Candy Tang and Bryan Moore

Beloved Children’s Books

This is a collection of fairytales and fables from around the world. In this episode we learned about Maui slowing the sun to give us longer days and about why ducks sleep with one leg tucked beneath them.


19 Jan 2021

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Tales Around the World 5 by: Candy Tang and Bryan Moore

Beloved Children’s Books

This is a collection of fairy tales and fables from around the world. In this episode we learned about Apollo and Daphne, a magic spell on a spring, and a magic lake with healing powers.


18 Jan 2021

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Ep. 14 - A conversation With Lt. Col. Bryan Moore

Beyond the Horizon

On this episode of Beyond the Horizon, we sit down with 123rd Air Control Squadron Commander Lt. Col. Bryan Moore to discuss his career, the CovID-19 pandemic, and his advice for Airmen. We hope you enjoy the show!  You can connect with us on:  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/178thWing Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/178th_wing Twitter: https://twitter.com/178thWing You can write to us at: beyondthehorizonpodcast@gmail.com


4 Dec 2020

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Bryan Moore

Chasing Light

This week’s guest is Bryan Moore of Tempt Media - a digital cinema production company specializing in high energy action motorsports, documentaries and commercials. Bryan and I discuss their breakout viral hit, Recoil, (featuring champion Trophy Truck driver, BJ Baldwin), The logistics of filming the Baja 1000, and working on the now legendary Gymkhana series with Ken Block. Bryan’s story is a testament to the rewards of recognizing opportunity and not being afraid to chase your dreams.


19 May 2020

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Ep.4 - Bryan Moore

Man Talk at Cottage Hill

Man Talk at Cottage Hill podcast is part of the men's ministry at Cottage Hill Baptist Church. Each week, our hope is for you to hear from a different member of our community and how the gospel impacts their lives in every way. On this week's episode of the Man Talk Podcast - we sit down with Mr. Bryan Moore to discuss faith, Mississippi State football (Hail State!), and some of the great things about the Azalea City. Hosted by Kyle Wiley - Director of Men's Ministries at Cottage Hill Baptist Church in Mobile, AL.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


6 Apr 2020

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Coach Gene Stallings, Hartselle Coach Bryan Moore, AU Gymnastics Coach Jeff Graba

Off The Mark

1hr 21mins

9 Jan 2020

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V-RADIO has Socialist Party Candidate Bryan Moore tonight!


Once again on V-RADIO we have the Socialist Party's candidate Bryan Moore. Tonight Mr. Moore will be talking about various subjects that he was not able to touch on in our recent debate at rtrradio.com. Once again if you don't like the sound quality head over to rtrradio.com for a direct feed.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/v-radio/support

2hr 1min

22 Oct 2008