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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mary Grothe. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mary Grothe, often where they are interviewed.

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16 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Mary Grothe. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Mary Grothe, often where they are interviewed.

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How to Be the Best in Sales with Mary Grothe

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In episode 517 of the Sell or Die Podcast,  we have a special guest Mary Grothe. Mary is the CEO of her firm, Sales BQ, and has a driving goal to help CEOs avoid the cost of bad sales hires. Mary is sharing her top tips on how you can be the best salesperson out there and how she got to where she is today. 

Some key points we discuss include:

  • The beginning of Mary’s story and how she got involved in sales.
  • Instead of pulling her foot off the gas as she began to reach success, Mary decided to work harder. 
  • Mary breaks down what BQ means and why she founded a company based on this principle.

You have to have intelligence, emotion, and behave in the right way to make it in sales. You can’t just go out and take a job in sales just to make money, those people fail every single time. Plus, if you don't love what you do, you rise to mediocre every time. To learn more from Mary on how to be the best in sales, don’t forget to tune in to episode 517 of the Sell or Die Podcast to dive even deeper into all the points outlined above.

See you next week for another episode of Sell or Die!

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Sep 15 2020 · 32mins
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Ep 153 Mary Grothe - How RevOps Supports Sales Development

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With the proliferation of sales tools and services today, it’s becoming increasingly important to coordinate the system in a way that helps Sales Development Representatives achieve their goals. If the pipeline generation is a machine, everyone benefits!

Mary Grothe has built her business to help facilitate this process. RevOps, the creation a system to unify systems to support these teams, is the speciality of her firm SalesBQ.

Join us as we discuss her journey from top performing Sales rep, spotting the opportunity of focusing on RevOps, to running a company and making it successful.

Many learnings along the way you can benefit from.

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Sep 02 2020 · 37mins
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Selling Complex Products and Asking the Hard Questions with Mary Grothe

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Mary Grothe is the CEO of Sales BQ, an outsourced RevOps firm. She helps rebuild sales and marketing departments profitably. In this podcast, Mary talks about selling complex products (enterprise software, anyone?), the importance of transparency with buyers early on, and how to embrace the unique qualities of your top-performing sales reps. Listen in as Mary and Jeremey discuss these topics and what it looks like to build playbooks that help sales teams improve their strategy and processes. Visit for show notes and insights from this episode.

Aug 18 2020 · 22mins
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169 - Mary Grothe - How BQ Beats Out EQ When Driving ACTION in Sales

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Mary Grothe is the highly successful CEO of Sales BQ®. During this week's interview, she took off with the power of a freight train and blew through every station with the confidence of someone who absolutely knows what she’s talking about.

It was incredible.

Mary, along with her team, works with CEOs to hire the right people for sales positions, to develop high-growth sales strategies, and to implement plans until they’re profitable.

In one year, her company:

-Worked with 50 companies in 20 states.

-Grew those companies’ revenue by more than 185% year-over-year (five clients doubled revenue; one client tripled).

-Helped recruit 58 sales reps and managers. -Enabled 71% of those employees to crush their quotas.

-Trained 450+ people, Of course, Josh and Luke wanted to know how she did it, and to share her insights with you.

Her success story is phenomenal, and she boils it down to three fundamental behaviors: know everything about your product or service, tune in to your clients’ emotions and react appropriately, and do the work.

To learn how to generate more referrals and repeat business, visit:

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Aug 17 2020 · 49mins
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How Your Mental Mindset Impacts a Negotiation with Mary Grothe, Ep #202

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Are you aware of how your mental mindset impacts the entire negotiation process? Do you walk into a negotiation feeling timid or unsure? Or are you confident and prepared for the negotiation process? Mary Grothe understands how mindset influences the negotiation process and has developed a strategy that she’s found success with. Listen to this episode of Sales Reinvented to hear her take. 

Mary Grothe is the CEO of Sales BQ®, an outsourced RevOps firm of fractional VPs of Sales, Sales Ops, and CMOs who serve companies across the nation by profitably rebuilding their sales & marketing departments and growing their revenue by focusing on the Behavioral Quotient (BQ) and proven inbound + outbound strategies. Don’t miss Mary’s unique insight into the negotiation process!

Outline of This Episode
  • [1:04] Mary’s definition of negotiation
  • [1:24] Why negotiation is so important
  • [2:15] Why don’t salespeople like to negotiate?
  • [3:27] A negotiation begins with your mental mindset
  • [11:38] Negotiations tools, tactics, strategies
  • [13:46] The 4 levers Mary recommends using
  • [15:52] Mary’s favorite negotiation story
The negotiation process starts with adjusting your mental mindset

Mary points out that most executives know how to negotiate. If you go into a negotiation knowing that the person on the other end of the table is educated in negotiation tactics, you can go in with a different mindset. You’ll know that they’ll take one look at your proposal and will never agree to the first terms set forth. If you have the expectation they WILL negotiate, it changes how you approach the entire process. 

A lot of salespeople crumble, give in on pricing, and don’t get great margins on their deals. So how does she prepare for the negotiation process? Understand that it’s about getting a win-win for both sides. Then you must calculate your walk-away point: your starting point, your middle point that you present as the walk-away point, and then your full walk-away point. Knowing what each of these numbers are helps prepare you and boosts your confidence.

Remove emotion from the negotiation process

Mary emphasizes that you must remove emotion from the negotiation process—it sets you up for failure. Salespeople are known for “desperation justification”. They have a quota they have to meet by the end of the month or end of a quarter. Most negotiators know this. What if this deal is HUGE and you’re behind on your quota? What if you don’t know your pricing? Do you come across as lacking confidence or knowledge about your product and service?

Trained negotiators—and your prospect—can pick up on your emotion and lack of confidence. Unfortunately, it gives them the leverage they need to negotiate a better deal for themselves. Knowing that you need a deal gives them the upper-hand. But if you remove emotion and any ulterior motives from the process you can level the playing field. Keep listening to hear Mary’s full thoughts on the topic.

The importance of PCE: passion, conviction, and enthusiasm

Mary strongly believes that a great negotiator must embrace ‘PCE’:

  • Passion: You must be passionate about your product or service and completely bought-in to solving the prospect’s problem. It helps the prospect become comfortable with moving forward with you.
  • Conviction: You must have conviction about how your product/service will help your prospect. Show that you can quantify your problem and present case studies, testimonials, etc. that prove you can solve their problem. 
  • Enthusiasm: If you exude enthusiasm and get the buyer bought in and enthusiastic about the sale, you’re shrinking the negotiation game. They’re excited about getting the deal done and less focused on negotiating price and contract terms. 

Mary also notes that salespeople must be assertive and confident. When a salesperson believes they can solve their client’s problem it leads to confidence. There isn’t desperation justification in play—they truly believe in their product. 

The four levers to implement in your negotiation 

Mary shares four ways that you can leverage concessions to make them work for your company, while also giving your prospect what they’re asking for:

  1. Are they asking for a discount? Agree to the discount, but ask what item they’re comfortable removing from the proposal.
  2. Do they want to decrease the price per item? Offer a decrease in price if they purchase over a certain threshold. 
  3. Offer them a monetary concession if they can execute the deal in the next 24 hours. This is a common end of month/quarter strategy that negotiators are accustomed to working with.
  4. Agree to some sort of concession if the buyer agrees to give a testimonial, be a reference, or introduce and/or refer people to your product and/or service.

Utilizing some of these negotiation tactics will help each side find a win-win from concessions and come closer to a deal. 

Mary shares a negotiation story that led her to develop her successful negotiation process—listen to the whole episode to hear how it changed her negotiation game!

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Jul 15 2020 · 20mins
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183: Showing Others The Secret To Selling Millions | Business By The Book With Mary Grothe

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Mary Grothe is a keynote speaker, CEO, published author, and former #1 B2B MidMarket SaaS Sales Rep for a Fortune 1000 Payroll & HR Company. After selling millions in revenue and breaking multiple records, she formed her own company, Sales BQ. She profitably grows the revenue of companies across the country by focusing on BQ- the behavioral quotient along with proven inbound and outbound strategies. 

In this episode, Mary shares how her difficult life circumstances shaped her into the woman she is today. At 22, Mary found a new life for herself as an administrative assistant at a MidMarket B2B sales company where she worked under the #1 sales rep in the country who became her mentor. She realized that sales was her passion and earned a spot on the team where she quickly rose to the top and sold millions. She started training reps to teach others to do the same and fell in love with coaching. After that she went on to be the VP of Sales and Marketing for a smaller company and helped this new business grow into a huge success before she decided to start her own company. As the founder of her own business, she helped 36 business owners in 3 years grow their profit. With her experience, she knew she had the ability to do more. She started Sales BQ and now has clients all across the country. She helps rebuild sales, marketing, and customer success engines with one holistic revenue strategy to help transform their businesses. 

Mary shares how she used to be afraid to be her truest self and let others know what she truly believed in. She tells us how she came to find Christ and how her faith came to shape her core principles. Mary’s love of Jesus helped her face her fears and allowed her to live her purpose. 

Here’s where you can find more from Mary. 


Business: Sales BQ


Twitter: @marylgrothe

Instagram: @marygrothe

LinkedIn: @marygrothe

If you need business guidance: Email here

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Jul 06 2020 · 35mins
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#32: From Admin to CEO, with Mary Grothe

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If you're interested in sales, this episode is for you! Mary Grothe is the founder of SalesBQ - an outsourced revenue operations firm. Serving over 50 companies in the last year, they helped double and even triple revenue for many of their clients. In this episode, we get to hear about Mary Grothe's story from being in an admin role to breaking sales records at a Fortune 1000 company to thriving as a CEO. 

Mary opens up about the several challenges she had to overcome. They include not knowing what to charge clients, lack of a recruitment process, not knowing when to say no, burnout, shiny object syndrome, and more! Mary explains what she learned from each challenge. So many golden nuggets in this episode! 

Listen and share!

Jun 16 2020 · 59mins
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64: Leveraging Behavioral Intelligence to Grow Revenue with Mary Grothe, Sales BQ

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Mary Grothe, is CEO and Founder of Sales BQ. She is a former #1 rep in the MidMarket B2B SaaS Payroll / HR industry. After 8 years and millions in revenue sold, she founded Sales BQ, and leads a team of fractional VPs of Sales across the country as they rebuild their clients' sales departments, all while focusing on the behavioral quotient.

Apr 09 2020 · 24mins
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755: Selling Is Human, with Mary Grothe

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Mary Grothe, Founder & CEO of Sales BQ®, joins me in this episode!

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Apr 02 2020 · 51mins
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#57 Mary Grothe on Selling More Through Mindset and Behavior

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In this episode Sales Expert Mary Grothe shares her tips on connecting with clients, creating results through mindset and behavior, and becoming a sales leader.

Mary Grothe is a former #1 MidMarket B2B Sales SaaS Sales Rep who formed Sales BQ after selling millions in revenue and breaking multiple records.  Sales BQ is a firm of fractional VPs of Sales who serve companies across the nation with one driving goal: profitably rebuilding their sales departments to grow their revenue by focusing on BQ, the behavioral quotient.  


* How Mary went from a support position to becoming a leading Sales Rep

* Mary's motivation to become great at sales

* The bad experience that drove Mary to reach new levels

* Why nervousness never goes away and how to get through it

* Minimizing fear through successful outcomes

* Sales is not about you

* Three questions to connect with your customers and build confidence

* The empowering sales mindset

* What most sales people do wrong

* The "Sidewalk Visual" sales approach

* How to win deals in discovery

* The importance of Behavioral Quotient

* The difference between IQ, EQ, and BQ

* Measuring BQ - how behavior leads to success

* The connection between mindset and performance

* Behavior Drives Results

You can connect with Mary Grothe at,, on LinkedIn at, and on Twitter at @marylgrothe

You can connect with Brian at

Dec 17 2019 · 30mins