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Episode 54: Building Bravery with Emily Ann Peterson

The Broken Glass Podcast

Emily Ann Peterson is my guest in this episode of the podcast. She’s a singer-songwriter, podcaster, best selling author, teacher, and entrepreneur who speaks on the subject of bravery and eliminating the starving artist mindset.Listen in as we chat about her experience in the music industry, her book and her experiences with bravery, how we can shift our mindset from starving artist, and how she pivoted her career.Quotes that stood out:“The bravest feats that we accomplish as humans are rarely seen by the public eye.”“Your job is to help educate other people to the fact that what you’re giving the rest of the world is valuable”“I can cover my whole body in labels and it’s my choice to determine which labels I want to take off and put back on”“When we have fear, like imposter syndrome, we have an opportunity to listen to that fear, because oftentimes there’s truth that exists inside that fear somewhere.”“It’s equally brave to be an advocate for someone else”“You still get a choice in how you show up in the word with that art and that can still feel brave too”Resources:Book: Bare Naked BraveryPodcast: The School of Bravery Webinar: Eradicating Your Starving Artist Syndrome Where to Find Emily Ann: Instagram: @emilyannpeteWebsite: www.emilyannpeterson.com, www.schoolofbravery.com


10 Sep 2020

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Emily Ann Peterson - Creating a Street Team

Get Published Podcast

In episode 568 of the Get Published Podcast, Host and 15-Time Bestselling Author Paul G. Brodie talks with Emily Ann Peterson about creating a street team for your book launch. Find out more about how we can help you Share Your Story at www.GetPublishedPodcast.com


4 Jun 2020

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Emily Ann Peterson is Barely Naked Brave

The Dots Podcast

Emily Ann Peterson overhauled her career through bravery. Emily is a singer/songwriter, speaker, author, host of top-rated Apple podcast Bare Naked Bravery, and creative consultant who uses constraints like a machete and fear like a lawn mower. In 2013 she was diagnosed with an Essential Tremor in her right hand which forever altered her livelihood as a cellist/cello teacher. This degenerative neurological disease opened her life’s love of expression beyond the cello and into the world. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


27 Feb 2020

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Good Girls Talk About Sex & Context with Leah Carey & Emily Ann Peterson

Bare Naked Bravery: Creative Courage for Entrepreneurs

Today we get to discuss something we haven't really talked much about on this show! It's kind of shocking really when you think about it. But Leah Carey is the perfect guest to pop this bravery cherry of ours because she is a Sexual Communication Coach! In this episode, you'll hear Leah Carey and our founder, Emily Ann Peterson, discuss the importance of context to your sexual life, how Leah's context defined her brave sexual journey and blossoming, and other lovely tidbits that you will really appreciate. We have a feeling you'll be hearing more from Leah in the future! There's so much to learn from the bravery of intimacy! About Leah Carey Leah Carey is a Sex Educator and Sexual Communication Coach who helps people learn to communicate about sex so they can get what they really want in the bedroom - rather than just tolerating what they’re getting. She is the host of the podcast “Good Girls Talk About Sex.” Sexual freedom is a subject that is deeply personal to Leah because she spent most of her life being a VERY good girl. Most of the sex she had was either boring or painful, but she endured it because she didn’t know she was allowed to ask for anything different. Having taken her own journey to sexual freedom, she is now passionate about breaking the silence, fear, and shame around women’s sexuality and pleasure, and redefining what it means to be a “good girl.” www.leahcarey.com www.instagram.com/goodgirlstalk www.facebook.com/goodgirlstalk About The School of Bravery The School of Bravery is a learning lab for life, career, and creativity. Through monthly masterclasses, group coaching, guest faculty, weekly office hours and so much more, you'll explore what it really means to "put yourself out there" and how bravery does not have to feel like a panic attack. It can feel easier! Visit http://schoolofbravery.com to learn more and join us today! Take a Class with Emily Ann Peterson http://www.schoolofbravery.com/emilyann


26 Feb 2020

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Bravery and Creativity with Emily Ann Peterson

Being a Whole Person

In this episode, you’ll hear singer-songwriter, speaker, creative consultant, and author Emily Ann Peterson share her journey through the many facets of her career, and how her life as a musician changed when she received a degenerative neurological hand tremor diagnosis in 2013. This diagnosis led to a fascination with the concept of bravery, which led to a podcast, Facebook community, and eventually the bestselling book Bare Naked Bravery: How To Be Creatively Courageous. In her learning lab for creative visionaries, The School of Bravery, she also teaches creative entrepreneurs how to prepare, launch, and recover from their own seasons of bravery, which is inherently required of all business owners and creative people We’re really excited for you to hear her wisdom on the overlap of all of these topics!  TOPICS DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: The various facets of Emily Ann’s career, such as songwriting, consulting, and writing, and how they make up her “income quilt” Her Cello Yoga project and its unexpected success Utilitarian projects vs. artistic projects When “good enough” is just fine, instead of bullying oneself into perfection Her health condition, which forced a career change away from the cello as her main focus How this led to her interest in bravery and courage, and eventually her podcast and book Bare Naked Bravery The recipe and ingredients for bravery and using them in life and business Figuring out the crossover between separate audiences for different career facets while still speaking specifically to a specific niche  Finding ways to thrive and work efficiently with chronic illness The importance of market research when starting a business Planning for failure in order to succeed The root of overwhelm Automating self-care Creative practices as spiritual practices Not being ashamed of day jobs or side hustles RESOURCES DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE: Pareto principle / 80/20 rule Brené Brown MORE FROM EMILY ANN Music Website School of Bravery Cello Yoga Bare Naked Bravery book Instagram  Facebook Twitter MORE FROM LEXIE Alexandria Astrology MORE FROM REBECCA Rebecca, the Pianist Coaching for Creative Wellness


2 May 2019

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From Fear to Phenomenal with Musician, Emily Ann Peterson

iCreateDaily Podcast

Our guest today is a cellist, singer, songwriter, cheerleader and mentor for other creators.But it hasn’t always been that way.In 2013, Emily Ann Peterson received a diagnosis that forever altered her two-decade livelihood as a cellist and cello teacher.Refusing to lose her life’s love of musical expression, Emily Ann got curious. She began to bravely question and explore new artistic frontiers and broke through her creative glass ceiling through songwriting, which has opened the door to limitless possibilities for Emily.Emily Ann’s best-selling book is titled: Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous, and through it, she helps creators discover the true nature of bravery.Bravery never feels brave.~Emily Ann PetersonIn addition to all of that, Emily founded The School of Bravery, a community and learning lab for creative visionaries supporting creative entrepreneurs in growing through their challenges and discovering opportunities.All of these accomplishments and progress were made possible by Emily Ann’s rebellious adventurous spirit, curiosity, bravery and through a tailored and disciplined approach to performing and teaching, a gift from her classical training.Emily Ann writes for people who struggle to remember what hope feels like and sings to those who yearn for something secret. She speaks to those who are done being bored and crave all things beautiful, strong, sacred, and sensual.Emily’s goal is to inspire a global resonance and magnanimous community through the marriage of art and whole-person development.We’re excited to share this conversation with the talented Emily Ann Peterson!Show NotesMusical beginningsFrightening diagnosisStruggles with braveryDefining braveryPersonal healingArt residencyThe story of Emily’s song Tides TurningArt as history and legacyMultiple income streamsPost Publishing PartumEmily’s different streams of incomeThe business side of artApproaching corporate clients for your artEmily’s creative schoolTop 3 activities that produce the most for EmilyTip for authors selling on AmazonBridge jobsPatreon vs Emily’s membershipAccountability groupEmily’s aspirations“As artists, we get a unique opportunity to be historians. After we die that piece of art lives on.”~ Emily Ann Peterson, cellist, singer/songwriter, composer“When you get to the point of thinking: I’m an artist. It frees you up to make art in any way you need too.”~ Emily Ann Peterson, cellist, singer/songwriter, composer RESOURCESEmily’s website The School of BraveryBare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous90 Day Goals Journal & Planner A movement for creators serious about their art.The Day is the Way.iCreateDaily!


5 Apr 2019

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Episode #50: Bare Naked Bravery with Emily Ann Peterson

Live Your F*ck Yes Life

In 2013, Emily Ann Peterson was diagnosed with a degenerative neurological hand tremor, which forever altered her two-decade livelihood as a cellist/cello teacher. Refusing to lose her life's love of expression, she knew she’d have to be brave. In an act of neurological defiance, she expanded into wider mediums and broke through her creative glass ceiling, opening the door to limitless possibilities through songwriting.Her best-selling book Bare Naked Bravery: How to Be Creatively Courageous helps people from all walks of life understand what bravery really is - allowing them to step into it by creatively using vulnerability, imagination and improvisation. She also founded The School of Bravery, a learning lab for creative visionaries which supports everyday heroes and creative entrepreneurs prepare, endure, and recover from their seasons of bravery. Emily Ann's community of fans, listeners, and readers offers a welcoming, safe place for creative misfits to finally find belonging and acceptance. Emily Ann writes for people who struggle to remember what hope feels like and sings to those who yearn for something secret. She speaks to those who are done being bored and crave all things beautiful, strong, sacred, and sensual. Her goal is to inspire a global resonance and magnanimous community through the marriage of art and whole-person development.Things we discuss in today’s episode:What the f*ck bravery actually meansHow developing a hand tremor totally changed the trajectory of her life The frustration of hearing words like “keep being brave” or “you’re so brave” How traumatic events can shift your identityThe process of writing a bookThe starving artist mentalityWhat her research on bravery showed herHow she confessed her love to a guy in the most creative and amazing way


21 Mar 2019

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EP 5 - Embracing Bravery with Emily Ann Peterson

Soul Homework

Welcome back to the Soul Homework Podcast! Today our guest is Emily Ann Peterson, musician, speaker, podcast host and author of Bare Naked Bravery. Emily is here to tell us about the interesting course her life has taken and her personal journey with bravery since a health condition forced her to alter her life’s direction.


5 Feb 2019

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Bravery, Courage and Creativity with Emily Ann Peterson of Bare Naked Bravery

Make Some Noise

Karly chats with Emily Ann Peterson - songwriter, creative consultant, bestselling author of “Bare Naked Bravery” - about the bravery and courage it takes to be your creative self.3:15 Karly introduces her guest and Emily provides a little background on how she came to write Bare Naked Bravery.6:50 Emily provides the elements needed for an act of bravery.9:25 Karly and Emily riff on the relationship between courage and creativity.15:50 Emily shares how powerful it can be to give yourself permission to make a small change. Karly uncovers the simplicity of being the thing you want to be.21:55 Karly and Emily chat about where the enjoyment in creativity lies and how expectations can affect it.25:25 Some common misconceptions about the way engaging in creativity and bravely might look.30:30 Karly and Emily shed some light on the imperfection and frustration that exist in the natural progression from sucking to skilful.36:40 A beautiful reframe for those who judge the fruits of their creative labour harshly.40:15 Karly and Emily share their own experiences of holding on too tightly to the outcome.46:30 Emily delivers an important perspective for those using creativity to care for their mental health.49:45 Information on how to connect with Emily, her book and her music.Connect with Karly Nimmo at karlynimmo.com, Facebook and InstagramConnect with Emily Ann Peterson at emilyannpeterson.com, Facebook and Instagram


10 Jan 2019

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Interview with Author and TED Speaker Emily Ann Peterson About Essential Tremor, Hypothyroidism & Her Book Bare Naked Bravery

Invisible Not Broken - Chronic Illness Podcast Network

Emily’s Website * Emily’s Podcast * Emily’s Twitter * Emily’s Instagram * Emily’s YouTube * Emily’s Pinterest * Emily’s SoundCloud *Emily’s Facebooksinger-songwriter & creative consultantbestselling author of Bare Naked Braveryfounder of The School of Bravery a learning lab for creative visionariesRecomendationsHolli MargelSchool of BraveryZapierTrelloFabulous IOS APPEmily Ann Peterson, the founder of The School of Bravery, a learning lab for creative visionaries, talks to Monica Michelle on the chronic illness podcast Invisible Not Broken about Essential Hand Tremor , Hypothyroidism, her career as a cellist and her new life as an author of Bare Naked Bravery, podcast host, and coach.What is your disorder? *Essential Tremor & Hypothyroidism, seasonal depression sometimes too.At what age did your disorder become a daily issue? *24Who were you before your illness became debilitating? *More energeticWhat would you do if you were not dealing with your invisible illness? *Same thing! Just more of it!What would you like people to know about your daily life? *When I cancel an appointment, it's necessary.What would make living and moving in the world easier for you? *Slower pace from everyone else.Do you have any life hacks? *Yes! Naps! and automating EVERYTHING! and contingency plans!What kind of support do you get from family or friends? *I've got a couple great girlfriends ready for a text convo anytime!How has your invisible illness affected your relationships? *I can't be as outgoing on my "bad days."Does the fact that your disease is invisible change how healthcare professionals treat you? *Sort of? I'm overweight, so I get those lose-your-weight talks all the time, but the weight is related to living with a low thyroid for so many years. Ugh, so frustrating.What is your best coping mechanism? *Naps. Seriously.What are you the most concerned about and the hopeful for in the future? *Concerned that the rest of the world doesn't know how good life can be at a slower pace. Concerned that those with invisible illnesses discount their potential to achieve the same things others without illness achieve.What is your favorite swear word?FUCK! ;-)Is there anything you want to make sure we talk about during the interview? Like an organization you want to promote or something specific that you deal with.I founded the School of Bravery, where I teach my clients and students how to make their bravery as friction-free as possible. It's my mission to help people know that bravery CAN be easy if we foster an environment for it!What is the hardest and/or best lesson your condition has taught you?I am not what I achieve. I am not what I do. I am.What is the best purchase under $100 that helped your lifeSoftware. Seriously. The right software can automate the most difficult things in life. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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