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‘The New Creative Crisis’ — Glambition® Radio Episode 276 with Ali Brown

Glambition® Radio with Ali Brown

We are consuming more than we are creating. And it’s a recipe for disaster. As we enter 2022, this phenomenon is evident both in our businesses (plugging into endless coaching programs, apps, formulas, + solutions) as well as in our lives (absorbing nonstop entertainment, mind-numbing programming, retail, and more).  Combine that with the fact that for years we have been programmed to ONLY get the ‘right’ answer — whether via our schooling or our careers. And today it’s even worse: We are told what to believe that answer is, and we are asked not to think about the ‘why’… or even question it.   It is time, my friends, to sound a creative code red. Because more important than the right answers right now, are the right questions.   Ones that lead to fresh, new, creative solutions, ideas, and ways of perceiving the world. >>> If I had to name the ONE single skillset that will dramatically change both your experience and results in 2022, it’s creative thinking. Creative + critical thinking will set you up for more profound ideas and breakthroughs in your business and life — guaranteed.  And this NEW solo episode of #GlambitionRadio is here to help you jumpstart this innate superpower that has simply been repressed. Remember… in our world of entrepreneurship, ‘creative’ doesn’t mean artistic (although that can surely be a part of it)! Instead, we’re talking greater impact, higher profits, more excitement and fulfillment, and more opportunities.  All good, all around.  This episode is also a sneak preview of some of the content for my upcoming Creative Strategy Workshop, happening April 5+6 here in Phoenix, AZ.  It’s going to be a brilliant, intimate gathering of stellar entrepreneurs and changemakers — all focused on breaking out into new ways of thinking.  We are opening registration soon, and you can get on the Priority Notification List now at www.CreativeStrategyWorkshop.us.  I guarantee this new creative outlook and skillset will give you just the “fresh thinking” boost you need to start your 2022 right.  Head to Apple Podcasts now to listen to this episode of Glambition Radio (or download it for later). And come join in the conversation on Instagram or Facebook. XO, Ali P.S. I would love your review! If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review and comment on Apple Podcasts. Select ‘Listen in Apple Podcasts,’ then choose the ‘Ratings and Reviews’ tab to share what you think. I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Resource Links: Get on the Creative Strategy Workshop Priority Notification List Learn more about The Trust – my new premier network for 7+8-figure women entrepreneurs The post ‘The New Creative Crisis’ — Glambition® Radio Episode 276 with Ali Brown appeared first on Ali Brown.


6 Jan 2022

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Ali Brown Vop Osili Indy City County Council MLR 10 6 21

My Labor Radio's Podcast

Meet Ali Brown & Vop Osili members of the Indy City County Council. We talk about the American Rescue Plan dollars and what it means to the city and so much more. We also start the show with some Labor news from around the country. This interview was recorded at Indy Labor Fest on 9/4/21. Find us at www.mylaborradio.org 


3 Oct 2021

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ENCORE When To Let Go, Lean In and TRUST with Ali Brown

Inspired Living with Keri Murphy

As an entrepreneur, what do you do when everything is working—yet inside you’re craving something different, or even something more? This week I sat down with my friend, mentor, and 7- and 8-figure women entrepreneur’s coach, Ali Brown. Ali is the Founder + CEO of the women’s business empowerment company We Lead. Ali joins the show to speak about why she had to let go of something really successful in order to step into something even more significant than she imagined for herself. Internally, Ali craved something new, and Ali realized that she needed to pick a lane and decide what she stands for. Once you start letting go of things, you make room for bigger and better energy. Plus, Ali talks about her latest adventure, The Trust, a network for women entrepreneurs with businesses generating $1M+ annually. Tune in as we reveal what it will take in 2021 to stand out and become the leaders we know we are here to be. https://inspiredliving.tv/podcast/


25 Aug 2021

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109:From Surviving to Thriving with Ali Brown

Seeing with Your Soul Podcast

When it comes to understanding and mastering the process of surviving to thriving, no one knows it better than Ali Brown - host of the acclaimed Glambition podcast and internationally recognized coach for female entrepreneurs.  Tune in as Tisha shares how Ali’s work has impacted and changed her life, and join in on the dynamic conversation between Tisha and Ali as they chat about all things business and alignment. Ali also shares the story of her first awakening, how she hits her financial goals, and so much more!  KEY POINTS: Beginner’s Mind: The value of curiosity and playfulness.  The key to achieving your financial goals.  Making business decisions that align with you.  Releasing one thing to make space for something better.  How putting yourself first benefits others.  Ali’s first awakening.  Taking stock of who you keep in your circle.  Following your ideas and your intuition.  Thoughts on homeschooling and the future of education.  QUOTABLES: “If you're not curious, you will never become wealthy.” “Don't be hating on people with more money, more wealth, or luxury. I see that as a sign that there is a lot of money to go around in the world. See that as a sign that there is so much wealth circulating. And then it's up to you, though, to reach for that piece of the pie.” PRODUCTS / RESOURCES: Ali Brown www.alibrown.com IG | @alibrownofficial - instagram.com/alibrownofficial/ Podcast Glambition Radio: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/glambition-radio-with-ali-brown/id799805829 Tisha on Instagram @mindsetslayer - instagram.com/mindsetslayer Visit her website at healalignglo.com Seeing with Your Soul on Instagram: instagram.com/seeingwithyoursoul Seeing With Your Soul is edited by Instapodcasts (visit at instapodcasts.com) 

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5 Aug 2021

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#79: Chasing Ambition with Ali Brown

True Underdog

Today on the show Jayson is talking with Ali Brown, entrepreneur, women empowerer, free thinker, business coach, author, speaker, and TV commentator. Ali is the founder and CEO of women’s business empowerment company We Lead, the founder of The Trust network for 7+8 figure women entrepreneurs, and host of Glambition Radio. Ali is a true business leader and advisor—one who has been honored over the past decade as an Inc. 500 – ranked CEO and an Enterprising Woman of the Year, she has been named one of Forbes’ Women to Watch, one of EY’s Winning Women Entrepreneurs, and an entrepreneur delegate for the United Nations Foundation’s Global Accelerator. Ali was also featured on the ABC hit primetime show Secret Millionaire.Ali and Jayson talk about the significance of $18.56, some of the most trying and difficult times that Ali has had to persevere through, and how you can enact change in your life to become the person that you want to be! Links:  Follow True Underdog on IG: www.instagram.com/true_underdogReach out to Jayson directly at jayson@trueunderdog.comFollow Jayson on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jayson-waller-/Follow Jayson on Instagram: www.instagram.com/jaysonwallerbamCheck out our website to meet the team, view show notes and transcripts: www.trueunderdog.com Mentioned in the Episode: Ali’s Website: https://alibrown.com/Ali’s Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/alibrownlaAli’s Instagram: www.instagram.com/alibrownofficial/Ali’s YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/AliBrownOfficial/aboutAli’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alibrownfan/Ali’s Podcast: https://alibrown.com/radio/ Timestamps: 1:48 - Growing Up in Connecticut5:23 - The Significance of $18.567:32 - One of the Most Difficult Times in Ali’s Life14:06 - Giving to Your Company Before Giving to Yourself19:04 - They Don’t Give Awards for Failure20:49 - Less Than 2% of Women Owned Businesses Break a Million Dollars25:39 - Giving Women the Chance to Grow in Companies27:12 - The Trust30:06 - How to Create Change in Your Life34:34 - Spend Some Time With Yourself35:29 - How to Find Ali Online


12 Jul 2021

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Ali Brown – One of the Most Recognized Entrepreneur Coaches in the World – Episode 200

Extraordinary Women Radio

Today on Extraordinary Women Radio, in this milestone 200th episode, I am honored to introduce you to Ali Brown - one of the most recognized entrepreneur coaches in the world! I have followed Ali’s wisdom for years – and I’m thrilled to bring you such a powerhouse leader. I rarely miss an episode of her podcast - Glambition Radio, and in fact, Glambition Radio seeded my vision for Extraordinary Women Radio over 4 years ago.In this Episode:Ali's insights on how the year of 2020 will shape the trends and future of businessBreaking away from formulas and creating “unique evolutions” to make your business thriveAn impactful discussion on the femininity of building a business and being an entrepreneurHonoring the flow of creativity and the genius of one’s magic for women in businessAli's 2020 experiences that proved she was ready for “all seasons”Ali Brown is one of the world's most recognized coaches for women entrepreneurs, host of the acclaimed Glambition® Radio podcast, and the founder of The Trust—the new, private, premier network for 7- and 8-figure women leaders.Ali's coaching and consulting enterprise has ranked within the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private companies in the nation. She has been named one of the Forbes' Women to Watch, is one of EY's Winning Women Entrepreneurs, and was featured on the ABC hit primetime show Secret Millionaire.In addition to leading The Trust network, Ali specializes in helping female leaders who are making or on track for 7-8 figures strategize and realize their next level of leadership and revenues. She has over 250,000 followers via her sites, social media channels, and Glambition® Radio show on iTunes. Ali’s coaching and mentorship has been featured on CNN and many other major media outlets. She was named by Entrepreneur Magazine as having one of the ‘Top 10 Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Be Following’.“You can’t get sucked into everything happening and to every event and every outrage, you’d be just under the bed all day. You have to pull up, observe, see the good things, see the bad things, and then make your decisions from there.” —Ali BrownDiscover more about Ali's works and passion on her website Ali Brown. You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.Let’s meet Ali Brown!Ali Brown Show Notes


20 May 2021

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Palm Sunday : Ali Brown : 27th March 2021


Ali takes us through the events on the journey Jesus took from Bethany to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. We learn that riding on a Colt into the city pointed to Jesus as Prince of Peace and we see that peace with God is about looking to Him as Lord of my Life rather than saviour from my circumstances.


1 Apr 2021

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A New Season of Female Entrepreneurship with Ali Brown

Child Care Rockstar Radio

We did it! We made it to Episode 100! For this milestone episode, I am ecstatic to welcome Ali Brown to the podcast. Ali is one of the top female entrepreneurs and coaches in the world and host of the very successful podcast “Glambition Radio.” Ali also founded the emerging coaching and mastermind group, The Trust, which I am honored to be a member of. She provides some incredible insights around business, leadership, marketing, confidence, why 2021 is the year for women, and so much more. Join me as I reflect on the journey of the podcast and look forward to the ways we can all grow together in the future. Key Takeaways: [03:10] Kris reflects on the journey of the Child Care Rockstar Radio podcast, takeaways from the recent live Child Care Success Academy mastermind meeting, success stories, and if you haven’t already done so, book your complimentary strategy call! [25:32] Ali shares what her home life is like right now and what life has been like for her and her family since the pandemic began.  [32:02] Ali shares a fun fact about herself.  [34:31] Ali shares the crossroads moment in her life that pushed her to take the leap to dive into the realm of digital marketing.  [41:04] Kris and Ali discuss the evolution and power, both practically and energetically, that women hold in 2021. [48:47] Ali shares insights into what she has learned along her journey since becoming an influencer.  [51:41] Ali and Kris discuss one of the key action items that entrepreneurs must first do in order to breed confidence.  [56:05] Ali shares some of the self-care tips that have helped her get through this tough time. Quotes: “There’s no other podcast like this.” — Kris “We do what we promise. We are here to help you. We are here to inspire your teams. We are here to help your directors feel confident and have happiness when they walk into those schools.” — Kris “Where do we really want to take our life and then also what do we want to do less of? Addition through subtraction.” — Kris “I’ve always made leaps out of a place of disenchantment.” — Ali “I think everyone leaps in different ways.” — Ali “If I stay in the same place too long, it means I’m not using my creativity and I’m not where I really should be.” — Ali “I think there’s a point that when we reach some of our goals and dreams we feel guilty about having more, especially as women.” — Ali “2021 is the year now to set that clear intention for who you want to be; what is your great work in the world? And just go for it.” — Ali “It’s going to be such an incredible time for us if we honor who we are.” — Ali “Right now, this year, all of the parents who work with you, your team, they need to hear your confidence.” — Ali “Your courage is contagious.” — Ali “Wins equal confidence.” — Kris “Not all money is good money.” — Kris Sponsored By: Grow Your Center Mentioned in This Episode: Kris Murray The Child Care Success Company The Child Care Success Academy The Child Care Success Summit Ali Brown Ali Brown on Instagram Glambition Radio The Trust

1hr 3mins

11 Feb 2021

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124 - Ali Brown – Founder & CEO of The Trust

The Kara Goldin Show

“What changes over the years is your vision...” Thousands of people have been inspired by Ali Brown, Founder of The Trust private network and Host of Glambition Radio! And I am thrilled to have her join me for this episode of #TheKaraGoldinShow! How do you get unstuck? How do you find your purpose? When do you need a coach?  Ali is a total girl boss! She’s built businesses and has been there. Don’t miss this episode! Show notes at https://karagoldin.com/podcast/ali-brown Connect with Kara: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karagoldin/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/karagoldin Instagram: https://instagram.com/karagoldin LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karagoldin/ Connect with Ali: https://www.instagram.com/alibrownofficial/


10 Feb 2021

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Becoming Iconic with entrepreneur coach Ali Brown

Brilliant Balance

Is it possible to run a thriving business and maintain healthy relationships with your family at the same time? Absolutely! But understanding how to balance the demands of both can be a challenge. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this episode, entrepreneur coach Ali Brown discusses how to prevent your business success from hurting your family, why you shouldn’t niche down too early, and why hiring household help can improve your business. Show highlights include: How to ensure a skyrocketing business doesn’t damage your home life (8:25) Why choosing your niche too early could stunt your business growth from the beginning (12:42) The reason many some women never create seven and eight-figure businesses (that has nothing to do with skill or talent) (17:41) A guilt-free approach to justify hiring help around the house (23:31) Why striving to become iconic eliminates all your worries about competition (26:24) How to become indispensable to your employer so you can write your own ticket (28:08) Why homeschooling isn’t as scary as it seems (and how to make it work for your family) (34:41) Come follow along! Ready to regain control of your schedule? Get my free guide when you visit: https://brilliant-balance.com/calendar Post on Instagram with #bebrilliant and tag @brilliant_balance to be featured! Follow our new The Brilliant Balance Company Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/thebrilliantbalanceco Learn more about Cherylanne's work and The Brilliant Balance Company: https://brilliant-balance.com Find out more about Breakthrough: https://brilliant-balance.com/program


2 Feb 2021