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#17 Interview with Emma Veiga-Malta - Bespoke Branding and Backdrops

The Messy Middle

INTRODUCING TODAY'S GUEST; Emma's 20 year career as an artist and designer spans Europe and Australia. Growing up in England, she graduated with a fashion degree and moved to Switzerland, where she blended motherhood with running a small art studio.  She now lives in Sydney, Australia and founded Bespoke Backdrops business in 2015, while running a textile and chair design business. Emma was in a global Facebook Business Group when a prominent coach asked where she could buy unique, one-off backdrops for her webinars. It was a light bulb moment which started a very successful business. OFFER TO AUDIENCE; "Free Brand Audit & Ask Me Anything" Where to find my guest; www.bespokebackdropsbranding.com ON SOCIALS; https://www.facebook.com/bespokebackdrop/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/emmaveigamalta/


14 May 2020

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#170 Visual business strategy with Emma Veiga-Malta

Heart-Centred Business Podcast

Welcome to another CONFERENCE SPECIAL edition of the Spotlight series! This is episode 170. Today I'm joined by the amazing Emma Veiga-Malta and we're going to be talking about the visuals in your business and how important they are. Let's get stuck in! Show notes and important links at https://tashcorbin.com/170


11 Feb 2019

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37: The Politics of Persistence – Emma Veiga-Malta

The Politics of Everything

At first glance, the story of Emma Veiga-Malta may appear pretty ordinary. A mother who has launched a successful creative business from her artistic studio, while raising a family and supporting her husband’s career is not so special these days. Emma is the founder of Bespoke Backdrops, a design company changing the world of video backdrops one brushstroke at a time. However, to gloss over her story is to miss the pearls of wisdom for us all. Emma has lived a real-life tale of riches to rags (and, as she says, hopefully, riches again) that begins in the UK. That all changed overnight when the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) hit her husband’s business to a point of no return. What happens next is the best part! Emma is here today to recount a very personal story of what The Politics of Persistence has meant to her. In this podcast you will hear: Why entrepreneurialism, money, and creativity can be best friends. How Emma’s persistence has paid off as she went from ‘living the dream life’ in Switzerland to losing it during the GFC – to now, creating her own successful creative business from the ground up. Why she believes that ‘motherhood is the biggest excuse’, in terms of mums not pursuing their own financial independence and bigger goals. Best advice: What is your best piece of advice for anyone wanting to empower themselves in The Politics of Persistence? To connect with Emma: LinkedIn Bespokebackdrops.com Instagram Amplify your ideas and get a bit political with me! To be a future podcast guest or connect with me, I can be found at: Amber@bespokecomms.com.au Amber’s social media links: Facebook Instagram Twitter


16 Jan 2018

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Ep 138, Emma Veiga-Malta: Turning Art Into A Profitable Business


Emma Veiga-Malta founded Bespoke Backdrops, a studio that creates the world's most imaginative video backdrops and event media walls.Emma has a 20 year career as an artist and designer, in both Europe and Australia. She grew up in England, graduated in London with a fashion degree and moved to Switzerland, where she ran a small art studio. She now lives in Sydney, Australia with her family, working with clients worldwide. Business is as important to her as art and design. She rejects the 'starving artist' ethos - making money from your art is possible, wonderful and necessary. Her 'why' is to make life and business more beautiful with art! Connect with lovely Emma at www.bespokebackdrops.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emma.veigamalta Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bespokebackdrops/


31 Oct 2017

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60 Becoming a profitable artist - Emma Veiga-Malta

Your Next Chapter - Business & Life Beyond 40

Emma had always been drawn to making the world more beautiful. As an artist in Switzerland she taught adults how to paint and completed commissions for her own clients as she raised her children. But when her family moved to Sydney the door to her Next Chapter as flung wide open in ways she could not have imagined.  The GFC hit hard the family hard, as her husband was in the financial industry. Emma found herself needing to transform her hobby and skills into a business entity that could contribute at a higher level. Once she moved through what she described as the “middle class taboo”, the experience of admitting and accepting that “the system” of comfort she had known was no longer available, she took a deep breath, focused, and began to explore how she could generate income in a sustainable way. “I started by looking at how I could transfer my current skills into a new endeavor. I knew the key was to create something useful, something that was really needed by people. My first Next Chapter. Bespoke Chairs, was delightful and I even won a Pitch Fest in Silicon Valley with my concepts, but the reality was it wasn’t generating enough income so I went back the drawing board. I wrote out my Perfect Day as a business owner, how I really wanted to work and who with, and that helped me to identify what I did not want – which is the starting point for any new endeavor!”. And on the heels of that discovery, helped along by research and awareness in Facebook Groups, Bespoke Backdrops was born. If you are enjoying this show, please take a moment to review the Next Chapter Podcast in iTunes - your feedback is hugely appreciated and very helpful. If you have not left an iTunes review before and are not quite sure how to, I've created a page on my website that takes you through the very easy steps- you can view that page here. Thank you so much!


29 Aug 2017

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TLL 013 - Emma Veiga-Malta from Bespoke Backdrops chats about art, design, living in Switzerland, business and how to win pitching competitions!

The Ladies Lounge

Bespoke Backdrops is a boutique design studio that specialises in custom designed backdrops and media walls. Emma Veiga-Malta is the designer-in-chief at Bespoke Backdrops. Here Emma fills us in more about her business and artistic background. My 18 year career as an artist and designer spans Europe and Australia, working with corporate, hospitality, residential and private clients. I grew up in England, worked as a florist, graduated with fashion & textile degree from London, worked in fashion PR & publishing before moving to Switzerland. After 12 glorious years by the edge of Lake Geneva, bringing up a young family and running a small design studio, we moved to spectacular Sydney. Today, I work with clients all around the world, with bases in both Australia and England. I use my design skills to transform people’s businesses, homes and lives in the shape of bespoke backdrops, custom fabrics, unique chairs, illustrations, paintings and the occasional writing stint. My other websites are I Love My Chair and Emma Veiga-Malta portfolio site. Let’s work together, let’s enjoy the exhilaration of design; let’s create a bespoke backdrop or media wall for you and your business or event. After all, life is too short for ugly backdrops! Emma's work has been seen in publications including Vogue Living, Interiors Addict, Australian House & Garden, Dynamic Business and many many more. www.bespokebackdrops.com https://www.facebook.com/bespokebackdrop/ www.linkedin.com/in/emma-veiga-malta-10616370 Your Hosts: Emma Franklin Bell & Anna Massie. Keep in touch on Instagram @emmafranklinbell & @anna_massie


25 Sep 2016