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Friday Conversations: Annie Grace

The Dr. Lee Warren Podcast

Annie Grace’s Book is Not About AlcoholOkay; Annie’s book This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness, and Change Your Life actually IS about alcohol. But in my opinion, it’s about alcohol in the same sense that Hemingway’s classic The Old Man and the Sea is about fishing. Sure, Hemingway wrapped his tale in the metaphors of fishing, but the story is about fighting a colossal battle against an almost impossible set of foes and difficult circumstances, believing in himself, and ultimately overcoming all those challenges and inspiring others with his story. Annie’s story is one of overcoming an unhealthy relationship with alcohol (hint: there is actually no “healthy” relationship with alcohol). She decided to dive into researching it on her own, to try and understand her own behavior and take back control of her own life. It wasn’t easy, but she’s now eight years into her new, free life, and she’s changing the world. I’m going to do a Self-Brain Surgery Saturday episode about alcohol sometime. But for today, let Annie show you how she found a path to freedom through research and a commitment to discovering the truth. Here’s what she now believes, in her own words:* I believe (and the science says!) that a positive approach is far more effective than a negative approach. * Scare tactics & willpower don’t work over the long term and true, lasting change comes from positive desire. * As a first step we must put down the weapons of shame and blame. Let ourselves off the hook and then understand our power. * We are not powerless. In fact, the more we know and understand, the more powerful we become. * There is no ‘right way’, but I have found that the path to changing your thinking, and therefore your desire, can be the most fun and least painful way to change.Here’s the “official” story from her great website:At 26, Annie Grace was the youngest Vice President in a multinational company’s history, and her drinking career began in earnest; by 35, she was in a global C-level marketing role, responsible for 28 countries. Drinking close to two bottles of wine a night became a ritual. Annie Grace’s professional success came at a personal price she no longer wanted to pay. She knew alcohol was no longer serving her. Yet, she didn’t want to suffer through life in a daily battle for sobriety, feeling deprived and constantly trying to avoid temptation. Annie Grace revamped her own relationship with alcohol — she stripped it of its power and changed her beliefs about booze being a reward — and today she helps others across the globe do the same. Her approach helps people where rehabs have not. She’s created a brand new way to look at the role of alcohol in our lives, establishing a safe space for those who question their drinking but haven’t self-diagnosed as alcoholics stuck in denial of an incurable disease. Annie Grace preaches compassion, knowing its power over shame and blame is the best way to achieve lasting change. And, she offers a proven alternative to the largely ineffective recipe for so-called “success”—the one that says anything less than 100% abstinence is failure. Annie Grace doesn’t teach people how to be sober; she helps them quash their desire to drink in the first place. Annie’s 30-day Alcohol Experiment is, in her words, “An effortless way to interrupt your patterns, restore your health and get back in touch with the version of yourself that didn’t need alcohol to relax or enjoy life.” She’s helped millions of people around the world break free from the power of alcohol, nicotine, and other behaviors that limit lives and steal joy. You can try it for free here:Annie Grace’s official photo This is a public episode. If you’d like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit drleewarren.substack.com/subscribe


11 Nov 2022

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Annie Grace, author of 'This Naked Mind'

Squats and Margaritas

Annie Grace, best-selling author of "This Naked Mind," joins Squats and Margaritas to discuss alcohol and explains how she was able to go sober after a decade of excessive drinking. She also shares how to tell if you should take a closer look at alcohol's role in your life.

1hr 7mins

29 Aug 2022

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Annie Grace II

Putting it Together

Annie Grace returns to the show after touring the world in The Last Ship and Fisherman’s Friends. A warm and joyous chat with one of our business’ finest folk. The post Annie Grace II appeared first on Putting it Together.


28 Jul 2022

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XII Annie Grace: Alchemy - Part II

Taking Note

Annie is a wonderful musician and actor, as well as being a great pal of ours. It was great to get together with her to catch up and make some music together.Please consider supporting the podcast by subscribing on Bandcamp See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


6 Jun 2022

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XI Annie Grace: Alchemy - Part I

Taking Note

Annie is a wonderful musician and actor, as well as being a great pal of ours. It was brilliant to get together with her to catch up and make some music togetherPlease consider supporting the podcast by subscribing on Bandcamp See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


6 Jun 2022

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S2 E12: Letting Go of Shame & Living Naked with Annie Grace

The Manic Episodes

Oh my God oh my God oh my God Queen Annie is here! Mary & Wyatt are joined by the amazing Annie Grace, the author of This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol, Find Freedom, Discover Happiness & Change Your Life and The Alcohol Experiment: A 30-day, Alcohol-Free Challenge to Interrupt Your Habits and Help You Take Control. Annie grew up outside Aspen, Colorado, in a one-room log cabin without running water or electricity. Having discovered a passion for marketing, Annie Grace earned a Masters of Science (Marketing) and dove into corporate life. As the youngest vice president in a multinational company at the age of 26, her drinking career began in earnest. At 35, in a global C-level marketing role, she was responsible for marketing in 28 countries; she was drinking almost two bottles of wine a night. Knowing she needed a change but unwilling to submit to a life of deprivation and stigma, Annie Grace embarked on a journey to painlessly gain control of alcohol -- for her that process resulted in no longer wanting to drink. Never happier, she left her executive role to write and shareThis Naked Mind with the world. In her free time, she loves to ski, travel (26 countries and counting), and enjoy her beautiful family. Annie Grace lives with her husband and three children in the Colorado mountains.Also on the agenda: Movie reviews for movies Wyatt & Mary haven't seen, the best TV show in the history of the universe, and poems by Sharon Olds and Li-Young Lee. 

2hr 12mins

15 Apr 2022

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Leaning Into The Unknown with Kim Oceann & Annie Grace

The Beauty Inspires Beauty Podcast

Today I get to introduce you to not just one, but two amazing guests - Kim Oceann and Annie Grace. They launched a new podcast called Awakening 101 and you can find it on IG @awakening101podcast or you can find them on Spotify! The podcast is all about understanding your spiritual awakening and manifestation. They are on a mission to inspire their cosmic family with deep conversations about consciousness, manifestation, wellness and spirituality.  What we talk about: Listening to your intuition Taking imperfect action The isolation of perfectionism Spiritual Awakening Manifestation Practices Subconscious learning & Behaviour Unlearning & Letting Go Old Narratives The power of affirmations Raising your vibration Tag us on social media and send me a DM telling me a takeaway or AH HA moment you had from this INCREDIBLE episode. 


6 Apr 2022

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Ep. 100: The Alcohol Experiment with Annie Grace

The Hello Someday Podcast For Sober Curious Women

Annie Grace, the author of The Alcohol Experiment and This Naked Mind, has joined me on my 100th episode to shift your perspective on drinking so that you can gain control of alcohol and find freedom.  Her work has helped thousands of people understand the impact of alcohol on their lives and dispel widely held beliefs and misconceptions about the benefits of drinking, including that it helps you relax, sleep and connect.   Annie’s goal is to help you decide that alcohol is a substance that isn’t making your life better so that you’re able to walk away from alcohol painlessly, genuinely feeling that you no longer want or need to drink.  For full show notes, head to www.hellosomedaycoaching.com/100 Ready to drink less + live more?Take my FREE MASTERCLASS on Five Secrets To Taking a Break From DrinkingSign up here to save your seat: https://hellosomedaycoaching.com/class If you’re ready to change your relationship with alcohol join The Sobriety Starter Kit. It's my signature sober coaching course for busy women to help you drink less + live more. To enroll go to www.sobrietystarterkit.com.  Grab the Free 30-Day Guide To Quitting Drinking, 30 Tips For Your First Month Alcohol-Free Connect with Casey McGuire DavidsonFind out more about Casey and her coaching programs, head over to her website, www.hellosomedaycoaching.com


10 Mar 2022

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How to change your relationship with alcohol with Annie Grace

Crappy to Happy

If you’ve ever tried to quit alcohol, or even just dabbled with the idea, you’ve probably come across Annie Grace. She’s one of the world’s leading thinkers on the topic, and author of the hugely successful books This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment. In this chat with Cass Dunn, Annie discusses: Her own battle with excessive drinking and how she turned things around Why asking yourself ‘am I an alcoholic?’ can be so counter-productive, and what questions you can ask yourself instead Why self-compassion is essential to successfully quitting or reducing alcohol How to turn all or nothing thinking into curiosity and experimentation What happened when Annie filmed herself drinking two bottles of wine after quitting drinking And so much more! Connect with Annie: https://thisnakedmind.com/ Buy her books here:  This Naked Mind: booktopia.kh4ffx.net/this-naked-mind The Alcohol Experiment: booktopia.kh4ffx.net/alcohol-experiment Connect with Cass: www.cassdunn.com instagram.com/cassdunn_xo facebook.com/cassdunn.xo Join the Crappy to Happy community: www.facebooks.com/groups/crappytohappycommunitySee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


6 Mar 2022

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S3 Ep47: Annie Grace: This Naked Mind

Over The Influence: The Alcohol Free Podcast

In this episode we chat to the fabulous Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind! We're Sharon, Freddie and Ben, three normal people who decided to give up alcohol to see how our lives would change. We're not medical experts but we are expert ex-drinkers, and our podcast brings people together who are on their own alcohol-free journeys by celebrating just how wonderful life without booze can be! Annie's first book, This Naked Mind, is one of the first books that most people go to when they're thinking about changing their relationship with alcohol. In this conversation she tells us about how the book went from a personal project to a self-published work, and then how it went on to become a global phenomenon with nearly one million copies sold. Annie talks about her philosophy when it comes to giving up drinking, and how taking away the desire for alcohol through her research meant that she was no longer tempted by it. She also talks about society as a whole and how many things still need to change - but how also, we all have the power to have an impact as individuals. --- Get In Touch: Of course, you can always get in touch with us (publicly or privately) on our socials - @alcoholfreepod on Instagram, or search for "Over The Influence" on Facebook. We'd love to hear your story - please get in touch with us directly at otihq@overtheinfluence.co.uk or go to our website, www.overtheinfluence.co.uk --- The Premium Podcast: If you love OTI and you'd like to hear behind the curtain, subscribe to the OTI Premium Podcast now! Released every Monday and exclusive to subscribers and OTI Community members, the Premium Pod is Sharon and Ben talking through even more topics surrounding alcohol-free life, from how to not just survive but enjoy AF holidays to alcohol free dating! Subscribe now! Released every Monday, cancel any time - just £5 per month. --- Links: Over The Influence is produced by Ben Anderson for Sound Rebel. Sound Rebel works with businesses, brands, charities & other organisations across the UK - go to soundrebel.co.uk now to find out how podcasts could help you to tell your story to the world. If you feel as if connection with likeminded people would help as you try life without alcohol, join the Over The Influence Community now - and we can't wait to meet you! For links to alcohol-related support services, please visit our website. --- Disclaimer: All views expressed in this podcast are of the participants themselves, and not necessarily those of Over The Influence (OTI) Ltd. The information, opinions, and recommendations presented in this podcast are for general information only and any reliance on the information provided in this podcast is done at your own risk. We are not medical professionals but normal people giving their own experiences of removing alcohol from their lives, and as such this podcast should not be considered professional advice. If you are dependent on alcohol, or think you may be, we strongly recommend that you seek professional medical advice. --- Helpful Hashtags: We found hashtags and sober social media accounts really helpful in our early days alcohol free, as following them can help to reinforce that you are not alone!  These are some of the hashtags we've followed: #alcoholfree #stopdrinking #healthandwellnessjourney #zeroalcohol #idontdrink #sobercurious #healthydrinking #alcoholfreelife #soberaf #alcoholfreeliving #sobermotivation #podcast #healthpodcast #noalcohol #nobooze #sober #sobercurious #soberlofe #soberliving #sobercommunity #afcommunity #soberwomen #sobermom #sobermomtribe #sobersisters #sobriety #soberuk #soberjourney #sobrietyrocks #overtheinfluence #oti


21 Feb 2022