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Billy McMullen on his time at UVA, Al Groh, playing with TO, and recap of the Clemson game.

The Lockdown with TCov & Hawk

This week's guest is UVA Legend Billy McMullen, who was 2nd all time in receptions for the ACC when all was said and done. Tcov and Ball Hawk Recap the Clemson game (6:50) and they go down memory lane with Billy on his practices, the transition of coaches, what Al Groh meant to him, why he came back to UVA, his NFL career, the Antics of TO in Philly and much more!

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8 Oct 2020

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Billy McMullen (virtually) visits the Forum

Fairfield Forum

Our HLP spotlight shines in this episode on former Philadelphia Eagle, UVA All-American, Henrico High School standout and all around class-act, Billy McMullen. Billy was originally slated to be our final, in-person Forum guest. Our closure prevented that appearance, but Billy lit the fire under us to get the Forum back on track virtually and we were happy to host him on May 22nd. Our conversation has a little bit for everyone: gratitude, passion, advice for high school athletes, loving the process and Terrell Owens. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did! Student-Moderated Website: https://sites.google.com/henrico.k12.va.us/fairfieldforum/homeBilly Mac Speaks :https://www.billymcmullen.com/Fairfield Middle School: https://fairfield.henricoschools.us/Original Artwork:  7th Graders Nevaeh and Shayla.. Digitized at Highland Springs High School by TianaOriginal Music: Produced by 1st Place Rich via Ed Henderson Jr/ Loyalty Over Wealth Records


28 May 2020

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43:Identity & Made Free with Billy McMullen

Seeing with Your Soul Podcast

This week, Tisha was with her friend Billy to talk about struggling with identity. She asked Billy for the three things he is grateful for. He said he is grateful for his son and daughter, the second thing is early mornings sitting on his porch drinking tea, and the third thing he is grateful for is this time because he can see a lot of opportunities.  When you decide to grow that’s when “the bottom falls out” because you will be questioning your existence. It will feel like you’re going crazy, it will feel like free-falling, it will feel like you have nothing to lean on. Your true identity has nothing to do with who you really are. Your true identity allows you to recreate yourself time and time again. You never should fall in love with a new way of thinking. The real true belief if is believing that basically you can change it. Whatever happened that you’re avoiding, sit with it. Feel any emotion that comes out of it. Don’t avoid it. It will always come back until you deal with it. Our dark side should be nurtured and accepted. The thing that makes you different makes you valuable.  The Joker Effect When Heath Ledger played the Joker he took the script and went into a hotel room for about a month and he became the Joker.  He got so far into the role that he transformed his life. If he did it for an acting role, why can’t we do it with our lives for the better?   Go so far into your character that you lose yourself and not go back to your old self.  If you want something better in your life you don’t have to wait for it to happen, you act it right now. You have the ability to be as the Joker did and change the entire course of your life, just act the role up. It’s easier to read a script that someone else gave but it’s hard being yourself. Change to grow. Those who succeed in life are those who are willing to change.  Be careful who you’re around because sometimes people are writing the scripts for you. Stop letting people write your script and lead your life. Check yourself and ask yourself “What character are you playing? Do you even like this character?” Have a desire. Be honest with yourself. If you don’t like it don’t do it, stop lying to yourself and be willing to make a change. 


23 Apr 2020

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The Ball Hawk Show Podcast: Hoos On The Line w/ Former UVA Star WR, Billy McMullen

The Ball Hawk Show Podcast

Sponsored By: Able Insurance www.ableinsurance.net  and  Conor Murray Realtor follow on instagram @conormurrayrealestate and facebook "Conor Murray Realtor" and also check out, crowcookies.com Information to UVA Football Watch Party with Billy McMullen and other UVA Greats: SEPT28 2pm-7pm, at River City Roll, 939 Meyers Street, in Scott's Addition.  For more info: BILLYMACSPEAKS@GMAIL.COM, BillyMcMullen.com Follow The Ball Hawk Show: iTunes, YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Anchor,  Spotify, Google Play, PodBean, TuneIn, and BlogTalk Radio. Ahmad Hawkins Website: http://www.ahmadhawkins.com Subscribe and share The Ball Hawk Show Podcast STHU Juice Gear: https://sthujuice.com/ Donate to The Ball Hawk Show: http://www.paypal.me/iamballhawk CashApp: $BallHawkLLC Venmo: BallHawkLLC Email: theballhawk9@gmail.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9jANXeaFK_FYHBJuCSk-hw--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/the-ball-hawk-showpodcast/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-ball-hawk-showpodcast/support

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24 Sep 2019

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3:Recreating Your New Power In A New Season With Former NFL Player, Billy McMullen

Seeing with Your Soul Podcast

This weeks episode covers everything related to what most might consider, an identity crisis. #Certified guest, Billy McMullen, opens up to Tisha Michelle about struggling to be drafted to the NFL, struggling to find his place when in the NFL, and then 7 years later struggling to figure out what his new life would be like when he wasn't playing ball. This episodes clearly uncovers what it's like to dig a level deeper every time the season of our life changes. Billy and Tisha discuss that once you uncover the power within you, the season you're enduring doesn't matter because you're free to be whatever you want. This powerful episode is not one to miss!  Follow Tisha's guest Billy McMullen at: https://www.billymcmullen.com/ Or Follow him on IG at:  https://www.instagram.com/billymacspeaks/


20 Jun 2019

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Former NFL player Billy McMullen Talks About the Spirituality of Success

Modern Animism Radio, a holistic spiritual path

Can you be successful and spiritual at the same time? Yes, you can! It doesn't have to be a choice of one or the other. Join former NLP wide receiver Billy McMullen and hear all about it.  Want more on Billy? Check him out on Instagram or at his website.


19 Dec 2018