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The Expansive and the Absurd with Rebecca Scott

Let's Get Real

Rebecca Scott is a leadership coach and catalyst with Cultivating Leadership.  She also brings humor, vulnerability and grace to her daily struggles with Multiple Sclerosis through her blog Stumblr.  In this episode Rebecca shared the mindsets and habits she uses to deal with MS and how she applies what she is learning to her work with leaders.  Nina and Rebecca also geeked out about adult development theory and how it has helped both of them grow.  They also came up with a new definition for moderation.  


2 Aug 2021

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Rebecca Scott, co-founder of STREAT

Saturday Magazine

Rebecca Scott @Bec_Scott is the co-founder and CEO of STREAT @STREATmelbourne, and talks with us about the social enterprise she founded 10 years ago and the future plans. The post Rebecca Scott, co-founder of STREAT appeared first on Saturday Magazine.


24 Jul 2021

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Venturing Through Life And Embracing The Turning Points With Rebecca Scott

The Virtual Campfire's Podcast

The path through life is not a straight arrow. In this episode, Rebecca Scott, Founder of Vivid Spring Solutions, joins Tony Martignetti to talk about her flashpoints and how she embraced the turning points in her life. Get to know Rebecca deeper as she shares her long and varied journey in business and podcasting. They then dive into the importance of perseverance in the midst of trauma and excelling in constraints. Plus, they also touch on thinking about the future by having the present moment inform us on how to take it on, inspire others, and make a difference. Tune in and embrace the turning points that may come your way with a renewed perspective in this conversation. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! https://www.inspiredpurposecoach.com/virtualcampfire


30 Jun 2021

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Episode 270 (2021) Rebecca Scott OAM On Outcome Based Funding And Scaling Impact Successfully

Impact Boom Podcast - Social Enterprise & Design

On Episode 270 of Impact Boom, Rebecca Scott OAM of STREAT discusses her perspective on the current Australian social enterprise sector and scaling sustainable businesses through cohesion amongst the impact sector.


27 Jun 2021

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From all sides - part 13 Rebecca Scott

Cube Group - From all sides

This week Cube Director Tom Craven caught up with Rebecca Scott, CEO of STREAT. “You wouldn’t want to run hospitality right now, let alone hospitality in the heart of the CBD” despite this STREAT saw COVID as a chance for social innovation and to go where they really wanted to.  Check out the episode to hear Rebecca Scott discuss going from food service to food systems.  This episode was recorded on the 2nd June 2021


9 Jun 2021

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Rebecca Scott, Setting Boundaries

Not Simple

“I’m trying to say yes to the things that bring me more joy.” After a long hiatus, Not Simple is back with producer Rebecca Scott, a Leadership Coach and part of the Catalyst team at Cultivating Leadership, joining Wendy to unpack the complexities of setting boundaries.


8 Apr 2021

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TNT 2.0: Episode 78 with Rebecca Scott - SHAPE A BETTER FUTURE


Today we welcome Rebecca Scott! Rebecca Scott is on a mission to inspire others to shape a better future. As the founder of Vivid Spring Solutions, she strives to provide the information and inspiration people need to achieve their purpose. She is also the host of the Humans, Now and Then podcast, which explores how our rapidly changing world impacts people, now and in the future. Rebecca has a 20-year career that spans Healthcare, Finance, Technology and Business Analysis, and has spoken at numerous local and international conferences on topics including Innovation, Team Dynamics and Employee Success. We spend 40 minutes digging into the general malaise people are experiencing at the present moment which often leads to questioning what they are doing, reprioritizing what is important to them, and often pivoting entirely. When we once used to pretend that home and work places were separate from each other adn didn't bleed into one another, we have quickly discovered this is not the case. Enjoy the conversation - SUBSCRIBE, RATE, REVIEW! To connect with Rebecca Scott: - Linked in: linkedin.com/in/rscottcbap - Website: http://speakerhub.com/speaker/rebecca-scott - Twitter: RScott_CBAP For more Rhys Thomas: www.truselfcoaching.com For more Teresa Quinlan: www.iqeqtq.com


28 Mar 2021

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CEO FOR LIFE Experience #24 Team, Innovation, and Leadership with Rebecca Scott

CEOforLife Experience

One of the biggest take aways I am hearing from those reading CEO For Life, is they feel like they can now start their journey to what is next. Meet Rebecca Scott. She knows all about the concept of "Just Start". IN this episode we talk about the things that hold people, back, innovation thinking, and leadership in the life place and work place.  Listen in. Connect with Rebecca Scotthttps://www.linkedin.com/in/rscottcbap/CEO For Life VLOG PodcastHave you woken up at anytime this week and said I can do better, be better, want to be the best version of me. Have you failed yourself this week in anyway? Health, work, relationships, etc.. Well it all starts with you. Did you know you are a CEO? You are the CEO of your life. It's time to be the best CEO of your life by being the best version of you. Let's talk about actionable ways to do that. Let's do it together! sponsored by The ROYI Academy. (ROYI=Return On Yourself Investment) Invest in yourself Mr or Mrs. CEO of your life. Host Robert Barber, CHPC CEO For Life Amazon Best Selling Author robert.barber@vistagechair.com www.vistage.comRobert Barber You Tube: https://tinyurl.com/wvac9tj​​Robert Barber LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/robertleeb...​Robert Barber Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robertbarbe...​Robert Barber Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robert.l.bar...​Robert Barber Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/rbarberfl​​


12 Mar 2021

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Rebecca Scott: Growing Employees By Embracing Failures And Highlighting Values

The YourLIVINGBrand.live show

Without an effective team that works more than just the money, a business is doomed to fail. But what does it take for any leader when it comes to growing employees? Rebecca Scott of Vivid Spring Solutions joins Ben Baker to delve into the best ways to engage with your team and retain them for a long time. She talks about the right approach to eliminating burnout, appreciating every team member for their individual strengths, and making sure business expectations are always aligned with the existing workplace culture. Rebecca also presents the different aspects of job hiring and the benefits of celebrating both failures and successes.


23 Feb 2021

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Rebecca Scott - STREAT co-founder, systems entrepreneur, propagation master


Rebecca Scott of STREAT is a socially-responsible and refreshingly quirky role model for our times. A self proclaimed 'hustler’ since childhood, Bec sees the value in everyone and everything. What's more, she knows how to bolt it all together to build an egalitarian vision that contributes to the social betterment of our world. With 11 social enterprises under the STREAT banner, Bec's quest to provide a sense of belonging and hope to our youth -- catalysed by the simple question “whose problem is that really?” -- will inspire and challenge you in equal measure. Language warning: one or two f-bombs dropped.SHOW NOTESSTREAT has fed over 3 million people since opening in 2010Why her school teachers aren't surprised that she's become a ‘social entrepreneur’Harnessing collaborative energy, social capital, political capitalA working class kid with a talent for “hustling” - not bossy but capableAn intrinsic sense of egalitarianism - everyone in a community can add valueUsing creativity to solve problems and affect changeThe joy of co-founding a social enterprise with her 10 year old sonWhat is a social enterprise?Using the margins to stimulate the creative process - in line with other random collaboratorsTaking years to connect dots of systems thinking using creativity and visual promptsHer aversion to creating projects on her own - co creation makes sparks fly and reality happenFor every one idea that happens, 100 don’t come to fruition. That’s ok.The queen of side projects Following the path of the energy flowMoving on if a project comes up against inertiaManaging her phenomenal restlessnessInhabiting 2050 in her mindWhy she looks like a “messy innovator”Connecting all her projects without being linearSpotting patterns through the noiseValuing latent potential Needing pace and slowness simultaneouslyBeing the equal master of the small and fast, the quiet and loudDon’t give up your day job and still make a differenceHave you assessed your environmental footprint?Why we must stop externalising slaveryWhy corporate companies are just an extension of our individual buying habitsThe power of arming yourself with knowledge and building a likeminded tribe Seeking humans who inspire through gentle humilityBelonging and social inclusion is the secret sauce for homeless youthWhose problem are the homeless?The beauty of a new budEverything worthwhile starts with a simple conversationLINKS YOU'LL LOVESTREATChicken Soup for the SoulSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/futuresteading)

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8 Nov 2020