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Kyle Lacy, CMO at Lessonly, and Max Altschuler, VP of Sales Engagement at Outreach

B2B Category Creators with Gil Allouche

In our 18th episode, Olivier L'Abbé, President at Metadata, discusses category creation with two experienced leaders who played pivotal roles in developing the sales and training enablement categories. Panelists for this episode include Kyle Lacy, CMO of Lessonly and leader behind the training enablement category, and Max Altschuler, VP of Sales Engagement of Outreach and leader behind the sales enablement category. You'll walk away from this episode with an understanding of how to define your category name, build relationships with analysts, and measure market growth. BONUS! Max explains why everything doesn’t need attribution, especially in category creation.


27 Aug 2021

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4 Steps To Scaling B2B Startups | Max Altschuler

The Scale Up Show

Grab your Free Copy of “The 4 Biggest Mistakes That Stop Companies From 10X’ing Their Revenue” at https://www.scalerevenue.io/10xMax started his entrepreneurial journey in the eighth grade, selling his Halloween candy to the kids on the school bus. In college, he pivoted from architecture to doing a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS). He also started his bike-share program, Rack n Ride, for which he won a business plan competition and got a grant from the university. Max went on to do another startup called Last Call Social, where he did social media campaign management for small businesses. After that, he applied for several jobs in San Francisco and landed a job with Udemy, which was a big break that got him into tech. He then got a chance with a company that raised about a million dollars in venture funding. After starting Saleshacker as a media company, Max did a blog, meetups, conferences, started doing angel investing, and wrote his first book, Hacking Sales. Max ran Saleshacker for five years. One of his first investments was a company called Outreach in 2014-2015. He sold his company to Outreach in 2018 and became their VP of Marketing for the short term. A year later, he moved into a sales engagement role where he focused on category creation, evangelism, and strategic deals. He then started the GCM Fund and wrote a book on career hacking, detailing advice from his experiences from his career journey. He also wrote a book on sales engagement. Max wrote his first book, Hacking Sales, in six days because he wanted to make it an e-book. Although he knew nothing about writing at the time, tons of new sales technology was coming out, and he wanted to profile all of it. He sent out a form, asking about seventy vendors about their companies and their customer use cases. Of those, he got about fifty back. That gave him some content to thread through his book, along with his processes. He then spent six days in Bali putting it all together. After coming home, he had it edited and published. He sent it out to his Sales Hacker list and sold many copies of it. After two months, Wiley wanted to buy the rights to the book, and Max refused. Ten months later, he agreed, however, because he had saturated his network by that time. So he became a published author.In 2017, LinkedIn had an algorithm for posting your career information that easily got vast numbers of views and likes. Max took advantage of that. After every post he did, he would copy and paste the post into Google Docs, along with the stats, to keep track of things. Max ended up with about 13,000 words of valuable information with which people were resonating. He decided to polish it up, figure out what he needed to add to it, and turn it into a book. He completed everything within three days, and that was how his book, Career Hacking, came about.Before writing his books, Max compiled as much information as he could from credible sources.He found it helpful to get his expert peers to help him out with his books because that made it easier for him, and it also added credibility to his writing.Max shares three systems for scaling startups for small to mid-size businesses:Figure out what your ideal customer looks like.Find where those people are and get them into your funnel in some way. (Use an outbound strategy or drive them to your website.)Perfect your messaging.After doing that, you can run either a scalable or a non-scalable process.The core framework for Max’s book Sales Engagement involved using information about 25 different companies. The things that separated the exceptional companies from the rest were:The exceptional companies were clear about their ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) before starting the rest of their process.The exceptional companies made lists of their target accounts to ensure that they were all lined up and ready to be sold to.For their messaging, the exceptional companies had an outreach system of action to refine things over time.The customer development of the exceptional companies was well-honed.To improve your messaging, take a step back and talk to your customers. That will help you understand what you need to be saying to the different types of customers. Companies that have not yet raised from seed should make a concerted effort to get traction, show growth, and get the money they need. That will build a strong foundation. Once they have the money, they can step back and refine things. It would be wrong for those companies to continue focusing on doing that after acquiring the money they need. In other words, you need to find something that works first before you worry about scaling, rather than scaling first and then trying to find something that works. Some of the most effective tools for lead lists are:Resources to help you find your ICP or the accounts you want to go after.Contact information.At Outreach, they use data providers for companies in their region. They use Zoom information on the sales side and Clearbit on the marketing side. They also use LeadIQ and Seamless.AI. Research your ICP and then find a database to supply you with the contact info you need.It is critical to have an automated platform like Outreach that includes sentiment and attribution for successful outbound.Currently, Max feels that there is more sales technology available than we need. Links and resources:Follow Max on LinkedInMax on TwitterAt OutreachAt SaleshackerAt GTMSaas, Saas growth, Scale, Business Growth, B2b Saas, Saas Sales, Enterprise Saas, Business growth strategy, founder, ceo: https://www.whalesellingsystem.com/closingsecretsSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


19 May 2021

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How To Do More With Less ft Max Altschuler, VP of Sales Engagement at Outreach & Founder of Sales Hacker

The Lowly SDR Podcast

Today we have on the man who needs no introduction, Max Altschuler. Founder and CEO of Sales Hacker, the leading community for the next generation of sales professionals.  He’s the author of Hacking Sales, Sales Engagement, and Career Hacking For Millennials. Max went on to sell his groundbreaking sales community to Outreach and negotiated a role as VP of Marketing, now VP of Sales Enablement at the company.  A well respected voice in sales, marketing, technology, and content creation. Here to teach us how to hack sales and do more with less. Topics we cover this episode Creating Sales Hacker from a need he saw in the sales industry How he capitalized on a "new era" of sales Why sales advice is a dime a dozen.  IdeaHow to use marketing to build brand awareness ---> Inbound lead generationHow SDR's / AE's should sell to C Suite : Understand the problem you're solving.  Are you selling a pain pill or a vitamin? The Bow Tie Theory - How to align sales and marketing departments. Responsibility on the buyer to not be a d!@k? Which side are you on? Make sure to follow The Lowly SDR on LinkedIn.  Subscribe to the show on Apple podcasts, Spotify , Google Podcasts, ect. so that you get notified when new episodes go live!!!If haven’t already, please rate and review the show on any of the major platforms. Really helps us out and lets us know if you’re enjoying the content.If you’d like abuveground to produce your company's next podcast or video - need help with SEO or web design? Let us take care of any of your marketing needs.Visit abuveground.com for a free consultation.Big thanks to our sponsor Potion.Book more meetings, build more trust, convert more sales, and build stronger relationships using Potion's dynamic videos. Stop wasting hours of your time. Don’t choose between sending video or hitting metrics anymore. Potion lets you greet each prospects name without having to record multiple videos!Mention "ABUVEGROUND or The Lowly SDR" on a Potion demo and receive a month free of professional with unlimited dynamic videos  ($99 Value)!!!!Learn how to send videos on their YouTube page!Visit sendpotion.com and get started sending today!Follow Potion on LinkedIn Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/AbuvegroundLLC?fan_landing=true)

1hr 8mins

15 Apr 2021

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Ep01: Max Altschuler, Vice President - Sales Engagement at Outreach

RevOps Trailblazers

''Go big or go home'' is Max Altschuler's mantra. Max is the Vice President of Sales Engagement at Outreach. This young man with a prolific career proves that dedication and focus lead to success. In 2013, he founded Sales Hacker, a global online publication and media company for B2B Sales professionals, which currently boasts over 170,000 subscribers. Just two years later, he started angel investing and advising startups on GTM. In 2018, Sales Hacker was acquired by Outreach.io, and Max took over as VP of Marketing. Max Altschuler is also a writer. He wrote three books, and Hacking Sales is his bestseller. In this episode of RevOps Trailblazers, Max talks about his professional beginnings, from Sales Hacker to Outreach. Altschuler explains why it is crucial to have your marketing and sales team work as one. Max and Jaime also discuss the importance of data and the right messaging in sales. 


18 Mar 2021

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BI 354: B2B Sales Hacking For SaaS In 2021 (Ft Max Altschuler)

The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Episode Highlights  [3:27] — Max’s background on B2B sales Max joined the sales side of Udemy, an online education marketplace. He wondered how he could generate more revenue with fewer resources, which became the sales hacking foundation. Max started his company, Sales Hacker, which grew from 0 to 80,000 subscribers. In 2018, Sales Hacker was acquired by Outreach, where he took over as the VP of Marketing for Outreach and then transitioned to the VP of Sales Engagement. [5:53] — Why sales have become more difficult through the years  The number of companies selling keeps growing.  There are now a lot of channels for people to sell on. Sales became more competitive when SaaS companies started to blow up. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, businesses became limited to online channels of selling. This means that the market has become saturated.  If they want to survive in the competitive environment of sales, businesses must know how to experiment and adapt using A/B testing. [8:39] — Strategies to grow SaaS sales Upsell your current base. Get a list or database of your target market. From that database, find trends that you can use for lead scoring. Think about how to reach the different cohorts of that database. Gather good reviews from supporting customers to help attract future customers. Collect important information from potential customers like their needs, interests, and resources.   [17:18] — Scaling up your business and building a team  Sales are not one-size-fits-all. Try experimenting, see what works, and iterate on that. Understand your customers’ day-to-day. Then design a process for reaching out to them. Make sure that you are seen as a trusted consultant, not as a salesperson. [22:29] — How to design your outreach campaign for desktop emails and mobile emails You can do longer subject lines for emails your customers will view on a desktop. You can also get creative and send PDFs or images. For mobile emails, do shorter and more conversational subject lines.  Think about the process of closing a deal step-by-step. [26:28] — A product-led growth strategy can impact your messaging approach In product-led growth, there’s no need to employ as many salespeople. This can mean lower costs compared to sales-led growth. Sales become more transactional rather than conversational. You’ll still want to highlight the benefits of your product. Whether you employ a product-led growth strategy or a sales-led growth strategy, you'll still need to hire salespeople or support to ensure your product's success.   [29:35] — Other mistakes that people make in their B2B sales efforts The silver bullet strategy doesn’t allow you to apply the appropriate marketing methods to some of your customers. False attribution or tying attribution to the wrong metric can mean that you can't accurately measure your progress.  [31:46] — Max’s favorite sales hacking training resources In 2015, Max wrote a book called Hacking Sales, which goes over many sales tools and technologies.  Max’s latest book, Sales Engagement, is about engaging with companies in this ever-changing world. Other books that Max likes include Chris Voss’s Never Split the Difference, Mark Roberge’s The Sales Acceleration Formula, Trish Bertuzzi’s The Sales Development Playbook, Keenan’s Gap Selling, and books by Anthony Iannarino and Jeb Blount. Max also uses the Outreach software as his sales engagement platform.    He also recommends having net new data sources from companies like LeadIQ, Seamless.AI, and Dun & Bradstreet. Having software like Bambora, Terminus, Demandbase, and Sixth Sense will tell you which companies you should target.  [34:39] — Sentiment tracking by Outreach  Reply rates as a metric of success isn’t enough.  It's also essential to analyze reply intent, such as positive replies, objections, and unsubscribes.  Outreach has recently released a sentiment tracking tool that better measures your success using a reply intent metric. This tool enables companies to understand if certain email sequences are truly working or not. 


2 Mar 2021

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Ep. 10 - Max Altschuler, VP of Sales Engagement @ Outreach

The Ascent Podcast - LaaS: Leadership as a Service

LaaS: Leadership as a Service Host: Andrew Tarvin, Founder & CEO @ Humor That Works Guest: Max Altschuler, VP of Sales Engagement @ Outreach Presented by: The Ascent Conference


10 Feb 2021

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Ep 38: The Future of Sales Engagement and Angel Investing feat Max Altschuler

The Pavilion Podcast

The Future of Sales Engagement and Angel Investing feat Max Altschuler


5 Feb 2021

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Ep. 10: Hack Your Own Legacy with Max Altschuler

What Is Your Legacy?

Talking with Max Altschuler who found ways to hack a lot of things in his career, is creating a legacy one of them? You'll find out and learn so much about him in this episode.Max is the Founder & CEO of Sales Hacker, and VP of Sales Engagement at Outreach. He's the Author of Career Hacking for Millennials and Hacking Sales. In this conversation about his legacy, we talked about a lot and here are the main 3 themes I learned:His thoughts about leaving a legacy now or for generations to comeHow having a growth mindset will help create a legacyWhat ways he wants to be remember from his career in sales Join us in this incredible conversation next!I'm your host for the What Is Your Legacy podcast, Galem Girmay.Thank you for taking the time to listen, I'd love to see your rating and review of this podcast in Apple.


26 Jan 2021

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Episode 14 : Max Altschuler : Perspective, Patience & Hustle

Revenue Diaries

I was joined today by Max Altschuler, VP of Marketing at Outreach. Max is a supreme human-being as someone who understands the concepts of persistence, resilience, hustle and patience. I had a great time chatting with him about travel and entrepreneurship.  Hope you enjoy! Find Max on LinkedINOutreachSales Hacker


3 Nov 2020

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#086 Building A Multi-Million Revenue Media Business 🏗️ - Max Altschuler

Business Growth Show - B2B Marketing & Demand Generation Podcast

How to grow a Media Business like a Boss!Max Altschuler is the founder of Sales Hacker, the largest online resource for B2B Salespeople across the globe. In 2018, Sales Hacker was acquired by Outreach, the leading Sales Engagement Platform and Max was installed as the VP of Marketing. Max has written 2 books on sales, Hacking Sales and Sales Engagement, and even a book on Career Building titled; 'Career Hacking'.👉 The story of how Max built Sales Hacker up to a multi-million revenue media business, that was then acquired by a software company.👉 Hacks you can put into play to close more business TODAY, from the founder of the worlds largest community for B2B sales.👉 A wealth of Max’s actionable digital marketing and business growth tips.👉 All Incredible gold, for you to skyrocket your own sales & biz!


21 Oct 2020