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49 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Max Altschuler. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Max Altschuler, often where they are interviewed.

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49 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Max Altschuler. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Max Altschuler, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 14 : Max Altschuler : Perspective, Patience & Hustle

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I was joined today by Max Altschuler, VP of Marketing at Outreach. Max is a supreme human-being as someone who understands the concepts of persistence, resilience, hustle and patience. I had a great time chatting with him about travel and entrepreneurship.  Hope you enjoy!

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Sales Hacker
Nov 03 2020 · 25mins
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#086 Building A Multi-Million Revenue Media Business 🏗️ - Max Altschuler

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How to grow a Media Business like a Boss!

Max Altschuler is the founder of Sales Hacker, the largest online resource for B2B Salespeople across the globe.

In 2018, Sales Hacker was acquired by Outreach, the leading Sales Engagement Platform and Max was installed as the VP of Marketing.

Max has written 2 books on sales, Hacking Sales and Sales Engagement, and even a book on Career Building titled; 'Career Hacking'.

👉 The story of how Max built Sales Hacker up to a multi-million revenue media business, that was then acquired by a software company.
👉 Hacks you can put into play to close more business TODAY, from the founder of the worlds largest community for B2B sales.
👉 A wealth of Max’s actionable digital marketing and business growth tips.

👉 All Incredible gold, for you to skyrocket your own sales & biz!
Oct 21 2020 · 33mins

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COSS73 - Max Altschuler

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Max Altschuler is the founder and CEO of Sales Hacker, the leading community for the next generation of sales professionals. He’s the author of Hacking Sales, Sales Engagement, and Career Hacking For Millennials.

A widely recognized thought leader on sales and technology, Max has been published by the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Money, and more. He was named a top sales expert by both Salesforce and Inc. He keynotes conferences globally and is an investor and advisor for rapid growth startups.

Previously, Max held top positions at Udemy and AttorneyFee. An avid traveler, he has visited 80 countries. He lives in New York City, but also spends time in San Francisco.
Sep 04 2020 · 31mins
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Max Altschuler: Selling in the post COVID world: What to expect next

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Max Altschuler is the CEO and Founder of Sales Hacker, the leading publication for B2B salespeople. In this episode of The SaaS Revolution Show he joins SaaStock’s Head of Sales Will Brightling to discuss the changes you can make to your sales process to iterate and show empathy in the face of a global pandemic, and what changes we can expect to see in SaaS sales motions in 2020 – and beyond.

The sales must go on. But in the face of COVID-19, everything has changed. So how do you approach sales during – and after – a global crisis?
Sep 03 2020 · 24mins
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EP9: Building & Maintaining Community Integrity Through Acquisition w/ Max Altschuler

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For this episode of Masters of Community we are bringing on Max Altschuler, founder of SalesHacker, a global online community for B2B Sales professionals. Before SalesHacker, Max was co-founder of CMX with our host David Spinks. Max and David talk about what it takes to get a community up and running and how to tailor your community events to the specific needs and personality of your community members. Max talks about the importance of learning from failure along the way of his career path and describes what he discovered to truly work for him and his business throughout his path. Max has been a virtual event creator long before the rest of us had to transition in 2020 and he shares his wisdom on what he has found to be the key to hosting a successful virtual event. Max’s advice is straightforward and incredibly valuable to anyone looking to make their virtual community grow.
Who is this episode for?: Community builders who are starting or scaling an online community for B2B Companies

3 key takeaways:
- Max explains how he considers the common personality type of the individuals within a community as an important factor when deciding what kind of event to put on.
- He describes the different phases of his career and emphasizes the importance of focusing on learning early in your career in preparation for earning more later in life.
- How SalesHacker grew to the point of acquisition by Outreach.io and how he maintained the integrity of the community through the transition
Aug 03 2020 · 1hr 15mins
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How Max Altschuler Grew & Sold Sales Hacker

May 19 2020 · 41mins
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Customer Communities over Analysis Paralysis - Max Altschuler - Hard Corps Marketing Show #148

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Have you ever been a part of a customer community, you hear customers expressing a need and you feel that a campaign should be done to answer that need, however, you wait to act because you do not have the research to back your initiative?

It is time to put the value back into understanding your customer and target audience.

An Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, Marketing & Sales Leader, and the VP of Marketing at Outreach, Max Altschuler, encourages marketers to take the time to understand their customers and to know when to act on that knowledge, instead of being held back by insufficient data.


  • Take the time to get to know your customers. Find out what communities they are involved in and put yourself there.
  • Build a community with your customers that is tied to your business and branding with a customer advisory board. Listen to what they are saying. If the same recurring topic keeps coming up, run a campaign on that topic. You do not need research to tell you that, it is simply having a pulse on what your customers needs are.
  • When you are just starting marketing at a new company, do not redo the website right away. Put the time in to get to know the customer base and target audience first.
  • Every company should have a specific role dedicated to customer development and research. Someone that can listen to what customers are saying, run a poll or survey to your prospects and target audience, and then create a report for your company to turn it into content and thought leadership for your brand.
  • If you are planning a virtual event, focus on your quality of speakers and sessions rather than the quantity.
  • Create a space for virtual event attendees to engage with speakers, whether that is through a Slack channel or live Q & A.
  • “When you try to be everything to everybody you won’t be anything to anybody.” - Max Altschuler
  • Career advice from Max - Your 20’s are for learning and your 30’s are for earning. Do not worry if you are not making as much money as your friends, if you are just starting out in your career. You are building your knowledge foundation for when you will need it later in your career.


Busted Myths:

  • Everything needs to be measured in marketing and you should not try a new campaign without the data reasoning to back it up. - This is NOT the case. Not everything needs to be measured. The ruling is about 80% should be measured, where the other 20% should come from knowing your customers and having an understanding of the current trends and their needs.
  • You need a lot of speakers booked to make a virtual event successful. - It is better to have 10 -15 high quality speakers and sessions in which your brand can promote really well, than have 100 speakers with low quality engagement.
Apr 30 2020 · 1hr 6mins
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Outreach and Empathy with guest Max Altschuler - 193

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On this episode, Mike is joined by Max Altschuler. Max is the VP of Marketing at Outreach, Founder of Sales Hacker and fellow Sun Devil! #ForksUp. They discuss empathy and things to consider when working with customers during a crisis. 

Questions Answered:

  • What inspired Max’s LinkedIn Post about Sales?
  • How can you build trust and rapport digitally?
  • How do you help your team during times like these?

Key Takeaways:

  • If you don’t understand basic EQ, you are going to miss the mark.
  • Work on building a long-term relationship.
  • Now is a critical time to build trust.
  • In crisis, leadership has to stand up and be thoughtful about how they are leading their teams.
  • Lead with empathy in your messaging, don’t be as aggressive. 
  • Be purposeful in who you are contacting right now. 

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Apr 14 2020 · 21mins
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E60 - Sales hacking tips to grow revenue with Max Altschuler

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Our guest on this episode is Max Altschuler. Max is the Founder of Sales Hacker and the VP of Marketing at Outreach.io.   We jump into the conversation discussing Max’s background and why he started Sales Hacker. We then get into discussing one of the biggest shifts in selling today which is the arrival of Millennial sales leaders and Generation Z sellers. The latest generation of sales professionals think differently and aren’t motivated by the same things as Gen X or Boomers. Sales orgs that recognize this fact will have an advantage in the market place moving forward.     But before we jump into the episode I want to thank our sponsor the T-REX Summit the southeast’s premier sales and marketing growth conference. Join us on April 21st and 22nd at the Carolina Theatre in downtown Durham.    We’ve got a great lineup of speakers including Cal Fussman, a world renown speaker, journalist and author, Erica Schultz the CMO at the RAIN Group, Brad McGinity the CRO at 15five, Aliisa Rosenthal the VP Sales at Walkme and Melissa Sargent the CMO at Litmus to name a few.    Go to trexsummit.com or more info or to purchase your ticket today and use coupon code “BestSelling" to take 50% off your ticket price now.    Thanks for tuning in. This is Best Selling.
Mar 03 2020 · 40mins
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Sales Engagement Platforms: Better Experiments Mean Better Data w/ Max Altschuler

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We’ve all been there: You send a thousand or more emails out and wait for the responses to trickle in.

Some don’t respond at all. 

And the ones that do, give positive responses, negative responses, or straight up object to something in your email.

Which group do you follow up with first?

On this episode of The Data-Driven Marketer, Max Altschuler shared his answer to this (and more).

Max is a bit of a sales and marketing renaissance man--he’s VP of marketing at Outreach, author of “Sales Engagement” and founder of Sales Hacker, the online publication dedicated to sharing valuable B2B sales lessons. 

We also talked about:

  • What sales engagement platforms are
  • How sales engagement platforms facilitate better experimentation
  • Why running your own experiments is more valuable than any advice you can get

For more interviews from the Data-Driven Marketer podcast, check us out on Apple Podcasts, or at this link.

Feb 25 2020 · 26mins