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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Gordon Johnston. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Gordon Johnston, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Gordon Johnston. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Gordon Johnston, often where they are interviewed.

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MTSB #4 - Gordon Johnston

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Gordon is the chair of the charity Bipolar Scotland, a published author of psychological thrillers, and a mental health consultant and researcher who works to identify better ways for systems to serve people. Gordon has a bipolar diagnosis himself, and speaks to us about the romanticised link between mental health and creativity, theories on how bipolar disorder can be triggered by genetic and environmental factors, and how Bipolar Scotland helps families to live with bipolar. He shares stories of mania and depression, giving an insight into what it really means to experience those extremes. A frequent traveller to the US, Gordon discusses the love of Americana music that he and Blair share, the magic of Springsteen’s lyrics, and how songs about mental health and addiction have moved him.

Listen along to Gordon’s songs at this Spotify playlist. Discussions begin:

The Jam - In The City (02:57)

Marah - Christian Street (05:52)

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (09:50)

Bruce Springsteen - The Promised Land (14:53)

Status Quo - Caroline (23:32)

Michael McDermott - Butterfly (27:16)

Johnny Cash - Hurt (38:14)

Phantom Limb - Run (48:18)

The Driveby Truckers - Thoughts and Prayers (51:19)

Big Brother and the Holding Company and Janis Joplin - Piece of My Heart (54:23)

Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run (56:49)

You can find Gordon on Twitter - @gordonajohnston

You can find Bipolar Scotland on Instagram - @bipolar_scotland


  • You can find Gordon’s thriller novels, Calling Cards and Cold Roses, here.
  • You can visit Bipolar Scotland if you, or someone close to you, has bipolar disorder
  • and lives in Scotland. Check out their website for full details of the support they offer.
  • If you are affected by any of the issues in this episode, please go to the NHS website, and the website of the charity Mind. For emergency support over the phone, you can call The Samaritans free on 116 123.
  • For men who want to talk to others in a private and safe space, visit Talk Club - founded by two Music To Survive By guests Ben Akers and Gavin Thorpe, and mentioned by Tom in this episode. Check out their episodes for more info about the initiative for male mental fitness.
Jul 30 2020 · 1hr 1min
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Bonus Episode: Isaiah with Dr. Gordon Johnston

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Portions of the book of Isaiah are well known to many of us, but how was it heard by its first recipients? Dr. Gordon Johnston joins Michael to discuss the book of Isaiah.

Do you have a biblical or theological question? Ask Dr. E! Call and leave a message with your question: 615-281-9694. Michael will answer your question on an upcoming episode!

Feb 13 2020 · 41mins

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Ep. 35 | When Scripture Doesn't Make Sense | Guest: Dr. Gordon Johnston

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What do we do with Bible verses that seem to promote slavery? Or the oppression of women? Is God cruel in the Old Testament but merciful in the New? Dallas Theological Seminary's Dr. Gordon Johnston joins Rebecca Carrell and Liz-Rod-on-the-Pod (Rodriguez) to set the record straight.
Jan 27 2020 · 42mins
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Interview with Dr. Gordon Johnston: Old Testament Issues

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In this episode I interview Dr. Gordon Johnston who is a professor of Old Testament studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. When I was in Dr. Johnston's Hebrew class, I became fascinated with his enthusiasm about the reality of camels during the time of the patriarchs. We also talk about the Old Testament law concerning foreign women and generally about archeological evidence for biblical events.

Trigger Warning: there is broad, non-detailed discussion of rape, forced marriage, and suicide starting in 00:19:30.

All profits go back into creating the podcast.



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Dr. Johnston’s Recommended Resources:
Behind the Scenes of the Old Testament: Cultural, Social, and Historical Contexts - Jonathan S. Greer, John W. Hilber, John H. Walton

Is God a Moral Monster? - Paul Copan

Dec 17 2019 · 34mins

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Volume 18: Justin Million and Gordon Johnston

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This episode aired on April  3, 2019.

In this instalment of the I AM AN ARTIST series, Su chats with local poets Justin Million and Gordon Johnston.

The Electric City Culturecast is your window into arts, culture and heritage in Peterborough. Meet local artists, get to know the people working behind the scenes in some of the premiere arts and heritage organizations in the province, and get involved in the cultural issues of the day. It’s an arty party with your hosts, the Electric City Culture Council’s Executive Director Su Ditta. News, reviews, advice, information, art!

Every other Wednesday @ 7:00 pm on Trent Radio, 92.7 FM or available as a podcast, here on ec3.ptbopodcasters.ca.

Mar 26 2019 · 29mins
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Gordon Johnston

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Gordon Johnston, a lived experience researcher working at the Research Collective in Scotland, tells us why he thinks the mortality gap is a human rights issue.
Feb 15 2019 · 7mins
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HALT - Dr Gordon Johnston

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Learn how to get your life under control and encourage yourself in the Lord
Dec 05 2018 · 56mins