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93 - Characters in Livestock - John Campbell

Toplines and tales

John Campbell, originally from Thrunton in Northumberland chats to be about the early years and phenomenal success of the top Charolais cattle herd and the sheer numbers that were involved. We then go into his passion for Suffolk sheep and breeding commercial tups for Kelso sales.  No stranger to the championships rosettes at Smithfield, John and I move on to the running of the show itself and the trials that imposed. We also discuss his new venture into direct sales and even a new cattle breed at Roseburgh.  


19 Aug 2022

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Not Another Whisky Podcast

Mitch & Daz travel to the Lochlea distillery and chat with the distillery manager John Campbell.Show links:W: https://www.notanotherwhiskypodcast.com/IG- https://www.instagram.com/notanotherwhiskypodcast/E: notanotherwhiskypodcast@gmail.comLochlea: https://www.lochleadistillery.com/Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/not-another-whisky-podcast. Our GDPR privacy policy was updated on August 8, 2022. Visit acast.com/privacy for more information.


24 Apr 2022

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Episode 36: Lochlea with John Campbell

Whisky Talk

This farm distillery in Ayrshire has quietly started producing whisky and lured John Campbell away from Laphroaig in Islay in the process. Whisky Talk's Richard Goslan paid a visit to find out more and hear about the distillery’s ambitions.


24 Mar 2022

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Season 6, Ep 1 -- John Campbell & David Ferguson with Lochlea Distillery

One Nation Under Whisky

What a joy it is to be with you, our dear listeners, now in our sixth year, count 'em, six years of this padcost! Thanks for listening along the way. We always aim to wow you with our season openers and we think our two guests for today's episode highlighting the new Lochlea distillery in Scotland hits the target. Today we welcome Mr. John Campbell, Production Director, and Mr. David Ferguson, Commercial Manager, Lochlea Distillery. ...as usual, have a seat, have a pour, and listen in. Unless you're driving. If you're driving, be smart and stay sober but be sure to listen into the conversation! Special thanks to: - Weigh Down for allowing us to use their song "Wooden Monsters" as our theme song- Moana McAuliffe for designing our Podcast Logo- RØDE for making *really* great microphones- Focusrite for making awesome USB receivers- Olympus and Tascam for making fine mobile recording devices- Joshua Hatton for producing and editing

2hr 5mins

23 Feb 2022

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John Campbell - Infinite MMA #037

Ballarat Talks

John Campbell is the owner and head trainer of Infinite MMA in Howitt St, Ballarat. With a background in multiple martial arts disciplines, John is a highly skilled and knowledgeable trainer who is well respected by everyone he trains for his ability to instil in his students confidence, respect, courage and purpose. John Campbell originally grew up in South Melbourne with his mum and sister. Forced to live in commission housing he was exposed at a young age to street violence and aggression and, after a frightening encounter at knifepoint at just 8 years of age, John began studying tae kwondo for self defence and peace of mind. John’s talent in tae kwondo was recognised at the age of 15 when he competed against and defeated the 3rd ranked fighter in the world in his class, this lead to a scholarship in tae kwondo for a school in Ballarat and so John’s family moved to Ballarat for a new beginning.   John completed school at Ballarat East and Midlands High and, after a chance encounter with Australian Olympic Freestyle Wrestler, Ziggy Kelevitz, began studying wrestling alongside his tae kwondo. In 1997 John was named Ballarat Sportsperson of the year. After finishing school John continued training in martial arts and started working as a telecommunications technician in Ballarat and as a bouncer at 21 Arms. With a long history of martial arts behind him John became well known for his no-nonsense attitude when working on the door, and his reputation lead him to training others in various martial arts in his garage.   Fast forward to today, with multiple personal titles under his belt, John has built his successful MMA business, initially training in self defence and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and working up to MMA style fighting. He has created an environment in which people of all skill levels can train to empower them in all aspects of their journey through life.

1hr 21mins

8 Feb 2022

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Smokey Mountain Blues - John Campbell (Carrickalinga Camp 2021)

Podcast Revival

Title: Smokey Mountain BluesSpeaker: John CampbellDate: 26th December 2021Location: Carrickalinga, Australia Listen to the entire Podcast Revival library by visiting https://podcastrevival.com The Revival Fellowship is a Bible directed, Spirit-filled Church and we welcome visitors to our meetings at any of our locations all over the world. To find your nearest venue visit https://therevivalfellowship.com © 2022 The Revival Fellowship. All Rights Reserved.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


4 Feb 2022

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1491. Dr. John Campbell, M.D. "Wrong way to inject needles." Music/songs. (01/09/22)

An Even Bigger Fly On The Wall

For Educational Purposes And Inspirational materials. The Artists, Medical Doctor, Speakers, Creators and Producers own their music/songs, commentary, medical opinions, views, You Tube videos and content. ☆☆Discretion is advised. May not be suitable for some audiences. Disclaimer: I am not a Medical Doctor or Professional. Seek medical advice from your doctor who knows your medical history. ☆☆Calming Smooth Piano and Jazz ensemble.


9 Jan 2022

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1482. Drs. John Campbell, M.D. & Michael Cohn, M.D. Calm music/songs (01/03/21)

An Even Bigger Fly On The Wall

Discussion on Vitamins, Coronavirus, Vaccines and more. ☆☆Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Seek medical advice from your doctor who knows your medical history. ☆☆Discretion is advised . May not be suitable for some audiences.


4 Jan 2022

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Alive! with John Campbell (Moving from Failure and Loss to Hope and Purpose)

Alive! with Patina

John Campbell was born prematurely, suffered several life-threatening childhood illnesses, lost his father at 15 yrs old, and got caught up in the drug world in high school. As an adult, he lost his best friend to suicide and experienced several failed relationships, yet John says he is blessed and credits all of the good in his life to an amazing grace-filled God. John calls himself a disciple and says he's still learning to walk like Jesus, as we all are. However, I think you will agree, the light of Jesus shines through him into a world that desperately needs hope. I pray this episode of Alive! is a blessing to you as you listen to John's personal story.


15 Sep 2021

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s4e48 Finding and Closing Deals in a Challenging Market - John Campbell

Get Traction Real Estate Investing

Key Takeaways00:13 – Tom introduces today’s guest, John Campbell who joins the show to share his experience as a real estate investor and the deals he has in the pipeline today07:26 – John speaks to other wholesale deals he’s working on15:55 – The importance of persevering through the challenges of wholesaling17:15 – John shares another story of his experience as a real estate entrepreneur23:31 – John talks about how his business was performing prior to meeting Tom and what John learned from Tom’s workshop31:58 – Advice John would give to those looking to break into this industry35:15 – The single biggest thing that changed for John over the past year and a half41:07 – John speaks to his goals for the coming year45:25 – Tom and John discuss the importance of repetition49:38 – John talks about dealing with unpleasant people in his business53:53 – John shares his specific experience with outbound marketing and the results it yields56:11 – Tom thanks John for joining the showTweetable Quotes“I think if you just stay focused and do the work you get the results.” (00:51)“When people ask, ‘How would you describe wholesaling?’ I say, ‘Fun, crazy, never boring.’” (15:18)“Always be out there networking. Always be marketing. Always be learning. And always implement.” (32:16)“I love it. I get up every day and half the time I don’t even know what day it is. It’s kind of like lifestyle by design at this point.” (40:12)“That’s one of the biggest things is just being consistent and getting those letters out. I think we’re sending out five per campaign and we get our best responses from letter three and letter four.” (46:02)Links MentionedTom’s LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/thomaszeeb/detail/recent-activity/posts/Tom’s Website – https://tractionrealestatementors.com/Tom’s Bootcamp – https://tractionrealestatementors.com/bootcamp/Get Traction Podcast – https://www.gettractionpodcast.com/🎙️ 🎙️ 🎙️Podcast Production & Marketing by FullCast - https://fullcast.co/sn


24 Jul 2021