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#73 Jay Campbell | Only If You’re Ready For Your Spiritual Awakening

Corey Boutwell Podcast

This podcast is not for the sensitive! We go through all the good and bad to discuss how darkness and shadow can awaken the light and raise your vibration.After reaching the top, crashing to the bottom and finding fulfillment Jay’s story is nothing short of inspiring.Listen carefully as Jay drops a few golden quotes and sacred wisdom in this podcast which have given me some aha moments.This is a beautiful, vulnerable and emotional podcast that I got to share with this gentlemen and I strongly encourage you to listen to the whole thing.Big Love, Corey and Jay--------------------------------------------------------------------------Podcast Guest Links► Website: https://jayccampbell.com/►  Book: https://www.amazon.com/Jay-Campbell/e/B017FHWY5E%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share► YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC45Kp9_RdWs9hkbtL3ymmxg--------------------------------------------------------------------------Podcast Discount Link►ETERNUM LABS FOUND HERE: https://eternumlabs.com.au/ (Corey)--------------------------------------------------------------------------Corey’s Links:►PODCAST HERE: https://www.buzzsprout.com/1336942►FULL YOUTUBE EPISODE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4n51XKnn_m-9-rHy-oM4yw►SUBSCRIBE WEBSITE: https://www.coreyboutwell.com/►INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/coreyboutwell/?hl=e► RECIPE EBOOK TO UPGRADE YOUR EATING: https://aboutwellbeing.net/recipeebook► NEW HOW TO DO YOUR FIRST 24 HOUR FAST EBook: https://aboutwellbeing.net/fasting-ebookEternum Labs Health, longevity and performance supplements  eternumlabs.com.auYou can find my website and all my links here:https://linktr.ee/CoreyJBoutwellCorey’s website www.coreyboutwell.comSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/coreyboutwell)

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4 Aug 2021

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Jay Campbell | What You Need to Know About Peptides, How to Reverse Hair Loss & More KKP: 286

The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Today, I am blessed to have here with me Jay Campbell. He is the Amazon Best-Selling author of four change making books in the optimization health care space. The 2019 release and master treatise on Fat Loss, Guaranteed Shredded, The 2018 release and #1 overall Men's Health book, The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Living a Fully Optimized Life. The 2017 IF masterpiece, The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet-The Ultimate Guide for Optimizing Intermittent Fasting: Burn Fat, Preserve Muscle, Enhance Focus and Transform Your Health. The 2015 released and #1 5 Star Rated book of all time on TRT/TOT, THE Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual: How To Optimize Your Testosterone For Lifelong Health and Happiness. Jay is also the Founder of TOTRevolution.com and the globally recognized TOT Revolution and Optimized Life Podcasts. Both podcasts interview the top Optimization physicians and Subject Matter Experts who answer questions and provide their decades of experience to help Men and Women become fully optimized. Jay also created OptimizedForever the world's #1 premium group for optimizing hormones and long term health. Jay is also a champion male physique competitor who along with his wife Monica co-founded FabFitOver40.com, the #1 site on the web for people who want high quality and scientifically backed information on staying fit above 40. In this episode, Jay speaks about why the environment impacts how our hormones communicate with each other. Then, Jay gives practical solutions to regulating blood sugar spikes, and he explains why metabolic flexibility is the key to longevity. Plus, Jay gives us the scoop on peptides, which ones are his favorite, and how you can find them. Tune in as we talk about how Jay regrew his nearly bald head of hair with Auxano Grow. Get Asier Custom's Hair Loss Product: https://bit.ly/3yVqqHX Use ketokamp at checkout for a discount Order Keto Flex: http://www.ketoflexbook.com -------------------------------------------------------- / / E P I S O D E   S P ON S O R S  PureForm Omega Plant Based Oils (Best Alternative to Fish Oil): http://www.purelifescience.com Use ben4 for $4.00 off. Upgraded Formulas Hair Mineral Deficiency Analysis & Supplements: http://www.upgradedformulas.com Use BEN10 at checkout for 10% off your order.  Paleo Valley beef sticks, apple cider vinegar complex, organ meat complex & more. Use the coupon code KETOKAMP15 over at https://paleovalley.com/ to receive 15% off your entire order. Text me the words "Podcast" +1 (786) 364-5002 to be added to my contacts list.  [01:35] The Environment Impacts How Our Hormones Communicate With Each Other A recent study found that by the year 2041, men will basically be infertile. The environment that we have created through modernization is decimated. People in the Midwest now have phosphate and Atrazine in their cells because of fertilizer. When your endocrine system is not functioning optimally you have hormonal declines. Men and women have low levels of circulating free testosterone, estrogen, and various other hormones that are important in the body. So, men and women have to become proactive for their own health. [10:00] Practical Solutions To Regulating Your Blood Sugar Spikes Everyone needs to have an inner work practice. First, have a morning ritual and get centered. Another thing you can do is reduce the amount of carbohydrates that you eat. Also, don’t eat late at night! We're not designed to metabolize food while in bed. Give yourself three hours before you go to bed without eating. The fat will typically melt right off. [17:30] Jay Campbells Says That Metabolic Flexibility Is The Key To Longevity Staying in ketosis for the long term is not good. However, if you have a disease, you may need to stay in ketosis. The average person should not stay in ketosis because it screws up your insulin metabolism. Insulin suppression and regulation are the keys to long life. People that live the longest have the most efficient mitochondria. Overall, you want to remain metabolically flexible. By remaining metabolically flexible, your body will adapt and fuel it appropriately. [29:50] All About Peptides: Benefits And What You Need To Know Peptides are small protein bonded molecules that cause all sorts of enhancement to biological systems. There are peptides that increase healing, improve immunity, increase cognition, improve fat loss, and increase muscle building. Ipamorelin peptides are great for increasing endogenous growth hormone production without disturbing your current endogenous growth hormone production. As we age, we don’t make as much growth hormone. So, ipamorelin peptides are amazing! If you are using peptides correctly, there are no side effects. [39:45] There Are Only Two Ways To Get Your Peptides Right now, in the marketplace, the only option for peptides is through a doctor. Get a doctor to write you a script for a peptide that is FDA-approved. There are seven FDA-approved peptides. However, they are expensive. It is $4,500 a month to get peptides. The alternative is to buy peptides from research chemical companies. [45:00] How Jay Regrew His Nearly Bald Head Of Hair With Auxano Grow Up until 2019, Jay was almost bald. After two full months of using Auxano Grow, people thought that Jay had a hair transplant. With his company, Aseir, they help men and women heal skin and hair. Each Aseir Custom product contains a powerful 3% grade of Copper Peptide GHK-Cu. Plus, the products do not disrupt your hormones, and they do not cause any side effects. The products increase the flow of red blood cells to the localized tissue. Check out the website: Get Asier Custom's Hair Loss Product: https://bit.ly/3yVqqHX  and use code “ketokamp” AND MUCH MORE! Resources from this episode: Check out Jay’s Website: https://jayccampbell.com/ Learn more about Aseir: Get Asier Custom's Hair Loss Product: https://bit.ly/3yVqqHX Use ketokamp at checkout for a discount Follow Jay: Twitter: https://twitter.com/JayCampbell333 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jaycampbell333 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/JayCampbell333/ Read The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Living a Fully Optimized Life: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079JVH28N/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_taft_p1_i0/benazadi-20 Get Burn Fat with The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075YB3GQT/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_taft_p1_i1/benazadi-20 Read The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017DUPF8G/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_taft_p1_i2/benazadi-20 Join theKeto Kamp Academy: https://ketokampacademy.com/7-day-trial-a WatchKeto Kamp on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUh_MOM621MvpW_HLtfkLyQ Order Keto Flex: http://www.ketoflexbook.com -------------------------------------------------------- / / E P I S O D E   S P ON S O R S  PureForm Omega Plant Based Oils (Best Alternative to Fish Oil): http://www.purelifescience.com Use ben4 for $4.00 off. Upgraded Formulas Hair Mineral Deficiency Analysis & Supplements: http://www.upgradedformulas.com Use BEN10 at checkout for 10% off your order.  Paleo Valley beef sticks, apple cider vinegar complex, organ meat complex & more. Use the coupon code KETOKAMP15 over at https://paleovalley.com/ to receive 15% off your entire order. Text me the words "Podcast" +1 (786) 364-5002 to be added to my contacts list.  *Some Links Are Affiliates* // F O L L O W ▸ instagram | @thebenazadi | http://bit.ly/2B1NXKW ▸ facebook | /thebenazadi | http://bit.ly/2BVvvW6 ▸ twitter | @thebenazadi http://bit.ly/2USE0so ▸clubhouse | @thebenazadi Disclaimer: This podcast is for information purposes only. Statements and views expressed on this podcast are not medical advice. This podcast including Ben Azadi disclaim responsibility from any possible adverse effects from the use of information contained herein. Opinions of guests are their own, and this podcast does not accept responsibility of statements made by guests. This podcast does not make any representations or warranties about guests qualifications or credibility. Individuals on this podcast may have a direct or non-direct interest in products or services referred to herein. If you think you have a medical problem, consult a licensed physician.

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16 Jul 2021

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Jay Campbell

Fit Rx

Jay Campbell is the Amazon Best Selling author of multiple books in the optimization health care space including books on Testosterone optimization, fat loss and fasting.   He is regularly sought out by the Best Doctor’s, researchers and thought leaders for his opinions via his globally acclaimed The Jay Campbell Podcast and his powerful articles and daily emails in regards to biohacking, hormones and health and performance.Jay is also the Co-Founder/Owner of AseirCustom.com his cosmeceutical skin care company which uses the revolutionary copper peptide GHK-Cu to create the healthiest and youngest looking skin possible.In this episode, Jay discusses testosterone optimization, fat loss, fasting, peptides and hair loss treatment. You can find Jay at www.jayccampbell.com

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16 Jul 2021

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327 Reversing Hair Loss And Hair Growth Products With Jay Campbell

Optimal Performance

Hair loss is no longer a mystery. And the regrowth solution is simple. Two of the most powerful hair growth ingredients combine to make Auxano Grow - blowing the hair loss prescription drugs out of the water. Copper peptides and C60 are the winning combination. Get 15% off this amazing product HERE by using the code OPP  It's all about blood flow to the scalp. It's all about living a low-inflammation lifestyle while supporting your scalp.  I've been on a 18 month hair regrowth journey using various techniques to go from balding to thicker, longer hair. -Derma Rolling, c60, red light therapy and amino acids Now, I'll be adding Auxano to my hair growth formula.  Jay Campbell - Author, Innovator, Testosterone Expert  - and I also talk about the important connection between biohacking and elevated consciousness.  In this packed episode we cover:  •What is a copper peptide? How does it help regrow hair? •The real key to hair loss is lack of blood flow to the scalp •Even if you have a genetic predisposition to hairless, you can re-grow your hair. •What is DHT (dihydrotestosterone) inhibition…and why is important to understand •The problem with finasteride •What are cosmeceuticals? •The alarming depression after using finasteride, propecia, prescription monoxodil •The formulation of peptide products. •How can we be prepared for what comes next, how can we stay ahead of the curve. •The connection between trauma and hair loss. •Nick Andrews biochemical engineer and peptide formulator. •Jay’s origin as the author of The Testosterone Optimization Bible •The importance of raising your internal vibration to improve your life and the lives of the people around you. •The connection between hair and personal power •Mastering your physique, consciousness, presence and love through alchemical mastery •How we can all vibrate at a higher level. •How to get off hair loss pharmaceuticals

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6 Jul 2021

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Raising our Consciousness - Jay Campbell

Mikey Likes You with Mike Catherwood

I've known Jay Campbell a long time. He is a very good man. He is well known as an expert in Testosterone and Hormone Optimization. In the last few years he has become an actual spiritual icon for me and many others. I could talk to Jay about sets and reps for hours, but we decided to discuss society and our collective consciousness instead. I really recommend listening and go to https://jayccampbell.com and check out all his amazing info and books. I loved "The Metabolic Blowtorch." Also take a look into what he has to say about spirituality. There is way too much info out there hoping to upset us. It's very marketable these days. Why not invest the effort into someone trying to uplift and heal. He has a hair and cosmetic company https://aseircustom.com and they make the best products on earth. If you put in the code "MikeC" you can save 15%. His hair regrowth stuff is better than anything else.See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


23 Jun 2021

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The 2 Most Potent Hair Growth & Hair Loss Reversal Molecules Known To Humankind: C60 & GHK-CU - A Big Hair Podcast With Auxano's Jay Campbell & Nick Andrews.

Ben Greenfield Fitness

BenGreenfieldFitness.com/hairgrowth As I was recently reading in a fashion magazine, hair has always been the primary indication of confidence for most men. When you consider that two-thirds of men see hair thinning by the age of thirty-five, and men’s hair restoration is a $1.5 billion industry, you began to understand how much confidence is contributed to a man’s hair. But why? In a Canadian survey conducted by researcher Rosemary Ricciardelli, men identified hair as being the primary link between their youth and attractiveness. Ricciardelli observed how men with a full head of hair — even the ones who weren’t particularly otherwise attractive — go out of their way to bring attention to their hair when meeting someone new. These full-haired men tended to be more relaxed and confident in demeanor when dealing with other individuals because they feel like they represent the standard for the ideal man. Ricciardelli helped prove this theory by asking the participants to physically describe their ideal male figure. All of the participants described men who were clean-cut with a full head of hair. We’re unconsciously groomed (pun totally intended) and conditioned (ha!) to think that a healthy man has a full head of hair. But how does this psychologically affect the way men actually feel in their hair? Perhaps a full head of hair reassures them of their healthy biological standing. Maybe the loss of hair reminds men of their mortal vulnerability. Even men with gray hair prefer the color change over balding. Beards also matter, as facial hair is also a key part of men’s self-identification. In one study, men with facial hair were considered more aggressive than clean-shaven men. Both men and women found men with facial hair to be more masculine, with a higher social status, than men who were clean-shaven. More interestingly, men who are bald tend to accentuate their facial hair as compensation for balding. With the double whammy of baldness and facial hair, a man’s masculine appeal could be through the roof. So, to continue on the topic of hair and beard health in men (and the former in women too) that I visited on my recent podcast with Dr. Cameron Chesnut, I decided to continue to explore the topic of hair optimization. My first guest, Jay Campbell, who first joined me on the podcast "Is Metformin Really Dangerous, Little-Known Peptides For Muscle Gain & Fat Loss, Testosterone Replacement Therapy & Much More!" is a 4x international best selling author, men’s physique champion, co-founder of Aseir Custom and founder of the Jay Campbell Brand and Podcast. He is also a a Champion Men’s Physique Competitor and the best selling author of the Testosterone Optimization Bible and of The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy Manual: How to Optimize Your Testosterone for Lifelong Health and Happiness. He also wrote a very popular article on my website entitled Testosterone Decoded, Shattering Testosterone Myths (& Everything You Need To Know About Testosterone Optimization Therapy). As a global influencer on health optimization and raising human consciousness, Jay is no-nonsense, authentic, and fearless in his servant mission of leading humanity towards the Golden Age. Since returning from 12 days in The Sacred Valley of Peru, he's recently experienced a profound awareness of the importance of #RaisingTheVibration of humanity to reach planetary consciousness aka unconditional love. J ay also introduced me to the company "Aseir", which he cofounded along with Nick Andrews (see below). Aseir makes a copper peptide GHK-CU and Carbon 60 (C60) (first explored in my epic podcast with Ian Mitchell

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17 Jun 2021

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Jay Campbell: The Art of Surrendering to Your Consciousness + Raising Your Vibration to Oscillation

HYDRATE with Tracy Duhs

Did you do anything that served you beyond a materialistic way today? When was the last time that you spent time in nature, to simply reconnect with the earth? Do you feel capable of surrendering to your consciousness?    In this episode of Hydrate, Jay Campbell and I chat about raising our vibrational frequency to a state of oscillation, the different quantifiable levels of vibrational frequency, and what happens when we finally surrender to our consciousness. The truth is that we live in a materialistic world where it is easy to get overwhelmed and lost in the stress of our everyday lives. But when we take the time to pause, to look inward, and to reconnect with nature, this gives us the opportunity to surrender to our consciousness and ask ourselves if what we are doing serves us, and to let go of the things that don’t.   Plus, Jay also expands on the notion that there is nothing that we physically contract, from a disease state, that doesn't originate from a traumatized spirit. The negative experiences, thoughts, and emotions that traumatized us either through our lives or in the lives that we’ve lived before are what cause the bodily issues that we have today.   Jay Campbell is the Amazon Best Selling author of four books in the optimization health care space.  Jay is also the Founder of TOTRevolution.com and the globally recognized TOT Revolution and Optimized Life Podcasts. Both podcasts interview the top Optimization physicians and Subject Matter Experts who answer questions and provide their decades of experience to help Men and Women become fully optimized.     What we discuss…   03:16 Learning more about Jay’s background 08:18: The power of consciousness and becoming aware of your higher self 09:50: How it feels to shift from materialism to consciousness 12:10: The benefits of focusing on the beauty of nature 15:45: How admitting you need support in life isn’t a weakness 16:30: The meaning of hummingbirds 18:11: Jay’s hair growth and how it gives hope to Tracy 23:34: How to raise your vibrational frequency to oscillation 31:33: How does your physical state relate to your mental state? 33:24: Explaining how everything comes from trauma  38:24: Jim’s opinion to why his soul chose his parents 41:46: How Tracy’s daughter came to her to help guide her     To learn more about Jay:   Website: jayccampbell.com  Instagram: @jaycampbell333 Podcast: The Jay Campbell Podcast Book: Living A Fully Optimized Life


21 May 2021

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112. The Truth About Testosterone with Jay Campbell

The Rebel Health Coach

Today’s healthcare system is flawed. We put so much focus on sick care, we never actually look at what it means to be healthy.One health epidemic we are facing today is a rapid decline in natural testosterone levels. The causes are numerous — the food we eat, the air we breathe, the plastic we drink out of, and even our cars — and the effects far-reaching.Former champion men’s physique competitor and international best-selling author, Jay Campbell, is a global thought leader on hormones, biohacking, and higher consciousness. He joins me today to talk about testosterone. Jay has spent the last two decades learning the ins and outs of testosterone optimization from the top researchers in the field. He delivers the latest and best protocols for men on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) including some practices that question traditional methods of hormone optimization.We discuss truths and falsehoods surrounding testosterone treatment, finding hormone balance, and the testosterone sweet spot.--Resources:Learn more: JayCCampbell.comJoin Jay’s Mailing List: Join.JayCCampbell.comThe Jay Campbell Podcast: Youtube.com/jaycampbell333Cosmeceutical Peptides Company: AseirCustom.comThe Optimized Tribe Premium Group: TheOptimizedTribeTwitter: twitter.com/jaycampbell333Instagram: instagram.com/jaycampbell333LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jayccampbell/Amazon Bio: amazon.com/Jay-Campbell/e/B017FHWY5EPinterest: Pinterest.com/JayCampbell333/_created/Visit thisishuso.com/rebel and use the code REBEL25 to save $25Do you want more to empower yourself through healthy living? Is your busy lifestyle an obstacle to your health? Join The Rebel Health Coach community for the support and knowledge you need for better performance, better business and a better you!Click here to join The Rebel Health Coach community now.--Disclaimer: The activities and research discussed in these podcasts are suggestions only and are only advised to be undertaken following prior consultation with a health or medical professional. Fitness training, nutrition, and other physical pursuits should be tailored to the individual based upon an assessment of their personal needs.--The Rebel Health Coach Podcast is produced by Crate Media

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19 Apr 2021

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Re-cast: A beginner’s guide to consciousness with Jay Campbell

PropaneFitness Podcast

This week we have an absolute banger of a re-cast for you. After we chatted to Jay Campbell, he invited me (Yusef) on to his own podcast. I was on form that day, and know that you'll benefit from it. We cover a lot of things that I usually shy away from speaking about, so prepare for something a little different.Learn more about Jay here, and get hold of his free eBooks where he dives deep into hormone optimisation, without the pseudoscience.More people than ever before are trying to get onto the path of consciousness, but despite the willingness, most just don’t know where to start.How can young conscious beings increase their awareness when they’ve never even been taught what meditation is, let alone the right way to do it?We’re living in the information age, and that should mean everyone has access to the guidance they need. However, there’s simply too much information to sift through to get any real answers.How can someone entirely new to the world of consciousness building tell if they’re accessing the right information?In this episode, co-owner of Propane Fitness, Dr. Yusef Smith shares how to increase consciousness at a beginner’s level.Three TakeawaysWhy silence is the key to consciousnessWhen we’re forced to be alone with our thoughts, we begin to unpack each layer of our emotions. Sometimes we have to deprive our senses to truly connect with our minds.How our physical bodies are impacted by our thoughtsEvery thought and emotion has a physical counterpart in our bodies. The benefit of this is that we can recondition ourselves through both mental reorganization and by working directly with the body through stretch work, breathwork, and meditation.Why we need to stop looking for a quick fix to consciousnessWe wouldn’t expect to see massive results after a 6 minute workout, and we shouldn’t expect to be fully conscious after just one meditation. Consciousness takes commitment, and if we want to see full benefits from it we have to practice regularly.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoKHfF6H0ss

18 Apr 2021

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Testosterone Optimization Therapy with Jay Campbell | Starting Strength Radio #83

Starting Strength Radio

Mark Rippetoe and Jay Campbell discuss therapeutic testosterone. Jay is the author of The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible.

1hr 35mins

19 Nov 2020