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Episode 10: Resilience – with Tony Doherty

COVID in Sport

After a brief hiatus, we’re back bigger than ever with a larger than life guest on episode 10. Tony Doherty has built up his Doherty’s Gym brand from nothing but a kid with a dream, into the global empire that it is today. Tony is so much to so many people – a partner, a motivator, a trainer, a businessman, an entrepreneur, an emcee, television presenter and promoter.  He is the face of what it means to be resilient, and after facing and conquering years of challenges, COVID was just another thrown in his way to overcome. He unpacks his journey with Andrew – talking gym closures, cancelling Arnold, the financial impact, being a spokesperson for the fitness industry in the push to get gyms reopened, mental health, key learnings, what’s in store for 2021, and much more!


13 Apr 2021

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Tony Doherty

I am me podcast

Tony Dohearty the godfather of bodybuilding in Australia tells his story


21 Jan 2021

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5: Tony Doherty - The Man Behind Doherty's Gyms, Australian Arnold Sports festival And Pursuing Relentless Momentum


Tony Doherty is the man who travelled from Bendigo to Melbourne in 1994 with nothing but a truckload of broken gym equipment, $250,000 worth of debt, and a dream.With countless hours, an unrivalled work ethic, a determination and a never quit attitude, Tony is now the owner of 4 Doherty’s Gyms around Australia, a highly sought after public speaker, interviewer and media personality. (Credit Tonydoherty.com)In todays discussion we delve into how tony built the Doherty's Gym empire, partnering with Arnold Schwarzenegger and creating the largest health and fitness expo in Australia (Arnold Sports Festival) plusHow Tony navigated multiple business setbacks throughout 2020 by utilising a indefatigable mindset.Lobbying the Victorian Government on behalf of the fitness industry and fighting for gyms to be heard plus plenty more...Tony's perspective on life and business is truly unique and much can be learned by hearing his wise words.Enjoy the show...

1hr 14mins

17 Jan 2021

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Ep.5 Talking with Tony Doherty - Promoter of Arnold Sports Festival Australia

Killoway Report

Fran Killoway talks with Melbourne based Tony Doherty, Owner of Doherty's Gym, about the effects of COVID-19 on mental health and businesses survival, discussing how the technologies Fran is creating will help reduce isolation and increase communication and online safety. 


3 Sep 2020

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In the latest weekly episode of MD Global Muscle, we once again have three more amazing guests from all over the Globe for all of you SERIOUS bodybuilding fans. #MuscularDevelopment #MDGlobalMuscle #2020Olympia #2020ArnoldClassic Click here for the video version and to see Giles' Special Tribute to Luke https://youtu.be/0VY5f6HcMZ8Click here to Donate to the Luke Sandoe Tribute Fund set up by Fouad Abiad for Luke's children. Even $5.00 is enough to make a difference https://www.gofundme.com/f/luke-sandoe-tribute-fund?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link-tip&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheetFirst up we had Arnold Classic Australia promoter Tony Doherty, next we were joined by open pro Nathan De Asha...and for our third and final guest, 212 multi pro show champion Guy Cisternino came on Global Muscle. Also, with the huge news of the Olympia earlier this week, we had a Global Muscle Hot News 'Special Report' with host Giles 'Tiger' Thomas and MD Online editor Ron Harris giving us the lowdown on all the recent news for that. Global Muscle is produced in the UK for Muscular Development by 'On the RiZe Media'.

2hr 58mins

15 May 2020

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Ep. 106 - Co. Louth, Plasterer - Tony Doherty

The Tradesman's Survival Guide Podcast with Joe Doyle

In this week’s episode, Joe speaks to Tony Doherty a plasterer from County, Louth. They discuss how to deal with money in Bank vs. money owed in and cash flow. Join the Tradesman's Support Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/360989541299819/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/joedoyleentrepreneur/message


22 Oct 2019

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#51 - How To Fulfil Your Potential With Tony Doherty

The Mind Mate Podcast

Tony is the owner of Doherty’s Gyms around Australia, a highly sought after public speaker, interviewer, and media personality. Above all, he is a generous, humble and motivating individual. I love talking with him.  We head back into Tony's history including how he came from humble beginnings with a clear vision and how that vision became a reality, culminating in a befriending with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Together, they run the Arnold Classic Fitness Expo's. Tony's passion, pragmatic approach to life and positivity make me want to interview him regularly. Every time I leave having learnt a bit more about what it means to truly fulfil your potential in life. 

1hr 21mins

23 Jul 2019

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Episode #9 - Tony Doherty - "Live everyday like it's your last"

Running from Comfort

Today’s guest is Tony Doherty, owner of Doherty’s gym, promoter of the Arnold Classic Pro Bodybuilding show in Australia, public speaker and public figure in the world of pro bodybuilding. Tony fell in love with bodybuilding at a young age being inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger and soon realised he wanted to be a gym owner. Today Tony is so much more then just a gym owner and now every year goes and travels the world with Arnold as he assists with hosting and Mcing the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding shows all across the globe. Tony had to learn through life by overcoming struggle in order to get to where he is now. We spend the first portion of the interview talking about his beginnings. We then transition into talking about the world today and Tony offers up some nuggets of wisdom so pay attention! Below is an extract of Tony’s advice to his younger self as referenced at the end of the show. I hope you guys enjoy, please do not forget to subscribe. Tony’s advice to his younger self - “Don’t worry kid, everything will work out ok Don’t listen to people that don’t understand your chosen direction. Most of these people will be stuck where they are and will live with regret. Don’t be afraid to fail. Whether it is a best lift, a job, a relationship or a dream. Failure teaches us what we need to push forward. Success is failure turned inside out. Dream bigger. Because if you dream small, that is what you will get. Don’t rely on anyone else for your happiness or self  worth. People and circumstances change. Keep seeing the good in people, it will always outweigh the bad. Don’t ever do anything to prove someone wrong. Do it all to prove yourself right. Train yourself to sleep less and live more. Life is short, don’t waste a moment. Be genuinely curious, make friends wherever your travel. Have many layers. Reveal your layers slowly, only as you learn to trust people. Never hesitate to help others and share your knowledge. This cannot be quantified but always comes back ten fold. Realise that everything happens for a reason. Strive to be happy, life is an amazing ride. Don’t worry kid, everything will work out ok.”


17 Jul 2019

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Tony Doherty- Going After Your Dreams, Passion, Success, Achieving Greatnes, All Or Nothings

Mitch Pings Mind

Tony knew what he wanted to achieve. He didn't care what it took, he slept on the floor, spent every cent on his gym and made his dream a reality. So much to learn from Tony. He is the perfect example of aligning your  goals with your values. Tony loves helping people, loves gyms, sports  festivals, bodybuilding and cigars. Tony makes his life all of these  things and there is no time for low priority distractions. Only high priority actions!  Follow Tony: https://www.instagram.com/tonydohertyoz/  


28 Jun 2019

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#74 with Tony Doherty

The You Project

Fitness industry pioneer, Tony Doherty has been innovating, creating, contradicting the norm and calling a spade a fucking shovel for three decades. He has a Ph.D in getting shit done and is simultaneously compassionate, terrifying and inspirational. Tony and Craig have been mates for years and as always, they had a great chat. Enjoy.

1hr 17mins

9 Jun 2019